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EP.194 Tiger Woods comeback, win & chapter 2?

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Cut2theCHASE At 8 (PST) is your Daily Morning quick dose of ESB! (Entertainment Sports Beauty) + Health & Wealth & POSITIVE 3T's (Take-Aways Tips & Tools) Join Juilliard Ballerina, Celebrity Trainer 2 the Star, & the Worlds ONLY 3X ESPN Miss Fitness Champ whose appeared in 450 + fit DVD's & she fills your day with Light, Love, & Sunshine. For the 100th episode April 14th who will her Celebrity Podcast Guess Co-host be? Then continue the chat LIVE on Mondays:YOUTUBE@madisonchasefitness Wednesdays:INSTAGRAM@madisonchasefitness &
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EP.211 PART 3 Side Affects for Pre-D & Diabetes
EP.211 PART 3 Cut2theCHASE@8 chats Side Affects for Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, & Gestational Diabetes
June 19, 2019
EP.210 PART 2 Early Signs of Pre-DIABETES & DIABETES
EP.210 PART 2 CUT2THECHASE@8 chats Early WARNINH Signs of Pre-DIABETES & DIABETES? How can you determine if you are or not?
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EP.209 Health is Wealth Diabetes Part 1
EP.209 Health is Wealth Diabetes Part 1, Types, Genetics & Diets?!
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June 16, 2019
EP.207 SFS? African American & Interracial Dating?
EP.207 SFS? Cut2theCHASE@8 chats African American Women /Men & Interracial Dating? Why is more commonly more acceptable than the other?
June 15, 2019
EP.206 #fbf my way and ESB Headline Wrap Up!
EP.206 Cut2theCHASE@8 chats #fbf my way and ESB {Entertainment Sports Beauty ) Headline Wrap Up!
June 14, 2019
EP.205 PART 4 KETO or KICK it Conclusion
Cut2theCHASE@8 Ep.205 Part 4 Conclusion to KETO or Kick it. Do Diets work? What’s the goal for the $72 billion Diet & Fitness Industry and why am I talking about?
June 13, 2019
EP.204 PART 3 KETO or KICK it
EP.204 KETO or KICK it Part 3 1. Akins vs KETO 2. Jack Lalanne vs Dr.Atkins 3. African Americans Healthy Heart Stats
June 12, 2019
EP.203 PART 2 KETO or KICK it ( Ketosis vs. KETOAcidosis)
EP.203 Part 2 KETO or KICK it ( Ketosis vs. KETOAcidosis) why ketoacidosis can be lethal for diabetics and KETO dieters! Part 3 tomorrow KETO/Atkins diet vs Jack LaLanne’s healthy living advice!
June 11, 2019
EP.202 PART 1 KETO or KICK it?
EP.202 KETO or KICK it? PART 1 Have you ever thought when did the craze of dieting begin? Who really benefits from dieting: BUSINESS or PEOPLE
June 10, 2019
EP.201 Season 2 Cut2theCHASE@8 SFS?Justin Baldoni, & 2 👑’s
EP.201 Season 2 Cut2theCHASE@8 SFS?How I met & befriended Justin Baldoni, & 2 👑’s On next Sunday SFS!?
June 9, 2019
Cut2theCHASE@8 Podcast 2nd Season Starts!!!
Cut2theCHASE@8 Podcast 2nd Season Changes & Going Live On Social Media and Celebrity Guest!
June 1, 2019
Season 2 with celebrity cohost? Yay or Nay?!
Season 2 with celebrity cohost? Yay or Nay?!
May 9, 2019
Cut2theCHASE@8 100th Episode, who is MC & Season 2?!
Cut2theCHASE@8 100th Episode Thank You, who is 👑MC Madison Chase & why ESB & 3T’s and when is Season 2 starting?!
April 25, 2019
EP.199 NDambi, Earth Day, Earth X Film Festival
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.199 chats my beautiful inside and out friend NDambi, Earth Day Headlines, Earth X Film Festival Youth Unstoppable 12 year old doc film prodigy! Make sure you subscribe to my podcast and leave a 5 ⭐️ star rating🙌🏾!
April 23, 2019
EP.198 Meghan Markel & Prince Harry IG & Baby
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.198 chats all things Meghan Markel & Prince Harry! Their new IG & welcoming their new Baby and what continent they may be moving to?!
