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By Mage: The Podcast
A podcast dedicated to exploring the Mage: The Ascension, a role-playing game (RPG) based in the World of Darkness.
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The Mage Cookbook and the Ahl-i-Batini with Rachelle Udell

Mage: The Podcast

How to Mage: Running a One-Shot
Before you convince someone to play 30 session of Mage, maybe show them one? Josh and Terry give their recommendations on running a Mage one-shot. Also, an interview with STV fiction author, Lee Webb about their Etherite short fiction Dead Reckoning. TryItCon Event Schedule - Come play a thing! Weekend of May 14-16th Other books: Another STV short fiction collection: Darkened Streets Dead Reckoning - Etherite short story Manifesto: Transmissions from the Rogue Council - It's got a short adventure in it!
May 8, 2021
Tome of Magick: Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers
Many counted the Kha'vadi out after the Avatar Storm but such claims were premature. Adam and Terry talk new sorcerous paths, spirits on the mundane side of the Gauntlet, and a bigger Tradition in Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers.  Related Books: Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers - This book Spirit Ways - book on shamanic variants Related episode: Paradigm Deep Dive: Indigenous Magick Next up: Tradition Book: Euthanatos
May 1, 2021
Mage Settings: Cities with Griffin Horn
Games are often set in the places we know by adding a layer of magick or horror, but how do you do that? Griffin from The Story Told and Terry talk about how they Mage-ify their hometown, Philadelphia, and how to make any major city magickal. References: Atlas Obscura SS United States Plans Figure-Ground Diagram TryItCon 2021  Get a badge: Play a game: Submit an event:
April 24, 2021
Tomes of Magick: Convention Book: Iteration X
The Clockwork Convention has been cut off from Autochthonia and many of its cyborg minions have gained terrifying freedom. Adam and Terry talk new HIT Marks, the Cult of the Machine,  and Alanson hardsuits in Convention Book: Iteration X. Books references: Convention Book: Iteration X - This book Iteration X - The previous version  Guide to the Technocracy - Essential reading to run Technocrats-as-protagonists Next Book: Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers
April 17, 2021
Lessons from Urban Shadows with Mark Diaz Truman
Let's steal from Powered by the Apocalypse! Mark Diaz Truman is the CEO of Magpie Games and World of Darkness fan. He an author of Urban Shadows, a PBtA urban fantasy game and shares what WoD players can take back to one of the games that inspired it. Magpie's Curated Play program - Try a game with a two-shot! Urban Shadows 2e kickstarter - Grab it during the late pledge period. Urban Shadows 2e quickstart - 26 pages which are enough to start playing.  Urban Shadows 1e - The first edition
April 10, 2021
Tomes of Magick: Tradition Book: Cult of Ecstasy
The Ecstatics find liberation and possibly Ascension through potent sensory experiences in both agony and ecstasy so how have they met modernity? Adam and Terry talk a plethora of new groups, expanded history, and very practical magick in Tradition Book: Cult of Ecstasy. Next book: Convention Book: Iteration X
April 3, 2021
How to Mage: Seekings
The mechanics for raising Arete are easy, but how do you play out a Seeking where a mage may make a self discovery or learn about the fundament of the cosmos? Josh and Terry share how Seekings changed across editions and some ways you can run them. Dusk Wiki - Large wiki with house rules on Seekings TryItCon Links: If you have a game you’d like to try, ask for it: If you’d like to help storytell/guide for the bonanza, ST applications are here: References:  Mage Style Guide - Comparison of Mage across Editions Mage Made Easy - STV supplement with recommendations on Seekings Book of Shadows - 1e book including Seekings advice Mage the Ascension 1e - The book that started it all where Seekings are external and given by the Avatar
March 27, 2021
Tomes of Magick: Book of Madness, Revised
In a world going mad how do the Marauders manifest? How have the Nephandi cope with the Avatar Storm? How do I barter my (character's) soul? Adam and Terry talk the dark whisperers in the Ascension War in Book of Madness Revised.  This book: Book of Madness Revised Next book: Tradition Book: Cult of Ecstasy  Previous Book of Madness  Book of the Fallen - 20th anniversary update to the Nephandi
March 20, 2021
Mage Actual Plays with VorpalTales, Guldan Age Stories, Ombligo Del Diablo, and Utility Muffin Labs
Three different interviews with three different liveplays! Terrifying Tales nods to Kult, Ombligo Del Diablo is an M5 hack in a strange Southwest, and Technogate explores the 90s, one Umbral Realm at a time and what 2d10 and Guldan Age Stories are up to. Terrifying Tales - A run of Mage with hints of Kult added for good measure run by Vorpal Tales. Technogate 1999 - Exploring the goings on an Umbra-hopping Amalgam by Guldan Age Stories. Ombligo Del Diablo - Adventures in an eerie Southwest by the Odd Troupe. Crossing Darkness - An old World of Darkness informational podcast about the full breadth of oWoD gaming 2D10 Podcast - A broad gaming podcast by Nate of Utility Muffin Labs Other links! Victorian Mage Indiegogo - For each person who comments that I should write on the Victorian Umbra, I'll add 250 words to an STV supplement on the Victorian Umbra. (Min 5k, max 20k) Sorcerer: Paths to Power - Sorcerer updated to M20 Tradition Rotes Project
March 13, 2021
Tomes of Magick: Guide to the Traditions
Guide to the Traditions lifts the curtain on the thousand ways the Traditions work with and against each other. Adam and Terry talk high-ritual shamans, hidden Cathars, Asthika technomancers and stranger magicks in this broad look at the 21st century Council. Books: Guide to the Traditions - the one we're talking about The Bitter Road - Another big book of group and plot options Book of Madness (Revised) - Next up!
March 6, 2021
Victorian Mage with Ian AA Watson and Victor Kinzer
The 19th century saw the West push to conquer the world but what were mages up to? The Technocracy rises, the American frontier closes and dozens of societies resist colonialism in Onyx Path's newest crowdfunding campaign, M20 Victorian Age now on Indiegogo. The crowdfunding campaign for Victorian Age Mage Victor Kinzer on Walking Away from Arcadia Technocracy history Books references:  Guide to the Technocracy - Technocratic History Mage Storyteller's Companion - Giant timeline Victorian Age Vampire - The first VIctorian age book W20 Wyld West Expansion - Update to the Wyld West setting for werewolf
February 27, 2021
Minisode: Saga Experience with Max
This minisode is with Max from Saga Experience which is trying to create a new type of virtual tabletop with a kind of built in game engine. We talk about our favorite numbers, virtual tabletops, and outcome distributions. Regular episode will be out Saturday! Saga Experience - Their webpage Saga Experience Discord - Talk to 'em! Tell them you want a freeform magick system. :3 Saga Experience Youtube - See it in action
February 25, 2021
Tomes of Magick: Tradition Book: Celestial Chorus
What does faith look like as the End Times approach? What is the role of shepherds when monsters walk the earth? Adam and Terry talk how the Chorus as broadened even as theology seemingly declines in Tradition Book: Celestial Chorus. Next up: Guide to the Traditions Our discussion of the previous Celestial Chorus book Swords of Faith which includes the prior Tradition Book and two others Tradition Book: Celestial Chorus on Drivethrurpg
February 20, 2021
Action in Mage with Bryce Perry
Mage is a game suited for many genres from pensive journey to space opera but the rules don't always give us fast-paced action. Bryce Perry of Darker Days Radio talks with Terry about things to steal from games like Torg and how to speed up combat. Games to steal from: Torg - Game geared towards action and adventure with group leveling and dramatic build-up system. Unknown Armies - Urban fantasy game where broken people save the world.  Blades in the Dark - The best game Ars Magica - For when the Order of Hermes isn't enough and you want all the hermetics. Our episode on Tales of Magick: Dark Adventure Darker Days Radio mailing list
February 13, 2021
Tomes of Magick: Lost Paths: Ahl-i-Batin & Taftâni
In the 21st century, the Ahl-i-Batin quietly invoke the Khwaja al-Akbar while the Taftâni fight druj and pursue Asha with explosive ferocity. Adam and Terry talk math, carpets, figs and other goodies from Lost Paths: Ahl-i-Batin & Taftâni. Show Notes More information on the Entelechy in Ascension Previous information on the Ahl-i-Batini in Book of Shadows
February 6, 2021
How to Make a Tradition with Victor Kinzer
The Traditions claim to represent all of mystick magick but may were left out of the Grand Convocation. So what is a Tradition and what makes them special? Victor and Terry talk Traditions over time, areas to explore, and how to build your own.  The Hermit Hipster's Patreon Video on Tradition Book Garou Nation - Werewolf explainer by the team of Juarez by Night Books mentioned: Guide to the Traditions - Revised guide to mystick politics Lost Paths: Ahl-I-Batin and Taftani - Two groups that maybe could be Traditions Dark Ages Mage - Game that uses Fellowships instead The Fragile Path - Book on the founding and betrayal of the First Cabal Book of Crafts - Book of well, Crafts
January 30, 2021
Tomes of Magick: Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood
No longer lead by monastic ascetics the Akashayana are ready to bury old ways but can they hold together long enough to change? Adam and Terry talk new sects, new rotes, new wonders and a whole lot of Do in Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood. This book: Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood on Drivethrurpg Next book: Lost Paths: Ahl-I-Batin and Taftani on Drivethrurpg Fist of the North Star Theravada - Type of Buddhism discussed largely in this book. Mahayana - More popular branch of Buddhism
January 23, 2021
Scion: Dragon/Mage: the Ascension Crossover with Danielle Lauzon
The world of Mage is teeming with strange creatures so why not add dragons? Scion: Dragon explores the powers and agendas of the mythic creatures and their heirs and developer Danielle Lauzon shares how dragons can go in your Mage game. The Kickstarter campaign! Scion core books: Scion: Origins - Book outlining starting Scions and the storypath system  Scion: Hero - Book on more powerful Scions  Danielle's author page Danielle's Twitter account
January 16, 2021
Tomes of Magick: Sorcerer Revised
The grip of Paradox has tightened but sorcerers, psychics, extraordinary citizens, and practitioners of limited or codified magick are unhindered. So what are they up to? Adam and Terry talk new groups, new paths, new systems, and PSYCHIC POWERS in Sorcerer Revised. Next Book: Lost Paths: Ahl-i-Batini and Taftani World of Darkness: Sorcerer - Prior Sorcerer book which was less free-form and overall smaller Prior Episode on Sorcerer Hunters Hunted II - Another book on antagonists including some magickal and semi-magickal societies as well as numina. True Faith was not in this book but it's expanded in Tradition Book: Celestial Chorus 
January 9, 2021
Call of Cthulhu and Games We Stole from in 2020 with Mike of Darker Days Radio
What games did you play in 2020, and more importantly, what hacks, mechanics, settings, and ideas can we take from them to bring into Mage? Mike from Darker Days Radio talks Sanity from Call of Cthulhu, quick stats from the Pip system, focus from Soulbound, and more as we review the games we played in 2020. Games mentioned Wrath and Glory - The story of eight systems cut off from the rest of the Warhammer world Pip system - A simple stat system that's kid-friendly Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition - Recent edition of one of the oldest RPGs Tomb of Dreams - Exalted 3e quickstart game Soulbound - Another Warhammer game which is where the Focus discussion comes from  Mork Borg - Black metal d20 RPG Genesys generic system - Fantasy Flight's house system where each die roll tells a story Revised Mage Quickstart - Simplified version of Mage Revised Podcasts mentioned The Story Told - Generic RPG podcast which also does a recurring Exalted liveplay Gehenna Gaming - Horror gaming rpg group Darker Days Radio - Horror RPG podcast Systematic Understanding of Everything - An Exalted explainer podcast
January 2, 2021
Tomes of Magick: Dragons of the East Bonus
A bonus episode to go with our episode on Dragons of the East.   Adam Simpson offers some ideas for bringing East Asia into your Mage Chronicles. Seven Branch Sword (look for Death of the King of Baekje) Books Religion in Contemporary Japan by Ian Reader. University of Hawaii Press 1991 Japanese Religions Past & Present by Ian Reader, Esben Andreasen & Finn Stefansson. University of Hawaii Press 1993 Ninja Attack! by Hiroko Yoda & Matt Alt. Kodansha International 2010 True Path of the Ninja by Antony Cummins & Yoshie Minami. Tuttle Publishing 2011 Taiko by Eiji Yoshikawa. Kodansha International 1967 (1992) Yokai Attack! by Hiroko Yoda & Matt Alt. Tuttle Publishing 2008 Kojiki by Donald L. Philippi (translator). University of Tokyo Press 1968 The Classic of Mountains and Seas by Anne Birrell (translator). Penguin Classics 1999 The Journey to the West by Anthony C. Yu (translator). University of Chicago Press 1977
December 26, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Dragons of the East
Dragons of the East vastly expands Mage Revised’s territory by outlining the Awakened world in large parts of East Asia. Adam and Terry review the major points like the mysterious new groups ranging across Mongolia’s steppes to the dense forests of Vietnam and an ancient conspiracy of the Dalou’laoshi that lurks in the edge of the Technocracy....maybe. Show Notes This book: Dragons of the East Next book: Sorcerer Revised Notes Book of Crafts episode Midnight Express Episode on the Wu-Keng Ailon Rouge's Chantry Project
December 26, 2020
The Order of Hermes in the 21st Century with Stephen Michael DiPesa
For over twelves centuries the Order of Hermes has pushed will as the key of magick, where do they stand in the 21st century? Stephen Michael DiPesa authored Tradition Book: Order of Hermes and Blood Treachery and shares where he thinks the Hermetics would be today. Stephen's written for a number of other games and White Wolf lines and shares his experiences as an RPG writer. WoD Books: Blood Treachery - Revised book outlining the Wizards March declared against Clan Tremere Tradition Book: Order of Hermes - Revised Tradition Book Infinite Tapestry - Revised book on the Umbra Mage Storytellers Handbook - Handbook outlining a dozen dozen directions to take a Mage game Ascension - The last book of Revised Mage the Awakening: Second Edition
December 19, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Blood Treachery
The Order of Hermes is cut off from the Horizon Realms that form the basis of its power and struggling to find its footing after realizing they can no longer destroy the Technocracy. What's a Tradition to do? Decvlare war on the Tremere to try and get their stuff back! Blood Treachery advances the Revised metaplot with a bang weaving a tale of magick, blood, hubris, and guncotton in an exploration of what the Order has become but might yet be.  Adam and Terry walk through what's changed from the Hermetic magick that makes your blood explosive to the new Astral Courts and the revelations as to the true reason Mistridge fell. This book: Blood Treachery Next book: Dragons of the East Others references: House of Tremere - Information the historical Tremere Clanbook: Tremere - Revised book outlining the hierarchy Tradition Book: Order of Hermes - Revised book on the Tradition written in the wake of the Wizards March.
