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Maegical: Healing The World 
Live Talkshow & Podcast

Maegical: Healing The World Live Talkshow & Podcast

By David Staab
Maegical's mission is to heal the world.

The Maegical podcast interviews people who have carried sickness in the physical, emotional, and energetic body and have overcome and healed themselves through natural or holistic methods. We also interview people world-wide that have supernatural spiritual gifts!
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Tiffany Garres- Founder Texas Fruit Festival, 100 Day Juice Fast Queen!
Tiffany Garres is an absolute powerhouse in the juicing and fruitarian world!  She herself completed a 100 day juice fast (AMAZING) and has a deep scientific understanding of what fruits and fruit juices do to the body, and why they are so damn cleansing and healing!  Listen in if you want your mind BLOWN on the science behind why fruit is the way for the deepest levels of health for the human body.  And MARK YOUR CALENDARS for Sept 10th at Casa De Luz in Austin Tx for Texas Fruit Festival!  You dont want to miss this exciting event!
January 19, 2022
Meisha Bosma- Root Healing Specialist & The Inner Family Foundation Founder
Meisha Bosma is such a beautiful, powerful, unique soul! Maegen and I have been drawn to her work for quite a long time, as she embodies the pure essence of truly wanting others to see the light and power within themselves! Listen in to her amazing story and the programs shes using to empower so many!
January 11, 2022
Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Healing Foods & Herbs W/ Shaman Samer
Shaman Samer is an incredibly authentic, loving, yet powerful shaman that works with ayahuasca and San Pedro as well as incorporating healing foods and herbs. Listen in to his miraculous story of experiencing some of lifes most difficult experiences and how it led him to the beautiful path he is on now! Helping heal people at the deepest levels in Peru!
January 03, 2022
Allen Manglona - Raw Fruitarian day 660 in a row!
This is our 2nd interview with this incredible human!  Allen Manglona is a walking testament to discipline, internal fortitude, health and strength!  Listen in as Allen speaks to us about his raw fruitarian lifestyle, the epic passing of MUCOID PLAQUE (its a literal built up plaque in all of our intestines that passes after being completely cleaned of chemicals and toxins for a long time period), and so much more abouthis amazing journey with food!  We align so strongly with the fruitarian lifestyle, we have personally never felt more clear headed, high vibe, and ALIVE then when we are doing it full force- Allen gives us so much more motivation to stick to it full time in 2022!
December 31, 2021
Maegical's Amazon Jungle / Ayahuasca Initiation- 13 Ceremonies, deep empowerment of our Holy Mission
SEASON PREMIERE! This was the most powerful, difficult, scary, transformative, empowering experience of our lives. In the Amazon jungle grows the Ancient Divine medicine Ayahuascs, and Grand Masters live in the jungle that have been working with it a combined 100 years +, in lineages for thousands of years. This was the deepest initiation of our lives- We know within every part of us, who we are and why we are here. Eternally grateful - and have never been more excited to serve as the most proficient healing instruments of God. Listen in to the details of each ceremony and the lessons involved!
December 20, 2021
The Divine Healing of Fruit Juice Fasting & Amazon Jungle Training
In this episode we update everyone on our direct divine experience with fruit juice fasting - including a current 5 day fast we are doing along with a group of 20+ people! We express again how life changing the frutiarian shift has become. We also inform everyone of some exciting training we will be leaving for in the Amazon with our Master Ayahuasca Shaman , AND updates on upcoming 1-2 day events in the Austin area we will be hosting! Including our 🍄 healing ceremony, breathwork, and now Cold and Hot therapy with Ice Baths and a Far- Infrared sauna!
November 29, 2021
Aline Habib- From alcoholic drug feen to barefoot raw vegan jungle Queen!
Aline is a beautiful, powerful, and inspiring raw vegan jungle queen! And in every sense of the phrase! This was such an exciting episode to record, as we hear about the trials and tribulations Aline faced in her past! This included drug abuse, alcoholism, eating disorders, and so much more! Through a combination of plant medicines such as Ayahuasca & Iboga, a loving supportive father, and discovering the divine all encompassing healing power of fruit juice fasting & eating raw, she has one of the most profound healing stories we have ever had the blessing to record! Listen in to this divine being, that is doing such a beautiful job of spreading Truth and Light in this world when it needs it most !
November 18, 2021
Maegical Updates! Ecuador, Greece, Belize, Mexico, El Salvador- and launching the healing food line!
In this short episode Maegen and I give you an inside look at movements within Maegical, divine intervention, divine guidance, and the incredibly exciting 2022 God has lined up for us! International Healing Retreats with the Maegical formula at; A CASTLE in Greece, A massive Villa in a Cloud City in Ecuador by 4 Volcanoes, a luxury villa on the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean in El Salvador, Mexico, and of COURSE the annual Belize Retreat that's located in another dimension. We also speak about the team of masters we are working with now, and (finally!) The launch of our healing food and product line! Maegical's mission to heal the world goes international and begins battling the toxic food addiction in 2022! Listen in!
November 07, 2021
Izaiah Samora - from Door to door, affirmations & plant medicine- to a future motivational speaker!
