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The Changing Construction Podcast

The Changing Construction Podcast

By Mail Manager
This podcast is designed to help people in construction address the big challenges they face and discuss the key themes across the industry. Topics include mental health, diversity, the digitisation of the industry, BIM and more.
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Anthony Fasano: The skill sets needed to succeed in engineering
Anthony Fasano, Trainer, Author, Speaker at Engineering Management Institute, join us to chat about the most important skills an engineer needs to succeed. We cover the importance of good communication skills when working in project teams, and how to improve those communication skills, being able to present non-technically and speak with the public, and the three core skills needed to succeed - technical skills, project management and people management.
January 22, 2021
Salla Eckhardt: The digital building lifecycle framework and innovation in the built environment
Salla Eckhardt, Director of Transformation Services at Microsoft, joins us to chat about rebranding traditional Construction processes and the digital building lifecycle framework. We discuss the disconnect between AEC & O, the top innovations happening in the built environment right now, such as open innovation, how the digital building lifecycle framework improves the profitability of projects and helps decide what needs to be delivered, when, and the biggest obstacles in adopting the digital building lifecycle.
January 12, 2021
Maura Thomas: Information overload and productivity
Maura Nevel Thomas, Trainer, Author, Speaker at Regain Your Time, joins us to chat about the challenges associated with information overload and productivity. We discuss how she's helping civil engineering clients with Workflow Management Systems, empowered productivity and the six components, as well as attention and action management.
December 16, 2020
David Frise: Competencies and initiatives within construction
David Frise, Group Chief Executive Officer at Building Engineering Services Association, joins us to chat about competencies and initiatives within Construction to create a better and safer industry post-Grenfell. We discuss the balancing act of safety and value, the core principles of the British Standard competence framework, what needs to change from a training point of view, how can we better manage the culture change needed to create a more competent industry, the importance of documents when things go wrong, and more.
November 20, 2020
Nigel Ostime: Bridging the skills gap and futureproofing Construction
Nigel Ostime, Partner at Hawkins/Brown Architects, joins us to chat about bridging the skills gap in order to futureproof Construction. We discuss the growing need for better knowledge of modern methods and processes, such as computational design and using digital technology, the impact of the Hackitt review, an over-reliance on sub-contractors to do design work, and RIBA's 'Building in Quality' initiative.
November 12, 2020
Ian Small: Engineering and infrastructure of the future
Ian Small, Innovation Champion at AECOM, joins us to chat about the future of civil engineering and infrastructure. We discuss the role of AI and automation, the challenges in using massive amounts of data, what is driving innovation, what are the main barriers to innovation, and what civil engineering and infrastructure looks like in 2030.
November 6, 2020
Nissa Dann: Why innovation often fails
Nissa Dann, Principal Digital Operations Coordinator at Hoare Lea, joins us to chat about what innovation actually means, the business need for change, generating additional value, top tips on how to implement new technologies and change, and the future of Construction.
October 5, 2020
Jacqueline Rohrmann: That BIM Girl
Jacqueline Rohrmann, BIM Manager at Tesla and Founder of the 'That BIM Girl' YouTube channel joins Mail Manager's Michele Rodrigues to discuss how the industry has adopted BIM. Recorded while Jacqueline worked at Ramboll, we chat about the main challenges working with BIM, using Revit and the best tools available today, top tips for starting out in the industry in the data-driven age, and how relevant BIM remains today.
September 23, 2020
Jaimie Johnston: Data-driven construction and platform programmes
We are joined by Jaimie Johnston, Board Director, Head of Global Systems at Bryden Wood, to chat about the current state of play in digital and data capabilities, as well as the benefits of platform programmes, especially with a need to do more for less, improve productivity across the board, reduce risk, and improve the value offering. We cover the importance of standardisation in improving processes at scale, where the opportunities for acceleration are, joined-up platforms in a post-BIM world, the link between the digital and physical worlds, what potential automation has for the industry, and how organisations can cultivate a forward-thinking culture to embrace new technologies and make more informed decisions.