December 12, 2020
Magick and Music in the 60s with Satyros Phil Brucato
JFK was just been inaugurated as president, Patrice Lumumba is assassinated the Berlin Wall is built, Elvis returns, Motown is founded, and the Cold War is in full-swing but what's going on in the Awakened world? Mage Developer Satyros Phil Brucato walks through ideas in using the 1960s as a chronicle setting, how it's informed by what came before, and how it sets the stage for our modern Ascension War. References: The Avengers - British espionage TV show Get Smart - American spy parody James Bond - British secret agent movie series based on books by Ian Flemming Gojira - 1954 kaiju film introducing Godzilla  The Warmth of Other Suns - Book about the internal Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson  Sun Ra - American composer and experimental musician with a cosmic philosophy Parliament-Funkadelic - American funk collective headed by George Clinton Baader-Meinhof Group - Far left German militant organization about which numerous films were made Velvet Underground - American rock band headed by Lou Reed The Drowned World - J.G. Ballard book set in an earth rendered largely uninhabitable Slaughterhouse-Five - Book by Kurt Vonnegut Music: A Subversive History - 2019 book on the cultural importance of music Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Tarantino film set in 1969 LA The Prisoner - British avante garde science fiction film The Doors (movie) - Film about the music group the Doors through the 60s and 70s Malcolm X (movie) - Documentary based on Malcolm X's autobiography Standing in the Shadows of Motown - Documentary on the story of the Funk Brothers Satyros Valhalla with a Twist of Lethe - Satyros' book of short fiction Satyros Patreon  Mage Made Easy - Satyros' guide to simplifying M20
December 5, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Dead Magic
With the master's gone, how is an Adept to achieve Mastery? By learning the secrets of the ancients through a mix of cultural outreach and maybe a little grave-robbing.  Dead Magic explores the magic of the cradle of humanity, the ruins of Babylon, the forbidding tracts of North American of Arctic, and the visceral practices of Greece. Adam and Terry tour through the ruins of past magick and give recommendations on how to bring the contents into your game. Warning! This is a Black Dog Game Factory supplement and is a bit more gorey and bad-touchy than most Mage books. This book: Dead Magic Next book: Blood Treachery Rework of Giant’s Playground by Adam Shaping up the Giant’s Playground should remain within Revised Edition’s parameters of keeping things on Earth so no portals to the Umbra or Horizon Realms.  Making it mystically interesting goes against Revised Edition’s rich character development but I swear I’m going to print some T shirts with the message “Rage Against the Rich Character Development”.  Yes, this is a reference to page 81 of The Bitter Road. The Giant’s Playground is a popular destination for visitors to Namibia although very few suspect its true significance.  Mages who venture beyond the most popular rock formations and explore the interior will eventually reach a point where their mystic senses are aroused (Awareness + Perception or Wits, diff 6).  Those who score 3 or more successes get a sense that space is stretched and wound differently than normal.  Those with less successes get a feeling the place is special somehow and are free to try their first level Sphere senses.  Those who botch become convinced someone has set a trap for the Awakened and will want to leave. The first level of Correspondence is enough to let mages perceive an entrance to the Playground’s true interior.  The first level of Spirit should also be enough to let a mage open their senses to the spirits of the land who will guide the mage to the entrance.  Once inside the true Giant’s Playground the visitors disappear from the view of aerial observers and Sleepers.  The old, squarish rocks loom higher and closer as the visitors walk and form a labyrinth.  Visitors will need an excellent sense of direction or the favor of the local rock spirits to find their way out safely.  Correspondence magic is more difficult to use here, as if normal notions of space, volume and distance don’t apply. There is a palpable sense of power here.  Old designs scratched into the stones hint at forgotten rituals.  Those with Spirit magic will find it markedly easier to communicate with rock spirits here (Axis Mundi pg. 122). Some passages of the labyrinth, always open to the sky, lead to chambers that surround low, flat rocks roughly 10 feet in diameter.  It isn’t hard to imagine the mages of long ago conducting rites here but information on what was done or who did it is lost to time.  All Sphere magic used to scry here is blocked.  The mage sees an image of an enigmatic stone idol. Members of the Ngoma claim the site is sacred and forbid others to visit.  However, they do not guard it or interfere with anyone who has visited.  The members of the Mad Zimbabwe sect of the Euthanatos will not speak of it at all.
November 28, 2020
[Updated] Minisode: Mage Merch with Rusted Icon
Rusted Icon is the licensed provider of World of Darkness glassware, badges, decals, and LARP tools other neat stuff including a full line of Mage Sphere glasses, and Tradition and Convention decals.  Khris talks about running a small business, working with White Wolf, and his love of roleplaying. Between now and December 1st, use the code 'MTP20' to get 20% off of your entire order. Rusted Icon's web page Rusted Icon on Instagram
November 24, 2020
World War II and Post-War Mage with Matthew Webb
World War II stands as a pivotal and maybe the pivotal event in the 20th century, but how did it change the Awakened world? Matthew Webb of Jackalope Live Action Studios talks through the war and post-war period from the war within the Technocracy, the split in the Traditions, the fallout for the Crafts, to how it set up the revolutions of the 60s. Media Mentioned The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich - Title says it all The Book of the Five Rings - Book on the five elements of proper battle written in about 1643 Come and See - Movie where actual footage is used to create a creepy and effective anti-war film Hardcore History Destroyer of Worlds - Episode on the ramifications of humans having access to nuclear weapons Nuclear Shadows - Images left by objects destroyed during the nuclear blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki The Stranger on the 3rd Floor - Early noir film The Asphalt Jungle - Later Noir film Blitzed - Book that argues that much of the military success and then failure of the Nazi's could be attributed to amphetamines The Manhattan Project - Book composed mostly of first hand sources discussing the building of nuclear weapons Gods and Beasts: The Nazis and the Occult - Again, the title kind of tells you Unholy Alliance - Another book on the ties between the Nazis and the occult Mage sources Dragons of the East - Supplement to outline the war and its effects on East Asia Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah - Wraith supplement on the war dead Virtual Adepts Tradition book - Gives information the VAs during WWII
November 21, 2020
Tomes of Magick: The Bitter Road
In the wake of the Avatar Storm, Mage Revised refocused on earthly chronicles. What kind of games can you run there? How do you set a game at a college or office park? What's does Node 4 mean when your chantry is mobile? The Bitter Road sets up the world of Revised and gives a dozen ways to run games in it. Adam and Terry share the best and worst parts. This book: The Bitter Road Next book: Dead Magic
November 14, 2020
Time Travel and Getting to the Past with Charles Siegel
Mage has a history that spans millennia and the entire globe, so how can we explore it in a modern game? Correspondence magick can take a mage anywhere and Time magick can bring a mage to any when but there are options well beyond that. Charles Siegel joins to discuss ways to bring your game to wherever or whenever you want using the tools given across all of the World of Darkness books. Night-Folk references: Temporis - True Brujah power of time manipulation Chronos - Changeling power of time manipulation House Criamon - House of seers and prophets within the Order of Hermes Shade Realm of Time - Realm where moving through it causes you to move through time Time Archsphere - Big Time Travel Books references: Infinity Tapestry - Contains Courts that may help with time-appropriate Realms and time travel.  Book of Mirrors - Storyteller guide that includes bits on previous time periods. Digital Web 2.0 - Lots of Sectors that are restricted creating a type of time travel
November 7, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Mage Storytellers Companion
Revised created a whole new world for Mage but not everything could fit in the core rulebook. How do I make Charms or Periapts? Who are the Taftani? Can I have more deets on the Avatar Storm? Adam and Terry talk what you need to know and what you can skip in the Mage Storytellers Companion. Books mentioned in the intro: Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials - Illustrations created for various non-Earth species Barlowe's Inferno - Illustrations of what a hell could look like with few touchstones to Christian thought Next up: Bitter Road
October 31, 2020
Making an Archmage Dating Sim with Kris Newton
Today we tackle two vital questions: How could you make a Mage the Ascension video game and how would go about dating an archmage. Kris Newton of the MegaDumbCast joins to help tackle these questions and more. Also, Kris gives us some tips on how to steal things from Palladium's over-the-top trenchcoat horror classic Beyond the Supernatural.   MegaDumbCast on Twitter MegaDumbCast on Podbean Beyond the Supernatural, MegaDumbCast's current project Masters of the Art - Archmage Book! Masters of the Art episode - Mage the Podcast talking about archmages
October 24, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Revised Core Rulebook
Mage Revised is often called a seismic shift in the world of the Awakened with a directionless Technocracy, confused Nephandi, and shattered Traditions but what really changed? Adam and Terry walk you through the lore, tone, theme, and rules changes for the book that set the stage for everything to come until Ascension. Wayne Peacock Letter - A letter from one of the early playtesters for Mage of the new system. Revised Storyteller vs Revised Edition - Revised can me two things in World of Darkness. This explains the difference. Next book: Storyteller Companion - Everything that couldn't fit into the core book.