Izaiah has been under the influence of both Maegen and David for years now! He was first an employee of David's matrix business Defend Your Home, where before Maegical was born Maegen was lifecoaching his top employees ! Maegen and David saw Izaiahs drive, and began planting seeds in him that have began to blossom years later! Listen in to this incredible humans testimony - and how he plans on becoming the world's best motivational speaker !
November 01, 2021
Amber Bonura; overcoming addiction, healing centuries of ancestorial karma, 5X Maegical ceremony vet
Amber Bonura has one of the strongest warrior spirits we have ever met! When she set foot in her first ever Maegical Healing Ceremony this last January- she had no idea it would lead her down a DEEP chapter of growth and healing which included healing her entire ancestors karmic debt through an intense but beautiful 5 Maegical ceremonies and a retreat including the divine formula of Ayahuasca & Psylocybin. This is one of the most fascinating stories we have heard and we are SO grateful to officially be bringing her onto the Maegical Team as this Costa Rica move comes to fruition! Listen in!
October 11, 2021
Interview with Musician / Sound Healer Brent Weiss (B. Louis)!
Brent Weiss, also known as B. Louis as his Musician name, has quickly become a foundational piece of the magic that Maegical creates at our healing retreats and ceremonies! His musical ability and angelic singing voice is matched only by his genuinely loving heart and authentic vibe you feel within seconds of meeting him. Listen in to this special souls story, how he found his place in music, his awakening, how he connected with Maegical and what he's working on now!
September 27, 2021
Angie's Belize Healing Experience!
Listen in to Angie's incredible story of the most divine healing she's ever experienced- this after deciding to go to a plant medicine retreat which included Ayahuasca & Psylocybin healing ceremonies- when she's never done any substance in her life! But this is what happens when you follow that voice within you and overcome fear!
September 04, 2021
Alaina Mclain is not only Maegical's ONE Mindset / Integration / Life Alignment coach that we refer literally everyone that experiences our work to, she is truly one if the most impactful transformative mentors on this earth. You heard that right! From deep levels of childhood abuse (including seeing herself on the back of a milk carton!) to handling one of the loves of her life (her son) managing suicidal ideation - This woman of great power has been through and overcome so very much, including a DEEP reconnection with God. Listen to her story - how Maegical played such a pivotal role in her transformation- and how she is helping change and heal the world - one soul at a time! THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL INTERVIEWS WE HAVE EVER HAD!! Don't miss this one- you will never forget the words you hear and the depth of her divine messages on the following call 💚
July 25, 2021
Poppy Love Wilde's Maegical Retreat Breakthrough!
As we continue our saga of interviewing our special attendees from Maegical's first ever international plant medicine healing retreat- we bring you the OH so special Poppy Love Wilde! She's been drawn to Maegical for years- and jumped without hesitation to experience the profound & divine magic that was going to be the Belize Retreat. It did NOT disappoint - she experienced the deepest healing she had ever known to exist, and had the most profound experience of her life. AND NOW SHES IN TALKS TO OFFICIALLY JOIN MAEGICAL'S TEAM! Listen in to this special souls experience!
July 12, 2021
Nick Rundlett's Amazing Maegical Retreat Experience
Nick Rundlett describes his incredible healing experience at Maegical's first ever plant medicine healing retreat !
July 04, 2021
Surrender & Let Go (Trials / Tribulations while traveling abroad!)
3 quick but powerful tests the universe put us through during our ventures to Nicaragua and Costa Rica!
June 01, 2021
You've been getting UPGRADED the last 3 months!
Humanity is in a pivotal point in history - and we are all getting pushed/ upgraded / aligned with our most impactful timelines , missions, and soul families. Now more than EVER BEFORE - Stray from any fear based narratives, and continue to walk in FAITH! Listen in to some major upgrades Maegical has gone through the last 90 days! And tips on how to handle these intense but divine times !
May 26, 2021
MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS! MANY international retreats and a sprinkle of spiritual warfare along the way
Belize. Nicaragua. Italy. Bali. Costa Rica. And a shit load of spiritual warfare along the way of doing God's work! Listen in to the behind the scenes of Maegical officially going international to Heal The World!
May 20, 2021
Jordan Bowditch The True Conscious Bro
Come listen to the ever entertaining and ever conscious "Conscious Bro" Jordan Bowditch! Maegen and I have been following his hilarious yet deeply profound content for a while now- and we were so excited and grateful to finally be able to catch up with him for a great conversation about plant medicine, consciousness, and navigating the social constructs around the division that has been programmed into society. Jordan recently had a post about his personal experience around COVID go viral- and it was absolutely beautiful how he navigated the vicious programmed attacks that came his way, and turned it into an event that he was able to grow from in so many ways. Listen in!
April 20, 2021
Sage Lightheart- Escaping Scientology & Sex Trafficking, True Warrior of the Heart
Sage Lightheart is the true definition of a warrior. Listen in to this incredible story of escape from a true cult (Scientology), overcoming getting sex trafficked - and the phenomenal way she has evolved, healed, and is still healing through a beautiful analytical approach to deprogramming, reprogramming, and falling into the deepest levels of self awareness all the way through. She has found and continues to find deep levels of healing through psylocybin and MDMA- as well as daily reprogramming methods and most of all- her art! Listen in to this phenomenal story of resilience!
