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Major League A*Holes: The Show

Major League A*Holes: The Show

By Word Hole Media
“Baseball opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one and most of them stink. “ – Harry Caray

Major League A*Holes: The Show is an irreverent baseball podcast by a couple of opinionated pricks on opposite sides of Chicago. We focus on the Cubs and White Sox, but we also delve into the Tigers, Giants, and MLB in general when we feel like it.
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38 | White Sox Seize Chicago By The Balls

Major League A*Holes: The Show

45 | White Sox Manager Search Devolves Into Madness!!
Renteria and Coop feel the Wrath of Hahn, chaos ensues  |  Tony La Russa? Are you fucking kidding me??  |  More manager candidates emerge with varying degrees of plausibility  |  Postseason Talk: Can we just get to a Rays/Braves World Series already?  |  Strip Club Knife Fight: hair metal band name or a night out with Tommy Pham?  |  Billy Beane applies Moneyball to European lawn sport
October 16, 2020
44 | Huge Decisions Facing Cubs/Sox/Tigers this Offseason
Cubs predictably flame out again — maybe a bit TOO predictably?  |  Top 5 questions for the White Sox offseason  |  A look at the Tigers managerial options  |  A strange postseason continues without us  |  Asshole of the Week: David Kaplan
October 9, 2020
43 | Renteria Exposed as Sox Exit Postseason
A panicking Renteria blew any chance the Sox had  |  Cubs are still suffering from premature cancellation issues  |  MLB postseason rife with anomalies and injuries  |  Crosstown Series Recap: Now who owns Chicago?  |  Asshole of the Week: Jimmy "Tough Guy" Cordero  |  More funny Shit We Couldn't Make Up
October 2, 2020
42 | Chicago: From the Capital of Baseball to the Shitshow of Baseball
Our thoughts entering a Crosstown Series that feels much stranger than expected  |  Renteria is now clearly costing the Sox wins  |  Cubs offensive production is offensive (and chronic)  |  A sad, but fond farewell to Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire  |  Giants playoff hopes in the balance  |  We name our All-A*Holes Team from the best players from our 4 clubs  |  Ozzie Guillen should be managing in MLB  |  Shit We Couldn't Make Up: 2020 has been full of statical anomalies and bizarre fan behavior  |  Asshole of the Week: Angel Hernandez (again)
September 25, 2020
41 | Chicago is the Goddamn Capital of Baseball
White Sox are FINALLY back in the fucking playoffs!  |  Heyward's homer turns Cubs' season around  |  Mills delivers MLB's second no-hitter  | Wildfires fuck with Giants schedule  |   Asshole of the Week: journalist Bob Nightengale is terrible at journalism  |  Tigers' Candelario wins AL Player of the Week  |  Drone delay at Wrigley just more Shit We Couldn't Make Up  |  Booze banned for postseason celebrations  |  ASSthetics: worst-to-best Sox uniform rankings
September 18, 2020
40 | White Sox Cruising While Cubs Straddle Mendoza Line
Dallas Keuchel's mysterious back injury looks like the only speed bump on their way to the playoffs  |  Congrats to Trevor Bauer for shoving it up Cubs' asses in a meaningless game  | The Javy Baez Excuse Machine keeps churning out bullshit  |  Giants bats power playoff run  | Tigers lose 19-0 but are still in the playoff hunt and more Shit We Couldn't Make Up  | Asshole of the Week: "COVID" Joe West rears his fat, ugly head again
September 11, 2020
39 | Post-Trade Deadline: Now Shit's Getting Serious
Honoring former White Sox and Hall of Fame legend, Tom Seaver  |  Cubs outfielders make history  |  SOXual Harassment: Rick Renteria's gut is giving PV indigestion  |  You’re lying if you had the Tigers at .500 past the halfway point  |  Giants suffering from pitching/offense role reversals  |  ASSthetics: Padres are on FIRE and so are their neo-retro uniforms  |  Aroldis Chapman's asshole legacy continues
September 4, 2020
38 | White Sox Seize Chicago By The Balls
Lucas Giolito Throws a NO-NO!  |  Rivalry Weeks Recap  |  Player of the Week: Jose Abreu  |  TRADE DEADLINE: Strategies & Targets  |  Cubs Rub: Javy Baez Struggles Due to Lack of Crowds  |  More Shit We Couldn't Make Up  |  Asshole of the Week: Bruce Levine
August 28, 2020
37 | RIVALRY WEEKS: It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!