April 22, 2019
EP.197 10 Tips to Recover, Refresh, Restart from a Vacation aka Vacay
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.197 chats Top 10 Tips to Recover, Refresh, Restart from a Vacation aka Vacay. Have you ever gone on vacay and then need a vacay from the vacay well here are 10 Tips to help you you Recover, Refresh and Restart!
April 20, 2019
EP.196 Beyonce Netflix Doc & My Random Thoughts on Thursday!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.197 chats Beyonce Netflix Doc her biggest fan @thatchicangel & My Random Thoughts on this Thursday!
April 18, 2019
EP.195 TJFV19 Janet Jackson Maxwell Kirk Franklin + Healthy Cruising Tips
EP.196 TJFV19 Janet Jackson Maxwell Kirk Franklin + Healthy Cruising Tips, Plant Based Eating Part 1.
April 17, 2019
EP.194 Tiger Woods comeback, win & chapter 2?
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.195 sports chats Tiger Woods comeback from his surgeries, how many major wins and what this 5th Master wins & chapter 2 of his life and how we can be inspired to act!
April 15, 2019
EP.193 Janet Jackson’s TJFV 2019 Show?
EP.193 Janet Jackson’s TJFV 2019 Show? What is TJFV 2019 all about? And who started the original party with a purpose? And $65 million scholarship funds raised over 20 years?
April 11, 2019
EP.192 My #FBF #FaveBrandFridays Face Products!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.192 My #FBF #FaveBrandFridays Face Products! 1 CBD product that changed my life, and 3 plant based face goodies!!!!!
April 5, 2019
EP.191 Will Smith’s List & the 5 Hierarchy of Needs!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.191 Will Smith’s List & the 5 Hierarchy of Needs! Check out Wills Facebook Bucket List Show and how you can create a living list with the 5 hierarchy of needs?!
April 4, 2019
EP.190 22 Marvel Movie Marathon & Healthy Coffee Subs!?
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.190 chats 22 Marvel Movie Marathon beginning April 23rf at AMC! How long would it take you to watch all 22? & And if you’re watching all 22 what Healthy Coffee Subs to try!?
April 3, 2019
EP.189 👑Nipsey Hussle🙏🏾Ermias Asghedom
Cut2theCHASE@8 Podcast EP.189 chats 👑 KING Nipsey Hussle 🙏🏾 What does his Birth Name Mean? What is His Legacy and what 3 Things we ALL can learn from one of the G.O.A.T’s! Check out this episode of Cut2theCHASE@8 with Queen MC (Madison Chase)  APRIL 14,2019 will mark my 100th PODCAST EPISODE! To celebrate my 100th EPISODE FOR MY PODCAST THERE WILL BE A SURPRISE CELEBRITY GUEST and I will continue the conversations from each podcast with a LIVE conversation on 3 Social Media Platforms: MONDAYS LIVE: ON YOUTUBE/MADISONCHASEFITNESS AT 8PM/PST .  WEDNESDAYS LIVE: INSTAGRAM/MADISONCHASEFITNESS AT 8PMPST &     FRIDAYS LIVE: FACEBOOK/ OFFICIALMADISONCHASEFITNESS AT 8PM PST Thank you so much for subscribing, listening, sharing, supporting and leaving a 5 star rating!    Until the next episode look forward to our chat TOMORROW!
April 2, 2019
EP.188 Headlines, Cherry Blossoms & Kings👑!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.188 Headlines News, Where 2 Buy Cheap 🌸Cherry Blossom Trees & 3 Examples of 3 Kings👑 whose legacies will make a difference!
April 1, 2019
EP.187 Jussie Smollett & NAACP image Awards!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.187 Which Celebrities are currently supporting Jussie Smollett? What Chris Rocks NAACP comedy routine exemplifies?
March 31, 2019
EP.186 Trendy Ads On FB & IG & Real Financial Security!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.186 chats the plethora of Trendy “Let me show you how I made millions” Ads On FB & IG & what two Realistic things you can do to create REAL Financial Security!
March 30, 2019
EP.185 How Social is Social Media & Random ?’s
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.185 chats How Social is Social Media & Random ?’s What are we learning about life if it only includes the high lights? What Big Rapper took a year off to process life?
March 29, 2019
EP.184 A Barber, A Kid, A Super Cut & Book?!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.184 Chats A Barber, A Kid, A Super Cut & Book?! A Michigan Barber Ryan Griffin is a modern day Hero who cares about our future! Find out what he’s doing to make a difference!