March 31, 2021
Ayahuasca ceremony #3 &4, Maegical's Healing Jungle Retreat!
Maegen and I just got back from another profound Ayahuasca experience! We are still processing quite a bit- until then we have a HUGE announcement! Maegical has been divinely inspired and guided from the start- and we just made a GAME CHANGING partnership! Partnering with a beautiful Gold Standard Resort in Belize and booking out an entire award winning Private Island - We have officially launched Maegical's Healing Jungle Retreat! The ultimate life / Healing experience! Spots limited- Listen in to the details !
March 21, 2021
Max Reeder; Healer who healed vision loss, hearing loss, and ED with Qigong and Energy Work!
I have been following Max for a while now, at first because of the unique way he mixes powerful mindful messages of healing with awesome dance moves on his social media accounts (He has over 40K followers on TikTok!).  But as I continued to follow him, I began to hear and see his story- how he literally healed his quickly deteriorating vision, Tinnitus, and even a horrible upper back injury!  ALL with the power of meditation, Qigong, and mindful techniques that he shared with us during our interview!   He even had the vulnerability to open up about a traumatic event that happened to him in high school- which later caused severe ED.  He was able to fully heal THAT as well, with meditation energy work and Tantra. We were so impressed and drawn to Max that we extended an invitation to have him facilitate a Qigong workshop at our upcoming healing ceremony in February! THANK YOU for your vulnerability, and service to the world Max! Listen in to this exciting and informative interview with a very special soul!
February 01, 2021
Lessons from facilitating a healing ceremony!
Maegical has learned SO MUCH from facilitating these beautiful healing ceremonies! While we have been blessed to become the vessels for so much profound healing- we have each been tested and given empowering lessons along the way. We just finished up another profound ceremony - listen in to what we have learned!
December 21, 2020
Forgiving yourself / Self love ceremony healing with Stephanie Howard
Stephanie attended one of our healing ceremonies a few months back- listen to her story of the breathwork being a powerful catalyst for fully forgiving herself and finding her healing ! 💚
December 14, 2020
Allen Manglona- The INSANE benefits of becoming a Fruitarian!
Listen in as we speak to Allen Manglona who decided to only eat fruits and nuts for almost an entire year! He has gone through an inspiring transformation- and has now never been healthier or stronger! The timing was truly divine - as Maegen and I just started the fruitarian route for an entire year this past week- and we have already felt fantastic shifts. Listen in to this incredible human!
December 07, 2020
Revisit with Integral Support Coach Karen O' Neel- Using Ibogaine to cure Bulimia and Addiction!
Catching up with the latest news on the incredible work of Karen O' Neel!  Her story of healing years and years of bulimia and addiction- which led to her work with Ibogaine.   This divinely led her to becoming an Integral Support Coach in Mexico, and becoming the ONLY person that we know of that specializes in bulimia addiction using this powerful plant medicine!  Listen in on her exciting updates!
November 30, 2020
Christina Chui, Healing and finding your calling with the healing medicine Kambo!
Christina Chui had a plethora of health issues and she felted hopeless- spending countless money on any and every medical program that could help her issues. She had horrible skin issues, major bloating where she looking pregnant, and so much more. She had to be extremely specific in the foods she ate for fear of bloating severely! She found Kambo- and WOW what an experience- not only was it healing it became her calling! (Which was confirmed by Mother Aya!) Listen in!
November 23, 2020
The unspoken of addiction/normalization of porn featuring Paul Grosso and Joel Valdiviez
Today we are speaking about our direct experiences/ personal thoughts and awakenings around the culture of Porn growing up as men. How its unfortunately incredibly normalized, and how quickly it can slip into something that begins taking control of your life! I personally feel this may be one of if not the largest addiction issue amongst men- as so many of my brothers have spoken to me about their struggles. You pair that with the culture of judgement and shame we are conditioned into- and its a scary recipe for someone wanting to get help/ take back control of their life! We are also featuring 2 special guests with us- talented musician Paul Grosso and Successful entrepreneur/ Law Of Attraction expert Joel Valdiviez! Listen in!
November 16, 2020
Plant Medicine's Rape' / Sananga / featuring Paul Grosso & Maegical Collaberation!
Maegical held its 2nd profound healing ceremony- this time teaming up with music sensation Paul Grosso! After Maegical's Ceremony Paul held an incredibly authentic Cocao Ceremony- and also introduced us to the medicines Rape' and Sananga! Maegen loved the medicines- while David had one of his most difficult ceremonies to date! Listen in!
November 12, 2020
Hurdles you face stepping Into Your Purpose! Should you charge for healing?
When you step into your purpose you will face the fear of judgement, comparison, and the "spiritual shaming" in the spiritual community of charging for your services. Listen in to how we handled it!