October 17, 2020
World of Darkness Ghost Hunters with Matthew Dawkins
Mortals may lack Spheres in investigating the ghostly mysteries of the World of Darkness but they do have technology, grit, numbers, and some wisdom to make up for it. World of Darkness Ghost Hunters outlines how to add mortal ghost hunters from the celebrity skeptic to the trained necromancer to your games as players or as NPCS. Matthew Dawkins talks numina, the Orpheus group, mummies, and a dash of M5. World of Darkness Ghost Hunters Kickstarter Matthew Dawkins Author Page Matthew Dawkins Patreon Page Recommended books: Wraith 20 - You want ghosts, it's got ghosts and Matthew's favorite Vampire 20 - the simplest of the X20 core books
October 10, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Masters of the Art
What lies beyond mastery? Mage has provided tantalizing hints of archmages capable of leveling mountains with a thought but Masters of the Art gives rules and setting for these walking demigods. Adam and Terry walk through arch-allies, arch-nemeses, and of course archspheres as well as some alternatives to archmastery. Next book: Mage the Ascension: Revised Core Book - NEW EDITION! Other books in the series: Initiates of the Art - book on newly Awakened mages Bitter Road - book on disciples
October 3, 2020
Paradigm Deep Dive: North American Witchcraft with S Rune Emerson
Paradigm deep dive time! Occultist and author S Rune Emerson talks North American Witchcraft and outlines the paradigm, practice, and instruments for naturalistic and supernatural witchcraft that follow North American traditions. More on Rune! Patreon Blog Book Etsy Store Other links! Jmag's Demon the Fallen to V5 conversion - Rules for Demon the Fallen demons in V5 The Feri Tradition - a NA witch group The Return of Witches as a Symbol of Feminism STONE LOOOOOORE Statement from the American Council of Witches Books Mentioned: Truth Beyond Paradox - a Mage short fiction collection Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers - Revised Tradition book Tradition Book: Verbena - Revised Tradition book Tradition Book: Order of Hermes - Revised Tradition book Witches and Pagans - Sorcerers Crusade book on witch magick Traditions Gathered: Blood and Dreams - 2e collection of Dreamspeaker, Verbena, and Cult of Ecstasy Tradition books
September 26, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Spirit Ways
The World of Darkness is teeming with spirits and things yet stranger and shamanic mages practitioners from all corners of the globe act as messengers and defenders. Spirit Ways is a book on some types of shamanic practice and Adam and Terry walk you through it. Previous similar episodes: Tomes of Magick: Dreamspeakers Tomes of Magick: Axis Mundi  Related books: Dreamspeakers - The 2e Tradition book for the most shamanic Tradition. Also available as part of Blood and Dreams. Axis Mundi - The 2e crossover book with Werewolf Next book: Masters of the Art 
September 19, 2020
AscensionCon 2020: 25 Years of Mage with Satyros and Friends
Mage has changed a lot over the past 25 years but what was it like being on the inside as an artist, developer or writer? Find out from the people who were there with two artists, two developers, five writers, and the guy responsible for the Sphere system (who's also Dante). Full panel is Bill Bridges, Satyros Phil Brucato, Jackie Cassada, Echo Chernik, Jesse Heinig, Mark Jackson, Nicky Rae, James Sambrano, and Travis Williams Mark Jackson - Mage Illustrator Instagram Facebook  Phantasia - Retrospective work Jesse Heinig working with cryptic studios on Star Trek Online - Former Line Developer Bill Bridges Fading Suns Travis Williams, VP of game development at lightstorm entertainer - On the 1e Mage Team Technoobians He was Dante Jackie Cassada and Nicky Rea - Long time White Wolf writers, heavily involved in Changeling and Kindred of the East Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers World of Darkness: Hong Kong Changeling 20th Anniversary Edition James Sambrano - 20th Anniversary Edition Writers Patreon Truth Beyond Paradox Gods and Monsters  Satyros Phil Brucato - Longtime Developer and Writer Patreon Valhalla with a Twist of Lethe  Patreon Echo Chernik - Artist and Illustrator Portfolio Web Shop Patreon
September 12, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Initiates of the Art
Mages can reach levels of power that can level mountains and carve Realms in the Horizon that follow their every whim, but where do they start, what can you do with an Arete of one, and how do you not get accidentally launched into the Umbra? Adam and Terry talk Initiates of the Art, the first in a series of books that outline mages at various steps on the Path of Thorns.  Series: Initiates of the Art - On low Arete games Masters of the Art - On high Arete games Bitter Road - On mid Arete games (Revised) Next Book: Spirit Ways 
September 5, 2020
Paradigm Deep Dive: Gothic and Hollower Magick with James Sambrano
The Hollowers have gone from tragically hip Orphans to post-modern alternative to the Traditions, but how do they do magick? Life-long Goth and Mage writer, James Sambrano, talks paradigm, practices, and playlists for one of the newer paradigms in Mage. Books James worked on: M20 Core - Helped plan the Disparate Alliance Gods and Monsters - Concept behind Big Owl Truth Beyond Paradox - The M20 fiction compilation Hollower/Goth books: Outcasts: A Players Guide to Pariahs  Tradition Book: Hollow Ones Orphans Survival Guide Mage Storytime #2 Play lists! Goth playlist #1 Goth playlist #2 Goth playlist #3 Goth playlist #4 Goth playlist #5 Goth music by not white people
August 29, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Guide to the Technocracy
The Technocracy has been presented as both a monomaniacal terror and the only thing saving humanity from itself and other things. So how do you play one? Adam and Terry talk through the Guide to the Technocracy which takes a normally antagonistic Ascension War faction and gives players and storytellers everything they need to run a game within the Union. Tomes of Magick Technocracy books Technocracy - Iteration X episode Technocracy - NWO episode Technocracy - Progenitors episode Technocracy - Syndicate episode Technocracy - Void Engineers episode Book of Mirrors Appleseed manga  
August 22, 2020
Better Worldbuilding with Rai Cole
Some RPGs are swashbuckling sagas, others are intimate dramas, and others are simply about surviving a brutal world. Mage can be all those things, but how? Professional game and fiction writer Rai Cole of the Bonus Experience podcast gives solid advice on how to build your Mage setting, how to change the stock World of Darkness, and things you can steal from other games that work well in the Storyteller System. Games Mentioned Monster Care Squad - A game where you serve as vets for sick monsters Americana - A supernatural game about a greaser era that never was. BXP interview about it. Blades in the Dark - A game of stress and choices with a free public SRD Last Blood - Comic about vampires protecting humans against zombies Rai's Other Work A Light Extinguished - Scion Quickstart Bonus Experience - Rai and Monica's podcast about game design Cult of the Blood Gods - Book on blood cults in Vampire RaiWCole on Twitter Community Works 9 Things I Like about Mage by Camak Players Becoming Characters by Undead Foodstuffs'   Remember: Modify it if it displeases you!
August 15, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Tales of Magick: Dark Adventure
Mage can be a game of cosmic chess or one of gritty urban realism, but what about something in between? Tales of Magick: Dark Adventure guides storytellers in how to make a high action, not just adventure, but dark adventure chronicle without leaving the World of Darkness. Adam and Terry go through the systems, themes, and tools, what you should include and what you can probably leave out. Other setting books: Horizon: Stronghold of Hope - a guide to an otherworldly and high mage count game Destiny's Price - a first edition-ish Black Dog publication for a very gritty urban game Orphan's Survival Guide - the other "city" book for Mage Other episodes: Horizon: Stronghold of Hope episode Destiny's Price episode Orphan's Survival Guide episode
August 8, 2020
Watchtowers and Legacies: Ideas from Mage: The Awakening with Occultists Anonymous
Chronicles of Darkness has their vampires, werewolves, and changelings, but what are their mages like? More importantly, what can we steal from them? Occultists Anonymous, a Mage: The Awakening liveplay explains what they think makes the game so special and what the coolest bits of the game are. Books referenced: Mage the Awakening 2e - Current edition of Mage the Awakening Chronicles of Darkness 2e - Core rulebook that also includes information for the default Chronicles setting. Mage Translation Guide - An explainer on how to move a game from Ascension to Awakening and back. Also does a good explainer of the metaphysics of both games. Mage Translation Toolkit - 1e Awakening, Revised Ascension, the Translation Guide, and 1e Chronicles of Darkness. A bit outdated but a very good price.
August 1, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Orphan's Survival Guide
The Ascension War is an epic struggle for control of reality but not everyone wants to be part of that war as some fight just to survive. How can a faction-less mage make it in Mage's urban fantasy setting while staying safe and independent? Orphan's Survival Guide picks up and expands where Destiny's Price and Outcasts: A Players Guide to Pariahs left off and Adam and Terry walk you through it. Books mentioned:  Destiny's Price - A book on hard-scrabble life in the city with a few locations and set pieces and rules for swarms and drugs. Initiates of the Art - A book on playing a newly Awakened mage. Other books: Travels with Lizbeth - book on traveling and surviving while homeless Down and Out in Paris and London - semi-autobiographical account of being homeless by George Orwell Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman book on the trials of a young wizard discovering magic A picture of Adam's tanto ean5c8sz
July 25, 2020
Aliens in Mage with Charles Siegel
The World of Darkness is full of supernatural horrors, demonic entities, subterranean monsters, and bygone creatures, but how about aliens? In the second episode celebrating weird stuff from space, Charles and Terry talk about the Ka Luon, the Zigg'raugglurr, the Hui:xa, and the Watchers in the Deep and the mortals who love them. Also! There's a 25% sale on DTRPG right now, if you order at least $100 in stuff using our affiliate code and we'll do a shout out to you.  Pages Referenced: Hui:xa - possible super advanced aliens of which Khuvon is a member Zigg'raugglurr - Time-hopping reptilian quintessence thieves Ka Luon - Greys that have been either in a war with the Zigg, the Technocracy, or both since the 50s Books referenced: Ascension - Final book in Mage series, also contains scenario Whimper Not a Bang where aliens ruin everything Beyond the Barriers - Book that details the Watchers in the Deep Infinite Tapestry - Give information on the Hive Dwellers and other maybe aliens Mage 1st Edition - Original reference of the Zigg Sorcerer Revised - Update on sorcery for Revised including the new Star Council World of Darkness: Sorcerer - Original book on sorcery, when the Thal'hun were their own thing
July 18, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Digital Web 2.0
The Digital Web is a Zone that cuts across all layers of the Umbra and is rare for being accessible my mortals. So what does it look like, how do you get there, and how has it changed in the five years since the original Digital Web supplement was launched? Adam and Terry walk through the state of the Digital Web after the Great Whiteout, the difference between a troika and a Bogie, and how to avoid getting derezzed in their discussion of Digital Web 2.0. First Digital Web Tomes of Magick episode - Adam and Terry length about the still entirely usable book. Other Books Mentioned: Tales of Magick: Dark Adventure - Our next Tomes of Magick book Mage Chronicles, Volume 1 - Reprint book that includes the original Digital Web book as well as Book of Chantries
July 11, 2020
Void Engineers vs Space Changelings with Simon Eichhörnchen and Victor Kinzer
We've talked about changelings, and we've talked about Technocrats, but we've never talked about body snatching space changelings and the Void Engineers who love them...and by that we mean shut them down. Changeling: Countless Dreams is a 176 page supplement detailing how to introduce creatures powered by humanity's dreams and nightmares about space to your chronicle.  Author Simon Eichhörnchen and editor Victor Kinzer break the book down and provide power ideas and plots for your game. Changeling: Countless Dreams - Includes custom character sheet, Countless logos, the text, and a mobile version Walking Away from Arcadia - The podcast that Simon and Victor do on Changeling the Dreaming. Additional STV releases from friends of Mage the Podcast: Past is Prologue - A Dark Ages: Fae supplement by Radio Free Arcadia expanding on the setting including new abilities, lore, and a new Dominion. The Second Transmission - The Second Transmission: The Secret Frequency Files 2 is collection of story hooks, settings, antagonists and rules updates, for use with Chronicles of Darkness 2nd edition, including Vampire, Mage, Werewolf, Changeling, and more.
