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A podcast dedicated to exploring the Mage: The Ascension, a role-playing game (RPG) based in the World of Darkness.
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Darkness in Scandinavia with Erik Hoftaniska
How do you do The World of Darkness in the happiest places on earth? What's magick like when the sun doesn't set for weeks at a time? How does the Syndicate deal with social democracy? What are trolls really like and what is a well-pisser? Karl Erik Larsen Hoftaniska of the Symposium Podcast answers these questions and more. Correction! Erik corrected himself to say that the Nordic countries were Social Democracies but the sound for that portion was garbled. Notes! Kurt Anderson's Fantasyland  - Book on how America has always been a little bit crazy Scholastic movement Sami People - Culture of the way north Mage things! Difficulty of being a necromancer - Every line does it a little differently Mage: the Awakening arcana fate vs death Werewolf the Forsaken - Chronicles of Darkness game Exarchs - Possible big from Mage the Awakening A giant discussion of Sorcerer's Crusade Valdaerman - Fellowship from Dark Ages: Mage  Itarajana - Magickal fellowship Spirit-Talkers from Dark Age: Mage Gabrielites or the Cabal of Pure Thought, the precursors to the New World Order Seiðr - Shamanic sorcery Other! Trollhunter movie - They can smell Christians Vices and Virtues - Album by Panic! at the Disco Creatures! Trolls - Not the ones from Changeling Elves Fossegrim - Water spirit Brunnmigi - Well Pisser, yep, that's what they do Draugr - Pretty well the same in lore Mare or Nightmare - They sit on your chest
October 12, 2019
Tomes of Magick: The Fragile Path: Testaments of the First Cabal
The Council of the Nine Mystick Traditions in response to the nascent Technocracy over 450 years. After nine years of squabbling, the Council sent out the First Cabal to spread the message of the Council and counter the Order of Reason but it fell to betrayal from within. Was Heylel a traitor, savior, or insane? Victor and Terry discuss the rise and fall of the First Cabal in reviewing The Fragile Path: Testaments of the First Cabal, Mage's in-world book on those who were there. The Fragile Path - The book we're talking about Sorcerer's Crusade - Historical setting for Mage The Order of Reason  - Flawed book about the founding of the Order of Reason Ascension - Where we finally learn the identity of Heylel's twins Fishmalk - Problematic types of crazy Further details on Heylel Further details on Eloine Further details on Akrites Motet - French musical form Worf just getting beaten up Victor's other work: Walking Away from Arcadia - The definitive Changeling: The Dreaming Podcast A Phoenix Rising - a chronicle quickstart built around the reconstruction of the New Horizon Council The Symposium - a rambly podcast sometimes about Mage
October 5, 2019
Hadouken! RPG Tag Team: Street Fighter RPG-Mage with Kris Newton
You've introduced vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, and even changelings into your chronicle, now what? How about a fellow who learned to electrocute people by watching electric eels or if that's too subtle a psychic madman who's gotten their powers from an ancient meteorite? If those sound good, listen to Kris Newton of the MegaDumbCast go through ways to jam the lore, mechanics, and mood of Street Fighter into your Mage chronicle. Kris's Podcast - MegaDumbCast MegaDumbCast Twitter Penny Arcade Over-the-top Comic Song of the Sorcerlator Palladium Books RPGs Penny Arcade Over-the-top Comic part II Straker - Bullet gun thing Knud Thorsen from Wiki World Warriors, audience-aided character creation Character Sheet for Stree Fighter RPG Vice Story on Street Fighter RPG - World of Darkness Combat Hunters Hunted II why sorcery works M Bison Shadaloo, evil Technocracy The Perfect Warrior - Planned campaign Fan Site Escrima combat system ("stick fighting") Fight! The Fighting RPG 
September 28, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Destiny's Price
Mage is a game of Urban Fantasy in a gothic punk setting and Destiny's Price helps turn a city from merely a backdrop into a character in the story. Adam and Terry discuss how cities and city life has changed in the 25 years since this book came out under the Black Dog Imprint and what has and hasn't aged well regarding drug use, organized crime, and violent crime in the United States. Dropping homicide rate in the US  Dropping property crime rates in the US  Dropping poverty rate in the US (The poverty rate in the US is pretty cyclical and unlike in most countries is tied to an estimate of what it takes to feed a family vs provide basic amenities) Narconomics  Income of low level drug dealers (Income varies by drugs and location. If you're providing cocaine to Wall Street types, you're probably living comfortably, but by the numbers, very few dealers are making that kind of money.) Black Dog Game Factory, the Pentex subsidiary  Other Black Dog Books  World of Darkness: Mafia  Midnight Express Mafia Episode Overview of Organized Crime  Gangs in America  Largest Rat in New York  Sources of heroin in the US  How to Run a Street Level Game 
September 21, 2019
Hollow Earth, the Hallean Effect, and Introducing New Players with Sebastian Freeman
Mage is a game of infinite possibilities and for some players, at least to start, that's too much. Sebastian Freeman, Onyx Path Contributing Author has written two publications for starting cabals, one Believe in Magick (it's free!) is an introduction for players on the adventures you can have in Mage. The second is The Hallean Effect a first chapter for adventures in Hollow Earth, the realm of conspiracy and pulp fiction. Sebastian's Work: Believe in Magick! - A pay what you want introduction for players The Hallean Effect - An adventure getting to Hollow Earth Pillars of Ma'at - Bringing Mummy in line with the other M20 books Works Including Hollow Earth: Book of Worlds - 2e reference Infinite Tapesty - Revised reference Join our discord server here!