September 8, 2020
Simon Evans: The rise of the Digital Twin
Simon Evans, Delivery Team Lead, National Digital Twin Programme and Associate Director at Arup, joins us to chat about the rise of the Digital Twin. We cover what's exciting the industry about the prospect of Digital Twins, what it really means, examples of it poorly defined and examples of it well implemented, and breaking down the common objections.
September 4, 2020
Sharon Slinger: Implementing diversity and inclusion
Sharon Slinger, Director at Constructing Rainbows, joins us to chat about the current state of diversity within the industry, the barriers to entry in construction, how businesses can implement diversity initiatives, and why being more inclusive is vital to the future of the industry.
August 27, 2020
Suibhne Cullen: Digital Fluency in AEC
We are joined by Suibhne (Siv) Cullen, Director of Digital Delivery at Mott MacDonald in the Asia Pacific Region, to chat about the Digital Fluency in AEC. We cover digital deniers and whether they are willing to adapt, no shortcuts to change, assessing digital fluency, and what is it that is driving digital adoption.
August 24, 2020
Michael McGuire: Starting your career in the Built Environment
We are joined by Michael McGuire, Computer Aided Architectural Design and Technology Worldskills UK Training Manager, to chat about introducing people to Revit, people considering a career in Construction, advice for anyone not realising the full potential of Revit, and overall industry engagement.
August 11, 2020
Amanda McKay: The wider diversity challenge
We are joined by Amanda McKay, Quality Director for the Major Projects business within Balfour Beatty, to chat about the diversity challenge and the current state of the industry. We cover the current agenda around gender and equality, dealing with corporate rhetoric, attracting all talent to the industry, best practice tips for implementing diversity initiatives, such as reverse mentoring, overlooking diversity when times are hard, and the overarching impact of COVID-19.
August 4, 2020
Martin Geach and Shahida Rajabdeen: Information Management Delivery
Martin Geach and Shahida Rajabdeen share their thoughts with Mail Manager's Jacob Wardrop and Guy Seaward about the different perspectives on Information Management Delivery. We cover the different phases of a building’s lifecycle including things you already have, data disciplines, broadening beyond traditional BIM, and building value bringing the client along for the journey.
July 30, 2020
Shelley Lawrence: Women into Construction
Shelley Lawrence leads the Cambridgeshire 'Women into Construction' programme in partnership with award-winning housebuilder, Hill. She joins us to share her thoughts with Mail Manager's Jacob Wardrop and Olivia Rowe about why more women should get involved in Construction, the barriers to entry, the benefits of a diverse workforce, the importance of role models, how has the network changed since the pandemic.
July 24, 2020
Fred Mills: Changing the perception of Construction
We are joined by Fred Mills, Co-Founder and Managing Director at The B1M, to chat about his mission to change the perception of the industry. We cover The B1M's use of engaging video content, contrasted with other industry approaches and an established status quo around how the sector communicates, how we should communicate more outwardly with different generations, and when people first think of the value of Construction, what are they missing?
July 20, 2020
Coenie Nel: Personal development and the role of a Project Manager
We are joined by Coenie Nel, CEO of Creative Project Management Solutions, to chat about personal development as a Project Manager, the role of a Project Manager at the moment, challenges a Project Manager faces, what separates the great from the good Project Managers, and what are we going to keep when the industry returns to a new normal. 
July 14, 2020
Elinor Moshe: How to stand out in a crisis
Elinor Moshe, Founder of The Construction Coach, Podcast Host of Constructing You, Author of Constructing Your Career and Contract Administrator at Icon, joins us to chat about how you can survive and thrive when the going gets tough. We cover coaching vs mentoring, approaches to personal development in the industry as it is today, what you should be doing right now to construct your career, what a mentoring process should look like, how to stand out in a crisis and how businesses can enable this, how life has changed now more people are working remotely, thriving in the social age, and how to remain future focused.