March 28, 2019
EP.183 Natural Products Expo 3 Trending Products & 1 Miracle Allergy Serum?!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.183 Chats 2019 Natural Products Expo Too Three Trending Products & the 1 Miracle Free Sample Allergy Serum from @earthlybody that instantly cured my red itchy eyes?! If you have red itchy eyes you don’t want to miss this episode!
March 27, 2019
E.182 Jussie Smollett’s Charges Dropped!
E.182 Jussie Smollett’s Charges Dropped! Here what some media outlets state what I’ve been saying since Day1! What did we learn and how can we do better in the future? Will Jussie return to Fox?
March 27, 2019
EP.181 Headlines and what the Heck?
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.181 chats Headlines and what the Heck happened? Planes landing in wrong places, What can help you lose weight?! More college scandal & more this Monday!
March 25, 2019
EP.180 “US” Jordan Peeles Box Office Hit, Headlines & HOWARD University?
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.180 chats new film “US” by Jordan Peeles Record Breaking Box Office Hit, Headlines & why 6’5 Star Winston Duke wore a HOWARD University Sweatshirt? Will I go see the film now?
March 23, 2019
EP.179 👑Morgan Freeman is Un- 🐝 Bee-Lievable?!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.179 Chats Morgan Freeman and just how Un- 🐝 Bee-Lievable he is?! At 81 years young this is what he’s doing and I’m soo thankful!?🙏🏾
March 22, 2019
EP.178 Mr. Rogers Birthday & Tom Hanks?!
Cut2theCHASE@8 with Madison Chase EP.178 Chats Mr. Rogers Birthday Remembered as truly the G.O.A.T & Tom Hanks striking resemblance?! The film debut and more!
March 21, 2019
EP.177 Richard Branson & My Random Thoughts?!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.177 Chats Richard Branson Random Thoughts? What if you had Richard Branson’s Money & his work ethic? What if you also had this.....?
March 20, 2019
EP.176 I ❤️Me, Self Love Summit Chat
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.176 Chats I ❤️Me, Self Love Summit with Ace Metaphor, Hosted by Sir VonDavis/Ace Metaphor, Derrick Jaxon & Stephan Speaks! My thoughts & personal story about ❤️ & forgiveness?
March 19, 2019
EP.175 St. Patrick’s Day Headlines, Beer & Hints of Green?
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.175 chats St. Patrick’s Day Headlines & why do people drink Beer & where did wearing Hints of Green come from?!
March 18, 2019
EP.174 Trader Joe’s Recycle Make Under?
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.174 Chats Trader Joe’s Recycle Make Under & no more what?
March 17, 2019
EP.173 Lily Singh YouTuber Star👑 turn Talk Show Host!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.173 Lily Singh YouTuber Star👑 turn Late Night Talk Show Host! What are the Lily Singh Late Night Talk Show Headlines saying? Find out in this episode of Cut2theCHASE@8
March 16, 2019
EP.172 College Scandal Headlines & More?
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.172 College Scandal Headlines & More? How many parents have been indicted? Is this a case for class action law suits?
March 15, 2019
EP.171 Cali Cheating Scandal & 5 Hierarchy of Needs?!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.171 chats Cali Cheating Scandal & 5 Hierarchy of Needs?! What were the parents motivators? Which of the 5 hierarchy of needs mattered to those involved?
March 14, 2019
EP.170 Felicity Huffman & Lori Laughlin Scandal?!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.170 chats Felicity Huffman “desperate” attempts to paint a perfect picture & Lori Laughlin Of full house Scandal?! The Headlines & how desperate are we to present a perfect image?
March 13, 2019
EP.169 Disney’s Aladdin with Will Smith!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP. 169 Chats Disney’s Aladdin with Will Smith premiering May 24, 2019 ! Is it a whole new world since Will joined IG? What are the Headlines saying about Aladdin? Find out in this episode!!!!
March 12, 2019
EP.168 Natural Products Expo West 3rd Year my Top 3!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.168 Natural Products Expo West 3rd Year and my experience! Top 3 products and Top 10 coming soon on 1madchase Youtube!
March 11, 2019
EP. 167 Trending Headlines & Food for Thought?
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP. 167 chats Trending Headlines ( Robert Kelly, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Jordyn Woods, Jussie & Some Food for Thought?