July 4, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Technomancer's Toybox
Legends are full of magic wands, enchanted slippers, and sacred artifacts of immeasurable power, but what kind of Wonders to console jockeys, ethernauts, and mirrorshades get? Technomancer's Toybox answers that question in spades and Adam and Terry do a rapid tour of what techies and their friends use instead of cauldrons and potions picking out their favorites and those that should have stayed on the drawing board.  Other Books with Wonders: Mystic Armory - Storyteller Vault title with all published Wonders in them Forged by Dragon's Fire - Big book of mystick items Guide to the Technocracy - Vastly expanded rules for Technocratic Wonders and focuses  Book of Secrets - M20 series book with expanded Wonder rules Other Books: World of Darkness: Combat - Generic WoD supplement with vastly expanded weapons Tales of Magick: Dark Adventure - Next in our review series!  Other References: Pineapple Army - Manga featuring a grenade launcher mentioned in this book Neuromancer - William Gibson novel involving using a slow virus to infiltrate a protected system
June 27, 2020
Trinity Continuum, Storypath, and the Unofficial White Wolf Wiki with Ian A.A. Watson
Where did the Unofficial White Wolf Wiki come from? What's the state of RPG technology? How does the Trinity Continuum work? Ian AA Watson, developer and community manager for Onyx Path answers all of these in a wide-ranging conversation. The Wiki Update Event on Facebook The Mage the Podcast Discord Things Ian has worked on: Guide to the Traditions - Ian's first credit Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook - The core book for the Trinity Settings Trinity Continuum: Aeon - Future setting for Trinity Other things mentioned: The Scion phone edition Post Human Studios - The publisher behind the Eclipse Phase RPG
June 20, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Isle of the Mighty
What does an NWO science museum look like? Why did the Tremere frame House Diedne for diabolism? What's it like to have an Arcane of 7? All of these questions are answered in the curious Isle of the Mighty, a crossover book for Mage the Ascension and Changeling the Dreaming. If you do not speak Changeling, do not fear, this episode features note faeinmageologist, Victor Kinzer.  Books you may want for crossover: Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition Book of Lost Dreams - Includes crossover books for the Prodigals Changeling Storytellers Guide - Earlier book that also includes crossover rules The Enchanted - Book on how to introduce the Enchanted to your games. Mortals who can see changeling magic and for whom the Mists have parted Changeling: Countless Dreams - Victor's latest project as editor with writer Simon Eichhörnchen about changelings from the dreams of science fiction. Contains amazing crossover potential with the Void Engineers. Adam's links - These are fixed links from the back of the book Stats Wales Edinburgh College Elementary Course Gaelic Glasgow Herald National Museum of Scotland Online Scotland Stirling College Bagpipe Web Directory The Book of Taliesin: Poems of Warfare and Praise in an Enchanted Britain
June 13, 2020
Sources of Magick: Nodes with Charles Siegel and The Major Arcana with Secrets of the Masquerade
We talk with two creators about their Storyteller Vault creations.  Charles Siegel, discusses Sources of Magick, a book on Nodes, what they could be, and how to use them. The second interview is with Secrets of the Masquerade  on their Major Arcana Optional System which is a system to make magick dynamic during a game of Mage with changing rules to reflect the ebb and flow of the Spheres. Charles other works: Rite of the Spring - A small adventure for Mage The Nine Spheres - A set of handouts on the nine Spheres and how to use them Enlightened Grimoire - All the Rotes! Mystic Armory - All the Wonders! Secrets other works: 2019 Trick or Treat - A Halloween special Bordeaux by Night Players Guide - An introduction to France and to Bordeaux as a city, and Bordeaux as a domain, foreigner-friendly. Bordeaux by Night Storytellers Guide - Contains the true history of the city and all sorts of bits to drop into a game.  Guide to Dying - Dive into the causes of deaths and their effects on given lives to fuel your Wraith creation process. Guide to Grouping - An April Fools Event Secrets of the Masquerade blog Pavillion Noir Les Lames du Cardina
June 6, 2020
Tomes of Magick: World of Darkness: Sorcerer
Some vampires have Thaumaturgy, some changing breeds have sorcery, but what about unAwakened mortals? World of Darkness: Sorcerer vastly expands the systems and options for linear or hedge magic beyond what previous books present. Adam and Terry walk through the world of sorcery and those who employ it and how to include sorcerers in your game.  Previous books with hedge magic: Ascension's Right Hand (part of Mage Chronicles 2) - Book about mage Acolytes and custos Project Twilight - Book on the government and what they may or may not know about Night-Folk. Hunters Hunted and Hunters Hunted II - Books on mortals dealing with vampires. (The second one is better) Vampire Inquisition - Yet more info on people who stake vampies Bob Schnoblin's Pyramid of Satanic Power - The best summary of the World of Darkness ever Future books that mention hedge magic: Sorcerer Revised - Revised-era book updating paths and what happened to various societies. Current links to resources in the back of the book:
May 30, 2020
Paradigm Deep Dive: Hypereconomics and Primal Utility with Victor Kinzer
People say it's "just money" but money can turn into seemingly anything but how about turning into the very stuff of magick? Hypereconomics is a paradigm where practitioners manipulate reality and desire itself with tools no mystick would recognize. In addition, they also have access to the Primal Utility Sphere, pulling quintessence out of businesses and practicing some of the most subtle magick of any mages. This toolbox isn't just for Technocrats and Victor Kinzer, Mage writer, and host of Walking Away from Arcadia tells you how to use it. Mage 20 Core - Has all the alternative Spheres Convention Book: Syndicate - The book that best explains hypereconomics Swashbucklers Handbook - Ars Concupidae, the precursor to hypereconomics Book of Secrets - Contains guidelines for Union discipline Mage Made Easy - Satyros' guide to getting people started in Mage Other! Collective Action Problems - Class of problems where acting is in everyone's best interest The Logic of Life - Book on economics in non-monetary situations Pi - A film that interrogates reality
May 23, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Syndicate
Fighting the Ascension Conflict isn't all about daring and fighting for principles. Someone has to pay for the Devices, the Sanctums, the cleaning crew, and that's hoping there's enough coin left over to get a vacation every now and then. Enter the Technocracy's Syndicate. Adam and Terry talk about the last 2e Convention book and what makes the shine, as well as the skeletons they have in their closet as they make millions while making billions. Books mentioned Technocracy Assembled 2 - Convention book containing this and Void Engineers Guide to the Technocracy - the book that make the Technocracy playable Rite of the Spring - a Spring Dash submission from Charles Siegel Convention Book: Syndicate - Revised book that better explains hypereconomics Sapiens and Homo Deus - Books that describe alternative versions of economies based on information processing type. John Wick movies - Movie series with a guild that controls criminal activity  Next: Technomancer's Toybox - Big book of Wonders/Devices
May 16, 2020
Angels, Demons, and the God-Machine with Danielle Lauzon
Mages are often behind the scenes in the war for reality, but what's behind the veil of reality itself? What if reality were just the visible part of some impossibly advanced program? Who's the programmer and what happens if you get access to the code? The God-Machine Chronicle gives a twist on the classic tales of god, angels, and demons. and developer Danielle Lauzon gives us a tour of what awaits those who plot against them. Demon: The Descent - You get to play the demons unchained from the God-Machine Chronicles of Darkness Core 2e - Contains God-Machine core plot and rules update Danielle Lauzon author page - Facebook page Demon: The Fallen - the other demon with the like regular not necessarily computer god. Other The Primogen's Mage Lore Intro Video Juarez by Night Spanish-Language Podcast oWoD in Spanish! Selections from the Play It Forward Event By Banner Bound - A Changeling book about banner houses Enlightened Grimoire - All the Mage rotes Sources of Magick - Noooooodes Mystic Armory - All the Wonders/Devices A Phoenix Rising - Chronicle Jumpstart for Mage Ascension's Landscape - Setting considerations for Mage
May 9, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Order of Hermes
Drawing their roots back to ancient Greece and Egypt, the Order of Hermes claims access to hidden knowledge only available to those willing to learn dead languages, find lost tomes, and push their cognitive and physical capacities almost to a breaking point, but it seems to work. Asshat or academics par excellence, schemers or savants? Adam and Terry discuss the storied history of a pivotal Tradition in Tomes of Magick: Order of Hermes.  Order of Hermes Tradition Book - 2e book discussed Songs of Science - The collected Tradition Books that Order of Hermes was part of The Story Told - Terry is on deck to run a Mage the Ascension liveplay with the actual play group on this general RPG podcast. Redbubble Shirts for Mage the Ascension - Onyx Path's Print on Demand provider Ars Magica - a Lion Rampart game that preceded Mage designed by Jonathan Tweet and Mark Rein*Hagen Ars Magica books on DTRPG - All Ars Magica books (mostly 2e & 3e) available on DTRPG Current Ars Magica - Current run through Atlas Games Revised Tradition Book - The Revised Tradition Book for the Order of Hermes Houses of Hermes by Jonathan Tweet - Full information on all founding houses. Ars Magica setting but easily ported. Order of Hermes on Anders Mage Page 2.0 Alchemists on Anders Mage Page 2.0
May 2, 2020
Technocracy Reloaded Kickstarter Preview with Danielle Lauzon and Travis Legge
It's been almost 7 years since the last Technocracy-only book came out. So what are they up to now? Technocracy Reloaded, the upcoming M20 release on Kickstarter starting April 28th answers that question in spades. Developers Danielle Lauzon and Travis Legge sit down with Terry for a wide-ranging conversation on how the Technocracy has been updated for the 21st century. Has there been a civil between the Syndicate and the NWO? What's it like having a family in the Technocracy? Can one of the Fallen possess a HIT Mark? Listen and find out! M20 Technocracy Reloaded Kickstarter will come online on Tuesday, April the 28th, at 2pm Eastern US time! Keep an eye on to see when it goes live and please consider backing this wonderful book! Prior Technocracy books: Guide to the Technocracy - 2e Update on the monolith Technocracy Bundle - All the Technocracy texts at a good price Travis has worked on: All the Scarred Lands Danielle has worked on: All the CoD and Scion Onyx Path's Twitch channel:
April 25, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Book of Mirrors: Mage Storytellers Handbook
Mage is a sprawling game and while it has dozens of supplements, how do you put them together into an actual game? Book of Mirrors: Mage Storytellers Handbook was written to provide ideas on alternative chronicle settings, some basic how tos, and an invaluable survey of the Ascension War. Adam and Terry walk through what it has to offer and provide recommendations for the parts that haven't aged so well. Book of Shadows - the player guide for Mage for 1e and 2e Book of Madness - a fuller look at the Nephandi and most aspects of the Marauders Wraith the Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition - A comprehensive summary of all of Wraith for people looking to explore the Labyrinth/Labyrinth connection. Gaming Resources: Bonus Experience - a podcast on game design and operations from two industry professionals Geek and Sundry's genre how tos - Geek and Sundry has published many guides on how to storytell by genre High Programmer Guides - Advice columns from a while ago The White Wolf subReddit - A WoD/CoD/Storypath subreddit with a fair amount of Mage advice Mage Onyx Path forums - Onyx Path's forums with regular ST Q&As The Angry GM - A GM advice series. Basics of Improvisation for GMs Guide to Providing Clues Notes on Railroading
April 18, 2020
Enemies of Ascension: The Dauntain, Thallain, and Adhene with Charlie Cantrell
Mage has the Marauders, Nephandi, and Technocrats as default antagonists, but what about something a little off the beaten path? In Enemies of Ascension, we look at antagonists Storytellers can introduce and NPCs players can encounter from the wider World of Darkness. Charlie Cantrell, Changeling the Dreaming: 20th Anniversary writers talks to Terry about the Adhene, Thallain, and Dauntain from the world of the Changeling and how to add them to your game. Charlie's Books: Changeling the Dreaming: 20th Anniversary Edition - Big book o' Changeling Kiths of Arcadia - Book adding the Kiths from the Arcadia card game Fragments of the Lycian Dream - Overflow material from Changeling Players Guide Changeling Players Guide - More Changeling! Changeling V5 Conversion Guide  Other Changeling Books: Denizens of the Dreaming - Outline the dark-kith from the Dreaming Book of Lost Dreams - One of the books containing Changeling crossover rules Changeling Storytellers Guide - The other book containing crossover rules Dreams and Nightmares - a listing of Chimerical creatures Autumn People - Original reference for the Dauntain Radio Free Arcadia - Charlie's imprint
April 11, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Angel of Mercy & 1e Storyteller Screen
The first Mage Storytellers screen came out in 1993 and is a late entry for Tomes of Magick.  This screen had a player-facing image that has caused a lot of talk over the years.  Angel of Mercy is an adventure that was included.  Hear all about what's in it and what it can do for you.  Adam Simpson also adds some material to his earlier discussion of published adventures for Mage the Ascension. Mage ST screens at Dragons Trove Mage ST screens at eBay Storytellers Vault Our executive producers are: Richard “Bat” Brewster Ira Grace Michael Parker Become a supporter of Mage: The Podcast. Contact us at with feedback and comments and please help extend the reach of the show by sharing it with friends. Subscribe to Mage: The Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and TuneIn. Join our Discord server.