October 26, 2020
Extreme Censorship , Dark to Light, Plant Medicine Discernment
Anything that is going against the Main Stream Narritive is being heavily censored and removed from the web- they are telling you you are NOT a sovereign being with the ability to tell fact from fiction. They don't want humanity knowing the truth. Its too late. The silent majority have woken up. Get excited 💚😉✝️
October 19, 2020
Maegical's Miracle Ceremony
Maegical held its first profound healing ceremony with 20 incredible souls!  It is absolutely a huge part of Maegical's calling- listen to the recap, and our future plans to take these healing ceremonies & retreats nationwide & international!  They will be Austin based for the next few months!  If you deal with suppressed trauma- these ceremonies are right up your alley!
October 13, 2020
Do not let FEAR stop you from finding your healing! Guest Co Host Rachel Vilcheck!
So many people spend years searching for their healing and their purpose, when their answers may lie in the very thing that they were taught is "bad" or "demonic".   After over a decade in the personal developement space, overcoming my own addictions & healing, and helping my wife also heal her decades of suppressed trauma, we have consistently experienced situations where habits such as meditation,  gratitude writing, affirmation writing have all been significnatly helpful.  We have also come across many powerful medicines that were instrumental for helping people heal, and healing ourselves such as psychedelics like Mushrooms and LSD, or plant medicines like Ayahausca or Iboga.   Does this mean these are for everyone?  Absolutely not!  But we wanted to deep dive into a discussion of why you should NEVER late fear dictate your personal decisions, especially if you are the one looking for healing or your purpose. We also speak about techniques to discern light from dark- as that is equally as important, especially in today's time with the current state of spiritual warfare. Featuring Guest Co Host , Registered Nurse and all around badass Rachel Vilcheck! Listen in!
September 27, 2020
Gage Gorman & Casey Gervig; Breathe and Love Thyself!
Gage Gorman and Casey Gervig are truly 2 of the most profound souls that Maegical has connected with.  Immediately aligning and resonating with their teachings and messages, they jumped aboard their "Monthly Inner Circle" where they learned so very much about Pleadians, Timelines, the Multiverse, how Time works, the Galactic Federation, Channeling, and SO much more!  These two are not for those that wish to keep their mind closed.  In this amazing interview we speak upon Astral Travel, Channeling, the Galactic Federation, Breatharian Training and how we truly dont NEED food- and dare I speak the most programmed stigmatizing word in the english language right now- TRUMP!  The first 25 minutes are about how Gage and Casey divinely came together- and right after that it gets REALLY good as we get into the deep thought and soul-provoking topics!  This is NOT an interview you want to miss!  From the bottom of our hearts- THANK YOU Gage and Casey for your time! Check it out below!
September 24, 2020
Allison Waddell, Co-Founder of Illumma, Ketamine Healing Clinic in Austin, TX
Allison Waddell is a modern day badass making waves in the holistic, psychadelic, and healing world.  She was first a personal trainer- learning and understanding how the body works and performs to its peak.  She then moved to being a Chef- understanding the power of foods on health and nutrition.  Her journey and purpose then moved towards healing aspects of the mind and spirit!  She is a advocate of psychadelics and their destigmatization- and currently runs an incredibly effective and exciting Ketamine Infusion Clinic in Austin TX! More and more research is coming out on the benefits on the brain and mind with proper ketamine infusions.  Ketamine is known to go in and actually repair nueropathways that were damaged during traumatic events in life! Both Maegen and I personally went to experience her clinic and take part in 6 total infusions each to experience it for ourselves!  We both experienced profound healing in different ways, and quickly became a believer in the important role Ketamine will play in healing people and the world. Listen in to Allison and her approach on life and her Mission!  And anyone that is in the Austin area or willing to travel- dont hesitate to check out her website at and book an appointment to experience her ketamine treatments firsthand!
September 07, 2020
Alex Crosby- Finding worth within, healing family trauma, Maegical Mentee!
Alex Crosby had deep emotional family trauma and had issues with self worth.  He was divinely guided to find our Maegical Healing Group on facebook- and reached out to work with myself and Maegen on his healing!  He found profound healing through Maegen's Maeditate and Affirmate and her Trauma breathwork- and David's monthly coaching to completely rewire his mindset and routine!  Listen in on his beautiful transformation!
August 24, 2020
Wyly Gray- Founder, Veterans Of War, Plant Medicine Advocate
We thoroughly enjoyed our interview with Wyly Gray, who founded Veterans Of War after finding his incredible healing through plant medicine.     Wyly has survived a broken family, foster care, two deployments in support of the War on Terror, and Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). Through his work with Veterans of War, he experienced firsthand the strength of guided psychedelic therapy in battles against treatment-resistant trauma, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and PTS. I am also personally intruiged by all of this- as the need for the healing of our veterans has never been greater, and I have personally found there to be deep conditioning that would usually keep Vets away from plant medicine.  Wyly and his incredible work seem to be overcoming that stigma and helping so many souls!   Be sure to check out their site and Patreon at  Wyly is also currently bringing light to the Village of Urco Mirano which is home to 170 people representing 20 families that are the indigenous guardians to these powerful plant medicines!  They have been hit extremely hard by COVID and are in desperate need of aid! Go to to check out the situation and help out! Listen in to this incredible episode!
