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Maine ASCD: The Podcast

Maine ASCD: The Podcast

By Maine ASCD
Maine educators talking about the Whole Child tenets and other things awesome happening in Maine schools.
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Empathy & Kindness with Dr. Leigh Alley

Maine ASCD: The Podcast

Empathy & Kindness with Dr. Leigh Alley

Maine ASCD: The Podcast

Tips for Remote Teaching
In this episode, @MEASCD Executive Director Dr. Leigh Alley and President Matt Drewette-Card (@DrewetteCard) talk tips for remote teaching with our friends @NHASCD Executive Director, Jan Yost, and President-Elect, Steve Lebel.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@MEASCD), and on Facebook (  Reach out and talk back.  Thanks for listening!
November 14, 2020
Putting the ME in ASCD
Maine ASCD: The Podcast returns for Season 2!  We've been off since April because... well... I'm sure most people know why. Things have been crazy, to say the least.  Today MEASCD President Matt Drewette-Card (@DrewetteCard) and MEASCD Executive Director Dr. Leigh Alley catch up on what's been happening since April, where MEASCD is now, and where MEASCD is going. We discuss what it's been like these last few months; reflect on and celebrate the MEASCD Micro-Credential Suite and our winning of the Affiliate Excellence Award for Professional Learning (2020), our new website (, and more. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@MEASCD), and on Facebook (  Drop a comment; leave us a review. Thanks for listening!
October 29, 2020
This Too Shall Pass
Maine ASCD President Matt @DrewetteCard tells a story, talks about hopes and fears, and shares his beliefs on how we will all get through this... together.
April 21, 2020
What Maine's Curriculum Leader of the Year Wishes People Knew About Public Education in America
Maine ASCD Executive Director, Dr. Leigh Alley, talks with 2019 Maine Curriculum Leader of the Year, Dr. Julie Meltzer, about the Whole Child, democratized access, and what they wish people knew about public education in America.
April 8, 2020
The Importance Of Connection... Now, More Than Ever
This episode is nothing fancy, but incredibly important. It‘s about the power and value of CONNECTION, and the impact it can have during a crisis. The message: you matter, and your ideas matter. To share your genius, because your idea that you think isn’t much of anything could be a game changer for someone else. Get connected; stay connected; and we’ll make it through this.
March 18, 2020
February 2020 Member Spotlight: NATALEE STOTZ
Maine ASCD President has a post-February vacation conversation with our February 2020 Member Spotlight NATALEE STOTZ. They talk about go-to resources, the power of relationships and connections, and the difference in education between rural and urban communities. Follow Natalee on Twitter @nataleestotz, or on Instagram @nstotz. Also connect with using the #RuralEdChat hashtag. Natalee recommends following @ASCD, @Edutopia, Dan Ryder (@WickedDecent), @PennyKittle, and Laura Thomas (@CriticalSkills1). Follow us on Twitter @MaineASCD; on Facebook at; or email us at Be on the lookout for the Journal of Maine Education coming out in mid-March, and become a WHOLE CHILD CHAMPION through our suite of Whole Child micro-credentials. Thanks for downloading, subscribing, and listening!
February 26, 2020
PREVIEW of the 2019 Journal of Maine Education: Reflections on Life in Schools Today
This episode of Maine ASCD:The Podcast is a preview of the soon-to-be-published JOURNAL OF MAINE EDUCATION. It is the 35th edition, and this years theme is “Reflections on Life in Schools Today.” Special thanks to our editors Beth Schultz & Joyce Turrell for leading, facilitating, and coordinating the article collection and editing process! The journal will be released in mid-March for Maine ASCD members ONLY. Become a member through our website: for $40/year.
February 13, 2020
Spotlight a Member (January 2020): TAMARA RANGER
January 2020 Member Spotlight TAMARA RANGER, Educator Excellence Coordinator for the Maine Department of Education and long time Middle School educator chats with Maine ASCD President Matt Drewette-Card to talk about resources, inspirations, and the power of ENGAGEMENT. Contact her on Twitter @TamaraRanger, or via email ( Go to for more info about us, & be sure to follow us on Twitter @MaineASCD & on Facebook (
January 23, 2020
Engagement & Challenge with Bill Zima (Marzano Academies)