September 14, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Halls of the Arcanum
Ascension's Right Hand was all shotguns and robots in dive bars, but maybe some brandy in a high-leather chair while discussion psychic phenomena or an ether frolic after some reading about vampyres*? If this sounds more your speed, get ready for the intrigue, investigation and interior design in Halls of the Arcanum. Adam and Terry guide you through the operations of the Arcanum, a secretive mortal research organization from the London Foundation House house to the lodges dedicated to finding Damcar, secret city of Arabia. Just don't get caught in the war between the White Priests and the Red Priests....that is if there is a war. *-(Mage the Podcast strongly supports the use of dedicated drivers. Consume responsibly and in accordance with local laws and paradigms) References! Year of the Hunter - A year where White Wolf produced mortal or hunter guides for each line. Vampire: The Masquerade The Inquisition Werewolf: The Apocalypse Project Twilight Mage: The Ascension Halls of the Arcanum Wraith: The Oblivion The Quick & the Dead Changeling: The Dreaming The Autumn People The Rosicrucians - European esoteric order Thule Society - German Occultist group Occult episode Cheap maps on DriveThruRPG Call of Cthulhu Chaosium Lost Continents by L Sprague De Camp Next up! Destiny's Price Mage 2nd Edition
September 7, 2019
Upcoming Projects and GenCon 2019 Part 2: Politics in Mage, Writing and Editing, and Growing the Mage Community
The second and final Gencon interview show, but first some updates on Mage: The Podcast projects! Duplicity, the Mage the Podcast Twitter Chronicle has finished its 3rd week and you can read it here. Talk to Ira Grace @magestoryteller if you want to get involved or follow the action. Join the conversation on our Discord Server Friend of the show Charles Siegel has released Sources of Magick, a supplement which gives you way more than you ever thought you wanted about nodes.  Mage the Podcast is starting to record instructional audio/video for how to play Mage through winter of 2020.  Stay tuned for more information. Interview with Victor Kinzer of Walking Away from Arcadia Politics introduced in Changeling Players Guide  Noam Chomsky and Anarcho-Syndicalism (all structures of power must be continually justified)   Haymarket Affair (bombing that took place during a labor demonstration  Bedlam in Changeling, a kind of fae madness  Interview with Carol Darnell, game editor who's worked on Mage: The Ascension Hire Carol  Interview with Matt Webb of Jackalope Live Action Studios Elysium Chronicles a Jackalope Prestige LARP Jackalope studios on Facebook LA by Nights - popular V5 actual play  Mage: Eclipse. Options on how to advance the Mage metaplot  "Changelings are the dreams and nightmares of it, werewolves are the anger of the world, and vampires are death. Mages are the Hope of the world."
August 31, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Ascension's Right Hand
Mage can be a game about the inner journey towards Ascension through self-perfection.  But someone still needs to take out the garbage...and shoot invading Technocracy cyborgs and mutants while that's happening. Ascension's Right Hand brings to light the unsung heroes of the Ascension War who work side-by-side with mages, knowingly or not to protect, aide, and serve our playing characters. Adam and Terry guide you through consors, acolytes, familiars, and creatures stranger in Ascension's Right Hand. Also, Terry sings briefly. In the Mage the Podcast World! Terry has produced a World of Darkness Image Pack containing 240 photos for $9.00 Mage the Podcast will be at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia from Dec 6 to 8th  Come talk to us on our Discord Server  Adam's further recommendations:  Fill out your numina roster with World of Darkness Sorcerer  Yet more familiars with yet more superpowers Bygone Bestiary  A splash of M20? Gods and Monsters  Generic and sometimes problematic WoD book: World of Darkness Gypsies  Vampire's "Yes mortals can fight back" book: Hunters Hunted II  Werewolf's mortal book: Kinfolk  Wraith's Mortal book: Wraith Medium  Other things we talked about: Cats the Musical Movie  Louis Virtel on Cats  Live's "Selling the Drama" from Throwing Copper  Bitch eating crackers effect  Halo effect
August 24, 2019
Gencon 2019 Part 1: Mage One Shots, Scion, Storyteller Vault, Hunter, Vampire and Geist
The first of two episodes collecting interviews done at Gencon 2019. Josh Heath, the newest member of the MtP team, talks about running Scion, Aeon, and Mage (Gods and Monsters) one shots and advice for your first game convention. After are four short interviews Terry did at Gencon with Nathan Siever of 25 Years of Vampire the Masquerade about their community chronicle, Matt McElroy of DrivethruRPG, Buckle from the Hunter the Vigil liveplay Uncanny Valley and the Geist writer Mike Tomasek.  Josh Heath Ran a Gods and Monsters-based Mage One-shot   Ran a game for Aeon 2e (Not yet released)  Ran two Scion adventures    Terry Robinson  Played Promethean the Created  and called people Huguenots  Played Microscope    Played Fiasco    Played in Josh's Scion game (You Make My Dreams Come True Video)  Interview with Nathan Siever  Utility Muffin Labs     Curse of Caine Chronicle    UML Discord    Interview with Matt McElroy  Matt on Twitter     Flames Rising    Storyteller Vault    Onyx Dice app   Buckle from Uncanny Valley  Uncanny Valley on Twitter    Uncanny Valley Podcast    Hunter the Vigil on DTRPG  Mike Tomasek  Geist the Sin Eaters Book of the Dead   Mike's web page 
August 17, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Technocracy: N.W.O.
Some factions consider the Ascension War a metaphor for the fight for reality. Others consider the War to be internal. Some factions consider it a full on total war and the New World Order is one of them. Propaganda, manipulation, strategic violence, and sometimes a chaingun are all appropriate focuses in the procedures required to bring about Safety and Security for the Masses. When your enemies are this bad, what methods could possibly go too far? Adam and Terry walk through the Convention book that gave us the SPECTRE limousine, mindscaping, and Room 101, how their tools work, and how to use them in your chronicle. Get NWO as part of Technocracy Assembled Volume I on DriveThruRPG Top Secret RPG Spectre clip "we have people everywhere" The Prisoner (BBC Series) or on Amazon Magickal Fiasco (Terry's Mage supplement) MIB "I make this look good"
August 10, 2019
Worlds of Darkness: Mage/Demon the Fallen Crossovers
Many world cultures refer to servants of greater powers who guide humanity and other servants of darker powers who tempt us. What if the latter started out as the former? Demon the Fallen builds a world where a war occurred in heaven where those who fought for the right to reveal themselves to humans were banished from creation...until now.  Demon as a system plays very well with Mage and Terry Robinson and Charles Siegel will guide you though adding those who saw paradise lost to your chronicle. Notes: The mythos laid out in this game don't quite follow any specific tradition and hew to Paradise Lost. If you want to follow a world tradition of angelology, pick one of the big ones and run with it: Angels in Judaism, Angels in Christianity, Angels in Islam, Angels in Hermeticism, Angels in Zoroastrianism Angel powers can be quite potent House rule that Pacts forged with low-torment demons do not mark the avatar and those with high-torment demons/the Earthbound do Early demon history posits a fractured cosmos where one thing could be multiple things at once Demons have highly variable memories of creation Demon lores appear as magick to mages and magick appears as a lore to demons, each can detect what the other is doing. Books: Demon the Fallen core rule book. Outlines all the basic powers. Demon the Fallen Storytellers Companion. Gives additional background material and explains more how demons created the world. Earthbound. A guide to the dark entities that have no mortal half to balance them. They make good antagonists even if indirectly. The complete Demon the Fallen collection. Because we know you want everything.