March 6, 2019
EP.166 Zendaya’s Runway Line with the G.O.A.T 👑’s!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.166 chats Zendaya’s Runway Line with the G.O.A.T 👑’s! Find out who was strutting the runway with her! Who my one wish fashion icon partner would be?
March 5, 2019
EP.165 Jaden Smith Water Box Launch!
EP.165 Jaden Smith Water & Box Launch! What city is he, Jada, the Smiths helping? Will the #flintwillnotbeforgotten hashtag go viral!
March 4, 2019
EP.164 Jada P Smith, Gam & Willow chat about ❤️ LOVE
EP.164 Jada P Smith, Gam & Willow chat about ❤️ with Justin Baldoni my friend, Walé & lastly Jordyn Woods/ Khloe Kardashian?!
March 2, 2019
EP.163 Headline News & POP Culture Random Thoughts!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.163 chats Headline News & POP Culture Random Thoughts! Digital Intimacy vs Real Intimacy?!
March 1, 2019
EP.162 WWE Roman Reigns WIN, & Faith’s Organic Products!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.162 chats WWE Roman Reigns FIGHT WIN, & Faith’s Organic Products in my #fbf #faveBRANDfriday! Is FAITH’s DETOX Product for People & PETS the 1st of its kind?
February 28, 2019
EP.161 Billy Porter, Jada P. Smith, Black History❤️
EP.160 Billy Porter beautiful Velvet Gown, Jada P. Smith comment, My thoughts on Black History Month?!❤️
February 27, 2019
EP.160 Meghan Markel & 1 mile in minutes challenge?
EP.160 Meghan Markel girl, boy or twins?! Meghan & Prince Harry Headlines! & 1 mile in minutes challenge to get bikini ready for Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise?!!
February 26, 2019
EP.159 Oscars 2019 Regina King, Spike Lee & Mahershala ❤️ #oscarsoblack
Cut2theCHASE@8 chats EP.159 Oscars 2019 ❤️ #oscarsoblack & #oscarsoback Regina King & James Baldwin! Spike Lees Speech & what did he WEAR? Mahershala Oscar Total?
February 25, 2019
EP.158 Jussie Smollett Justice Or Just US being delusional?!
EP.158 Jussie Smollett Justice Or Just US being delusional?! Finally someone who has a bigger platform than me supporting Jussie! Hear what Empire Star Terrence Howard said about Jussie!!
February 24, 2019
EP.157 Oscars 2019 Noms, Gift💰Products?!
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.157 chats Oscars 2019 Noms, Gift💰Bag, Products?! What is the gift bag really worth? Should they add more products?
February 23, 2019
EP.156 Dear Spike Lee and Kim Kardashian?
EP.156 Dear Spike Lee & Kim K? Dear Spike you boycotted Gucci & Prada then this happened? I want 2 share a better solution. Kim K we gotta continue this tomorrow Episode 157, because the jury is still out!
February 22, 2019
EP.155 Jussie Smollett?!!!! Part 3
Cut2theCHASE@8 chat a Jussie Smollett Part 3? Responsible Journalism? What Jussie’s Attorneys are doing? And the history of the Chicago Police Department?
February 22, 2019
EP.154 YouTube Web-series Premiere Maternity Leave!
EP.154 YouTube Web-series Premiere Maternity Leave ThatChICkAngel Premiers! How did I meet Angel? How many babies does she have & which 1 did she have 4 me?
February 20, 2019
EP.153 Jussie Smollett Part 2?!
EP.53 Jussie Smollett Part 2?! Jussie Attorneys Speak, Character of the two brothers and their allegations?! The Media, History & Stats?!
February 19, 2019
EP.152 NBA All Star Game & Headlines
EP.52 NBA All Star Game & Headlines!King Lebron James for the win, & Steph Curry?! In the Episode of Cut2theCHASE@8
February 18, 2019
Ep.151 Fox’s Empire Star Jussie Smollett Allegations & Stats?
Ep.51 Fox’s Empire Star Jussie Smollett Allegations & Stats? There’s a 50/50 chance that we will ever know the truth, but here’s what I believe until I hear from Jussie’s mouth!
February 17, 2019
EP.150 Colin Kaepernick & the NFL ?
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.50 Chats Colin Kaepernick & the NFL Settlement and Eric Reid? Will we ever know the details? Definition of Collusion?
February 16, 2019
EP.149 Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage 2019 & MegaStar Performers?
Cut2theCHASE@8 In EP.48 chats Party with a Purpose Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage 2019 HBCU’s & MegaStar Performers like.....?! Stay tuned to find out!