Cubs/Cards, Tigers/Sox, Sox/Cubs, Cub/Tigers... OH MY!!  |  Mark Grace is the "dingbat"  |  Fernando Tatis Jr. should be on the South Side  |  More Shit We Couldn't Make Up  |  Thom Brennaman wins Asshole of the Week in a landslide
August 21, 2020
36 | Cubs are Kings of a Terrible Division
Yu is not fucking around anymore  |  Rizzo adds some serious bling to his game  |  White Sox are righting the ship despite Rick Renteria's best efforts to fuck it all up  |  How to solve the growing Cardinals issue  |  ASSthetics of Baseball: Nike logo is ruining Tigers jersey  |  Why the fuck are the Astros picking fights??  |  Asshole(s) of the Week: Zach Plesac & Mike Clevinger
August 14, 2020
35 | Way Too Early Red Line World Series Trash Talk
Cubs win our premature breakdown of the 2020 Cubs/Sox World Series | White Sox have made Chicago the "City of Bad Shoulders"  |  Public masturbation, brO-HIO hatred from Ozzie, terrible excuses from Jeter, and more of the funniest Shit We Couldn't Make Up  | Asshole of the Week: Cards president, John Mozeliak
August 7, 2020
34 | A Predictably Fucked Up Week 1
BREAKING outbreak news is getting a little too close to home  |  Cubs offense and starters looking solid, but the bullpen is a fucking disaster  |  White Sox offense is potent despite questionable lineup construction  |  Tigers are leading baseball in homers... and strikeouts  |  Giants/YAZ using aerodynamics to their advantage?  |  #FreeJoeKelly  | Asshole of the Week: Miami Marlins
July 31, 2020
33 | Happy Opening Fucking Day!
BREAKING Marquee Network News: Comcast deal is DONE and it's about fucking time  |  White Sox kicked the shit out of the Cubs this week, for what it's worth (not much)   |  What the Mookie Betts blockbuster deal means for the Cubs trying to resign Bryant/Baez  |  SOXual Harassment: No More Mazara?   |  TIGER SHIT: The Jordan Zimmerman Disaster and service time manipulation  |  Expanded playoffs made too much sense to pass up  |  Toronto can't play in Toronto and other Shit We Couldn't Make Up  |  The #CardboardPeteNeedsaSeat at Sox Park saga continues...   |  Asshole of the Week: The Cleveland Baseball Team
July 24, 2020
32 | 2020 Season Preview? (if we're lucky)
Hendricks named Cubs Opening Day starter | Rizzo's bad back is no reason to panic | Fallout from Kopech opting out | Our 2020 Season Preview? with playoff, MVP, and Cy Young predictions | Asshole of the Week: Jerry Reinsdorf
July 17, 2020
31 | MLB's Not-So-Happy Summer Campers
2020 Schedule 2.0: Our in-depth breakdown of the Cubs, Sox, Tigers, and Giants 60-game schedules | Field of Dreams game during a pandemic could easily become a nightmare | MLB’s COVID-19 testing program got off to a rocky start | SOXual Harassment: transparency vs. privacy with testing results puts Yoan Moncada, Michael Kopech, and Rick Hahn in an awkward spot | CUBS RUB: Somebody needs to buy Jose Quintana a goddamn dishwasher! | Don’t be fooled, Cleveland is changing their name only because “Indians” is finally now costing them more money than it’s earning | #CardboardPeteNeedsASeat at Sox Park for charity! | Asshole of the Week: “COVID” Joe West
July 10, 2020
30 | Welcome to Summer Camp 2020!