August 3, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Sons of Ether
The Sons of Ether are seen as crazy technomancers but the true history of these explorers go back far farther.  Adam and Terry explore their history and ideas from Greek philosophers to the last modern remnants of Victorian explorers and pulp actions heroes. Along the way, find out how the nature of scientific discovery has changed across editions and as always Adam's story ideas. Notes: We're more than half way through the original Tradition books, yay! Etherites have no consistent history at least up to the Renaissance and House Golo Gentlest induction so far. Give em' a book and see if they get a new idea from it No necessity for them to be scientific. Their belief is in the power of human creativity Acts of wonder that don't aid the Consensus are merely magick and not True Science Anders Mage page on the SoE Anders Mad Scientist page Superceded Theories of Science Pathological Science Books: The Smokey God  Frankenstein by Mary Shelley - Puffin Classics Etherspace - Lensman series by E E Doc Smith, Skylark series by E E Doc Smith Victoria Station - The War of the Worlds by H G Wells - Penguin Classics, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne - Naval Institute Press (the edition is important!), Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne - Signet Classics updated translation by Jacqueline Rogers Hollow Earth - At the Earth’s Core by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Pellucidar by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne Gernsback Continuum - The Complete Works of Stanley Weinbaum, The Best of Edmond Hamilton, If you can find them, check out The Collected Edmond Hamilton from Haffner Press
July 27, 2019
Joseph Finally Plays Mage, Types of Apocalypses, and Future Projects
Joseph Aleo started Mage the Podcast because no Mage podcasts existed. That was almost a year ago and only now has he actually gotten to play. How did it go? What was his character? Is "Joseph" just a front for something more sinister? Also find out how Joseph got his start in broadcasting and some ways in which you can roleplay the apocalypse. Grant Morrison's the Invisibles SoundCloud Rap Scene 6ix9ine XXXTentacion Pirate radio Fresh Air with Terry Gross Other Podcasts 25 years of VTM Walking Away from Arcadia Mage the Ascension Facebook group Other Books The Road by Cormac Maccarthy Soft Apocalypse by WIll Mcintosh Neuromancer by William Gibson Other Systems Fate Powered by the Apocalypse 
July 20, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Akashic Brotherhood
The Akashic Brotherhood has a storied history both in game and out of game. These experts in the Mind sphere were also inspired by the Hong Kong action films of the 70s through 90s and turn their bodies into Awakened weapons. Find out how this Tradition was brought to life as  Adam Simpson brings his expertise and Terry Robinson brings his ignorance to the question of "how do the Akashics line up with actual East Asian practices?"  Adam also provides a reading list that the book didn't all the while Terry nods faking like he knows what's going on. Notes! Zen koans Daoism Akashic Brotherhood section of Anders Mage page Deleted content from the Akashic Brotherhood Hand cheese with music Wuxia fiction Meditations by Marcus Aurelius The Book of Five Rings  Adam's Reading List Te-Tao Ching by Lao-Tau translated by Robert G. Henricks - The Modern Library 1993 ISBN 0-679-60060-4 There are many translations available but this one makes use of more recent archaeological finds in the 1970s and has a nice commentary.  A good place to get an overview of Akashic thinking.  Please don't confuse with the Taoist folk religions and Taoist magical traditions that came later. Chuang Tzu The Inner Chapters translated by David Hinton - Counterpoint 1998 ISBN 1-887178-79-1 A short book and rather cryptic.  This is later Taoist thought than the book above.  A great place to find odd quotes to put in the mouths of older Akashic NPCs. The 3 Pillars of Zen by Roshi Philip Kapleau - Anchor Books 1989 (1965) ISBN 0-385-26093-8 As good a book as any to get an overview of Zen thought.  If you don't have time to read the whole thing you'll still get some mileage out of the 10 Oxherding Pictures w/ Commentary at the back. Orion by Masamune Shiro - Dark Horse Comics & Studio Proteus 1994 ISBN 1-56971-019-8 Not really a good example of Akashic thought or practice but a great book for Mage and full of East Asian flavor.  If you get inspired to create an alternate technomagick based on "psycho science" you wouldn't be the first.
