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Tales from the Majestic Mothership

Tales from the Majestic Mothership

By Majestic Hudson
Hosted by Jennifer Llewellyn, creator of Majestic Hudson Lifestyle Boutique to discuss crystals, folklore, creative energies, all while maybe having some laughs and glasses of wine along the way.
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Sacred Pauses: Poetry Reading: "Song of the Open Road"
Need a new healthy distraction?  Jen's new series from Tales from the Majestic Mothership is "Sacred Pauses: Poetry Reading." As a lover of poetry and all things sacred, Jen will read for you from her personal bookshelf - yes, the printed word - her splendid choice of an EPIC poem.  This is a great way to get a dose of the written word infused into your system! These poems act as an inspirational wake me up, coffee break, or a genuine bedtime story. Who doesn't like an open mic? If you miss that feeling this series is for you!
September 8, 2021
2. La Dolce Vita: Retreat + Ritual
Welcome back! Today Ellie Prusko rejoins us as we discuss Selenite, how to have a retreat wherever you go, and a magical, Italian perfume fish. 
August 16, 2021
1. Manifestors + Mermaids
Welcome to our first episode of Tales from the Majestic Mothership! Today we're joined by Ellie Prusko as we delve into Aquamarine, weird summer energy, and harnessing your true mermaid power!
July 17, 2021