July 26, 2020
Paul Grosso- Artist, Musician, Founder of Musical Mindset
We connected with Paul through our Maegical Healing Facebook Group- and we were immediately entranced!  He is a true artist with a beautiful gift for music and sound healing!  Paul has also experienced many plant medicines, and we speak most recently about his healing Kambo Ceremony.  He started his own company called Musical Mindset- which has a divine mission to help heal the world through sound!  Maegical is also in talks with him about doing some powerful meditation and song collaberations!  Listen in to this gifted soul talk about his epic journey!
July 20, 2020
Robyn DeRosario- Using Mushrooms & Ayahuasca to Heal Current and Past Life Trauma
Robyn has one of the most profound and epic spiritual and metaphysical experiences that we have ever heard! After receiving healing and guidance from Ayahuasca, he was guided to take further with mushroom ceremonies to push his spirit to go back and heal the generational trauma that he had caused in his past lives. This is an emotional story about a man righting all the wrongs he had done, namely towards women, throughout many lifetimes. Listen in!
July 05, 2020
Dr Jessie Keener, Naturopathic Healer, Breath and Brain Trainer
We were divinely connected to Dr Keener through our Maegical Healing Facebook group- and we were immediately drawn to her charisma and authenticity! Listen in to her incredible story of healing, her studies and knowledge of the brain and breathwork! She even taught us a powerful breathwork technique live on the call that can release DMT within minutes! We absolutely loved talking with her and learned so much, listen in!
June 30, 2020
Warren Gumpel, Producer, Founder of Ketamine Fund - Mission to eliminate the Worlds Suicide rate by 75% with Ketamine!
Warren Gumpel Is an incredible soul that is on a divine mission to eliminate the world's suicide rate by 75% with the powerful medicine known as Ketamine!  We recently just had an episode about our experience, and directly after our experience, we jumped on excited to speak to Warren!  He is the Producer of the upcoming Lamar Odom film Lamar Odom: Reborn- where Lamar himself talks about his profound healing experience (After just one treatment!) of Ketamine!  Warren is also business partners with Michael Zapolin- who both founded The Ketamine Fund, which has the beautiful mission of lowering the worlds suicide rate by a whopping 75%.  Ketamine has been proven to eliminate anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and PTSD upwards of 70%!  Listen in to his incredible story, testimonial, and mission!
June 14, 2020
Maegen & David's Healing Ketamine Infusion Experience
Maegen and I were on our Plant Medicine grind when all of a sudden the universe started bringing us guests that have had miraculous healing from ketamine! So- we did some research and saw the potential! As Maegical's divine mission is healing, we firmly believe the best way to instruct/have an opinion on something is by direct experience! So we signed ourselves up for 6 professionally administered infusions- and jumped in! Our experience was extremely profound- listen in to what we both gained- Further healing for Maegen, and unexpected subconcious healing for me (David)! Also- we have 2 incredible referrals for anyone interested in this that either lives in Florida or here locally in Austin! Anyone that suffers from depression, anxiety, PTSD or Chronic pain- I HIGHLY suggest you listen! And if you know anyone that suffers from this- please pass this along- this is a legal game changing medicine!
June 07, 2020
Samantha Ramsdell- Singer, Songwriter, Queen of Comedy
Maegen and I came across Sam Ramsdell's profile on Instagram and was immediately hooked! She was absolutely hilarious, from voice over plays with her cats, to randomly singing on her porch with a microphone to her entire neighborhood- she did it all! As we continued to follow her- we also found out she had an incredibly story of being able to get off of multiple prescription medications, losing weight, and becoming the incredibly fit genuinly happy comedian she is today! This episode will keep a smile on your face, and inspire you at the same time! Listen in!
June 01, 2020
Meagan Farrell- Artist, DJ, Producer, Plant Medicine Advocate, Modern Day Badass
We are so very excited to bring you this thrilling interview with someone that is making such a beautiful imprint on this earth everywhere she goes. Within days of meeting Meagen, she already had a profound impact on Maegen Staab, helping her find the confidence within herself to push forward with the Ayahuasca ceremony that was a catalyst for her emotional healing. Meagen is also a DJ, a model, a producer, and an incredible vocalist. She has also had many profound experiences with plant medicine, and was excited to tell her story and provide light on a topic that has had such a beautiful impact on her. We are so very grateful and exciting to bring you this interview with the phenomenal human being- Meagan Farrel!
May 26, 2020
Joel Harrop- Veteran with deep PTSD, completely healed by Ayahuasca
Joel grew up in a war zone- both of his parents were captured by rebels at one point in childhood, he himself was stabbed and brutally attacked and violated. Even after all this- he faced even greater trauma while in Iraq as an Army Officer, being put into a cage and vividly attacked yet again. This would be more than enough to put most people over the edge- and while Joel was close, he stayed strong, and was divinely guided to Mother Ayahuasca, where he found deep unimaginable healing from all of his PTSD. He now runs a program helping veterans find healing from PTSD with mother Ayahuasca! I've only scratched the surface of Joel's story- you dont want to miss this one!
May 18, 2020
Charles Patti, Recovering addict on his way to heal the world!