April 4, 2020
Paradigm Deep Dive: Indigenous Magick with James Sambrano
The Dreamspeakers were assembled during the Grand Convocation by the Eurasian mages who weren't quite sure to do with the varied practices and paradigms of their indigenous peers. Indigenous magick is a varied topic with rich gaming opportunity, but how do we add it to our games while being respectful? James Sambrano, Mage writer and scholar of North American and African Indigenous practices provides some best practices, pitfalls, resources, and recommendations to adding these paradigms and practitioners to your Mage game. A Tribe Called Red's tracks "Before" and "Soon" from We are the Halluci Nation Resources James' Patreon where he writes stories and provides commentary Gods and monsters show - Previous episode on M20 Gods and Monsters  Creating Indigenous Stories in Werewolf - interview with James on Werewolf the Podcast Blood and Dreams - 2e Tradition book collection containing Dreamspeakers, Verbena, and Cult of Ecstasy  Tradition Book: Dreamspeaker - Revised book on the Dreamspeakers Other Books Atlas of a Lost World - Book about what Ice Age North America was like and how the peoples of the era likely dealt with it 1491 - Book on what the pre-Columbian Americas were like Standing Rock protests - Protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline going through sacred territory Debt: a 5000 Year History - A book on how the notion of economy and exchange have changed over time The Island at the center of the world  Notable People Joy Harjo - First Indigenous Poet Laureate of the United States Joseph Boyden - Canadian author who writes novels about the First Nations. A Tribe Called Red - Canadian music duo that incorporates First Nations musical elements
March 28, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Axis Mundi: The Book of Spirits
The World of Darkness is inhabited with all manner of creatures and some are not unique to one line. Ghouls and and chimera are associated with vampires and changelings, but what about spirits? Spirits are associated with mages and werewolf alike and Axis Mundi: The Book of Spirits explores both sides...but mostly werewolf.  Adam and Terry walk through how to expand the Mage side, adapt the werewolf side and explore what strange and wonderful creatures you can add to your chronicle. Other Books Mentioned Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition - Current Werewolf core rulebook W20 Umbra: The Velvet Shadow - Best resource for the Vidare Spiritum and the Midrealms Bygone Bestiary - Collection of physical entities that have fled to the Umbra who may sometimes pop onto this side of the Gauntlet from time to time Other Notes Menger Sponge - 2-dimensional object in 3-space that firebirds live in Anders Mage Page 2.0 Spirits - A big collection of spirits from Anders and co. Rising Fortune: NYC - A Discord chronicle for Mage run by Charles Siegel
March 21, 2020
Midnight Approaches: Mechanics and Ideas from The Midnight World with James Davey
Mage has mechanics for injury to the body with health levels and injuries to your grip on reality with Quiet, but what about anxiety, PTSD, and other debilitating conditions? James Davey is a long time World of Darkness fan who's designed a game with that question in mind where characters glimpse the size of the multiverse granting both great power but with great stakes. The game emphasizes rapid character and story creation, and a core clock mechanic that drives plot, character advancement, tension, and possibly personal doom. Learn what you can steal! The Midnight World on Kickstarter The Midnight World on Facebook The Midnight World on Twitter The Dark Archive Podcast on the World of Darkness Mage the Podcast Episode on Quiet, Madness, and Morbidity
March 14, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Dreamspeakers
The Dreamspeakers were initially presented as the ragtag band that has been spoken to by Gaia but in Second Edition their draw and depth expanded considerably. They are the travelers through the Dreamtime, warriors of the visionquest, and keepers of the balance but what does this mean? Adam and Terry talk about their practice, history, and paradigm as they discuss The Dreamspeakers Tradition Book. Midnight Express Wu-Keng episode - BK and Terry talk Wu-Keng 307 RPG Podcast - Terry talks about Spheres, Adam talks about factions Domain level play - RPG play at the level above troupe play Book of Crafts episode - Dreamspeakers are listed as reaching out to some Crafts but their invite is refused. The Mohawk Ironworkers - Group of indigenous construction workers behind the trope of First Nations skyscraper builders
March 7, 2020
Adding Horror to Mage with Bryce Perry from Darker Days Radio
Mage is a game of hope, action, and hubris in a world that is dark. Sometimes the darkness wins and we go from punk and gothic to horror. Bryce Perry from the horror game podcast Darker Days joins Terry to talk about how to add horror to your mage game. Just a note, this episode contains discussion of body horror, family terror, harm to children and family conceptually and a number of other things. Look below to get an idea of what we go over. The Baali - Group of vampires who do terrible things to keep dark things asleep. Friday the 13th - Archtypal slasher film where kids are killed off in revenge. Consent Checklist - One method of verifying and checking what game types and themes players are or are not ok with. Consent in Gaming - A Monte Cook Games publication on how to tackle adult themes. The Lottery - Short story about a community that practices an annual sacrifice ritual. The Wicker Man - Movie about an out of towner brought in as sacrifice to a dark thing 10 Candles - A gothic horror game (rather than survival horror) where everyone dies at the end. Betrayal at the House on the Hill - Board game of discovery then action where tension builds with an omen mechanic. The Expanse RPG - a Green Ronin game, variant of AGE with a number of interesting mechanics like Churn to create tension and Fortune to replace Health. Dark Heresy - Game set in the Warhammer Universe with purity and sanity mechanics Jacob's Ladder - 1990 film about someone recovering from trauma and it not going well. Psychological horror. Faculty of Horror podcast - a non-scary discussion of horror movies and how they work. Cosmic Horror in Mage - Our episode on cosmic horror  Sins Washed Away - the latest CoD publication from the Darker Days folks
February 29, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Beyond the Barrier: The Book of Worlds
The Umbra is explored by many Night-Folk with wraiths in the Shadowlands, changelings in the Dreaming, and Werewolves in the Velvet Shadow. What about mages? Adam and Terry provide a tour of the Tellurian and the Realms of limitless potential full of warring gods, metaphors made real and more than one set of dinosaurs in Beyond the Barrier: The Book of Worlds. Umbral Map - A translation of the French map of the Umbra Mars Trilogy - Sci fi books by Kim Stanley Robinson where a central theme is "how much should we leave a place unchanged? Anders Mage Page Realms - Realms you can insert into the Umbra of your Chronicle. Anders Mage Page Umbrood - Umbrood you can use in your Chronicle. The Sandman comics by Vertigo - listed in Book of World's recommended reading list and Adam seconds that opinion.  You can not only get great ideas for realms large and small but also see different ways to travel between them. Episodes Mentioned:  Tomes of Magick: Digital Web - Adam and Terry discussion the technomancer's favorite Zone, the Digital Web. Verbena Tradition Book - The Seasonal Realms are discussed as mysterious places where no one quite knows where they came. Books Mentioned : The Infinite Tapestry - Revised edition guide that expands many Umbral locations Umbra: the Velvet Shadow - Werewolf 20 guide to the Umbra Wraith 20 - Core book outlining life as a Wraith Book of Oblivion - Wraith 20 guide to areas beyond Stygia and the Shadowlands Orpheus Rules - Game were you are mortals projecting into the Underworld Scion: Origins - Scion 2e guide to characters and introducing the pantheon and such The Primal Order: Pawns - Worth a look for ideas on Umbrood. Chessboards: The Planes of Possibility - Adam highly recommends this book for ideas on Umbral realms and how to travel between them.
February 22, 2020
Hijacking Creation: Exalted in Mage with Chazz Kellner of the Story Told
The world of Mage is one where characters have great power which must be exercised carefully or Paradox will strike. On the other side of the subtly coin is Exalted where whose tagline is "What legends will they tell of your deeds?" Exalted's 3rd edition is out and Chazz Kellner, Exalted author and cohost of The Story Told tells Terry about the high energy energy world of Creation and the systems and settings you can steal from it for your Mage game.  Notes! Graceful Wicked Masques -  2e book about the Fair Folk Walking Away from Arcadia's episode on the Fair Folk The Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. VI - Autochthonia - The best cyborg supplement you never knew you needed The Fair Folk - 1e reference on the Raksha Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals - Information on the Loom of Fate and the Sidereals Laws of Ascension Rulebook Sidereal letter - A letter from a Sidereal now Avatar saying how the world's connect Terry's growing list of ways to mis-say Chejop Kejak Croptop Carjack  Flat Top Keyhack Chop Shop iMac Hot Pot Flapjack Cheops Kayak Drug Stop MacAttack
February 15, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Book of Crafts: Whispers of Dissent
Mage defaults to the Traditions, Technocracy, Nephandi and Marauders, but what about mages who've stepped away from the Ascension War? Crafts are groups of mages who often work tightly tied to a paradigm and culture and Book of Crafts dives into eight of these. Terry and Adam talk templars, dragon wizards, mambos, righteous crocodile gods, kahunas, and more. White Wolf Magazine - Magazine that ran through the mid 90s. Dragons of the East - Revised book that update the Wu-Keng and Wu Lung Midnight Express episode on Hem-ka Sobk Dark Ages Mage Pillars and Foundation - Alternative to Spheres The Fragile Path - The Crafts ignored the call of the Grand Convocation Mummy episode - Discussion about Mage and Mummy: The Resurrection Seven Sisters - Historical US women's colleges  
February 8, 2020
Paradigm Deep Dive: Norse Magick with Josh Heath
Vikings! Runes! Thor! Woven anti-spear magic shirts! The Norse culture is a perennial favorite source of inspiration in the West but what was their magic like? Josh Heath of the Open Halls Project explains to Terry how to introduce Norse magic and supernatural elements into your Mage game. Open Halls Project - Josh's project to help serve Heathens in the armed forces Ghost Court - a ridiculous party game for 6 or more players about ghosts and the people who sue them. Heathenry - a reconstructed set of beliefs based on pre-Christian beliefs from Germanic Europe and north. Reconstructionism - Attempts to re-establish a religious movement rather than to modify a contemporary practice to include new beliefs. Scandanavian countries - Region in Norther Europe The Sámi people - an indigenous Finno-Ugric people inhabiting Sápmi, which today encompasses large northern parts of Norway and Sweden, northern parts of Finland, and the Kola Peninsula. Taking Up The Runes - Book on runic divination SEO HELRUNE - Elves and Witchcraft, Seidr and Grimoires Wolves of the Sea - Sunstone - Possible navigation aide that allowed for finding the sun on cloudy days. Thing - type of assembly involving a lawspeaker Werewolf the podcast - Josh's Podcast! Josh Heath on STV Renegades of Mercury - a Wraith the Great War supplement on delivering lost love letters. Rokkrtru - Norsephandi High Level Games Seidr - Form of Norse magic Orlog - Moral momentum Nålebinding - Type of fiber work Intro snippet from
February 1, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Horizon: Stronghold of Hope
Mage games aren't always at the gritty front lines of the Ascension War or hardscrabble games of survival, it has its places of wonder and hope. Horizon, the Stronghold of Hope is the seat of the Council of the Nine Mystic Traditions and there the nine Primii of the nine Traditions plan, argue, and often scheme in a rich fantasy setting with over 120 other mages. Adam and Terry give a scenic tour of Horizon from Posht, to sword eating contests, to why you should never wear white in November, also the keys to eternal life and the first guidelines on the 6th dot in each sphere. Notes! The logo for the Traditions or possible just Horizon Josh Heath and Terry will be at 1d4 Con! The nine Primii as of 1997 A cut of various Scooby Doo "I would have gotten away with it too" moments Destiny's Price - A gritty book about cities on the other end of the fantasy spectrum Masters of the Art - More detailed book on the life and times of an Archmaster Next up! Book of Crafts: Whispers of Dissent
January 25, 2020
The Book of the Fallen with Satyros Phil Brucato and Jacqueline Bryk
The early Nephandi were introduced as a tie in for Werewolf: The Apocalypse but over time they've gone from slavering cultists to the Wyrm to something more insidious. Satyros and Jax talk with Adam and Terry about the state of the Nephandi in M20 as revealed in Book of the Fallen and the heartache and tragedy in which the book was forged. 1d4 Con. Community convention in Shephardstown, West Virginia May 15-17th, 2020 Jax author of Safety Rules for Vampire 5th Edition and Changeling the Lost Early Nephandi were just a werewolf tie in, they worshiped the Wyrm Fallen companions - Future book of cut material from this book (not yet released) Kult - Horror game posited on the demiurge guarding humans from reality has gone away Amanda Johnsson - Possible example of a de-inverted Avatar Book of the Wyrm - Book on Entropy and its embodiment in Werewolf  LessWrong - Community blog and forum with particular following among some in Silicon Valley. Roko's basilisk  Fucking Magick by  Clementine Morgan - Author recommended by Jax Robert Green - Author on topics like strategy and seduction. Techgnosis - Work by Erik Davis that inspired Mage Satyros Phil Brucato on Patreon Powerchords: Music, Magic & Urban Fantasy - Game about music by Satyros
January 18, 2020
Worlds of Darkness: Mage/Mummy the Resurrection Crossover with Joel Cotton
Mummies, to quote the Euthanatoi "Are mummies stuck on the Wheel, or do they ride it like experts?" Originally stuck at no more than 42, a new breed of the immortal walk the earth. They fight the Wyrm in the form of Apophis but also fiercely contest the Web of Faith. Where did they come from, what can they do, and how can you use them in a Mage chronicle? Joel Cotton, veteran Mummy and Mage storyteller shares how to integrate the undying into your game. Tales from Dreaming Spires - A Technocracy game in Oxford, UK on Saturday Jan 18th, 2020. More info on Facebook Ascension's Landscape - Made copper in its first week. Kiths of Arcadia - Book of seven new kith Mummy the Resurrection Core Rulebook (get it and we get a cut) Mummy the Resurrection Players Guide (this is a beefy one) Mummy Terms! Amenti or Dark Kingdom of Sand - Where the mummies recoup between cycles  Anubis - First to taste death. Kind of like Egyptian Charon. Apophis - Corrupted version of Apep, embodiment of Oblivion or the Wyrm Capacocha - Immortals of South America. Hekau - Mummy powers (Spheres/Disciplines) Horus - Leader of the Shemsu-Heru. Isis - Wife and sister of Osiris. Maybe first mage. Judges of Ma'at - 42 entities that enforce the cosmic principle of balance (Ma'at) Osirian League - Society dedicated to fighting Set. Osiris - Brother of Set, cut up into 14 pieces Sekhem - Mummy Quintessence Set - Worshipper of Apep the Destroyer. Shemsu-Heru - First round of mummies. Limited to 42 The Week of Nightmares - Time when a lot of things go sideways set off by the death of  Web of Faith - Network of sacred sites and Nodes Wu T'ian - Asian counterparts to mummies. Other things! Mister Immortal - Immortal member of Great Lakes Avengers Pillars of Ma'at - Supplement on how to run Mummy without the Sixth Great Maelstrom
January 11, 2020
Tomes of Magick: Cult of Ecstasy
The Cult of Ecstasy explores the liminal spaces between the magickal and mundane and between the emotive and cerebral to return with wisdom.  Plus sex, drugs, and various musical genres not exclusively rock. Adam and Terry discuss the Cult's varied methods of exploring outer and inner spaces of experience, their history, and their magick. Show Notes: Ascension's Landscape is free on the Storyteller's Vault until Jan 9th. Terry wrote this walk-through of setting up the metaphysical world of Mage. It's sold 150 copies already and getting yours now will include all future updates. Josh Heath and Charles Siegel are attempting restarting Paradigma as a community magazine. They're looking for short pieces of about 500 to 2000 words about lore, rules, systems, and reviews. Contact for questions or to submit content. Anders Mage page for the Cult of Ecstasy Kithbook: Satyrs Nuwisha Breedbook  Corax Breedbook Euthanatos Tradition Book Revised Cult of Ecstasy Tradition Book Destiny's Price
January 4, 2020
Sneak Peek of Technocracy Reloaded with Travis Legge and RPG Printing Economics with Matt McElroy
Two interviews!!! Why aren't old books available in PoD? What's next for RPG book publishing? Where does your $45 for a hardback go? Matt McElroy answers these questions and more in a sit down with Terry Robinson from PAX Unplugged.  Then, Travis Legge gives a short sneak preview of Technocracy Reloaded, as well as how to make the ST Vault work as a creator and a year in review of the Onyx Path's Twitch Channel. Astral Tabletop - Free Virtual Tabletop Software Pugmire - A game where you're a dog! Scion phone version System Resource Document (rulebook) for Bllades in the Dark Ultra Deluxe kickstarter for Changeling the Dreaming schedule listed every Monday Meeting Notes and Legendlore Join our Discord!