July 13, 2019
Worlds of Darkness: Mage/Werewolf Crossovers with Josh Heath
Mages fight for Ascension but other Night-Folk fight for the survival of the planet in the face of the corrupting Wyrm. The warriors of Gaia are the Garou or werewolves and they consider themselves the chosen to remove rot and corruption but what do they think of those that can rewrite reality? Are they slavering murder hounds, Gaia's chosen or the best lacrosse players on the earth? Well, Terry had no idea so he called in Josh Heath of Werewolf the Podcast and storyteller for both Mage and Werewolf to discuss the basics of how werewolves work and how they can fit into a Mage Chronicle Josh Heath Projects High Level Games - A firm that will help you take your ideas and turn them into games Josh on DTRPG Werewolf the Podcast  Specifically, Archons of Niku - Anthropomorphic animals fighting over things! Werewolf Terms Tribes - Group of werewolves with similar totems, agendas, and worldviews  Forms - Different things a given Garou can turn into  Fera - Other changing breeds  Rage - The primal anger that werewolves use to power their abilities  Boooks! Werewolf Core Book 20th Anniversary - Learn to play!  Rage Across the World - Whole bunch of locations plus info on the supernatural activities in each  Book of the Weaver - Outline of how technology play out in the Umbra  Axis Mundi - Big book of Umbral spirits Rage Across the Heavens - Book outlining the celestines and incarnae of the planets and the angry planet that was the asteroid belt 
July 6, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Book of Madness: Whispers Without, Chaos Within
The Nephandi, Marauders, infernalists, and dark Umbral entities are spoken about in hushed whispers at meetings of mages but, well, how do you use them in a chronicle?  Adam Simpson and Terry Robinson walk through The Book of Madness which vastly expanded the details and systems for the main Mage antagonists as well as the slippery concept of paradox.  Also included: an handy dandy appendix for quick reference. NOOOOOTES: Get the Book of Madness on DTRPG and support the show Terry's book A Magickal Fiasco: Full Tilt Story Creation for Mage is out on Storytellers Vault.  It's pay what you want! Terry used the term G*psy in the Euthanatos episode.  He found out it was derogatory later and says he's sorry. Redbubble Technocracy shirts are marked as adult probably because they have guns on them Terry cuts loose on why barrabus shouldn't be italicized We learn Adam's second law of storytelling: any worldview where the phrase "we need to go kill those babies" probably requires reflection Al-Aswad the Nephandic Oracle The diaeresis in zöoterrorism  Nephandi The Architect of Doom Qlippothic Magick Marauders Temple of the Raging God The Ruby Labyrinth Umbrood Umbrood Page
June 29, 2019
Duplicity: A Twitter Chronicle
Mage: The Podcast with launch a Twitter Chronicle, Mage: Duplicity, in August and is headed by our teammate, Ira Grace. How do you run a Chronicle by Tweet? We’re not entirely sure but we have some ideas! Ira outlines his vision for Mage: Duplicity and how he plans to run the Chronicle. Want to play Mage: Duplicity? Of course you do! Tweet @MageStoryteller or send and email to and Ira will get you started or follow the Chronicle on Twitter by searching #DPLCTY. Show Notes Terry’s A Magickal Fiasco: Full Tilt Story Creation for Mage on the Storytellers Vault Hacking Dungeons & Dragons Exarchs Tweetstorms and threaded Tweets Mage the Ascension: Refuge as inspiration (listen to our interview with Refuge’s author, Karin Tidbeck) Asynchronous Storytelling 25 Years of Vampire: The Masquerade – A Retrospective’s Curse of Caine Chronicle (listen to our interview with the co-host, Robert Batton) The theme and setting of Mage: Duplicity in Washington D.C. Marcus Vitel, Anarch King of Washington D.C. Council of the Nine Mystic Traditions Roling up a character for the Chronicle Nordic LARPs How Twin Cities by Night’s Chris Zac runs an online Chronicle (listen to our interview with Chris Zac here and here) Powered by the Apocalypse and
June 21, 2019
Compelling Storytelling with Robert Batton of 25 Years of Vampire: The Masquerade - A Retrospective
Robert Batton, co-host of the 25 Years of Vampire: The Masquerade - A Retrospective podcast, has been running Vampire Chronicles from the intimate tabletop environment to the grand LARP for nearly 25 years. Recently, he’s added Mage: The Ascension to his offerings. Hear this veteran podcaster and Storyteller’s advice for your Mage Chronicle, reminders of what makes the game unique, and find out what really makes Mage the sexiest game involving wizards. Show Notes Time-Life Books’ Mysteries of the Unknown series. Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition - The current tome of Vampire. HoL: Human Occupied Landfill - If you’ve played this, then you're officially a WW fanperson. Fiasco - One end of the “how structured is your game” spectrum. Shadowrun - A cybermagic future where people are actually out at night. The collected works of Stephen King - Guy’s written a loooooot. Shadowguiding. Wraith: The Oblivion - Listen to our Worlds of Darkness: Mage/Wraith Crossovers episode. Call of Cthulhu RPG. Cthulu prop guild, Propnomicon. The Baali - Demon worshipers of Vampire. The Beast. Mage does not need a morality system as the world functions as a morality system. Mage is the game where you get to be the genie. The idea of a power structure is daunting, if you can change reality, why would you listen to anyone? If you run into a character that doesn’t know what to do, work through it with them, ask what their options are and help them pick one. If they can’t and it keeps happening, maybe it's not their game. One of the most terrifying things you can do as a Storyteller is just let a player do what they want, even if it’s overpowered without batting an eyelash and giving them the subtle knowledge that something is going to come stomp their face in.