Charles Patti is an incredible human with an even more incredible story! After facing drug addiction of all kinds, and reaching the lowest point in his life- he found the beautiful power of plant medicine and ketamine- which saved his life! He is now using his story to fuel his divine mission to heal the world! In fact, the Maegical team is even in talks of partnering with him and his Revive team to work together to destroy the stigma of plant medicine and psychedelics, and heal the world, one mindset and soul at a time! Listen in to this epic story!
May 10, 2020
Richard Cisneros- Public Speaker, Psychic Medium
Richard Cisneros is an incredibly gifted and intuitive psychic medium! He has the innate ability to be able to connect to and receive messages from passed loved ones, angels, and guides. Richard has also been a personal mentor to Maegen for a number of years, providing clarity and actionable insight throughout her journey. Richard is just as gifted as he is a wonderful human being, listen in to his story about all his powerful spiritual gifts!
May 03, 2020
Tucker Max- 4X #1 NY Times Best Selling Author, Healing Deep Emotional Trauma through plant medicine
Tucker Max is a successful entrepreneur, 4 time number 1 New York best selling author, and national public speaker! He has sold over a million books, and reached extreme success at a young age. What most dont know, is the deep emotional trauma he carried with all throughout his success. Listen in on his unique story of how he finally found healing and internal peace through working with a shaman, in the beautiful power of MDMA, Plant Medicines and psychedelics!
April 26, 2020
Matt Pallamary- 15x Author, Editor, and Shamanic Explorer
Author, Editor, and Shamanic Explorer Matthew J. Pallamary is an award winning writer, musician, and sound healer who has been studying shamanism all of his life. He incorporates shamanic practices into his daily life as well as into his writing and teaching. He has written over 15 books! Matt has also spent extended time in the jungles, mountains, and deserts of North, Central, and South America pursuing his studies of shamanism and ancient cultures. Through his research into both the written word and the ancient beliefs of shamanism, he has uncovered the heart of what a story really is and integrated it into core dramatic concepts that also have their basis in shamanism. Listen to his incredible story of going from a "tough guy" growing up in the rougher parts of Boston, MA- to one in touch with his divine masculine and feminine, and using his studies in Shamanism all throughout his life!
April 19, 2020
Tracy St Croi- Evidential Medium, After Life Specialist & Intuitive
Traci St Croi is an incredibly gifted after life connection specialist! She provides life changing experiences by connecting deceased loved ones with friends and family to achieve peace and closure ! She also just wrote her first book which quickly became an amazing best seller, "7 Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Intuition"! On top of all that, Traci is an incredible person that truly has an internal drive to serve humanity! Listen in to her amazing story and how shes helping people every day!
April 12, 2020
Dr. Laura Ferrao- NUCCA Chiropractor & Energy Healer
Dr. Laura received her BS Degree in Biology from the Inter-American University in Puerto Rico, from where she originates. While in school, she learned that if she were able to use the innate intelligence of the body she could help many people. When she discovered chiropractic, she decided to pursue her passion. Dr. Laura has passed Level I Certification by the NUCCA Board and is currently active in pursuing Level II Certification. At Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida, she received the Virgil V. Strang Philosophy award after demonstrating her passion and persistence in helping people through Chiropractic. She is also currently involved in the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association. While at Palmer, she went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic where she had the opportunity to adjust a newborn at a hospital; the baby was hospitalized for colic. After Dr. Laura adjusted his Atlas he stopped crying, smiled, and began to sleep. This profound experience is why she decided to pursue Upper Cervical Care. Laura's gifts are truly one of a kind. While she has many accolades, which you can find in her bio on the website we will list for her, the most powerful gift Maegen and I have directly experienced is her remote work. She found remote healing after healing herself remotely after birth! Maegen has struggled with alignment issues for years of her life, and since working with Laura the game has completely changed. Laura is able to use her spiritual gifts virtually, and fix alignment issues throughout the neck and all down the spine. She has been able to adjust Maegens Atlas and parts of her spine from multiple states away! Listen to this episode where Laura tells you her story, all about her gifts, and how she uses them daily to help heal people all over the world! And if ANYONE is struggling with alignment issues- do yourself a huge favor and reach out to to her today!
April 06, 2020
Michael "Zappy" Zapolin, Director/ Filmmaker of "The Reality Of Truth"
Zappy has been featured in USA Today and the Wall Street Journal for his now world famous Ayahuasca documentary, The Reality Of Truth. featuring Deepak Chopra! Maegen and I both personally watched this documentary before our profound and life changing Ayahuasca experience and it was a pivotal part of our journey! Zappy has traveled the world and led the world's top thought and business leaders to have life changing experiences through the power of plant medicine! He is also passionate about the messages of psychedelics all throughout the bible that many seem to miss! Zappy is now on a personal mission to end world suicide by a whopping 75% through alternative medicine, specifically ketamine-based therapy! (Which has been proven to rebuild new neuropathways in the brain!) Listen in to this incredible humans journey of changing the world!
