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Magic On The Patio

Magic On The Patio

By Lauren Mahana
Interviews & Conversations hosted by Lauren Mahana exploring the magic that lives in the betwixt and between of the mundane world. Website:
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Exploratory Conversation with Guest Co-Host Shawna Emerick: Reconnecting with Spirit in Parenthood
On this episode of Magic On The Patio, Lauren invites Shawna Emerick to have an Exploratory Conversation about Reconnecting with Spirit in Parenthood. How the ebbs and flows of daily parent life can shift focus from being actively & consciously connected with Spirit.  CoHost: Shawna Emerick Website: Social Media: Instagram:  @shawnaemerick // @journeytothepeakpose Blog: Facebook: BIO:   Shawna Emerick is a Yoga instructor, Thai Body-worker, and Somatic therapies integrator. She is a Life Coach for Transformation, is Reiki attuned, and holds a B.S. in Dance.  Shawna has been teaching yoga and practicing her healing modalities for nearly 20 years.  She has hosted numerous retreats including those at the world famous Garrison Institute in Garrison, NY, and co-facilitated various 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings.  Currently, she is co-facilitating monthly immersions online, continues in her one-on-one 'ALIGN' sessions, and will be offering her largest program ever this fall!  She comes from multiple lineage lines of heart-centered healers, givers, and hard workers and is grateful,humbled, and honored to be carrying on the traditions in her own unique ways.
September 15, 2021
Tapping into Intuition & Creative Connection: Interview with Victoria Libertore
On this episode, Lauren invites Victoria Libertore to talk about her spiritual path and how her many twists and turns allowed Victoria to become a grounded and compassionate healer, guide and teacher. Victoria tells a short story about her Great Aunt Clara and both of their connections to Los Angeles. We also get to her a fun story about an Ouija Board in a Planetarium! Throughout the conversation, Victoria shares bits of Intuitive Knowledge and Guidance.  Website: Instagram: @IntuitiveAnimal Bio: Who is Victoria Libertore? For 16 years, Victoria Libertore has been giving one-on-one intuitive, spiritual and energetic readings to people throughout the U.S. and around the world. She teaches spirituality, intuition, guide, energy and creativity workshops at venues such as The Alchemist's Kitchen, House of Intuition, Hastings College and Otterbein University. She has been practicing Reiki since 2010 and became a Reiki Master in 2017. Victoria is passionate about helping others connect to their intuition, spirituality and creativity. Victoria loves teaching and brings warmth, humor, encouragement and compassion to her workshops and one-on-one sessions. She currently lives in California with her wife, dog and two cats. Victoria's Specials & Discount: Individual Services will be discounted 20% for Magic On The Patio Listeners for 2021 20% DISCOUNT CODE: MOTPArtemis *NEW* Writing Workshop-- September 13th // Mentorship Starting -- September 16th References & Resources: Charity: Feed Bali The Goddess Oracle Deck by Amy Sophia Marashinsky  
September 8, 2021
Astro & Tarot Tidings with Lauren Mahana & Alyssa Polinsky: September 2021- It's All in the Details
On this episode of Magic On The Patio Lauren Mahana & Alyssa Polinsky discuss the Astrological & Tarot Forecast for the month of September 2021. They move through the major mundane transits and ingresses, focusing on the energy of the New Moon in Virgo and Full Moon in Pisces. Another major Astro event is Mercury Rx. Astro Dates: New Moon 9/6 Venus in Scorpio 9/10 Mars in Libra 9/14 Full Moon 9/20 Sun in Libra 9/22 Mercury RX 9/27 Follow us here: @magiconthepatio @dreamingwomb @starsxbravo If you would like to be a Guest or Co-Host fill out the Interviewee Form
September 1, 2021
Interview with James Walsh: Collecting Metaphysical Practices to Create the Foundation to Journey