July 7, 2020
Road to Recovery Series: Part 5 - Saul Humphrey on managing a crisis from the board room
Saul Humphrey, Partner at Saul D Humphrey LLP and Chair of New Anglia LEP’s Building Growth, shares his thoughts with Mail Manager's Jacob Wardrop and Guy Seaward about what joins projects together, the role of confidence in a crisis, the different types of recovery and what’s important, the key items on the sustainability agenda, lessons to learn from past recessions, and what things shouldn’t go back to normal?
July 1, 2020
Gavin Crump: Accelerating BIM in Australasia
Gavin Crump, Owner & BIM Consultant, BIM Guru, joins us to discuss his industry experiences covering: No time for strategy, only for billable projects; Justifying return on investment for change to occur; Resistance to change, old dogs/new tricks; organisational change and the need for retainable specialists; The I in BIM often hiding behind the B and the M. We also cover addressing challenges around Information Management, automating the mundane, silo mentality in the industry, the tutorials and resources that have the biggest response, and Gavin's view on the roadmap ahead.
June 26, 2020
Road to Recovery Series: Part 4 - Adrian Hill on how procurement can have a positive effect on the road to recovery
Adrian Hill, Director of Operations at Scape Group, joins us in part 4 of our Road to Recovery series to talk about what construction firms need to be doing when tendering. We cover Scape’s approach to procurement, what shouldn't go back to normal post-COVID, discouraging procurement behaviours of the last recession, and their learning in lockdown initiative. 
June 22, 2020
Road to Recovery Series: Part 3 - Casey Rutland on 15 minutes of fame for digital transformation
Casey Rutland, UK Director of Digital at Royal HaskoningDHV, joins us for part three of our 'Road to Recovery' podcast series. We chat about what the Construction industry is trying to embrace now, the common objections with client demands, what's being accelerated, building an Information Model, advice for firms who are trying to take their first steps on a digital journey, and what it’s been like for firms who were already trying to embrace the benefits of a more digital way of working.
June 15, 2020
Road to Recovery Series: Part 2 - Ann Bentley on surviving and thriving out of a crisis
In part two of our 'Road to Recovery' podcast series, Ann Bentley, Global Board Director at Rider Levett Bucknall and member of the UK Government’s Construction Leadership Council, joins us to share her take on surviving and thriving out of the current crisis. Topics include coming out of a recession and learning's from previous recessions, value creation in the construction industry, what the industry can do to ensure this isn't an entirely negative chapter, where firms should look for pipeline in the future, and has everyone forgotten about Brexit?
June 12, 2020
Road to Recovery Series: Part 1 - Matt Bennion on growing through lockdown
In part one of our 'Road to Recovery' podcast series, Matt Bennion, Chairman at Reds10, joins us to discuss thriving through the pandemic and the tipping point for acceleration for the construction industry. We cover Matt's personal experiences with Reds10, as well as topics such as modular construction, how well the industry was equipped to deal with the current situation, the inevitability of disputes and more.
June 10, 2020
Jeames Hanley: The importance of a digital strategy in a pandemic
Syndey-based Jeames Hanley, a Digital Business Strategist & Technologist, joins us to chat about the importance of a strategy in a pandemic. Jeames goes through his experience of the pandemic and how moving his whole team to work remotely enabled them to still accelerate and bid for projects. We also chat about how the pandemic was accelerating the speed of change, rather than being a barrier, and how this can be underpinned by having a digital strategy, which helps businesses prepare for when something like this happens.  
June 3, 2020
Najma Dunnett: Managing contracts and disputes in an uncertain climate
Najma Dunnet, Senior Associate Legal Counsel at Hoare Lea, joins us to discuss best practice tips on managing contracts and disputes throughout this uncertain time. We cover the changing workforce and the impact on sites, what happens when terms on the contract are made impossible to meet by the current global situation, how understanding clients are being, the role of email in contracts and projects, what PI insurers want to see, and who the biggest offenders are when it comes to contracts. 
