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The MSW Podcast

The MSW Podcast

By Jessica Rucker
The official Main Street Waterloo podcast. Join us as we talk to City officials, volunteers, developers and more about how far Downtown Waterloo has come in the past 25 years and what is yet to come.
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Creating success by working together
In this episode we sit down with Councilperson Sharon Juon and discuss how Main Street Waterloo came to be.  Three organizations were working to improve downtown and when they came together to form an accredited Main Street community, we became unstoppable. 
August 03, 2021
Live, Work, and Play in Downtown Waterloo
This month we sit down with John Hayes, a long time Main Street Waterloo volunteer and a business and property owner in downtown.  John shares stories about some of the significant projects like saving the Wonder Bread building and the 4th St Canopy and why events are important and the impact they have on downtown Waterloo.  John has lived in downtown, worked in downtown, and plays in downtown and tells us why it is a great place to Live, Work and Play!
June 01, 2021
How we change the image of Downtown Waterloo
Join us for a conversation with former Main Street Waterloo Director, Terry Poe Buschkamp, as we take a look at how events have help to change the image of Downtown Waterloo. 
May 04, 2021
BONUS Episode: Friday Loo 2021
In this episode we sit down with the co-chairs of Friday Loo to talk about the summer concert series. 
April 30, 2021
How far we have come with former Mayor John Rooff
This month we had the opportunity to sit down with former Mayor John Rooff to discuss how far we have come as a community. John shared stories of how some of the most impactful projects in Downtown Waterloo came to be. 
April 06, 2021
A visit with former Waterloo Mayor Tim Hurley
I had the opportunity to sit down with former Waterloo Mayor Tim Hurley to hear about his passion for Downtown Waterloo. We discussed the projects he played a role in making come to fruition and how he is still involved with making Downtown Waterloo thrive. 
March 02, 2021
BONUS Episode: Taste of Loo
Lindsay Pieters, from Experience Waterloo, and I talk about the changes to this year's event and how you can participate!
February 09, 2021
Events with Cindy Wells
In this episode we visit with Cindy Wells, a long time volunteer with the organization.  Cindy discusses how the organization came to be and the history of several of the events hosted by Main Street Waterloo. 
February 02, 2021
Introduction to Main Street Waterloo
This episode provides you with a brief understanding of who, and what Main Street Waterloo does to help our Downtown.
January 29, 2021
Mayor Quentin Hart
In this episode we visit with Mayor Hart to discuss how far Downtown Waterloo has come and a look at what's to come.  
January 28, 2021