December 28, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Celestial Chorus
Patriarchs or pariahs? Servants of the One or Sactimonious willows? All, none? The Celestial Chorus has morphed considerably from harbingers of armageddon to crypto-Catholics to egalitarian home of all religions. Find out how Chorus has changed over its multi-millenium history and where it's trying to go with Adam and Terry. Traditions Gathered 3: Swords of Faith Useful conversation on religion in Mage  with James Estes Ars Magica, precursor to Mage notable for a list of things you can't do Undoing the Embrace with magick, discussed in Blood Treachery and The Red Sign Is a hot dog a sandwich meme Mithraicism - Roman mystery cult Bhishma - Character in the Mahabharata. Know as a warrior, archer, and celibate. Council of Nicaea - Early gathering of Christian bishops rumored to be influenced by Choristers Additional Books for Celestial Chorus Read the poem at the start of G.K. Chesterton's book The Man Who Was Thursday.  An epic example of Chorister worldview. Father Brown Stories by G.K. Chesterton These short fiction stories have been published in different collections over the years.  Each story is a detective tale about a Catholic priest who, while ordinary-looking and easily ignored, nonetheless proves to be intelligent and perceptive enough to see through the clues and help the authorities solve the case.  A good example of a Chorister who uses the theology and compassion he learns from his religion to help shepherd the flock. Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton A book explaining the reasons for Christian beliefs. Despite the austere title, it's full of wit and humor.  A good peek into the mindset of the Messianic Voices. Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis A short apologetics book that reads quickly.  It starts at simple observations and builds towards a Messianic Voices view on life.  Also shows other worldviews that are contained within the Celestial Chorus. For Show Notes: Celestial Chorus page at Anders Mage Page 2.0 Sandberg's expanded piece The Gnostics is just the thing to show a very different face of the Celestial Chorus in your games.  Culture Clash shows a more typical Chorister.
December 21, 2019
Mage Noir with Matt Webb and The Art of Mage with Rich Thomas
Two interviews this week! First, World War II shook the mortal world providing example upon example of how no dark forces in the shadows are required for there to be atrocities. But how did the Awakened respond? Matt Webb of Jackalope Live Action Studios talks about the setting and process for Mage Noir, a boutique LARP set in 1940s America. Second, so why does Mage look like it does? Rich Thomas, artist, creative director, and head of Onyx Path Publishing talks with Terry at PAX Unplugged about the early history of Mage and how RPG art has changed since 1e. Interview with Matt Webb Mage Eclipse - Matt's sample M5 setting Mage Eclipse MtP episode Cast a Deadly Spell Movie - Noir TV movie in a world of common magic Mage Noir Facebook group Mage Noir Casting Call (application) Jackalope Live Action Studios Jackalope Twitter Nelly's By Night - Toronto Boutique LARP College of Wizardy - Three night immersive LARP in a 13th century Polish castle Interview with Rich Thomas Richard Thomas's CV White Wolf Magazine Scion 2e cover, Scion 1e cover - Showing Eric  Flip Book of Doom Segments - Fight between Mari Cabrah and Jonas Albrecht Josh's interview about Werewolf John Cobb Christopher Shy Rat Guy Storyteller Screen Lief Jones Alex Sheikman Ron Spencer Richard Kane Furgeson RK Post Planescape
December 14, 2019
A Guide to the Mage: The Ascension Tarot with S. Rune Emerson
The mystery and mood of Mage are heavily informed by the art and artistry on the Mage tarot deck. Every edition of the Mage Core Rulebook has featured The Magician. and almost every book leads with a card or spread. What are these cards? Why are they special to Mage? What can they add to your game? Terry sits down with occult instructor and author of Nothing But a Pack of Cards, S Rune Emerson to talk about what these 78 cards can do for your table. Mage Tarot on Drivethrucards  Anders Tarot Game Mage Tarot Art Pack on STV Jodi Blake as Queen of Primordialism Kevin Andrew Murphy and the Penny Dreadful Novel  Truth Until Paradox  and Truth Beyond Paradox  Caeron Mustai as the Emperor Jet Boy on The Chariot Raging Eagle as Justice Saulot as Temperance Pre modern Koran cards meditation tool Duke of Milan Procession of the Triumphs ANtoine do something something Secret book of Thoth celtic cross Medea, Marauder Oracle The Game of Triumphs by Laura Powell Last Call by Tim Powers
December 7, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Void Engineers
Mage is often an intimate game revolving around neighborhoods, a small cast, and the hopes and perils of magick. But sometimes, Mage is about making sure space dragons don't eat your voidship and that may take depleted uranium and some Accelerated Force Cannons. Void Engineers is very much for that second type of game. Adam and Terry dive into the first real look we have of mages in space and far beyond the protections of the Horizon. Where is the COP? Who's Tychoides? What's the difference between a LERMU and a GENES? Listen and find out! Dyson Sphere Relics Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Autochthonia in Mage Autochthonia in Exalted Chthonic deities Plural of apparatus Ka Luon Mathematics Research Group Doctor Robert Hill, Void Engineer 
November 30, 2019
M5 Meditations, Metanarrative Tools, and Mummy with Matthew Dawkins
RPGs have changed over time and one new family of play options involve handing players ways to change the story outside of the actions of their characters. Matthew Dawkins is an in-house developer for The Onyx Path and talks with Terry about ways to bring metanarrative tools into your games as well as some healthy speculation about what M5 should be. Also, if you see this before December 5th, another Matthew Project Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition is on kickstarter. If you like what you hear, go back it! Guidelines to submit on the OPP  He Man and Skeletor team up to fight Hordak  Green Ronin Age System  Adventures of Baron Munchausen    Fiasco RPG  Paranoia RPG  THe Truman Show  Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker  John Scfalzi's Red Shirts  It Came From the Late, Late, Late Show  They Came From Beneath the Sea  Redmoon Roleplaying Live Play of Mummy: The Curse 2e  The King in Yellow by Robert W Chambers  Storypath Nexus 
November 23, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Outcasts: A Players Guide to Pariahs
The Council gets their Tradition books, the Technocracy gets their Convention books, but what about the Hollow Ones? Not necessarily Orphans, not quite a craft, these creatures of modernity claim to go back to at least the Jazz Age but how do you play one? Outcasts: A Players Guide to Pariahs was the first supplement to give more information on this collection of goths and romantics along with information on the Caitiff of Vampire and the Ronin of Werewolf. Adam and Terry talk about the Hollow Ones changing story and the role of Orphans in Mage: The Ascension. References! Lord Dunsany - Writer of works that sound an awful lot like someone visited the Umbra Teratology - The monster manual for Invisible Sun Other Books! Tradition Book: Hollow Ones - probably the best text on the group and published in Revised Book of Crafts: Whispers of Dissent - 2nd Edition's big book of entities not aligned in the Ascension War Orphans Survival Guide - Expands on non-Hollow Orphan groups in Mage Next Book! Void Engineers - Fascinating group with a questionable narrator
November 16, 2019
Religion in Mage with White Wolf Author James Estes
James Estes, former Mage writer and current professor and library director, takes some time to talk with us about religion in Mage. Can it contribute something to our Chronicles and how should we handle it? He also shares his experiences about writing for Mage and offers advice for those thinking of contributing to Storytellers Vault. James Estes bio James Estes Web site Wesley Theological Seminary Celestial Chorus Tradition Book Halls of the Arcanum Guild Encyclopedias
November 9, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Hidden Lore
Mage's Second Edition Core Rulebook had a strict page count and clocked in at fewer pages than First Edition. So what were these missing pages and where did they go? Hidden Lore was the collection of all the materials that ran over the page count and for the Second Edition Storyteller it's your best source for additional rotes and systems as well as an entire cabal.  Terry and Adam discuss what to take from it and what to leave behind. in this episode of Tomes of Magick. Troupe play from Ars Magica Dice for gaming on Discord Inphobia Magazine Alternative play styles in Mage A trip to Pike Place Market in Seattle Theater of the Mind Chantry Mages of Note Enlightened Grimoire list of all rotes Sphere handouts for M20 Umbral ships
November 2, 2019
How to Homebrew Mage Rules with Monica Speca
Not every rule makes sense in every Mage game, but how do you figure out what to change and know when to change it? Monica Speca, developer and writer for Onyx Path Publishing walks through the design considerations for making the rules of the game fit the game you want to play. Learn about mechanics like momentum, stunts, investigation, stress, and relationship tension Jenga towers. Bonus Experience podcast - Monica's podcast along with cohost Rai Cole.  BXP episode 2 on House Rules "house ruling is basically just micro game design for an audience of like six people" Age system - Game with an investigation mechanic and the generic version  Gumshoe games - Game centered around investigation in different settings like: Ashen Stars - Sci fi investigation game Trail of Cthulhu - dark horror investigation game Star Crossed  - Two player Jenga Love Game Stunts in Exalted - a run down of stunts in Exalted Invisible Sun  - A somewhat pretentious but surreal game by Monte Cook that Terry loves a bit too much Planescape for Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition - The best 2e setting Through the Breach - A game Monica likes, not all characters in the game are swol/skinny bitches Apocalypse World - gm doesn't touch dice system Blades in the Dark - A tight system with hard tradeoffs
October 26, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Second Edition Core Book
Second Edition's intimacy and depth is sometimes viewed as a radical departure from First Edition's cosmic stories but what are the nuts and bolts of the differences? Was the change sudden or gradual and how was Brucato's vision implemented in a core book? Adam and Terry talk about how mechanics, mood, setting, and metaplot changed and what you should remember when looking back on Second Edition's groundbreaking release and what got left behind from 2e's strict page count. Changes: Mechanics Difficulties change for vulgar from rolling sphere to rolling arete in all cases Focuses opened up and focus-specific time requirements dropped  Orphans progress at same rate as other mages but require focuses Bonuses for being near a node no longer swing as wildly, capped at -3 instead of -5 Can now re-try failed effects without blowing willpower Damage chart unified and one-off modifiers listed for Spheres (Mind does bashing, etc) Coincidental now process Much of the content of Book of Shadows is baked in More difficulty modifiers introduced Mood Game less cosmic interaction of avatars for the metaphysical trinity to something more personal Mage less might-makes-right with mages delivering sleepers from Technocratic control. Technocrats no longer fighting for strict rigid equality. 1e was "conflict between utopias". Utopia not visible in 2e. Setting Pure Ones no longer believed in by all mages Void Engineers no longer viewed as infected by the fae and no longer wish to destroy space Continuum dropped as a term Marauders no longer universally fighting for a return of the Mythic Age and in 2e are generally less sane Fight for Nodes and Quintessence less front and center Penumbra established, no longer just Near Umbra Nephandi no longer strictly star-squid cultists Oracles no longer those near Ascension but those who've stepped back from it No longer one Chantry per Tradition All nine spheres now used in metaphysical cycle rather than just six Essence de-emphasized Rotes change  Metaplot Syndicate un-disappeared Amanda revealed to share avatar with former Sennex apprentice who went barabbus Fors Collegis Mercuris evacuated to Cerberus after Nephandi and Technocratic attack