March 29, 2020
Zulma Gregory, Spiritual Counselor who experienced a divine near death experience
Zulma Gregory is an Applied Clinical Nutritionist who holds a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from AOMA, and a BS in Biology from New Jersey City University. Following a profound near-death experience, she also became a Certified Spiritual Counselor through the University of Sedona. Zulma is dedicated to helping individuals reach optimal wellness goals through a compassionate approach of mind-body-spirit! Listen in on her incredible near death experience and how shes helping heal people almost every day!
March 23, 2020
Jennifer Finegold - Hypnotherapist, 5 Element Acupuncturist
The Maegical Stories of Healing and Spiritual Gifts Podcast is so excited to bring you episode 19: Jennifer Finegold- Hypnotherapist 5 Element Acupuncturist Jennifer is not only an incredibly skilled Ancupuncurist and Hypnotherapist, she is an advocate of the power of your mind, having used thought techniques to heal her pelvis that doctors assured her would take double the amount of time to heal! She is also a big believer in the power of natural remedies such as herbs, which we speak about specifically! She has been incredibly helpful to Maegen over the years taking Maegen through beautiful hypotheraputic sessions and helping her to reprogram her subconcious mind for positivity and gratitude! Listen in!
March 09, 2020
Deuntay Diggs- from trauma and poverty to Motivational Speaker, Author, & Americas Got Talent
Deuntay Diggs is known by the world as the “Dancing Deputy.” He has had two dance videos to Beyoncé’s Formation go viral; reaching an estimated 90 million people and counting. He has made numerous appearances on TV, on shows such as America's Got Talent, Good Morning America, and the T. D. Jake's Show. He has also had articles written about him appearing in multiple publications such as Time Magazine, Buzzfeed, and Business Insider. Deuntay is a dynamic motivational speaker who presents a fresh dialogue on issues of race, sexuality, and diversity within our communities. He provides insight and shares his own personal and unique cultural experiences as a road-map on how to achieve change and acceptance. He transcended from a poverty-stricken family, to a Virginia Military Institute graduate, and is now a 2nd Lieutenant with the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office. Listen in to this incredible captivating interview of Deuntay overcoming all odds!
March 02, 2020
Leslie Werling- Psychic Medium, Reiki Master
Leslie is a highly gifted and intuitive Psychic Medium and Reiki Master. We were especially excited about this interview, as she has guided Maegen to many wonderful things in her life, and has acted as a beacon of light to Maegen for years. Listen in on her incredible story of her gifts as a child, how they transitioned as a young adult, and now how she uses them on a daily basis to bring light into so many peoples lives! Maegen and I are both so grateful to have her as part of our personal lives and professional network!
February 27, 2020
Lokay Bone- Adventurer, Writer, World Traveler, Lover of Earth Based Spirituality
Lokay Bone is an inspiring authentic man that speaks from his soul and is constantly spreading messages of love and divine connection to Nature. After the tragic death of his father, he had to dig deep within himself to find his authenticity and purpose in life, and find natural ways to heal the trauma he supressed within himself. He is a plant medicine advocate, and is spreading messages of love and light to the world daily! We have an incredible conversation of his powerful story of resilience, inner growth, spirituality, finding authenticy in a world that conditions us otherwise. This was one of our favorite conversations to date!
February 23, 2020
Shawn Casey, Founder- "Gift Of Addiction" CEO-Shawn Casey Results Fitness, Addiction revolutionizer
Shawn Casey faced almost every trauma possible- Sexual, physical, emotional and verbal abuse, that led him down a path of destruction which included drug addiction and even prostitution. He was then able to dig deep, made a promise with God, and create a powerful process to reprogram his mind and help him turn his life around in every way. He is now 30 years clean and sober, the CEO of Shawn Casey Results Fitness in Bellevue WA, and the founder of Gift Of Addiction, which is a book he is just about to publish! His purpose is now to teach , inspire, and empower people to overcome their addictions and live their GIFT!
February 17, 2020
Karen O' Neel, overcoming Severe Bulimia and Depression with the power of Plant Medicine
Karen O'Neel is an addiction recovery and lifestyle coach living near Ensenada, Mexico. She specializes in co-creating recovery programs for people with eating disorders using ibogaine to turbocharge lifestyle changes. She has worked for two ibogaine aftercare centers and has good relationships with ethical providers around the world. You can reach her at
February 09, 2020
Sam Neffendorf, Meta-Consciousness Trainer, EFT Trainer, and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Sam Neffendorf is an incredible human who not only overcame and healed himself of an Infertility Diagnosis, but now runs his own practice, hosts retreats in Spain, and helps people around the world with chronic physical and mental conditions to understand the root cause of their illness and learn how to heal themselves. He uses highly skilled tapping and energetic psychological techniques to help his patients heal, these same techniques not only healed him, but also helped him leave the corporate world to pursue his passion and purpose of healing people globally. Listen to his incredible journey!
