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Mahoning Drive-In Radio

Mahoning Drive-In Radio

By Mark Nelson
A peek inside legendary Mahoning Drive-In Theater, the all-retro, all-35mm film fan destination in Lehighton, PA, featuring staff interviews, celebrity guests, Drive-In history and more!
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035 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: AT THE DRIVE-IN Director Alexander Monelli on MARIONETTE LAND
Virgil and Mark welcome AT THE DRIVE-IN director Alexander Monelli to the podcast to talk about his new film, MARIONETTE LAND, his experiences making AT THE DRIVE-IN, his own Drive-In memories, and more. Recorded 1/12/22 MARIONETTE LAND is available for pre-order on DVD now via Amazon: Available for Amazon and iTunes digital rental and purchase on January 18th. For exclusive additional podcasts, videos, sneak peeks, and on-site discounts, visit the Mahoning Drive-In Patreon page at:
January 13, 2022
034 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: JT's Story
Mark chats with James T. Mills ("JT"), production manager for the Mahoning Drive-In, about his history with the theater.  From single-car nights to sold out shows, photo ops to cosplaying, Gremlins to Critters, inside skinny is spilled! Recorded 11/24/21 For exclusive additional podcasts, videos, sneak peeks, and on-site discounts, visit the Mahoning Drive-In Patreon page at:
December 29, 2021
033 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: 2021 Season Reflections with Rob
Rob joins Virgil and Mark to discuss his first year as assistant projectionist at the Mahoning, looking back at the 2021 season. Recorded 11/23/21. For exclusive additional podcasts, videos, sneak peeks, and on-site discounts, visit the Mahoning Drive-In Patreon page at:
December 15, 2021
032 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: End of Season Shut-Down, Virtual Shows, and Favorite Christmas Movies
Jeff, Virgil and Mark discuss what's involved in shutting down the theater for the season, booking films, virtual Patreon shows, their favorite Christmas movies, and more. Recorded 11/30/21. For exclusive additional podcasts, videos, sneak peeks, and on-site discounts, visit the Mahoning Drive-In Patreon page at:
December 03, 2021
031 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Exhumed Films 24-Hour Horrorthon Recap
On Saturday, November 6th, 2021, the majority of the adult Mahoning Drive-In Theater staff attended the Exhumed Films 24-Hour Horrorthon, a nonstop barrage of mind-melting 35mm madness at the historic Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA. The survivors of that event gathered together the following week to record this podcast. Join Beth, Mark, Robert, Sandy and Virgil as they discuss the films, theater, experience, and rare Mahoning staff field trip! Recorded 11/10/21.
November 17, 2021
030 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Beth and Listener Messages
Virgil, Mark welcome Beth to the podcast to discuss her role as Snack Bar Manager, scary movies, recent events, and play some listener voice messages. Recorded 10/27/21
November 04, 2021
029 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Scary Movies and Patreon Listener Questions
Jeff, Virgil, and Mark discuss scary movie memories just in time for Halloween, and answer Patreon member-submitted questions. Recorded 10/20/21
October 26, 2021
028 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Green Prints, Projector Tweaks, and Listener Voice Messages
Jeff, Virgil, and Mark talk "green prints", Mahoning projector upgrades, upcoming shows, and play some listener voice messages. Recorded 9/29/21
October 07, 2021
027 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Lot Cats, Late Prints, Tunnel Vision Tuesdays and Tarantino
Virgil and Mark talk about lot cats, JT's photo ops, Exhumed Films' Tunnel Vision Tuesday series, play a listener message, discuss late print arrival jitters, Universal Monster Mash V, Tarantino-A-Go-Go, and preview some upcoming pod plans.
September 30, 2021
026 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Good, Bad, And Ugly Prints, Speakers, and Carloads of Fun
Jeff, Virgil and Mark discuss THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY print situation, Drive-In Speakers and Detroit Diecast, various kinds of 35mm print damage and how to deal with them, carload vs. per-person pricing, and present a listener Drive-In memory.
September 17, 2021
025 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Joe Bob's Drive-In Jamboree
Virgil, Mark and J.T. take a look back at Joe Bob's Drive-In Jamboree, July 15-18, 2021. This episode was recorded a little over a week after the event, when we were all still recovering from the biggest weekend in our history.
September 02, 2021
024 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Save The Mahoning
Virgil, Mark and JT discuss the "Save The Mahoning Drive-In" saga that unfolded in July, 2021.  
August 06, 2021
023 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Top Five with Carl and Darryl
Virgil and Mark are joined in the projection booth by Mahoning regulars and volunteers Carl Mazzella and Darryl Rabideau, who share their Mahoning stories, and also present the first in what will become a series of Top Five lists.  Kicking it off: their personal Top Five Mahoning events. A note on sound quality - this was a first stab at recording at the theater, with a new mic, so the sound levels are a little uneven.  Onward and upward with the next on-site record, we promise!
June 29, 2021
022 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Hanks-Giving, Mahoning History, Joe Bob Thursday, and More
Virgil and Mark recap the Tom Hanks tribute weekend, Hanks-Giving, FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE, some Mahoning History, Drive-In memories, and dive into how Joe Bob Briggs came to pick the Mahoning for the first Drive-In Jamboree.  Plus, Mark gushes about SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT (1977).