May 12, 2020
Paul Johnstone: How to successfully bid for contracts
Paul Johnstone, the founder of 4S Bid Limited, a full-service tender bid consultancy headquartered in Glasgow, joins us to chat about the steps you can take to build a pipeline and a repeatable system so you can successfully bid for contracts again and again. In order to grow, businesses need to win new clients and contracts. We cover the key challenges and frustrations around bidding today, as well as the top tips for ensuring bidding success.
May 5, 2020
Kjersti Lerkerod: The effect of pandemics on contract disputes
Oslo-based senior lawyer Kjersti Lerkerod joins Mario Christophides to discuss the challenges with handling disputes in these uncertain times, as well as her best tips for managing contract disputes in general and the impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on the industry. Here are Kjersti's five top tips for handling dispute challenges relating to coronavirus in a construction project: Make sure to notify claims according to the contract Take reasonable efforts to try to overcome the obstacles Produce and transmit documentation identifying the negative impact of the coronavirus, for example, daily or weekly reports Initiate a constructive dialogue with your contract parties Be careful to distinguish between corona related challenges and other obstacles in a project. The latter should be notified and documented separately
April 17, 2020
Jo Dodds: Employee engagement and personal productivity
Employee engagement and personal productivity consultant Jo Dodds joins us for episode 10. We discuss how businesses can better engage a dispersed workforce and how an employee can work more productively remotely - both particularly relevant topics considering the current rise in remote working.
April 8, 2020
Dame Judith Hackitt: Safer buildings & the Golden Thread of Information
Dame Judith Hackitt chats with Jacob about all things building safety, including managing and maintaining building safety, moving the focus from making buildings for the least amount of money to creating buildings that have safety at its core, regulatory changes, and the need for the 'Golden Thread of Information' throughout a buildings lifecycle and what it means in pragmatic terms.
March 2, 2020
Paul Shillcock: People, processes and technology
Paul Shillcock, MD at Operam and the co-author of ISO standards, joins us to discuss ISO 19650 and the enablers and barriers for adopting good information management.
February 25, 2020
How to get rid of your document management system when nobody uses it?
Podcast co-hosts Jacob and Chris discuss the death of document management, covering topics on how to get rid of a legacy system, why document management systems have low user adoption, the challenges associated with where data resides, and the barriers to change.
February 12, 2020
Ben Channon: Mental wellbeing and health in Construction
Ben Channon joins Jacob and Chris to discuss the serious topic of mental health and wellbeing in the industry. We cover Ben's personal journey, the perceptions of mental health, tips for businesses to implement change and individuals to handle the pressures of the industry, and what 'wellbeing by design' is all about.
February 5, 2020
Dan Rossiter: Digital Fluency in Construction
Dan Rossiter, the sector lead for digital transformation at the British Standards Institution, joins Chris to discuss the topic of 'Digital Fluency' in Construction. Hear about the challenges associated with the digital skills shortage, how businesses can implement change, what skills are important today, and more.
January 29, 2020
Paul Wilkinson: The digitisation of the Construction industry
Paul joins Jacob and Chris to provide his thoughts on how the Construction industry can digitise better. We cover the challenges with digital initiatives, the business case, examples of digital transformation done well, change management tips, and more.
November 27, 2019
Rob Charlton: The business case for Digital Twins in the built environment
Rob Charlton, CEO of Space Group, joins us to talk about the business case for Digital Twins in the built environment. We chat about the benefits and the challenges, and discuss practical advice for adoption.
November 14, 2019
Sarah Fox: Avoiding contract disputes before they happen
For episode 2, Jacob and Chris are joined by Contract Strategist, Sarah Fox. We discuss the problems faced by companies in Construction administering contracts, getting paid on time, best practice examples, and a simplified approach to the traditional Construction contract.
October 29, 2019
Vicki Reynolds: Women in BIM and digital strategies
We are delighted to have Vicki Reynolds as our first guest. Vicki is part of the Women in BIM core team and a Digital Manager at Multiplex. Jacob Wardrop and Chris Smith chat with Vicki about Women in BIM, making the construction industry appealing for all, BIM strategies and selling the benefits of BIM.
October 14, 2019