February 15, 2019
EP.148 Jay Z Hov’s ❤️ for Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, 21 Savage!?
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.48 chats Jay Z Hov’s ❤️ for Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, 21 Savage!? Jay & Bey doing what Queen and Kings do!
February 14, 2019
EP.147 Friday’s Bye Felicia says Hello Plant Based Jack Fruit Cafe!
EP.47 Friday’s Movie Infamous scene with Amy favorite Personal Training Client Chris Tucker & Ice Cub Bye Felicia says Hello Plant Based Jack Fruit Cafe! Here’s my journey to plant based living!
February 13, 2019
Ep.146 Grammys 2019 Headlines & Rolling Stone Article?!
In Ep.46 of Cut2theCHASE@8 Google skimmed Grammys 2019 Headlines & Rolling Stones Article w/ 8 contributors?! What’d they say about JLO’s Motown Tribute & Queen Diana Ross!?
February 12, 2019
EP.145 Grammys MOTOWN Tribute with JLo?!!!! 🤷🏽‍♀️
Ok so were you waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come out and say ok JK ? or The Queen Diana Ross’s daughter picking up her phone to call someone for help?
February 11, 2019
EP.144 Grammys Red Carpet Fashion Dapper Dan Gucci Prada Spike Lee?
EP.44 Cut2theCHASE@8 Chats Grammys Red Carpet Fashion Insanity? Rap & Hip Hop culture Fashion Influence? Dapper Dan The Original Curator of a Generation? Gucci Prada & Spike Lee?
February 10, 2019
EP. 143 Alicia Keys /Cardi B & Grammy’s 2019?!
EP. 43 Alicia Keys /Cardi B Super Bowl of Music Half Time?! Who is performing at the Super Bowl of Music Grammys this year? Is it Black Queen Magic and the Kings are chilling?
February 9, 2019
EP.142 Cardi B & Viral Remix
Cardi B Schmoney & Girl Scout Cookie Viral Remix has been seen by more than 3million people & more than 1,000 cookies sold. Meet the next youngest billionaire Kiki!!!!
February 8, 2019
EP.141 Cardi B & Viral Remix!
Cardi B & Money 💰 Girl Scout 1.000 + Cookie sold & more than 3 million Viral Remix is inspiring a lot of Black Girl Magic!
February 8, 2019
EP.140 What Men Want Review! Opens Feb.8th
EP.40 What Men Want Review Stars Taraji P. Henson, Traci Morgan, and Aldo’s Hodge. Opens Feb.8th So check it out!
February 7, 2019
EP.139 Super Bowl 53 Part 2 NFL The Game... Pats VS Rams?
Super Bowl 53 Part 2 NFL The Biggest Game of the year Pats VS Rams? Were you over or underwhelmed watching the game? Did the end match the beginning?
February 7, 2019
EP.138 Super Bowl 53 was it Super or So-so?
Super Bowl 53 Atlanta Turnout? Turn up VS Turn out in Atlanta? Maroon 5 and Travis Scott Halftime show & Big Boi from Atlanta?
February 6, 2019
EP.137 NBA Gr8 John Salley Non Toxic Plant Based Companies
EP.39 NBA Great 4 time Champ John Salley puts his money where his mouth is! What two companies are John investing in and should we all follow suit? Find out what two companies you should consider investing in too in this episode of Cut2theCHASE@8 Podcast!
January 24, 2019
EP.136 “ Glass “ & Movie Review Headlines!
Cut2theCHASE@8 Podcast Chats M. Night Shymalans Film “Glass” and some of the Headlines Movie Reviews Titles & My Personal Positive 3T’s (Take Aways, Tips & Tools)
January 23, 2019
EP.135 NFL By the Numbers & why they Matter?
NFL by the numbers? The Diversity of ownership, head coaches, and players and why it matters?
January 22, 2019
EP.134 The 5 Love Languages Test? How Do You Give & Receive?
Cut2theCHASE@8 EP.34 The 5 Love Languages Book by Gary Chapman explores how you give and receive love! Take the 5 Love Language Test? How Do You Give & Receive? What’s important to you in a friendship and or relationship?
