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MAJAMAS EARTH is an eco-friendly, ethical USA MADE clothing company committed to sustainable living in every way possible. In this podcast, we'll share some unique perspectives about the fashion industry, interview other sustainability experts, and include helpful tips for both individuals and businesses to lower their impact on our planet. Join ME in rethinking the ways we shop, the products we consume and the habits we form on a daily basis so we can restore the earth and help stop climate change.
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Clean ME Up With A Beer & Cigarettes


It Takes A Brave Soul
In 2005 Christal Earle was working as a Humanitarian Aid in the Dominican Republic alongside people who made their living out of the world's trash. She saw millions of items that had reached their end of life, but not their end of use, including the billions of tires that end up in the world's landfills each year. In this episode, I speak with Christal about her inspiration to launch Brave Soles to create handcrafted sandals and accessories from old tires and upcycled leathers. Despite the damage she's seen us do to people and the planet, Christal is one of the bravest, most positive people I've had the pleasure to speak with. Her story will inspire you and help you see that Climate Change doesn't have to destroy us and that it may actually present the best opportunity to create a business. I hope you enjoy this episode.
January 22, 2022
The True Cost of Your Undies
Ever wonder why a skimpy pair of underwear costs so much? What about all the bras out there? How can such small garments be so expensive? In this episode, we speak with Kristen Anderson, a fellow designer of intimate apparel, driven entrepreneur, and owner of KRSTN NDRSN Design Studio. Kristen explains why great fitting intimates aren't cheap and reveals the amount of work involved to make sure each pair fits perfectly. But in this episode, we don't just get into your underwear... Hear what really happens when you own a clothing company, from the challenges brand owners face, to the vast knowledge needed to make a brand grow, and the importance of knowing when to let go. Most importantly, we discuss the importance of doing work that continues to light you up. So take off your underwear, and take a good look at it while you listen to ME, because there's no such thing as a "simple design" - regardless of how small the garment may be.
November 11, 2021
Queer Brown Vegan
Isaias Hernandez is used to tackling tough topics. In this episode, we discuss his work as an environmental justice educator, teaching the rest of us why BIPOC communities experience the biggest impacts from Climate Change. He speaks honestly about growing up the son of Mexican immigrants, living in Tongva-land in Southern California, and coming to grips with his childhood that was so very different from his peers at Berkeley. We learn how to relearn what we've been taught in history class for eons and just how difficult that process can be when it doesn't match our reality. Our discussion reminded ME that a healthy, sustainable lifestyle should be a right and not a privilege.
October 08, 2021
Clean ME Up With A Beer & Cigarettes
Most of us would hurl after drinking a beer with an old cigarette floating on top, but Danielle Martin, owner of Soap Distillery was inspired. Years later, that event helped her launch a boozy scented line of products that evoke a sense of nostalgia, are richly layered and mostly plastic free. In this episode, we speak with Danielle about what motivated her to start her business, what sets her apart from the bigger beauty brands, what it's like being a boss and why it's so important to make products that are kinder to the planet and a cut above the rest. So join ME in a boozy candle and engaging conversation, no hangover, guaranteed.
September 10, 2021
The Feed We Need
Lindsay Christinee, talented journalist behind The Wellness Feed, shares her transition from tabloids to sustainability newsletters (AND everything from sustainable living and self care to travel, fashion and food). She highlights her research on ethical, eco-friendly beauty, apparel and other brands who are operating responsibly on her site. Join ME to hear why she believes brand transparency is key to knowing who you're buying from and why now, more than ever, we all need to support companies who are doing their best to minimize their impact on the planet. 
August 21, 2021
Sailing the Far Side
Sascha and Nathalie Meyers, two fearless sisters, have been living on their sailboat for over seven months. Find out the challenges they face living a sustainable lifestyle at sea (you bet it includes solar & wind power!), and fighting to change the impact human behavior is having on our oceans. From plastic pollution to oil spills, find out how we can teach sustainability overseas and continue to see the beauty in nature, even during the darkest storms.
July 09, 2021
Balancing Dad and ME
How can you balance being a connected parent and a successful entrepreneur? For those of you who think Germaine Caprio manages MAJAMAS EARTH solo, think again! Russell Curry is right by her side, helping with all the logistics, problem-solving and heavy lifting that comes with owning an eco-friendly clothing company, all while being a dedicated, hands-on dad. Get a humorous behind-the-scenes view of how this husband-and-wife duo launched their small Chicago business and raised two girls along the way (who will never forgive them for the long Spring Break road trips to Mid-west Whole Foods stores)... Happy Father's Day to the dads who wear many hats!
June 20, 2021
Nothing Goes to Waste
When Covid shut down Broadway last year, Jessica Naimy and Ben Mayne decided to pursue their second passion; saving the planet from single-use plastics. In this episode, we discuss their inspiration for moving to Chicago to open their pop-up, The Unwaste Shop. We hear what it's like to be married to your business partner, how Ben was raised to be a sustainable-living adult and that beer and cigarettes can actually make a great smelling candle. 
June 10, 2021
The Whole Package
Last year, when most of us were only thinking about the color of yoga pants we wanted to buy, Saloni Doshi and her husband Kyle Wente, owners of EcoEnclose were working on the best packaging to ship them in. In Episode 5 of the Care What You Wear Podcast, I get a chance to speak with Saloni about how the packaging we get our products in helps conscious, e-commerce brands support the planet. We cover everything from how to recycle your plastic bags to Climate Change burnout and more. Join ME to learn how paying attention to the package on your porch is just as important as what's inside it.
May 28, 2021
Come On To My House
Back in 2015, Jessie Stokes wanted to share her experiment with living sustainably so she started blogging. Since then, her site has grown into a one stop shop for all things eco-friendly and plant based that aren't packaged in plastic. In this episode, we discuss her mission to find zero waste products that are not only good for us but good for the planet, the challenges of running a business with a toddler and the importance of taking baby steps to live a sustainable lifestyle.
May 14, 2021
Teach Your Children
“From protecting the smallest creatures to inspiring an eco friendly clothing company, my mother taught me so much.” In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating company owner Germaine Caprio’s mom & sharing funny, inspirational stories from her siblings, seeing how much moms can shape our future selves, without us even knowing it. “Teach your children what you believe in; Make a world they can live in.” - Crosby Stills, Nash & Young
May 07, 2021
Have You Done Good?
What if you could shop for all sustainable products, all in one place? You can with Done Good: “The Amazon of Social Good”! We're SO proud to collaborate with this ethical online marketplace & share an exclusive interview with their conscious CEO, Cullen Schwarz.
April 29, 2021
The Power of Our Purchases
Every purchase we make packs power. This Earth Day, we’re hoping to inspire our listeners to think before they buy.
April 21, 2021