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Maelle Kids HD

Maelle Kids HD

By Maelle Kids, Inc
Maelle Kids HD is a podcast for big kids and teens by Maelle Kids Magazine. The show features the latest entertainment news, interviews, modeling tips, modeling advice, fashion news, contest, and more.

Do you have a question about school, life, modeling, or acting? Get your parent or legal guardian permission to send a voice message to Maelle Kids Magazine staff.

Host: Renaldo Creative
Every Saturday 8:00 PM EST
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Teen Actress and Screenwriter Peyton Basnight Returns To Talk About Her Web-series.

Maelle Kids HD

Teen Actress and Screenwriter Peyton Basnight Returns To Talk About Her Web-series.

Maelle Kids HD

Health: How To No Burn Out
Renaldo talks about how to stop burning out, Maelle Kids Black Edition and Maelle Inks Magazine.
August 6, 2020
Peaceful Grassroots Protest in Williamston
In this episode on Maelle Kids HD. Renaldo talks about the protest for Miss-Williams-Wright. Missy Williams-Wright was racially profiled at the Hampton Inn by Hilton Pool in Williamston, North Carolina. She was on a business trip with her kids when a hotel employee approached her about using the pool.
July 14, 2020
12-Year-Old model Precious Rose Returns
In this episode of Maelle Kids HD, Renaldo interviews DMV based model Precious. She talks about her career, staying home, Corona-virus, COVID-19, Home Schoo, helping people, black history, BLM, protest, Top It App, George Floyd, and current events.  This episode is for people aged 9-up. Follow her on Instagram @its_preciousrose. Her mom also comes in to talk about her business and give tips for parents. Trump is planning to send another stimulus check. Renaldo also talks about the new PlayStation 5 and XBOX.  SHOW NOTES 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07.
July 6, 2020
In this episode Renaldo talks about why Maelle Kids is a diverse magazine and not all black magazine. Why diversity is important and crucial and more. shop:
June 29, 2020
Juneteenth Weekend 2020 Continues
In This Episode Renaldo Creative share the latest entertainment news. Talks about Aunt Jemima, Uncle P’s Rice and Pancakes by Master P, Rap Snacks, Aria Brooks from All That, Ta’Nyi and more. Site shop Advertise with Us
June 20, 2020
Juneteenth 2020
In the episode, Renaldo talks about Juneteenth and why it is important. Plus he shares the latest entertainment news, current events, and more.  Site: Store
June 19, 2020
End of April | Entertainment News
In this episode of Maelle Kids HD Renaldo shares the latest entertainment news. Plus he give new updates about the Stimulus check and cares act. Free Magazines: magazine Shop:
April 26, 2020
Peyton Basnight Interview Part 1
The first interview with teen actress, writer and model Peyton Basnight.
April 12, 2020
How to Make Money and Survive Coronavirus
In the episode, Renaldo talks about how to survive and make money while fighting the Coronavirus.  Grab your free stock like Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Facebook and more (Credit Card not required)
April 9, 2020
Coronavirus Mayhem
Renaldo Creative share entertainment news while in the Coronavirus lockdown. Maelle Kids Magazine is the official podcast of Maelle Kids Magazine. He talks about WWE & Netflix The Big Show Show TV Series featuring WWE Superstar The Big Show and Lily Brooks O'Briant. Plus he talks about Instagram, AEW All Elite Wrestling, Stimulus Package, Coronavirus, Drake and more... Advertise: Model Submission: Magazines: Shop
April 5, 2020
Teen Actress and Screenwriter Peyton Basnight Returns To Talk About Her Web-series.
In this episode, 13-Year-Old actress, and screenwriter Peyton Basnight returns to talk about her web-series Family First. She reveals her favorite actress, and actor Zendaya, Will Smith, China Anne McCain, Tyler Perry, and more. Maelle Kids HD is the official podcast for Maelle Kids Magazine hosted by Renaldo Creative.  SHOW NOTES Filmicpro App: Family First: Peyton's IMDB: Peyton Twitter: OUR LINKS Shop Maelle Kids // Maelle Kids Site // Submissions
March 15, 2020
13-Year-Old Actress, Model, Writer and musician Peyton Basnight
Maelle Kids Radio: Featuring teen model and recording artist Peyton Z Basnight.
March 7, 2020
9-year-old philanthropist Jayden Perez
On this episode of Maelle Kids Radio, Renaldo interviews  9-year-old philanthropist Jayden Perez. Get our latest issue at Advertise: Model Submission: Magazines:
March 7, 2020
Maelle Kids Entertainment News
Get the latest entertainment news from Maelle Kids Magazine. Listen to the best Indie Hip-hop music from Renaldo Creative, Peyton Basnight and DeAmor Carolina. Please share this show with your friends, classmates, family, and co-workers.  SHOW NOTES Africa's low coronavirus rate: OUR LINKS Website: Magazine: Submit Stories Submit Music:
March 2, 2020
End of Black History Sister Rosetta
Maelle Kids Magazine HD talks about a hidden rock legend Sister Rosetta.
February 28, 2020
Maelle Kids Magazine Podcast
The latest entertainment news and family-friendly music. Featuring music by Renaldo Creative, DeAmor Carolina and Peyton Basnight. SHOW NOTES Peyton Web series: Rai Book List Site: Magazine: Advertise Submission:
February 28, 2020
Why listen to Maelle Kids HD?
Maelle Kids Magazine HD is a high-Quality entertainment podcast by Maelle Kids Magazine. Furthermore, access exclusive interviews, modeling and acting tips, entertainment news, music and more. Join the Maelle Kids community.
February 27, 2020