In this episode of Magic On The Patio....  Lauren and James talk about how James started his journey with metaphysical work. Through a detailed stories about distance Reiki, Feng Shui and Dowsing. We learn how James' parents were some of the first people to share their practices with him and how with every experience his trust and curiosity kept him moving forward.  We discuss how one of James' biggest lessons in life is how to balance his left & right brain and that through meditation and journeying he is learning how to have a daily balance.   Who is James Walsh?  After studying Interactive Systems Design at University, James spent the last thirty years installing and supporting a highly diverse range of hardware and software, from servers, networks through home automation systems, lighting control and more. However in 1999 he purchased his first book on Feng Shui and started to move into the metaphysical work which he believes to be his true life path.  James has been certified in Reiki and Feng Shui. He has also studied dowsing, shamanism and more.  I’m also a semi-professional photographer and do card readings for friends and family.   WHERE TO FIND JAMES:  Websites:   Contact:   Instagram: @eagleandwolfphoto    Practitioners discussed in episode:  Melanie Ryan, LCSW  Website: Instagram @thegoldenshawdowmethod  Sue Pike The Animal Talker® Website:  Instagram @suepikeenergy  Dr. Steven Farmer  Website: Instagram @drstevendfarmer
August 25, 2021
Exploration Conversation with Amanda Victoria-- Using Astrology: A Non Professionals Approach to the Cosmos! Forecasting for Family, Business and Yourself
On this episode of Magic On The Patio, Lauren invites her first Guest Co-Host Amanda Victoria to talk about a Non-Professionals' approach to Astrology. Both women discuss how they both found astrology in their childhoods. How being Sagittarius Suns help them relate to each other and how different they both view their own Sun Sign. They move on to their first Astrologer obsessions... (Susan Miller in the early 2000s). And how testing out Professional Astrologers is okay. Not everyone is the right fit. Just like a Therapist! The deeper the conversation gets we move into which transits hit us the most and how they changed out views on Astrology.   Guest Co-Host: Amanda Victoria  Website: ///  Social Media:  Instagram: @amandavictoriaog  ///  @siponeydrinks  Twitter: @amandagoodeye  Who is Amanda Victoria?  Amanda Victoria is an award-winning leader in cocktail, spirits, and lifestyle communication, education and product development. In 2019, Amanda launched Siponey, a canned cocktail company that boasts “honeybee sustainability in a can”, made with the best ingredients. Her work has been featured prominently in the media as an eminent wine and spirits authority.  Resources and References:  Nadiya Shah --  Tim --  Astrology Podcast --  Carmen --  Susan Miller--   Astrolada-   Natal Chart Rectification (if you don't know your birth time) Astrology Podcast Episode Leisa Schiam Consultations for Rectification
August 18, 2021
An Interview with Sue Pike, The Animal Talker® : Communication & Connection
On this episode of Magic On The Patio, Lauren invites Sue Pike, The Animal Talker® to have a casual and fun conversation about Sue's Energy & Spiritual work. The women reminiscence about how they met and how Sue's Intuitive Playshops guided Lauren and so many others towards connecting with Spirit. You will also learn about Sue's Reiki training, discovering her abilities as a Channeler and Medium; and her special connection with animals. We had a wonderful time recording and hope you enjoy this episode.   Website:  Social Media:  Instagram: @suepikeenergy  Twitter: @sueanimaltalker  YouTube: Blog:  FB Fanpage: Facebook Fanpage Sue Pike Animal Communicator - Reiki Master  BIO:   Sue Pike, The Animal Talker® is an Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, Spirit Channeler and Spiritual Teacher, living in Cathedral City, CA. She's a practicing Reiki Master in the Traditional Usui Method. In addition to regular Reiki, she also offers Reiki Extra! - incorporating the use of crystals and other energy techniques, if guided, and also channels messages related to the client's healing. For her animal communication sessions, She works with animals that are alive and those who have transitioned. Sue’s Intuitive Guidance sessions consist of her channeling people’s Guides/LightBeings/Councils of Light, Ancestors, etc., directly from them to her client. All sessions are done remotely. Keywords: Animal Communicator, The Animal Talker® , Channel, Reiki Master, Energy Work, California, NYC, Spirit Channel, Psychic, Intuition, Pets, Usui Reiki, Animals, Intuitive, Spiritual Guidance, Metaphysical, Healing, Love, Self-Care Notable Mentions: Sonja Choquette- 
August 11, 2021
Monthly Astro & Tarot Forecast with Lauren & Alyssa: August 2021- Hey Leo! You are the SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE!