June 14, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Verbena
Among the Traditions, the Verbena most understand the cycles of power of sacrifices required to keep them going. The Verbena also may know best the sting of the Inquisition and what was lost at the end of the Mythic Ages but the wheel turns and what was old is new again.  Listen in as Adam and Terry talk about where the Verbena got their start, their understanding of the founding cosmology of the World of Darkness, and how little they've changed over time. Show Notes The “mature” shirts of the Redbubble store for Mage: the Ascension Comparison to first edition in ignoring Sleeper concerns Wheel of the Year and a shared Google calendar of them List what your character can’t do Once the player has proven they've done their homework, lean on them to fill in your ignorances Cutting off the top of the roast Magic doesn't need to follow real world practice The Egyptian Book of the Dead Valdaermen from Dark Ages: Mage Cernunnos as mentioned in Adam’s Adventure Ideas Tradition Book: Verbena (1st Edition) Traditions Gathered: Blood and Dreams Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade’s Witches and Pagans Big Book o' Lilith Revelations of the Dark Mother The Asatru Baphomet Anders Mage Page 2.0 Verbena Our executive producers a
June 7, 2019
How to Run A Street Level Game
Mark Hope discusses street level games: what street level games are, how to make your game a success and resources you can use to bring your game to life. Show Notes Hidden Lore’s alternate combat system and sample setting. Destiny’s Price’s use of street life, street culture, crime, gutter magick, settings, characters and gear. Initiates of the Art’s exploration of the Awakening, day-to-day life, rote, merits and flaws. Tales of Magick: Dark Adventure’s high-octane, high-adventure. Bitter Road is great for newly established mages. M20 Gods & Monsters is perfect for kids you might meet on the street, Umbrood, Night Folk, etc. Orphans Survival Guide is the one book you should read for your street level game and is chock full of useful information! Outcasts: A Players Guide to Pariahs explores the outcasts of the World of Darkness such as the vampire Caitiffs, werewolf Garou Ronin and the Hollow Ones. Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition Quickstart includes information not in M20 such as the Bridge Troll Cabal. Damnation City which details real-wold cities, how cities grow, NPCs and hot pursuit flowcharts. The Technocracy Convention books have great sample locations. The Laws of Ascension LARP guide has information you can use jet never appears in the Mage RPG. Book of Mirrors: Mage Storytellers Handbook. Photo by Muhammad Nafay. Become a supporter of Mage: The Podcast. Our executive producers are: Richard “Bat” Brewster Ira Grace Michael Parker Contact us at with feedback and comments and please help extend the reach of the show by sharing it with friends. Subscribe to Mage: The Podcast on
May 31, 2019
Interview with Paul Strack
Adam Simpson interviews Mage fan Paul Strack about his involvement with the early online fan community for World of Darkness, an example of tiered play and blending Mage: The Ascension with Mage: The Awakening rules. Show Notes World of Darkness news groups and moderators “The Umbra” by Paul Strack Anders Mage Page 2.0 Demographics in Mage Tiered play Playing one’s self in the World of Darkness Early days of the World of Darkness online fan community Writing for Anders Mage Page What makes Mage: The Awakening rules appealing Playing a Chronicle set in Mage: The Ascension using Mage: The Awakening rules Mage Translation Guide Become a supporter of Mage: The Podcast. Our executive producers are Richard “Bat” Brewster and Ira Grace. Contact us at with feedback and comments and please help extend the reach of the show by sharing it with friends. Subscribe to Mage: The Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and TuneIn. Follow us on Twitter @magethepodcast
May 24, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Euthanatos
The Euthanatoi have been with the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions since its founding but are they misunderstood tenders of the wheel or death dealers with alien morality? Claimed by some to be half-Nephandi and others to be the Fallen's greatest enemy, Adam and Terry discuss the tension within the Euthanatoi and between it and the rest of the Council. Show Notes Why do the Traditions use a standard court setup What is a Hunga Munga? ...and what is a garrote? What happened to the House of Helekar and the Consanguinity of Eternal Joy? Who is Senex? Who hates the Nephandi the most? How much does this book rewrite Euthanatos in first edition Mage? How do the Thuggee Cults bear on the Tradition? How about world traditions of Metempsychosis and Gilgul? Book of Chantries episode Book of Chantries Madness, Denial, and Morbidity episode Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand V20 The Black Hand: A Guide to the Tal’Mahe’Ra Ends of Empire Our executive producers are Richard “Bat” Brewster and Ira Grace. Contact us at with feedback and comments and please help extend the reach of the show by sharing it with friends. Subscribe to Mage: The Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and TuneIn. Follow us on Twitter @magethepodcast
May 17, 2019
Worlds of Darkness: Mage/Changeling Crossovers with Victor Kinzer
We’re told that the fae and changelings are, well, just fairy tales, but in the World of Darkness dreams made manifest are very, very real. Join Terry Robinson and Walking Away from Arcadia's Victor Kinzer for a guide to adding Changelings to your Chronicle as friends, foes, or something simply strange. Show Notes Victor and Simon Eichhörnchen’s excellent podcast, Walking Away from Arcadia Simon’s book, Kithbook: Faun Shows that evoke Changeling: Gravity Falls Legion Star vs. the Forces of Evil The Little Prince Changeling Crossover books: Isle of the Mighty Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition Other books mentioned: Graceful Wicked Masques - The Fair Folk Concepts: Fomorians Adhene The Dreaming Kiasyd Become a supporter of Mage: The Podcast. Our executive producers are Richard “Bat” Brewster and Ira Grace. Contact us at with feedback and comments and please help extend the reach of the show by sharing it with friends. Subscribe to Mage: The Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and TuneIn. Follow us on Twitter @magethepodcast
May 11, 2019
The Mage Cookbook and the Ahl-i-Batini with Rachelle Udell
Rachelle Udell has been the author on such diverse Mage titles as The Bitter Road, Revelations of the Dark Mother, and to the Disparate Alliance section of the Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition core rulebook. On today’s show, Rachelle and Terry talk about how Rachelle got into writing for Mage, where she sees the Ahl-i-Batini in the 21st century and, of course, why buying Neiman Marcus collard greens is a cry for help. “It’s worth noting that Revelations of the Dark Mother was written by me and my longtime Mage collaborator Rachelle Udell/Mara Elkheart, with the intention that it's essentially a Vampire/Mage crossover ‘gospel.’” —Satyros Brucato Show Notes The Mage Cookbook Revelations of the Dark Mother The Bitter Road Fallen Tower: Las Vegas Chicago By Night Ahl-i-Batin Lost Paths: Ahl-I-Batin and Taftani The Foxfire books The Nephandi Dervish The Bata’a The Kopa Loei Patti Smith The remarkably long Tartine Croissant recipe Butterhorn Cookies Tea Siphon Become a supporter of Mage: The Podcast. Our executive producers are Richard “Bat” Brewster and Ira Grace. Contact us at with feedback and comments and please help extend the reach of the show by sharing it with friends. Subscribe to Mage: The Podcast on iTunes,