Maine ASCD Executive Director Dr. Leigh Alley talks Engagement and Challenge with BILL ZIMA, longtime Maine ASCD member and Director of Implementation for Marzano Academies. Topics discussed include rigor, assessment and evaluation, student voice and choice, inspiration, and aspiration. For more information on Marzano Academies, go to Follow Bill Zima on Twitter @ZimaW. Follow Maine ASCD on Twitter @MaineASCD, & on Facebook Got a question for Dr. Leigh, or Maine ASCD? Email us at More information about Maine ASCD at
January 13, 2020
Humane Education & the Whole Child Interview with Zoe Weil (@HumaneEducation)
Maine ASCD Executive Director, Dr. Leigh Alley, talks Humane Education and the Whole Child with Institute for Humane Education (@HumaneEducation) Co-Founder and President, Zoe Weil. Topics explored include living out the MOGO (Most Good, Least Harm) Principle and the importance recognizing inhumane and unsustainable systems and devising Solutionary Solutions—ones that are healthy and just for people, animals, and the environment. Follow us on Twitter @MaineASCD, on Facebook at More info on our Whole Child Micro-Credentials, resources, and membership on our website:
December 26, 2019
Instructional Coaching & the Whole Child featuring Courtney & Matt from MCLA
Matt @DrewetteCard talks with Maine Curriculum Leaders Association’s Executive Director Courtney Belolan (@BelolanC), and President-Elect Matthew Shea (@WinthropDoTL) about Instructional Coaching, imposter syndrome, the importance of learning targets, and planning for the Whole Child. Find out more about MCLA on Twitter @MaineCLA, or on their website Follow us on Twitter @MaineASCD, and become a Maine ASCD member (only $40!) to get access to tons of resources, and discounts on professional learning opportunities. Go to for more information.
December 23, 2019
Paula Bourque: Spotlight a Member (December 2019)
Matt @DrewetteCard talks with PAULA BOURQUE (@LitCoachLady)! Follow her blog: Go to her website: PaulaBourque.Com. Interested in the Maine Literacy Council? Go to, or Follow us @MaineASCD and Go to our website ( for info on upcoming events, our micro-credential suite to support educators becoming WHOLE CHILD CHAMPIONS, and more.
December 16, 2019
Empathy & Kindness with Dr. Leigh Alley
Matt (@DrewetteCard) talks with @MaineASCD Executive Director DR. LEIGH ALLEY about trauma informed schools, empathy, and the role kindness and compassion play in the lives of our learners AND educators. In the end, it’s important to “Stop Ignoring the Casual Cruelties.” Follow us on Twitter (@MaineASCD) & Facebook ( Go to our website for information & resources, including a MEMBERS ONLY area for resources specifically devoted to trauma-informed schools. Become a member by going to, and clicking the “Membership” tab.
December 11, 2019
Jeff Bailey - Supporting, Challenging, and Engaging ALL Learners
Matt @DrewetteCard talks with #edurockstar & 2014 Oxford County Teacher of the Year JEFF BAILEY (@jbailey8) about how he uses technology, flipped classrooms, , personalized learning, and computer science to support, engage, and challenge ALL learners. Follow us on Twitter (@MaineASCD) and go to our website ( for information on events, membership (only $40/year with tons of members only resources and discounts), and professional learning opportunities.
December 2, 2019
Spotlight a Member: MARY BELLAVANCE
Matt @DrewetteCard chats with Mary Bellavance (@marybellavance), the @MaineASCD Member Spotlight for November 2019! Follow us on Twitter @MaineASCD, & go to our website ( for information about becoming a Whole Child Champion and a member (only $40/year... with LOTS of discounts & members-only resources!).
November 19, 2019
Shannon Shanning: Spotlight A Member
This episode we highlight Shannon Shanning, Maine ASCD President (through 2019) and Maine Teacher of the Year 2013. Follow her on Twitter @sshanning28. While there, also follow Matt @DrewetteCard and us, @MaineASCD. Join us at the ACTEM conference in Augusta on October 11 as we will be sharing the Whole Child framework and certification process through our microcredential suite.
October 4, 2019
Dr. Leigh Alley: Spotlight a Member (August 2019]
Matt sits down with Maine ASCD Executive Director Dr. Leigh Alley to discuss her go-to resource, which Whole Child tenets is her strength, what keeps her sane in education, and a bit about professional wrestling.
August 20, 2019
Spotlight a Member: Matt Drewette-Card
Matt Drewette-Card (@DrewetteCard), @MaineASCD President & Curriculum Director for @AOS94ME, talks with... himself ... about being July 2019 “Spotlight a Member.” Plus, a special visit from his feline friend Rambo.
August 9, 2019
Episode 0 - The Preview
Maine ASCD Board Members Matt Drewette-Card, Shannon Shanning, Leigh Alley, & Mary Bellavance welcome a new adventure: “Maine ASCD: The Podcast.” Hit subscribe and follow us on Twitter @MEASCD!
July 9, 2019
July 8, 2019
July 8, 2019