June 15, 2021
021 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Zombiefest, Ticketing, DJ Booth, Joe Bob and More
Jeff, Virgil and Mark unspool tales of a damp Zombiefest VII, talk upcoming shows, the story behind the DJ booth, snack bar updates, Joe Bob and more!
June 03, 2021
020 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Shop Talk & Drive-In Memories
Jeff, Virgil and Mark discuss The Weird World Of David Lynch, Reel Rumble, film stocks, Disney, Joe Bob tickets, Drive-In memories and more.
May 25, 2021
019 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Gary K. Wolf, Creator of Roger Rabbit
We're thrilled to have Gary K. Wolf, creator of Roger Rabbit, join us for a fun and fascinating discussion of outdoor movies, creativity, the genesis of Roger Rabbit, and the road to seeing his WHO CENSORED ROGER RABBIT? novel characters go from page to screen. Virgil, Mark, and I EAT MOVIES PODCAST co-host and Disney historian Mike Kenny take you to Toontown and beyond, in anticipation of our Sunday, May 9th screening of WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? on 35mm. Tickets available now at: For more on Gary K. Wolf, including links to buy his novels in bound, electronic, and audiobook form, please visit him online at For more of Mike Kenny talking movies, check him out at
May 01, 2021
018 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Poster Artist Spotlight with Hayden Hall
This week, with talk with Hayden Hall, long-time poster artist for the Mahoning (The Blob, VHS-Fest, Vampyrty 2021), about his influences, Drive-In memories, Crestwood House books, and more.
April 30, 2021
017 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Darkside Of Disney with Mike Kenny
We're joined by I EAT MOVIES PODCAST co-host, Mahoning regular and Disney scholar Mike Kenny for a discussion of RETURN TO OZ (1985) and THE WATCHER IN THE WOODS (1980) , in advance of our April 30-May 1 35mm screening of the two films as part of our "Darkside Of Disney" weekend.
April 27, 2021
016 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: April Recap And Shop Talk
Jeff, Virgil and Mark look back at shows recently gone by, talk ticketing, sell-outs, behind-the-scenes Drive-In hurdles, and some upcoming events.
April 21, 2021
015 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Andre Gower Interview
Andre Gower joins Virgil, JT, and Mark, to discuss The Mahoning Drive-In's April 16-17 screening of THE MONSTER SQUAD and the WOLFMAN'S GOT NARDS documentary (with Andre in attendance both nights), as well as his history with Drive-Ins, THE TOWERING INFERNO, MR. BELVEDERE, juggling, and more.
April 12, 2021
014 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Scott's Story
Virgil talks with The Mahoning's digital projection tech Scott about the indoor theater business and growing up loving genre films.
April 01, 2021
013 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Kelly's Story
Mark chats with Lot Captain Kelly about her Mahoning experiences, favorite films, and video store memories.
March 31, 2021
012 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Becca's Story
Mark talks to Becca about her experiences as a first-year Mahoning staffer in 2020, and what life is like outside the Drive-In.
March 30, 2021
011 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Andy's Story
Virgil catches up with Andy, the Mahoning's Lot Manager and Digital Projectionist, about his life away from the theater, how he got involved, and his love of horror films.
March 27, 2021
010 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: April-May 2021 Preview
Jeff, Virgil and Mark sit down and talk about the first two months of the upcoming season.
March 26, 2021
009 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Beth's Story
Mark talks with Beth about her Drive-In memories, life off the lot, and experience of going from a Mahoning regular to newly-appointed Concession Manager.
March 25, 2021
008 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Nancy's Story
Mark talks to Nancy about her Drive-In memories and history with The Mahoning.
March 24, 2021
007 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Mark Pilot
Mark shares some Drive-In memories in this second "pilot" episode for Mahoning Drive-In Radio.
March 23, 2021
006 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Rob's Story
Mark talks to Rob about his experiences and evolving role at the Mahoning, from regular patron to assistant projectionist.
March 22, 2021
005 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Sandy's Story
Mark talks to Sandy, manager of The Mighty Mahoning Merch Tent, about how she became involved with the theater, her real-world secret identity, and more.
March 20, 2021
004 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Jess's Story
Virgil speaks with Senior Manager Jess, who, aside from Jeff, is The Mahoning's longest-tenured employee, about her life on and off the lot.
March 18, 2021
003 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Jeff's Story
Mark spent a little time with owner and head projectionist Jeff on the mic, talking about his history with the Mahoning, being a projectionist, and more.
March 17, 2021
002 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Virgil Pilot
Virgil talks about his history with The Mahoning, and shares some Drive-In stories.  This was a test-pilot (no relation to Steve Austin) for Mahoning Drive-In Radio, so please forgive any rough edges. For exclusive additional podcasts, videos, sneak peeks, and on-site discounts, visit the Mahoning Drive-In Patreon page at:
March 16, 2021
001 - Mahoning Drive-In Radio: Patreon Launch
Virgil Cardamone, Mahoning Drive-In Partner and Film Booker/Curator/Publicity Director, and Mark Nelson, General Manager, discuss the new Mahoning Drive-In Patreon program. For exclusive additional podcasts, videos, sneak peeks, and on-site discounts, visit the Mahoning Drive-In Patreon page at:
March 16, 2021