May 4, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Technocracy: Iteration X
Adam and Terry discuss the sometimes over-the-top mechanical horror of first edition Technocracy: Iteration X. The Clockwork Convention gave us the unfeeling malevolent robots in the form of HIT Marks but what else can they bring to the table? To what extent was Iteration X just a response to the killer robot phase of the early 90s? How did the first convention to explicitly say it has non-Western origins get its start? Show Notes Technocracy Assembled Technocracy: Progenitors Primal community sphere William Smith as a Tholidomide victim Interview with Matt Webb on how the Technocracy can never truly be the good side Harry Potter Terminator movie! Possible Easter Egg in the 1953 movie, Robot Monster I, Robot by Isaac Asimov Convention of the White Tower Exalted’s Autocthonia Psychohistory and the Foundation books The myth of Procrustes Taylorism “Blindsight” The Happiness Hypothesis Daoism and Confuscianism Anders Mage Page 2.0 on The Core Become a supporter of Mage: The Podcast. Our executive producers are Richard “Bat” Brewster and Ir
April 26, 2019
Lovecraft, Cosmicism, and Cosmic Horror with Josh Heath
Mage’s premise assumes humanity and the characters matter. What if the universe doesn't care? Terry Robinson and Josh Heath, COO of High Level Games and host of Werewolf: The Podcast discuss cosmicism, the belief that there is no divine presence and that humanity is particularly insignificant. How to combine the epic and indifferent? Show Notes The deeply problematic H.P. Lovecraft and his best critic, S.T. Joshi “The Call of Cthulhu” “The Dunwich Horror” At the Mountains of Madness “Herbert West–Reanimator” “The Colour Out of Space” “Dagon” “The Horror at Red Hook” The Shadow over Innsmouth “Pickman’s Model” The Whisperer in Darkness The Void Event Horizon Pandorum Life Nietzsche on nihilism Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff Harlem Unbound by Chris Spivey Heirs to the Mountains of Madness by Josh Heath Mage: The Podcast Myth in Mage interview with Josh Heath Nephandi Werewolf: The Apocalypse The Triat of the
April 19, 2019
Gods and Monsters with Satyros Phil Brucato, Hiromi Cota, James Sambrano and Isabella Price
We live in a world full of gods and monsters: spirits, creatures, Paradox entities, Avatar aspects, vampires, beast-folk, godheads, primordial legends, and other creatures too strange for the average mind to conceive. On this episode, Adam Simpson and Terry Robinson talk with the authors who brought these entities to life in Gods & Monsters, the latest supplement for Mage 20 from Onyx Path Publishing. The authors share their experience researching, selecting, and writing about the entities in this compendium. Discussed: The status of Satyros' car How 20,000 words in art description made sure every entity in the book was pictured Research difficulties for folklore Gamer-proofing lore How culture provides tools to deal with adversity Listener questions Guests: Hiromi Cota Dear High Elves podcast Isabella Price Nocturnal Emissions pod cast Nocturnal Emissions Youtube channel Nocturnal Emissions on Facebook Nocturnal Emissions on Twitter James H. Sambrano Presenting at Norwescon Satyros Phil Brucato Satyros Phil Brucato on Patreon Powerchords: Music, Magic & Urban Fantasy RPG Telesterion (his band!)
April 13, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Virtual Adepts
On today’s show Adam Simpson discusses Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts by Darren McKeeman. The youngest magical Tradition is the most vibrant and the most irreverent. Virtual Adepts dont waste time delving into ancient grimoires or contemplating their navels. They’re too busy surfing the razors edge of the next zeitgeist. They dont follow trends, they make them. By the time the mainstream catches up to their latest idea, they’ve moved on to new frontiers of space and mind. Where is Dante now? Demon Seed Elite What is a Tradition book supposed to do? Transhumanism Ideal future of the Virtual Adepts (VA) vs. Iteration X Hacker culture Virtual Reality movies of the 1990s VA attitude Four Legions of the VAs How did the VAs stay hip so long? Are trinary computers all that? Virtual Adept Koans Listen to our interview with Bill Maxwell, co-author of Tradition Book Contact us at with feedback and comments and please help extend the reach of the show by sharing it with friends. Subscribe to Mage: The Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and TuneIn. Follow us on Twitter @magethepodcast
April 5, 2019
Devices and Wonders: Items of Magick in Mage
Terry speaks with Charles Siegel, author of Mystic Armory about the magickal things mages of all stripes make like wonders, devices, artifacts, inventions, charms, gadgets, grimoires, and principiae. Also discussed are the “gadget” of nuclear weapons introduced in Fallen Tower: Las Vegas, the best-ever-charm Unbullets, and more importantly, how to introduce wonders and devices into your chronicles. Other texts mentioned: Forged by Dragon’s Fire, a big book of non-technological wonders Technomancer’s Toybox, a big book of technomagickal wonders Charles’ bestseller, the Enlightened Grimoire, a compendium of all known rotes mentioned in Mage: The Ascension Listen to our previous episode on the Enlightened Grimoire Contact us at with feedback and comments and please help extend the reach of the show by sharing it with friends. Subscribe to Mage: The Podcast on iTunes, Google Play and TuneIn. Now listen on Spotify! Follow us on Twitter @magethepodcast
March 29, 2019
Mage: The Ascension - LARPing, and M5 Metaplot with Matt Webb
In this episode, Terry Robinson interviews Matthew Webb of Jackalope Live Action Studios about Matt's thoughts on revising Mage LARPing and how to bring the metaplot forward to what an M5 world may look like under the Eclipse LARP system. Also discussed, LARP types and the move from competition to cooperation in storytelling, where Laws of Ascension failed, how the Traditions are less organized groups than Mythic Threads, how the Virtual Adepts are heirs to eliteness from the Hermetics, what a more active Order of Hermes would look like, how to introduce metaplot change into your own chronicle.  Follow developed about Eclipse LARP on its Facebook page or follow what Jackalope Live Action Studios is doing. Additional mentions: The Night in Question, Beckett's Jyhad Diary, Karen Armstrong's The Battle for God, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago
March 23, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Chaos Factor
Adam Simpson and Terry Robinson discuss The Chaos Factor, the (almost) end of the cross-line exploits of Sam Haight, the kinfolk ghoul mage that we all wanted to play as kids but just weren't bad ass enough to do....also he ends up as an ashtray.  Included are discussions of early 90s supplements, the difficulties of game maps, how hard it is to run a crossover chronicle, ways of dealing with them, the power differential between nightfolk, why you shouldn't mess with a Baali Methuselah, and why bad guys just seem to cooperate better some times.  Contact us at with feedback and comments and please help extend the reach of the show by sharing it with friends.  Now listen on Spotify!