October 19, 2019
Darkness in Scandinavia with Erik Hoftaniska
How do you do The World of Darkness in the happiest places on earth? What's magick like when the sun doesn't set for weeks at a time? How does the Syndicate deal with social democracy? What are trolls really like and what is a well-pisser? Karl Erik Larsen Hoftaniska of the Symposium Podcast answers these questions and more. Correction! Erik corrected himself to say that the Nordic countries were Social Democracies but the sound for that portion was garbled. Notes! Kurt Anderson's Fantasyland  - Book on how America has always been a little bit crazy Scholastic movement Sami People - Culture of the way north Mage things! Difficulty of being a necromancer - Every line does it a little differently Mage: the Awakening arcana fate vs death Werewolf the Forsaken - Chronicles of Darkness game Exarchs - Possible big from Mage the Awakening A giant discussion of Sorcerer's Crusade Valdaerman - Fellowship from Dark Ages: Mage  Itarajana - Magickal fellowship Spirit-Talkers from Dark Age: Mage Gabrielites or the Cabal of Pure Thought, the precursors to the New World Order Seiðr - Shamanic sorcery Other! Trollhunter movie - They can smell Christians Vices and Virtues - Album by Panic! at the Disco Creatures! Trolls - Not the ones from Changeling Elves Fossegrim - Water spirit Brunnmigi - Well Pisser, yep, that's what they do Draugr - Pretty well the same in lore Mare or Nightmare - They sit on your chest
October 12, 2019
Tomes of Magick: The Fragile Path: Testaments of the First Cabal
The Council of the Nine Mystick Traditions in response to the nascent Technocracy over 450 years. After nine years of squabbling, the Council sent out the First Cabal to spread the message of the Council and counter the Order of Reason but it fell to betrayal from within. Was Heylel a traitor, savior, or insane? Victor and Terry discuss the rise and fall of the First Cabal in reviewing The Fragile Path: Testaments of the First Cabal, Mage's in-world book on those who were there. The Fragile Path - The book we're talking about Sorcerer's Crusade - Historical setting for Mage The Order of Reason  - Flawed book about the founding of the Order of Reason Ascension - Where we finally learn the identity of Heylel's twins Fishmalk - Problematic types of crazy Further details on Heylel Further details on Eloine Further details on Akrites Motet - French musical form Worf just getting beaten up Victor's other work: Walking Away from Arcadia - The definitive Changeling: The Dreaming Podcast A Phoenix Rising - a chronicle quickstart built around the reconstruction of the New Horizon Council The Symposium - a rambly podcast sometimes about Mage
October 5, 2019
Hadouken! RPG Tag Team: Street Fighter RPG-Mage with Kris Newton
You've introduced vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, and even changelings into your chronicle, now what? How about a fellow who learned to electrocute people by watching electric eels or if that's too subtle a psychic madman who's gotten their powers from an ancient meteorite? If those sound good, listen to Kris Newton of the MegaDumbCast go through ways to jam the lore, mechanics, and mood of Street Fighter into your Mage chronicle. Kris's Podcast - MegaDumbCast MegaDumbCast Twitter Penny Arcade Over-the-top Comic Song of the Sorcerlator Palladium Books RPGs Penny Arcade Over-the-top Comic part II Straker - Bullet gun thing Knud Thorsen from Wiki World Warriors, audience-aided character creation Character Sheet for Stree Fighter RPG Vice Story on Street Fighter RPG - World of Darkness Combat Hunters Hunted II why sorcery works M Bison Shadaloo, evil Technocracy The Perfect Warrior - Planned campaign Fan Site Escrima combat system ("stick fighting") Fight! The Fighting RPG 
September 28, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Destiny's Price
Mage is a game of Urban Fantasy in a gothic punk setting and Destiny's Price helps turn a city from merely a backdrop into a character in the story. Adam and Terry discuss how cities and city life has changed in the 25 years since this book came out under the Black Dog Imprint and what has and hasn't aged well regarding drug use, organized crime, and violent crime in the United States. Dropping homicide rate in the US  Dropping property crime rates in the US  Dropping poverty rate in the US (The poverty rate in the US is pretty cyclical and unlike in most countries is tied to an estimate of what it takes to feed a family vs provide basic amenities) Narconomics  Income of low level drug dealers (Income varies by drugs and location. If you're providing cocaine to Wall Street types, you're probably living comfortably, but by the numbers, very few dealers are making that kind of money.) Black Dog Game Factory, the Pentex subsidiary  Other Black Dog Books  World of Darkness: Mafia  Midnight Express Mafia Episode Overview of Organized Crime  Gangs in America  Largest Rat in New York  Sources of heroin in the US  How to Run a Street Level Game 
September 21, 2019
Hollow Earth, the Hallean Effect, and Introducing New Players with Sebastian Freeman
Mage is a game of infinite possibilities and for some players, at least to start, that's too much. Sebastian Freeman, Onyx Path Contributing Author has written two publications for starting cabals, one Believe in Magick (it's free!) is an introduction for players on the adventures you can have in Mage. The second is The Hallean Effect a first chapter for adventures in Hollow Earth, the realm of conspiracy and pulp fiction. Sebastian's Work: Believe in Magick! - A pay what you want introduction for players The Hallean Effect - An adventure getting to Hollow Earth Pillars of Ma'at - Bringing Mummy in line with the other M20 books Works Including Hollow Earth: Book of Worlds - 2e reference Infinite Tapesty - Revised reference Join our discord server here!
September 14, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Halls of the Arcanum
Ascension's Right Hand was all shotguns and robots in dive bars, but maybe some brandy in a high-leather chair while discussion psychic phenomena or an ether frolic after some reading about vampyres*? If this sounds more your speed, get ready for the intrigue, investigation and interior design in Halls of the Arcanum. Adam and Terry guide you through the operations of the Arcanum, a secretive mortal research organization from the London Foundation House house to the lodges dedicated to finding Damcar, secret city of Arabia. Just don't get caught in the war between the White Priests and the Red Priests....that is if there is a war. *-(Mage the Podcast strongly supports the use of dedicated drivers. Consume responsibly and in accordance with local laws and paradigms) References! Year of the Hunter - A year where White Wolf produced mortal or hunter guides for each line. Vampire: The Masquerade The Inquisition Werewolf: The Apocalypse Project Twilight Mage: The Ascension Halls of the Arcanum Wraith: The Oblivion The Quick & the Dead Changeling: The Dreaming The Autumn People The Rosicrucians - European esoteric order Thule Society - German Occultist group Occult episode Cheap maps on DriveThruRPG Call of Cthulhu Chaosium Lost Continents by L Sprague De Camp Next up! Destiny's Price Mage 2nd Edition
September 7, 2019
Upcoming Projects and GenCon 2019 Part 2: Politics in Mage, Writing and Editing, and Growing the Mage Community
The second and final Gencon interview show, but first some updates on Mage: The Podcast projects! Duplicity, the Mage the Podcast Twitter Chronicle has finished its 3rd week and you can read it here. Talk to Ira Grace @magestoryteller if you want to get involved or follow the action. Join the conversation on our Discord Server Friend of the show Charles Siegel has released Sources of Magick, a supplement which gives you way more than you ever thought you wanted about nodes.  Mage the Podcast is starting to record instructional audio/video for how to play Mage through winter of 2020.  Stay tuned for more information. Interview with Victor Kinzer of Walking Away from Arcadia Politics introduced in Changeling Players Guide  Noam Chomsky and Anarcho-Syndicalism (all structures of power must be continually justified)   Haymarket Affair (bombing that took place during a labor demonstration  Bedlam in Changeling, a kind of fae madness  Interview with Carol Darnell, game editor who's worked on Mage: The Ascension Hire Carol  Interview with Matt Webb of Jackalope Live Action Studios Elysium Chronicles a Jackalope Prestige LARP Jackalope studios on Facebook LA by Nights - popular V5 actual play  Mage: Eclipse. Options on how to advance the Mage metaplot  "Changelings are the dreams and nightmares of it, werewolves are the anger of the world, and vampires are death. Mages are the Hope of the world."
August 31, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Ascension's Right Hand
Mage can be a game about the inner journey towards Ascension through self-perfection.  But someone still needs to take out the garbage...and shoot invading Technocracy cyborgs and mutants while that's happening. Ascension's Right Hand brings to light the unsung heroes of the Ascension War who work side-by-side with mages, knowingly or not to protect, aide, and serve our playing characters. Adam and Terry guide you through consors, acolytes, familiars, and creatures stranger in Ascension's Right Hand. Also, Terry sings briefly. In the Mage the Podcast World! Terry has produced a World of Darkness Image Pack containing 240 photos for $9.00 Mage the Podcast will be at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia from Dec 6 to 8th  Come talk to us on our Discord Server  Adam's further recommendations:  Fill out your numina roster with World of Darkness Sorcerer  Yet more familiars with yet more superpowers Bygone Bestiary  A splash of M20? Gods and Monsters  Generic and sometimes problematic WoD book: World of Darkness Gypsies  Vampire's "Yes mortals can fight back" book: Hunters Hunted II  Werewolf's mortal book: Kinfolk  Wraith's Mortal book: Wraith Medium  Other things we talked about: Cats the Musical Movie  Louis Virtel on Cats  Live's "Selling the Drama" from Throwing Copper  Bitch eating crackers effect  Halo effect
August 24, 2019
Gencon 2019 Part 1: Mage One Shots, Scion, Storyteller Vault, Hunter, Vampire and Geist
The first of two episodes collecting interviews done at Gencon 2019. Josh Heath, the newest member of the MtP team, talks about running Scion, Aeon, and Mage (Gods and Monsters) one shots and advice for your first game convention. After are four short interviews Terry did at Gencon with Nathan Siever of 25 Years of Vampire the Masquerade about their community chronicle, Matt McElroy of DrivethruRPG, Buckle from the Hunter the Vigil liveplay Uncanny Valley and the Geist writer Mike Tomasek.  Josh Heath Ran a Gods and Monsters-based Mage One-shot   Ran a game for Aeon 2e (Not yet released)  Ran two Scion adventures    Terry Robinson  Played Promethean the Created  and called people Huguenots  Played Microscope    Played Fiasco    Played in Josh's Scion game (You Make My Dreams Come True Video)  Interview with Nathan Siever  Utility Muffin Labs     Curse of Caine Chronicle    UML Discord    Interview with Matt McElroy  Matt on Twitter     Flames Rising    Storyteller Vault    Onyx Dice app   Buckle from Uncanny Valley  Uncanny Valley on Twitter    Uncanny Valley Podcast    Hunter the Vigil on DTRPG  Mike Tomasek  Geist the Sin Eaters Book of the Dead   Mike's web page 
August 17, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Technocracy: N.W.O.