Players have reported and we analyze the Cubs, Sox, Tigers, and Giants 60-man roster strategies | To play, or not to play? That is the question | What will a 2020 World Series title* really mean? | Help us get "Cardboard Pete" a seat for Giants home games! | More funny Shit We Couldn't Make Up | Asshole of the Week: MLB attempts to murder Minor League Baseball
July 2, 2020
29 | There Will Be Baseball
PLAY FUCKING BALL! Baseball is BACK (maybe) so what will the truncated season look like? | Fans in the stands would be a welcome sight, but the logistics would be fraught with issue | Are we finally getting a Marquee Network deal with Comcast? | CUBS RUB: Instead of a hype video, an apology and a thank you to the fans for putting up with this shit would've been more appropriate | More funny shit we couldn't make up across MLB | GIGANTISM: Oracle Park gets some real bullpens while fans get personalized cardboard cutouts | Asshole of the Week: MLB & MLBPA
June 26, 2020
28 | SPECIAL REPORT: Threat Level Manfred
The latest on MLB's "proposal" to return to play  |  Is MLB trying to cover up a Yankees' cheating scandal?  |  A mixed "Long Gone Summer" review  | Did Albert Belle have a better 1998 than Sosa?  | Asshole of the Week emeritus Rob Manfred, of course
June 18, 2020
27 | The Official A-Holes' 2020 MLB Draft Recap
2020 MLB Draft recap | $hit $how: Millionaires vs Billionaires latest developments | NEW SEGMENT: Shit We Couldn't Make Up | 30 for 30 "Long Gone Summer" preview | PV's Wrigley Rickshaw Story | Plus, a very special Asshole of the Week
June 12, 2020
26 | A Simple $hit $how Solution
Millionaires & Billionaires can solve their $hit $how with an 82-game season and some deferred payments | CUBS RUB: Tom Ricketts needs to stop talking | ASSHOLE OF THE WEEK: Washington Nationals | 2020 MLB Draft Projections for the Tigers, Sox, Giants, and Cubs | BREAKING Trevor Bauer dating news!!
June 4, 2020
25 | Owners Master the Art of Assholish Negotiation
Millionaires vs. Billionaires saga continues: The Players Strike Back | Can a $hit Show find common ground? | Bauer vs. Boras vs. Ricketts | Asshole of the Week: Angels owner Arte Moreno | Moneyball 2: With A Vengeance: Gutting the Minor Leagues | Hypothetical expansion draft: Cubs/Sox protected players
May 29, 2020
24 | The $hit $how Must Go On...
Millionaires vs Billionaires update | No licking, no spitting, no fighting! | Potential playoff plans | Cubs payroll reductions | Last Dance takeaways: Jerry Reinsdorf is cheap | Asshole of the Week: Alex Rodriguez | Sounds of Silence
May 21, 2020
23 | Battle of Millionaires vs. Billionaires Begins
The war of words between the owner and MLBPA has begun  |  Fallout from the 2020 MLB draft being cut to just 5 rounds  |  Blake Snell's timing might be poor, but he isn't wrong  |  Asshole of the Week: J.B. Pritzker  |  Cubs Run: Sinclair Broadcast Group are a bunch of scumbags  |  Marquee Network News  |  Tigers Shit: 10 years later, Armando Galarraga wants credit for his (im)Perfect Game
May 15, 2020
22 | Could Labor Strife Fuck Up MLB's Potential Return?
MLB's newest contingency proposal goes to the Players Association for approval, but could money derail everything?  |  The Asshole's Guide to Korean Baseball  | Fake Baseball Updates: Baseball Reference sim, MLB The Show 20 Players League  |  Tigers' draft options: Spencer Torkelson or Austin Martin  |  Asshole of the Week: Miami Marlins & Tampa Bay Rays
May 7, 2020
21 | It's The End Of The NL/AL As We Know It!