January 21, 2019
EP. 133 What Happened 2 Monday & 16 Personality Types Part 2
EP. 32 What happened To Monday SCI FI THRILLER Starting Glenn Close, William Dafoe, Noomi Rapace, & Martin Kenzar and do writers use the 16 Personality Types to write scripts? Have you taken the 16 Personality Type Test? Part 2
January 20, 2019
EP.132 Liam Neeson The Commuter & 16 Personality Types
Liam Neeson The Commuter & 16 Personality Types? Which personality type are you?
January 19, 2019
EP.131 Can 36 questions lead U 2 ❤️? #36❤️?schallenge
EP.30 Can these 36 questions (3 sets of 12 questions) lead U 2 the ❤️of your Life? Are you ready to take the. #36?s❤️challenge ?
January 18, 2019
EP.130 Bad Boys For LIF3 Will/Martin & ESB Headlines?
Will Smith &Martin Lawrence start shooting Bad Boys For LIF3, Can you be on set with the mega superstars in your city & ESB ( Entertainment, Sports, Beauty) Headlines?
January 16, 2019
EP.129 Becoming Michelle Obama & Her Advice for Dating?
Becoming Michelle Obama & Her Advice for Dating?
January 16, 2019
EP.128 The Upside of Kevin Hart Box Office Hit & Headlines
EP.28 The Upside of Kevin Hart Box Office Hit & Headlines? What film did the Upside knock out of the water? Kevin Harry’s Real Upside and the backstory of the Upside?
January 14, 2019
EP.127 Blackish Marsai Martin 1st Exec Producer Star “Little”
Blackish STAR actress, singer now 1st ever executive producer Marsai Martin wIll STAR & Executive Produce Little. Little also Stars Issa Rae, Regina Hall and This is Us Justin Hartley in Theaters April 12th!
January 13, 2019
EP.126 Surviving R. Kelly Headlines & Red Table Talk Part 1 Reacts
Surviving R Kelly Headlines and peeling back the onion? Who else is coming under fire for sexual harassment abuse? And Jada, Willow, and 👑Adrienne Part 1 Red Table Talk Reactions!
January 12, 2019
EP.125 Surviving R Kelly Next steps, Red Table Talk Reactions?
Surviving R Kelly Next steps, The defense of the R Kelly Team & Red Table Talk Reactions from a child’s perspective?
January 11, 2019
EP.124 Who is Dream Hampton, Exec Producer of Surviving R. Kelly?
Who is Dream Hampton the ExecUtive Producer of Surviving R. Kelly? Who is the famous person that inspired her name? Who was her famous neighbor? Find out in this Episode of Cut2theCHASE@8
January 10, 2019
EP.123 Random Thoughts: Celebrities I know, Social Media & R Kelly with my Leo friend!
Random Thoughts on Celebrities I know, Social Media, Judging, & R Kelly with my Leo friend and our 5 Hierarchy of Basic Human Needs!
January 9, 2019
EP.122 Oprah’s Chat with Pema Chodron & Jay Shetty’s Life Coach
EP.22 Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday Chat with Author, Pema Chodron “ When Things Fall Apart “ & Jay Shetty’s Life Coach Facebook Live and my 3 T’s ( takeaway, tips, tools)
January 8, 2019
EP.121 MuteRKelly & #ProsecuteRKelly Yes Or No?!
#MuteRKelly & #ProsecuteRKelly? What was I fearful of by watching Surviving RKelly? What Celebrity inspired me to actually watch? When I met R. Kelly?!
January 7, 2019
EP.120 Surviving R.Kelly or Prosecute R. Kelly ?Part 2
Hear what celebs have to say about Lifetimes Dream Hamptons 6 part Docu series Surviving R.Kelly? Should the next series be Prosecute R. Kelly ?
January 7, 2019
EP.119 Surviving R. Kelly and who BENEFITS?
Surviving R. Kelly and who BENEFITS? The victims, The Lifetime executives, executive producers of the doc and R.Kelly.
January 5, 2019
EP.118 Ronnie Coleman Netflix Doc The King?! Cut2theCHASE@8
Ronnie Coleman Netflix Doc The King?! Cut2theCHASE@8 the tragedy of being super fit and super obese?
January 4, 2019
EP.117 Rootology vs. Benadryl, my allergy victory?!
Rootology is a natural alternative to Benadryl, my allergy fight is still brewing? What do you take for seasonal allergies and how does what you eat play a role in seasonal allergies?
January 3, 2019
EP.116 Vitamin Waters $100k no smart phone for 365 day CHALLENGE?
