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Half Pint

Half Pint

By Maggie
A podcast by Maggie Campbell
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In Conversation with Jaime Windon of Lyon
Join is for a deep dive
April 19, 2021
In Conversation with Rum Maker Moya Lambert.
Starting as a teenager in a Caribbean rum distillery lab Moya has distilled in many rum traditions from J Wray to Antigua’s English Harbor to Mount Gay to fresh cane and she shares her story with us today! Her background in agriculture and biotech informs her approach and she shares how she was encouraged along by Vivian Wisdom as well.
April 06, 2021
In Conversation with Beck Cerón Discussing a Career as a Sober Distiller.
Join me and Beck as we talk about distilling at altitude in the Rocky Mountains and Beck’s journey to a career as a thriving and skilled sober distiller. CW: discussion of addiction, alcohol addition, narcotic use.
March 30, 2021
In Conversation with Chockie Tom and Roxanne Fernandez Tiburolobo and the Indigenous Visibility Project
Chockie Tom and Roxanne Fernandez Tiburolobo share their perspectives as Indigenous spirits professionals and top industry leaders.
March 17, 2021
In Conversation with Erin and Kevin Wright of Striped Lion
Good news everyone, we’ve got Striped Lion on the show.
February 26, 2021
A new still at Foursquare Rum, in conversation with Richard Seale.
Master Distiller and Master Blender Richard Seale gives us an exclusive scoop on his new still. Hint, I’ve never heard of it done before!
February 09, 2021