MLB's newest contingency plan to return to home (but empty) stadiums is the best yet by far  |  Imagining what baseball would've looked like one month into the season | MLB finally buckled under our pressure to finally offer ticket refunds |  Another Cubs fan sues after being hit by a foul ball  |  Could MLB Expansion could be on the horizon?  |  Asshole of the Week: Pirates owner, Bob Nutting
May 1, 2020
20 | Not a Great Week for Rob Manfred
No Refund update: Lawsuit! | Asshole of the Week: Rob Manfred | The "Three Hub" Idea pros and cons | Cubs choose not to participate in COVID-19 antibody study | Michael Jordan/Sox conspiracy theories | Baseball Reference 2020 season simulation update | Sox Park & Wrigley Field Concessions Draft
April 23, 2020
19 | Cubs vs. Sox in a New Economic Reality
EPISODE 19 - A savior is born: Christ Bryant had a baby! - Big Hurt vs Mike Trout - Cactus League & Grapefruit League "idea" - Effects of a new economic reality on the Cubs & Sox - More sim updates because that's all we've got right now - Asshole of the Week: MLB for not offering ticket refunds
April 17, 2020
18 | Fuck it, Just Build a Goddamn Bio Dome!
- Tribute to “Mr. Tiger” Al Kaline - Could MLB’s metaphorical “bio dome” bring back baseball as soon as May? - Local TV is dropping the ball - Simulated baseball is the only baseball stimulation we’Ve got right now
April 9, 2020
17 | MLB Labor News: Cubs Get Fucked, Tigers Win, Sox in Between
EPISODE 17 • RIP Ed Farmer • Latest MLB schedule contingency plans • New labor agreement winners and losers • MLB The Show 20 game review • Our top baseball movie picks • Asshole of the Week: Evan Gattis
April 3, 2020
16 | The Baseball Fan's Pandemic Survival Guide
- How a 162-game schedule could still possibly work. - Asshole of the Week: Rob Manfred for suggesting MLB cancel the draft to save some cash. - Worst free-agent signings in the history of the Cubs, White Sox, Tigers, and Giants. - Streaming Guide for the Apocalypse
March 25, 2020
15 | PLOT TWIST in the Marquee Network Drama!
- Marquee Network Review: 2016 Run for the Ring - New MLB schedule contingency plans - Worst trades in Cubs, Sox, Tigers, and Giants history - What we're watching instead of baseball  - Asshole of the Week: COVID-19
March 20, 2020
14 | Moncada Deal + More Marquee Network Drama
Is the new Yoan Moncada deal really "team friendly"? More bad news for Marquee Network on YouTube TV and Comcast fronts. Tigers fans FINALLY seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Whining isn't going to get Barry Bonds into the Hall. The 3-batter minimum is an opportunity, but few are choosing to see it. Plus, Asshole of the Week: Parlay Patz.
March 10, 2020
13 | Playoffs or Bust, Bitches!
Theo and Joe officially bury the hatchet on national TV, but Bryzzo steals the show. MORE Marquee Network drama with YouTube TV. NEW segments "Cubs Rub" and "SOXual Harassment" tackle issues on both sides of town. Dallas Keuchel's mom gives Sox a perfectly profane slogan for 2020. MLB cracks down on video tech in the dugout and sticky substances for pitchers. PLUS, Asshole of the Week: Jim Crane.
March 4, 2020
12 | STRAP IT ON — Spring Training Begins!
Does Grandpa Rossy need a well-being check? Will the Kris Bryant leadoff experiment work? Sox extend Aaron Bummer and now possibly Yoan Moncada? Say hello to Mason Saunders! Madison Bumgarner goes undercover to join the rodeo. Asshole of the Week: David Ortiz vs. Rob Manfred vs. litigious daily fantasy gamblers.