Vitamin Waters $100k no smart phone for 365 day CHALLENGE? What would you do for 365 days with no cellphone? What’s in it for you? But what’s in it for Vitamin Water & Coca-Cola Bottle Company? Could you do it?
January 2, 2019
EP. 115 Prince & The Revolution James Bay Let it Go & V Bozeman
Prince & The Revolution Music Rest in Power, James Bay Let it Go Lyrics & V Bozeman What is Love?
January 1, 2019
EP.114 If Beale Street Could Talk Review Black ❤️ & Reality?
If Beale Street Could Talk James Baldwin’s novel and Barry Jenkins vision of Black Love & Tragedy? 1970 vs 2018 & the 13th Amendment!
December 31, 2018
EP.113 Birdbox, The Truman Show, The Hunger Games Art & Life
Does Art imitate Life or is Life being imitated by Art? Birdbox, The Truman Show, The Hunger Games are they an exaggeration of what is a reality for some?
December 30, 2018
EP.112 The 5 or 7 Stages of Grief & Tears of joy with TONY Rock & Joe Fox
The 5 or 7 Stages of Grief and thanks to my friend Joe Fox I was crying tears of joy with TONY Rock & Joe Feezie!
December 30, 2018
EP.111 Social Media socially acceptable or unacceptable?
Text messages, Facebook, Instagram and Sorry. It to Bother You and Fifty Shades of Grey? Is it art imitating life or LIFE imitating Art? Is it Social socially acceptable or unacceptable?
December 28, 2018
EP.110 If Beale Street Could Talk James Baldwin Must See Film & This Is Us
If Beale Street Could Talk James Baldwin Director Barry Jenkins Must See Film & This Is Us Star Sterling K Brown & Susan Keleche Watson Black Love Ala The Huxtables?!
December 27, 2018
EP. 109 Happy Holly Jolly Days & Depression?!!!
While Holidays are a time of gifts, family and friends have you ever considered the other side of the pendulum? Found this interesting article and wanted to share my thoughts!
December 26, 2018
EP.108 Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa & Happy Hanukkah The 5 Basic Needs Gift To You!
Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa & Happy Hanukkah Wherever you are in the world and however you chose to celebrate! The Gift that keeps on giving and my gift to you are The 5 Basic Needs! So let’s chat about Maslow’s 5 Basic Needs In a digital age!
December 24, 2018
EP.107 Adam Levine of Maroon 5 Super Bowl/ The Voice Petition?
Adam Levine has racked up 11,000 signatures to have Deandre Nico return to the voice for his polarizing some SAY subtle kinda racist comment in support of Reagan Strange who looks like his daughters. Wow he said it WITH a straight face too?! Now 49,000 signatures for Adam to not perform at the SuperBowl. But are other artist still performing in The ATL “chocolate city” just not at the half-time show?
December 22, 2018
EP.106 King Lebron James honors his Queen Savannah James
King Lebron James honors his Queen Savannah James, Drake song disses Kobe and Vanessa? My 3 TakeAways! Part 2
December 22, 2018
EP.105 Lebron James attributes his success to his Queen Savannah! Part 1
Lebron James says he wouldn’t be where he is today without his high school sweet heart! Did Drakes song slam Kobe Bryant and Vanessa! Are we prone to comparison? My 3 Take Aways! 1. That they are high school sweethearts 2. Happy that a man who celebrates the reflections of himself in his beautiful wife and Queen Savannah! 3. Why do we continue to tell stories that reek with this Willie Lynch comparison. Are #RealRelationshipGoals Realistic?
December 22, 2018
EP.104 #RealRelationshipGoals Cut2theCHASE Everyday at 8....ish (8am) PST
Join Host Madison Chase as she discusses Realistic Healthy Relationships, and Healthy Fertility after watching Oprah Winfrey Interview Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union and Michelle Williams and Chad Johnson recent break up and should you wait til marriage to have sex? And 36 Questions that may help you find your soul mate Exoeriment?!
December 13, 2018
EP.103 Was so inspired by Actor Director Author Tyler Perry & Motivational Speaker?
Inspired by Tyler Perry Season, Reason, Life Time Acceptance Speech! Could the next chapter have him retiring Mother Madea to Motivational Speaker?
December 11, 2018
EP.102 RHOA kenya Moore take 3
C2thechase RHOA kenya Moore take 3
December 11, 2018
EP.101 Kenya Moore RHOA take1
Kenya Moore RHOA take1
May 29, 2018
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