Some factions consider the Ascension War a metaphor for the fight for reality. Others consider the War to be internal. Some factions consider it a full on total war and the New World Order is one of them. Propaganda, manipulation, strategic violence, and sometimes a chaingun are all appropriate focuses in the procedures required to bring about Safety and Security for the Masses. When your enemies are this bad, what methods could possibly go too far? Adam and Terry walk through the Convention book that gave us the SPECTRE limousine, mindscaping, and Room 101, how their tools work, and how to use them in your chronicle. Get NWO as part of Technocracy Assembled Volume I on DriveThruRPG Top Secret RPG Spectre clip "we have people everywhere" The Prisoner (BBC Series) or on Amazon Magickal Fiasco (Terry's Mage supplement) MIB "I make this look good"
August 10, 2019
Worlds of Darkness: Mage/Demon the Fallen Crossovers
Many world cultures refer to servants of greater powers who guide humanity and other servants of darker powers who tempt us. What if the latter started out as the former? Demon the Fallen builds a world where a war occurred in heaven where those who fought for the right to reveal themselves to humans were banished from creation...until now.  Demon as a system plays very well with Mage and Terry Robinson and Charles Siegel will guide you though adding those who saw paradise lost to your chronicle. Notes: The mythos laid out in this game don't quite follow any specific tradition and hew to Paradise Lost. If you want to follow a world tradition of angelology, pick one of the big ones and run with it: Angels in Judaism, Angels in Christianity, Angels in Islam, Angels in Hermeticism, Angels in Zoroastrianism Angel powers can be quite potent House rule that Pacts forged with low-torment demons do not mark the avatar and those with high-torment demons/the Earthbound do Early demon history posits a fractured cosmos where one thing could be multiple things at once Demons have highly variable memories of creation Demon lores appear as magick to mages and magick appears as a lore to demons, each can detect what the other is doing. Books: Demon the Fallen core rule book. Outlines all the basic powers. Demon the Fallen Storytellers Companion. Gives additional background material and explains more how demons created the world. Earthbound. A guide to the dark entities that have no mortal half to balance them. They make good antagonists even if indirectly. The complete Demon the Fallen collection. Because we know you want everything.
August 3, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Sons of Ether
The Sons of Ether are seen as crazy technomancers but the true history of these explorers go back far farther.  Adam and Terry explore their history and ideas from Greek philosophers to the last modern remnants of Victorian explorers and pulp actions heroes. Along the way, find out how the nature of scientific discovery has changed across editions and as always Adam's story ideas. Notes: We're more than half way through the original Tradition books, yay! Etherites have no consistent history at least up to the Renaissance and House Golo Gentlest induction so far. Give em' a book and see if they get a new idea from it No necessity for them to be scientific. Their belief is in the power of human creativity Acts of wonder that don't aid the Consensus are merely magick and not True Science Anders Mage page on the SoE Anders Mad Scientist page Superceded Theories of Science Pathological Science Books: The Smokey God  Frankenstein by Mary Shelley - Puffin Classics Etherspace - Lensman series by E E Doc Smith, Skylark series by E E Doc Smith Victoria Station - The War of the Worlds by H G Wells - Penguin Classics, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne - Naval Institute Press (the edition is important!), Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne - Signet Classics updated translation by Jacqueline Rogers Hollow Earth - At the Earth’s Core by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Pellucidar by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne Gernsback Continuum - The Complete Works of Stanley Weinbaum, The Best of Edmond Hamilton, If you can find them, check out The Collected Edmond Hamilton from Haffner Press
July 27, 2019
Joseph Finally Plays Mage, Types of Apocalypses, and Future Projects
Joseph Aleo started Mage the Podcast because no Mage podcasts existed. That was almost a year ago and only now has he actually gotten to play. How did it go? What was his character? Is "Joseph" just a front for something more sinister? Also find out how Joseph got his start in broadcasting and some ways in which you can roleplay the apocalypse. Grant Morrison's the Invisibles SoundCloud Rap Scene 6ix9ine XXXTentacion Pirate radio Fresh Air with Terry Gross Other Podcasts 25 years of VTM Walking Away from Arcadia Mage the Ascension Facebook group Other Books The Road by Cormac Maccarthy Soft Apocalypse by WIll Mcintosh Neuromancer by William Gibson Other Systems Fate Powered by the Apocalypse 
July 20, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Akashic Brotherhood
The Akashic Brotherhood has a storied history both in game and out of game. These experts in the Mind sphere were also inspired by the Hong Kong action films of the 70s through 90s and turn their bodies into Awakened weapons. Find out how this Tradition was brought to life as  Adam Simpson brings his expertise and Terry Robinson brings his ignorance to the question of "how do the Akashics line up with actual East Asian practices?"  Adam also provides a reading list that the book didn't all the while Terry nods faking like he knows what's going on. Notes! Zen koans Daoism Akashic Brotherhood section of Anders Mage page Deleted content from the Akashic Brotherhood Hand cheese with music Wuxia fiction Meditations by Marcus Aurelius The Book of Five Rings  Adam's Reading List Te-Tao Ching by Lao-Tau translated by Robert G. Henricks - The Modern Library 1993 ISBN 0-679-60060-4 There are many translations available but this one makes use of more recent archaeological finds in the 1970s and has a nice commentary.  A good place to get an overview of Akashic thinking.  Please don't confuse with the Taoist folk religions and Taoist magical traditions that came later. Chuang Tzu The Inner Chapters translated by David Hinton - Counterpoint 1998 ISBN 1-887178-79-1 A short book and rather cryptic.  This is later Taoist thought than the book above.  A great place to find odd quotes to put in the mouths of older Akashic NPCs. The 3 Pillars of Zen by Roshi Philip Kapleau - Anchor Books 1989 (1965) ISBN 0-385-26093-8 As good a book as any to get an overview of Zen thought.  If you don't have time to read the whole thing you'll still get some mileage out of the 10 Oxherding Pictures w/ Commentary at the back. Orion by Masamune Shiro - Dark Horse Comics & Studio Proteus 1994 ISBN 1-56971-019-8 Not really a good example of Akashic thought or practice but a great book for Mage and full of East Asian flavor.  If you get inspired to create an alternate technomagick based on "psycho science" you wouldn't be the first.
July 13, 2019
Worlds of Darkness: Mage/Werewolf Crossovers with Josh Heath
Mages fight for Ascension but other Night-Folk fight for the survival of the planet in the face of the corrupting Wyrm. The warriors of Gaia are the Garou or werewolves and they consider themselves the chosen to remove rot and corruption but what do they think of those that can rewrite reality? Are they slavering murder hounds, Gaia's chosen or the best lacrosse players on the earth? Well, Terry had no idea so he called in Josh Heath of Werewolf the Podcast and storyteller for both Mage and Werewolf to discuss the basics of how werewolves work and how they can fit into a Mage Chronicle Josh Heath Projects High Level Games - A firm that will help you take your ideas and turn them into games Josh on DTRPG Werewolf the Podcast  Specifically, Archons of Niku - Anthropomorphic animals fighting over things! Werewolf Terms Tribes - Group of werewolves with similar totems, agendas, and worldviews  Forms - Different things a given Garou can turn into  Fera - Other changing breeds  Rage - The primal anger that werewolves use to power their abilities  Boooks! Werewolf Core Book 20th Anniversary - Learn to play!  Rage Across the World - Whole bunch of locations plus info on the supernatural activities in each  Book of the Weaver - Outline of how technology play out in the Umbra  Axis Mundi - Big book of Umbral spirits Rage Across the Heavens - Book outlining the celestines and incarnae of the planets and the angry planet that was the asteroid belt 
July 6, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Book of Madness: Whispers Without, Chaos Within
The Nephandi, Marauders, infernalists, and dark Umbral entities are spoken about in hushed whispers at meetings of mages but, well, how do you use them in a chronicle?  Adam Simpson and Terry Robinson walk through The Book of Madness which vastly expanded the details and systems for the main Mage antagonists as well as the slippery concept of paradox.  Also included: an handy dandy appendix for quick reference. NOOOOOTES: Get the Book of Madness on DTRPG and support the show Terry's book A Magickal Fiasco: Full Tilt Story Creation for Mage is out on Storytellers Vault.  It's pay what you want! Terry used the term G*psy in the Euthanatos episode.  He found out it was derogatory later and says he's sorry. Redbubble Technocracy shirts are marked as adult probably because they have guns on them Terry cuts loose on why barrabus shouldn't be italicized We learn Adam's second law of storytelling: any worldview where the phrase "we need to go kill those babies" probably requires reflection Al-Aswad the Nephandic Oracle The diaeresis in zöoterrorism  Nephandi The Architect of Doom Qlippothic Magick Marauders Temple of the Raging God The Ruby Labyrinth Umbrood Umbrood Page
June 29, 2019
Duplicity: A Twitter Chronicle
Mage: The Podcast with launch a Twitter Chronicle, Mage: Duplicity, in August and is headed by our teammate, Ira Grace. How do you run a Chronicle by Tweet? We’re not entirely sure but we have some ideas! Ira outlines his vision for Mage: Duplicity and how he plans to run the Chronicle. Want to play Mage: Duplicity? Of course you do! Tweet @MageStoryteller or send and email to and Ira will get you started or follow the Chronicle on Twitter by searching #DPLCTY. Show Notes Terry’s A Magickal Fiasco: Full Tilt Story Creation for Mage on the Storytellers Vault Hacking Dungeons & Dragons Exarchs Tweetstorms and threaded Tweets Mage the Ascension: Refuge as inspiration (listen to our interview with Refuge’s author, Karin Tidbeck) Asynchronous Storytelling 25 Years of Vampire: The Masquerade – A Retrospective’s Curse of Caine Chronicle (listen to our interview with the co-host, Robert Batton) The theme and setting of Mage: Duplicity in Washington D.C. Marcus Vitel, Anarch King of Washington D.C. Council of the Nine Mystic Traditions Roling up a character for the Chronicle Nordic LARPs How Twin Cities by Night’s Chris Zac runs an online Chronicle (listen to our interview with Chris Zac here and here) Powered by the Apocalypse and
June 21, 2019
Compelling Storytelling with Robert Batton of 25 Years of Vampire: The Masquerade - A Retrospective
Robert Batton, co-host of the 25 Years of Vampire: The Masquerade - A Retrospective podcast, has been running Vampire Chronicles from the intimate tabletop environment to the grand LARP for nearly 25 years. Recently, he’s added Mage: The Ascension to his offerings. Hear this veteran podcaster and Storyteller’s advice for your Mage Chronicle, reminders of what makes the game unique, and find out what really makes Mage the sexiest game involving wizards. Show Notes Time-Life Books’ Mysteries of the Unknown series. Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition - The current tome of Vampire. HoL: Human Occupied Landfill - If you’ve played this, then you're officially a WW fanperson. Fiasco - One end of the “how structured is your game” spectrum. Shadowrun - A cybermagic future where people are actually out at night. The collected works of Stephen King - Guy’s written a loooooot. Shadowguiding. Wraith: The Oblivion - Listen to our Worlds of Darkness: Mage/Wraith Crossovers episode. Call of Cthulhu RPG. Cthulu prop guild, Propnomicon. The Baali - Demon worshipers of Vampire. The Beast. Mage does not need a morality system as the world functions as a morality system. Mage is the game where you get to be the genie. The idea of a power structure is daunting, if you can change reality, why would you listen to anyone? If you run into a character that doesn’t know what to do, work through it with them, ask what their options are and help them pick one. If they can’t and it keeps happening, maybe it's not their game. One of the most terrifying things you can do as a Storyteller is just let a player do what they want, even if it’s overpowered without batting an eyelash and giving them the subtle knowledge that something is going to come stomp their face in.
June 14, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Verbena
Among the Traditions, the Verbena most understand the cycles of power of sacrifices required to keep them going. The Verbena also may know best the sting of the Inquisition and what was lost at the end of the Mythic Ages but the wheel turns and what was old is new again.  Listen in as Adam and Terry talk about where the Verbena got their start, their understanding of the founding cosmology of the World of Darkness, and how little they've changed over time. Show Notes The “mature” shirts of the Redbubble store for Mage: the Ascension Comparison to first edition in ignoring Sleeper concerns Wheel of the Year and a shared Google calendar of them List what your character can’t do Once the player has proven they've done their homework, lean on them to fill in your ignorances Cutting off the top of the roast Magic doesn't need to follow real world practice The Egyptian Book of the Dead Valdaermen from Dark Ages: Mage Cernunnos as mentioned in Adam’s Adventure Ideas Tradition Book: Verbena (1st Edition) Traditions Gathered: Blood and Dreams Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade’s Witches and Pagans Big Book o' Lilith Revelations of the Dark Mother The Asatru Baphomet Anders Mage Page 2.0 Verbena Our executive producers a
June 7, 2019