February 25, 2020
11 | Baseball is a Total Shitshow
The current state of baseball can only be described as a total shitshow. Rob Manfred is apologizing to trophies and blaming the Players Union for granting immunity to Astros players. Players are fuming at Astros players. Carlos Correa and Astros players aren't sorry about anything other than getting caught. Theo Epstein and Joe Maddon are politely feuding in the media. Hell, even Kris Bryant is showing some anger!
February 19, 2020
10 | What the Betts Trade Says About Bryant's Trade Value
- What does the Mookie Betts deal mean for what the Cubs might get in return for Kris Bryant? - Expanded playoffs are fucking awesome for everyone. - Ridiculous Nolan Aranado White Sox trade Twitter rumors - AJ Hinch ALMOST tells the truth - Asshole of the Week: the eternal Pete Rose debate RAGES on...
February 11, 2020
9 | Potential Kris Bryant Trade Destinations
Now that Kris Bryant's service time grievance has been denied, the Cubs can get down to business and there are still plenty of potential trade partners out there. An insider Sox ticket scam costs the team $1M. Salute to Curtis Granderson upon his retirement. DH to the NL? MLB punishes the Astros further with Dusty Baker. Plus, Asshole of the Week!
February 4, 2020
8 | Sox optimism, Cubs angst, ASStros scandal, HOF bullshit
Slightly misguided Cubs fans booed Tom Ricketts and the Marquee Network while White Sox fans are seeing nothing but rainbows and lollipops — it's the Bizarro World! Plus, between dumb Hall of Fame voting controversies and the worst baseball scandal since 1919, this might be the hottest race for Asshole of the Week ever.
January 28, 2020
7 | Sox Sign Grandal and Help the Cubs?
The White Sox signing catcher Yasmani Grandal to a 4-year $73M deal may have far-reaching effects on both the South Side and North Side of Chicago.
November 22, 2019
6 | David Ross Becomes Grandpa Bossy
The David Ross Era begins, for what it's worth. The Kris Bryant grievance is FINALLY being heard this week and the timing couldn't be more interesting. Thoughts on the playoffs and on what is already a fascinating World Series.
October 24, 2019
5 | Is Second Place Good Enough for the White Sox?
Has Jerry Reinsdorf's plan always been for his White Sox to finish in 2nd place every year just to keep the fans interested while maximizing profits? And can we just change the name of the Wild Card Game to the Play-In Game so people can stop whining that it's not a 3-game series?
October 8, 2019
4 | 2019 Asshole of the Year
Our thoughts on the 2019 Cubs, White Sox, Tigers, and Giants. PLUS Asshole of the Year nominations (Addison Russell & Theo Epstein)and playoff predictions.
October 1, 2019
3 | Death of the Joe Maddon Era
SPECIAL EDITION: “The Death of the Joe Maddon Era” — we discuss what happened, who’s to blame, and what’s next? More Kris Bryant trade talk. Kyle Schwarber too? Will Craig Kimbrell or Theo Epstein win Asshole of the Week? Obviously, we have ALL the answers!
September 24, 2019
2 | Rizzo Down. Cubs Out?
Whether you like it or not, WE’RE BACK with Episode 2 of The Show! Cubs have a HUGE weekend but lose Anthony Rizzo. Is Rick Hahn‘s grace period about to end? Joe Maddon to the Sox?? Ozzie Guillen to the Cubs?? And a truly SHOCKING Asshole of the Week nomination!
September 17, 2019
1 | The Case for trading Kris Bryant
We’re LIVE, mofos! Our first episode of Major League A-Holes: The Show is in the can. We covered a lot of ground including thoughts on the sputtering Cubs, the disappointing Giants, the hopeful White Sox, and the dismal Tigers. Should the Cubs trade Kris Bryant? Should the Giants have traded Madison Bumgarner? Did you know Tim Anderson and Jose Abreu could be AL AVG and RBI champs? Is Dave Dombrowski just a dick or is there more to it? Who will be the Asshole of the Week? Tune in to find out!
September 14, 2019