March 16, 2019
Online Live Play Chronicles with Chris Zac
Chris Zac from the Twin Cities by Night podcast talks about how to run a Chronicle when the table everyone’s around is virtual using Google Hangouts, and other tools. Chris issues a call to creators to make their stuff and promote it shamelessly (and provides some place to do so). Also discussed: The importance of vetting players. If you're an ST on-line you’ll have your pick of players Ways to take notes. Ravnos vs Changelings. How your players shouldn't let you fail. Constantinople by Night is amazing, other city guides…questionable. Cutting out problematic players. The difficulty of being a creator. Reddit Looking for Group (to find play groups). Discord Dice Bot (to roll dice in Discord).  White Wolf and Onyx Path RPGs Game Play and Media Facebook Group - A Facebook group of just WW and Onyx Path content. Twin Cities by Night on Twitter. Twin Cities by Night on Youtube. Contact us at with questions, comments, or feedback. Subscribe to Mage: The Podcast on iTunes, Google Play and TuneIn. Follow us on Twitter @magethepodcast
March 9, 2019
The Occult: Hidden Knowledge in the World of Darkness with Josh Heath
Terry Robinson chats with Josh Heath, COO of High Level Games and host of Werewolf: The Podcast discuss the occult; how different game lines in World of Darkness handles the occult; the Eldritch horrors of H.P. Lovecraft; Aleister Crowley’s Thelema and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; the Yazidis; Neo-Paganism; occult understanding vs occult knowledge; Orders within the World of Darkness most associated with the occult; secrets and mysteries; initiatory magic; expressions of the occult in Vampire: The Masquerade; the Sabbat; the Cain and Abel/vampire paradox; the Tremere; Vaulderie and Quintessence; Nephandi; Guide to the Sabbat: A Sourcebook for Vampire the Masquerade; Mudang; RPGs as storytelling and LARPs as theatre; “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law;” yoga as an occult practice; hidden knowledge; wisdom passed down in lineages; mystery cults bearing the hallmarks of the occult; Jack Tripp; Opus Dei; Sufism; Kabbalah; the Wyrm; Gnosticism; street level occultism; the Arcanum; rituals in society and rituals in occult; Snowhaven. Books to read to further your occult knowledge: The Mystery-Religions Three Books of Occult Philosophy
March 1, 2019
Quiet: Madness, Denial, and Morbidity with Darling Rose
Today's episode is a discussion of Quiet, the state where a Mage's grip on reality has begun to slip.  Quiet has gone through a number of interpretation and this episode focuses on the Revised and M20 rule system where Quiet is broken into Madness, Denial, and Morbidity. Our guest is Darling Rose of the Midnight Express podcast.  Rose brings broad knowledge of World of Darkness to the table as well as experience with remote and asynchronous chronicles. Contact us at with feedback and comments and please help extend the reach of the show by sharing it with friends.
February 22, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Book of Shadows
Hosts Adam Simpson and Terry Robinson discuss “The Book of Shadows;” Players Guides in World of Darkness games; additional abilities, Merits and Flaws; min-maxing in games; Sanctums (and their abuse); Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey; a day in the life of Tradition Mages; flavoring magick; the schism in the Technocracy; vampires into lawn chairs; 3 ways to view the book. Contact us at with questions, comments, or feedback. Subscribe to Mage: The Podcast on iTunes, Google Play and TuneIn. Follow us on Twitter @magethepodcast
February 16, 2019
Worlds of Darkness: Mage/Wraith Crossovers
David Herman from The Geekly Oddcast discusses how to introduce Wraith to your Mage chronicle, mechanics, powers, crossovers, and metaplot. Wraith is a game of horror and passion set in the underworld of the World of Darkness.  Mages can dip into this realm and find anything ever remembered and much much more. Get started with Wraith 20th Anniversary or Orpheus Contact us at with questions, comments, or feedback.
February 9, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Digital Web
Hosts Adam and Terry discuss Digital Web for Tomes of Magick; a call for help with example play sessions; the book Gödel, Escher, Bach; a place where all mages can experience digital magick; Mount Qaf and ancient conspiracies; Spy's Demise, the ultimate neutral ground for trading information; tips for passing rumors to players; ipdating details to 2018; "information wants to be free;” how technical should you get; story ideas in the Digital Web. Subscribe to Mage: The Podcast on iTunes, Google Play and TuneIn. Follow us on Twitter @magethepodcast
February 6, 2019
A Phoenix Rises with Victor Kinzer
Victor Kinzer discusses  "A Phoenix Rises", an exploration of the world on the cusp of a New Horizon Council.   Are you ready to make history?  Listen to the episode at:  Pick up a copy of A Phoenix Rising  Victor is part of the creative team behind Walking Away from Arcadia about Changeling: The Dreaming
February 4, 2019
The Babel Center
On today’s show Carrie Kube joins us to talk about her Mage adventure, “The Babel Center,” available on the Storytellers Vault. We discuss the adventure she wrote Vampire: The Masquerade, “Bloodlinebook Deava” and for Dungeons and Dragons Ravenloft; the artifact and characters featured in “The Babel Center;” tips writing for the Storytellers Vault; setting her adventure up for various editions of Mage and for crossover for other World of Darkness games; Spellfire: Master the Magic; how she discovered role playing games and Mage; Roll20. Subscribe to Mage: The Podcast on iTunes, Google Play and TuneIn. Follow us on Twitter @magethepodcast
February 1, 2019
Tomes of Magick: Technocracy: Progenitors
On today’s show Adam discusses Anders Mage Page 2.0; introduces our new co-host, Terry Robinson ...
December 3, 2018
Tomes of Magick: The Book of Chantries
On today’s show we announce the winner of “The Enlightened Grimoire” and Adam Simpson discusses ...
November 25, 2018
Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts
On today’s show Bill Maxwell joins us to talk about “Tradition Book: Virtual Adepts,”; his gran ...
