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The diabetics behind Mutual Aid Diabetes are bringing you a podcast to discuss mutual aid, politics, community education, and more!
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NPR you kidding me?
Welcome to MAD Online! This first episode was unplanned but Allie (she/her,) Emily (they/them,) and Zoe (she/they) are here to talk about their disappointment with this recent Marketplace story they were interviewed for! We discuss why we hate the $35 copay cap, how NPR Here & Now is spreading misinformation with their coverage of insulin, why Human Rights Watch's insulin report was different, and the problems with mainstream media. You can go to to request help obtaining insulin and supplies, request crowdfunding, learn more about MAD, donate, or subscribe to our Patreon! MAD Online is produced and edited by Zoe Witt. 
June 21, 2022