February 03, 2020
Joel Valdiviez, Successful Entrepreneur, Law Of Attraction expert, DMT/ Ayahuasca advocate
We have personally been following Joel for over 2 years! This was an incredible, motivating, high energy conversation about the power and potential benefits of psychedelics, his beautiful profound Ayahuasca experience, and how he turned his business and real estate career around from 3 homes sold one year to almost 20 the next year ALL by using the Law of Attraction. We have deep discussions about the conditioning fear based nature of society and religion , how the divine masculine and divine feminine NEED to and can heal, and above all else LOVE and how we can all work together to make this world a beautiful place ! This was one of the most fun and intriguing conversations I have ever had in my life!! Enjoy!
January 26, 2020
Michael Mboma Cassidy, Traditional Iboga Bwiti N'ganga (Healer),
After facing trauma, abandonment, drug addictions, physical and sexual abuse, Michael Cassidy (Now referred to in the Bwiti Tribe as Mboma) found deep healing with the sacred plant Iboga- he also gathered healing teachings and techniques from working directly with Buddhist meditation practitioners, Tao traditionalists, and even studied directly under a 10th generation Nima/ High Shaman "Moughenda" who continues to guide Michael in his work all around the world! Michael now hosts Iboga Bwiti Healing retreats and even facilitates ceremonies all around the world! Listen to this incredible man's story of healing, and now how hes making a beautiful impact of healing others all around the world!
January 21, 2020
Lily Huffman, Intuituve Guide and Reiki Master
Lily is an incredibly powerful woman who faced extreme measures of darkness and abuse, not only at a young age but also into as adulthood! Armed only with her spirituality and the powerful light within her, she overcame so many odds to heal- and USE those experiences towards her purpose- which she serves so dilligently now as an intuitive guide and reiki master, bringing light to this world every day, and reminding so many of her clients of the light that is within them. This is a powerful story of darkness, triumph, inspiration and hope for anyone stuck deep in darkness!
January 13, 2020
Thomas Suski, The Mind Guy, 26 Ayahuasca Ceremony Vet, Host of Colombian Ayahuasca Retreat
Thomas has been on an amazing journey. He calls himself The Mind Guy and is a coach of the unconscious mind. He is trained in hypnosis (which cured his addiction) and neurolinguistics programming. He has done 26 ayahuasca ceremonies and is a huge believer in plant medicines! He is hosting an Ayahuasca ceremony in Colombia in March of next year, which is the first of many to come! His mission is to teach people the healing power of the mind! Listen to his story, his trials and tribulations , how he overcame all he did, and what brought him to hosting ceremonies and his own private practice!
January 05, 2020
Amber Leclaire and Chris Brummel, the "Healing hands" of resurrection
Chris Brummel has used the divine gift of his "healing hands" to bring back to life his girlfriend Amber after a heroine overdose, and heal his grandmother literally right in front of his entire families eyes! Listen to these two tell the stories, and how they have battled addiction and helped find clarity in their trials and tribulations as well!
December 29, 2019
Mark Holaway, The Renaissance Firefighter, Curing PTSD through MDMA and Psilocybin Therapy
Mark Holaway dealt with both childhood trauma and Adult trauma, putting his life on the line every day as a 20 year firefighter! As severe PTSD started creeping in, it began to take a devastating toll on his mental health and wellness. With societies ways not working, and his mind going to that scary place of feeling trapped- he turned to an unlikely source that proved to be life changing in so many beautiful positive ways. Listen to Mark talk about his experience with MDMA, Psilocybin Mushrooms, and his new outlook on spirituality, healing, and how it directly impacted his life and Marriage!
December 22, 2019
Ricardo Gonzales, The Metaphysical Catholic
We talk in depth with the incredibly gifted Ricardo Gonzales. Hes President of the Austin Metaphysical Academy, specializes in Angelic Communication, and has been leading the metaphysical community for nearly 30 years. We speak about how he considers himself a Metaphysical Catholic, his thoughts on Jesus, how people can overcome negative thought patterns, and the stigma around metaphysics!
December 15, 2019
Mary E Lowry, The Divinity Within
Mary Lowry is a very spiritually gifted 97 year young woman that has been channeling divine writings from Spirit through her pen for over 20 years. In this episode she speaks about her spiritual gifts, how they came about, her views on religion and spirituality, her soul retrieval healing, her late husband, and so much more in this beautiful captivating episode.
December 07, 2019
David's Alcohol Addiction
We go over my personal issues with binge drinking, what ways in society never worked for me, and what unorthodox way helped me achieve sobriety and hold it with ease for years
December 02, 2019
Divine Poetry #1
The Path To Happiness (What People Need To Know)
November 30, 2019
Maegens Story part 2: The Ayahuasca Ceremony, Maegen Heals, & Maegical's mission comes to fruition
We dig deeper into what didnt work for Maegen with conventional medicine, some key dietary changes, and go through the details of the entire Ayahuasca ceremony! We then clarify the divine mission Maegical was given
November 24, 2019
Maegens story Part 1: her trauma, the results of suppressed trauma, & how we were led to Ayahuasca
We give a brief intro of our mission for Maegical and the Maegical podcast! We then dive into Maegens story of all her repressed trauma, how it caused countless mystery illnesses, how western and eastern medicine failed her, the power of meditation and affirmations, and the journey to mother Ayahuasca. Part 2 will dive deeper into the Ayahuasca ceremony!
November 24, 2019