November 24, 2018
Enlightened Grimoire
On today's show Charles Siegel joins us to talk about the Enlightened Grimoire, a book that con ...
November 10, 2018
Tomes of Magick: Loom of Fate
Adam Simpson discusses Loom of Fate, one of the earliest supplements for the first edition of M ...
November 3, 2018
Razors and Thunderbolts: The Ksirafai
On today’s show Travis Legge joins us to talk about his release for the Storytellers Vault, Raz ...
October 27, 2018
Tomes of Magick: First Edition
Adam Simpson discusses the four editions of Mage: The Ascension and which ones are the best; Du ...
October 24, 2018
Lesson from the Windy City: A Mage Chronicle
Adam Simpson discusses his Windy City Mage Chronicle he ran online; expectation of characters a ...
September 21, 2018
Adventure Writing Ideas, Part 2
Adam Simpson continues to wax eloquent on writing adventures for Mage: The Ascension. Adam disc ...
September 14, 2018
Storytellers Vault
On today’s show we chat with Josh Heath, Chief Operations Officer at High Level Games and host ...
September 1, 2018
Adventure Writing Ideas, Part 1
On today’s show Adam Simpson discusses Paradox; Anders Sandberg and Anders Mage Page 2.0; Mage: ...
August 19, 2018
Mage Chronicles: Ahriman Chronicles: The Vile Nature of an Ascension War
On today’s show Panos V. Skordas joins us to share the Ahriman Chronicles: Vile Nature of the A ...
July 29, 2018
Myth in Mage
On today’s show we chat with Josh Heath, Chief Operations Officer at High Level Games and host ...
July 21, 2018
Anders Mage Page
On today’s show Adam Simpson interviews Dr. Anders Sandberg of Anders Mage Page fame. Adam and ...
July 14, 2018
Thoughts on Paradox
On today’s show Adam Simpson talks about Paradox in Mage. Adam discusses why magick has limitat ...
July 4, 2018
Mage: Refuge
Karin Tidbeck talks about Mage: Refuge, a text-based interactive game with a rich scenario full ...
July 1, 2018
Plot Hooks
Our guest on today’s show is Chris Zac, host of the excellent Twin Cities by Night and we talk ...
June 23, 2018
Themes in Mage
Adam Simpson discusses themes in Mage: The Ascension and how to use them in your games; Stewart ...
June 20, 2018
Jason Louv on Mage and John Dee and the Empire of Angels: Enochian Magick and the Occult Roots of the Modern World
On today’s show were joined by Jason Louv, who is a real life magician and author. Jason’s most ...
June 16, 2018
Mage Chronicles: Sorcerers Crusade
On today’s show we launch a new segment, Mage Chronicles, in which we talk to Storytellers and ...
June 2, 2018
The Perils of Paradox
On today’s show we talk with Lee Webb about the perils of Paradox: every modern-day fantasy sto ...
May 26, 2018
Top 5 Books Needed to Run a Mage: The Ascension Chronicle
On today’s On today’s Mage: The Podcast hosts Mark Hope and Adam Simpson break down their top f ...
May 12, 2018
Antonios Rave-N Galatis, author of “Life”
On today's Mage: The Podcast we talk with author Antonios Galatis about his short story, "Life, ...
May 8, 2018
Life by Antonios Rave-N Galatis
On today’s show we’re going to do something different. Instead of talking about Mage were going ...
May 4, 2018
Metaplot in Mage: The Ascension
On today's show Mage: The Ascension co-creator Satyros Brucato and Darker Days Radio co-founder Mark Hope join us to to discuss metaplot in Mage. How Mark got into RPGs and Mage What is metaplot and how does it relate to Mage The House of Helekar and the beginning of the metaplot The cautionary tale of Vormaas If Amanda will return to Mage Should you check in with your players regarding the metaplot The Year of the Reckoning The Avatar Storm The Horizon War trilogy Porthos Fitz-Empress The Whiteout How Ron Perelman wiped out 30% of the comic book and gaming industry in the 90s and how it effected the metaplot for Wraith and Changeling Will there be future Sorcerer's Crusade-related releases How to use Threat Null as antagonists but still keep the Umbra open for player exploration What elements didn’t make it into the Mage metaplot What happend to the Jade Demon Big Trouble in Little China What the main difference in game mechanics between Victorian Age: Mage and Mage 20 is. Join us next week when Antonios Galatis reads his short story, “Life," from the Truth Beyond Paradox anthology. Contact us at with questions, comments, or feedback. Subscribe to Mage: The Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and TuneIn. Follow us on Twitter @magethepodcast
April 28, 2018
The Lexicon of Mage
On today's show co-host Adam Simpson shares how he discovered role playing games and Mage: the Ascension. The lexicon of Mage Arete Seeking, Avatar Arcane Ascension The Ascension War. Next week Mage co-creator Satyros Brucato returns to the podcast and we are joined by Darker Days co-founder Mark Hope will talk about the metaplot of Mage: the Ascension. Contact us at with questions, comments, or feedback. Subscribe to Mage: The Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and TuneIn. Follow us on Twitter @magethepodcast
April 21, 2018
What is Mage: The Ascension?
Welcome to the first episode of Mage: The Podcast! On today’s show we’re joined by Mage: The Ascension’s co-creator, Satyros Brucato. What the Mage role playing game is; how the game has changed in nearly 25 years How Mage has been updated for the 21st century If Gods and Monsters and Book of the Fallen will be released by Onyx Path Publishing this year How have the themes in White Wolf have changed in the last 20 years Will the rest of the World of Darkenss related games be updated What was the experience was like taking over Mage How Mage has changed some people’s lives A look back at the Traditions in Mage and how they have been updated Erik Davis’ book, TechGnosis: Myth, Magic, and Mysticism in the Age of Information Are there any plans to make Mind’s Eye Theatre available for Mage How to prepare a three-act structure for Mage If the Traditions have been balanced Please support Satyros on Patreon. Contact us at with questions, comments, or feedback. Subscribe to Mage: The Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and TuneIn. Follow us on Twitter @magethepodcast
April 14, 2018
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