Welcome to our first Magic On The Patio's Monthly Astro & Tarot Tidings Forecast with Lauren Mahana & Alyssa Polinsky! This month we focus on the major Mundane Transits of August 2021. Diving right into Leo Season and the New Moon! Intention setting & manifesting are huge themes for this month! Use that fire energy! Chatting about the Mercury transit into Virgo and Venus in Libra. We get to explore how we will communicate with the world this month. We touch briefly on Uranus RX and how the the collective might start to focus inward. Instagram: @starsxbravo @magiconthepatio Astrology Mundane Transits August 2021: New Moon in Leo-- 8/8 Mercury in Virgo -- 8/12 Venus in Libra -- 8/16 Uranus in Taurus Retrograde-- 8/19 Sun in Virgo --8/22 Full Moon in Aquarius -- 8/22 Tarot for the Collective: Deck used this Month: The Medicine Woman Tarot by Carole Bridges Theme card for August: 4 of Stones (Pentacles) I thought this was an interesting card to pull for the collective for August, but at the same time we are in the time of Uranus in Taurus and Saturn retrograding back into Aquarius. I have a feeling the collective is taking stock of what abundance means to us as a whole and how to manage to keep security for the individual and the collective. So, how do we use the energy of 4 of Stones? For me it's to take an inventory of what I truly need and what is excess in my life.  Where am I hoarding, what physical items do I need to release, but then at the same time gather items that will help myself and family feel secure. The pandemic has shifted many of our collective thoughts on safety, security and necessity. This is the perfect time of year to reassess these feelings around abundance.Reading for Collective Energy: 3 Card Spread-- 5 of Pipes (Wands) -- Energy to Move Through The Cosmic energy over the last 18 months has been stifling. There have been moments of reprieve, but overall the energy that needs to be integrated and moved through is that of discord. The 5 of Pipes is that miscommunication, struggle of difference of opinion and fighting with tone & voice. The collective has been in this space on and off for a long time, but this energy needs to be integrated and what I mean is ACKNOWLEDGE. What are the root causes of this miscommunication? Discovering your own personal struggle with how you are heard will help move the collective forward. Use the Fire of Leo and Mercury moving into Virgo to do just that! The Magician -- Energy to Embrace Personal Power-- Feels fitting for Leo Season- Embrace the tools that you were born with, but those you have acquired over your lifetime. You weld the power to manifest the intention you set. Embrace it!The Empress-- Energy to Look for and forward to What a gorgeous card for moving into Harvest and Virgo Season. Look forward to how you collect your bounty? The work of the Collective Theme card of 4 of Pentacles shows us that we all need to reassess what abundance means… Now that you are working with that energy, look forward to how Empress Energy can fill you with Abundance, Comfort and Home. Embrace the Divine Feminine and fall deeply into their arms. They will always catch you… but if you take the time to acknowledge how that needs to happen for you it happens in a way that is truly Divine For More Info about this Episode, like the Real Housewives mentioned go to Magic On The Patio Podcast Page CLICK HERE --> Magic On The Patio Show Notes & Episode Information
August 4, 2021
Magic On The Patio
Welcome to Magic On The Patio, hosted by Lauren Mahana. A conversation series exploring the magic that lives and flows in the Betwixt and Between of the mundane world.  Series Monthly Breakdown: Week 1: Monthly Astrology Breakdown with Lauren &  ______! (It's a surprise!) Week 2: Interview with a Professional or Non-Professional Spiritual, Magical, Metaphysical person!  Week 3: An Exploration Conversation on a focused topic with an awesome new Co-host every month!  If you would like to be a Guest or Topic Co-Host head over to my website ( Follow me on Instagram @MagiconthePatio Who is Lauren Mahana? Lauren Mahana is the co-author of Labor Like A Goddess: A Fearless Guide to Preparing for the 7 Gates of Pregnancy and Birth. Also, a  practicing birth doula, intuitive healer, tarot reader, wife, and mother of  two daughters living in Chester, CT.  When Lauren was 16 years old,  she was gifted her first tarot deck; it was the start of a long, winding  journey down a spiritual path. Through most of her late teens and 20s,  Lauren was lost living in NYC; she started and ended many different  paths, from multiple colleges, retail jobs, the restaurant world, and  merchandising, and she began to wonder why nothing seemed to stick.  Lauren then decided to find work that would feed her soul, first and  foremost. She began working at a local Brooklyn herb shop which ignited her  spiritual path. While studying herbalism, Reiki, shamanic healing,  flower essences, and essential oils, Lauren realized that her path was  known all along—she was a healer. She first focused on a small herbal  practice and then integrated her practice with Reiki and tarot. After  becoming a mother, she found a calling to help guide other women during  birth. Becoming a birth doula was the perfect cap on the direction of  what has officially become her Intuitive Healing Practice. For the past 15 years, Lauren has been exploring, studying, and  practicing to be a well-rounded healer. Her passion comes from her drive  to help heal the wounds of the spirit, so the collective can be transformed.  Labor Like A Goddess is available on Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Target 
July 11, 2021