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Major World Order

Major World Order

By Andrew Husvar, Billy Peck, Jake Wyatt
The Major World Order is a Major Wrestling Figure Podcast approved fan podcast by Andrew Husvar, Billy Peck, and Jake Wyatt.
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Rodrigo Alfaro Garcia Granados
What a hangout session! He has traveled the world so has had a fun upbringing in wrestling. We cover so much in this episode. Even... Nascar? Listen and find out all the good times we had! Rodrigo on Instagram
August 04, 2022
Roy Lucier The Lucha King - Covid Special
Roy's story is definitely different than everyone else's and is quite fascinating. You're just gonna have to listen to hear the things he's been through and it barely scratches the surface. Roy's Twitter Roy's AAA Library Roy's CMLL Library Roy's All Japan Library
July 28, 2022
Danny Ray - Bucket List Interview
Danny made a post about Major World Order being a Bucket List item for him in the Major Universe and it REALLY meant a lot to us! We had so much fun hanging out with him and we think you will, too!
July 21, 2022
Jake Sterling - Eat Right/The New Dynasty
What an inspiration! Jake Sterling has another great story of success and so much of it comes down to, just do it! Follow your dreams. Between the start of Eat Right, working directly with TJ Wilson, and so much more, you have got to hear this! Jake Sterling Instagram Jake Sterling YouTube Channel
July 14, 2022
"Bonesaw" Rob Buck Is Ready
Rob has a fun and unique story of how he found the Major WF Podcast. He is also a really big part of "the brand behind their backs" Major E-Wrestling Federation. Listen in, get to know him, have fun! Bonesaw Shirt from MEWF
July 07, 2022
The Voice - Cheyenne Ortiz
Cheyenne has been in the Major group for a little while, now but he has been in the wrestling business for over 10 years and has constantly been working his way up the ladder. We have a fun time hanging out with him and really getting to know him. Plus, he's best friends with Purple Best Wishes Shirt Guy so we get a lot of fun stories about him as well. Cheyenne's Links
June 30, 2022
CPA is "Off" The Hop Rope & "On" Major World Order
From showing off muscles during online meetings to hanging out in Oshkosh, WI, to his time on AEW television, CPA hangs out with us to talk about a bunch of things. He's had a very fun career that goes full circle with many Major players within this community! CPA on Twitter
June 23, 2022
What Is Happening?!
What an episode. You try to do something fun and pull in a Major Mark at random and then there ends up being some strange interference. Then, we get sentimental and reminisce. THEN, a surprise guest shows up! What an episode!!!
June 16, 2022
Stephanie Kelly: From DDP Yoga to Next Level Grit!
Stephanie isn't actually a Major Mark but she should be. Her husband Mark Bitters has been sharing her journey in the Facebook group for quite some time so a lot of us know so much about her already, so why not talk to her directly and get to know her even better? You'll hear about her adventures with Husvar in the streets of Oshkosh, all the way to her being in Diamond Dallas Page's inner circle. Her story is incredible so don't miss it. Stephanie's Instagram
June 09, 2022
Yellow Best Wishes Shirt Guy: Sal Davalos
Sal is on a roll lately, getting some MAJOR props from the guys on their most recent episode in regards to his #MajorFitnessChallenge. He is part of a new faction it seems with none other than Sandman?! Give Sal a listen and let's have some fun.
June 02, 2022
Wyatt Adam: The West Coast Major Mark
Wyatt is a fun guy we've had the pleasure of hanging out with in Wisconsin and Vegas, as well as getting to know in the Major community. We have a lot of fun hanging out with him here, getting into some sad/real talk over the passing of our friend Joe Ryan and what he meant to us, especially Wyatt. He talks about his upcoming match in MEWF, and more.
May 26, 2022
JGeorge After FWF Live 3
JGeorge is our latest guest and if you've been following a long, you'll understand why Husvar is not the happiest at first. After JGeorge gets his directing/producing needs out of the way, we kickoff the show and get a really great episode. We get to know some pretty personal stuff in his childhood that really helped guide where he is as an adult. We're sure you'll love him even more after you learn more about him!
May 19, 2022
Joshua Stapleton is mWo's Bootleg TTD
Starting with a very drunken night to what has become a really cool friendship. Joshua drops a really cool piece of information for who he is loosely related to. Joshua takes us on his journey and we learn all about the man behind Bootleg TTD. Heyyy Buddy!!! YouTube Channel
May 12, 2022
All Questions Episode
Jake, Billy, and Husvar have been quite busy and after having to rearrange schedules with guests and themselves, they decided to take it easy for one week and do an episode just answering questions. We hope you enjoy!
May 05, 2022
Owen Morehead of Halloween Horror Nights
Owen has a fun story and his hands in many things we all know and love. Whether it be being a scare actor, partaking in the #MajorFitnessChallenge, or running his own YouTube channel. Listen to his stories and enjoy another episode of Major World Order! Owen's YouTube
April 28, 2022
Johnathon Presley Edge/JPE
Sometimes the less structured and more sporadic episodes can be the most fun. We do learn about JPE's experiences in wrestling fandom but what we really get is a great time of friends just hanging out and sharing stories with each other. So sit back amongst your friends for a great hangout session.
April 21, 2022
It's Pronounced Bacon Nate
At this point, we think everyone knows Bacon Nate and if you don't, well you should! He's a great fan of so many things, and a great friend to so many people! In fact, he was the very first Major friend to Husvar! The episode goes through several stories, fun conversations, and even some "real talk" about how hard podcasting can be sometimes. Enjoy getting to know Bacon Nate and be sure to check out his podcast! Bacon Nate's Site -
April 14, 2022
Live 12/Mania Recap
Husvar, Billy. and a number of Major Marks embarked on another journey. Jake is here to bring out their stories, as well as talk about the wonders of Hogan... Paul Hogan, that is.
April 07, 2022
Stetson Scott Kuta - 1st #MajorFitnessChallenge Winner
From a unique upbringing in wrestling fandom, to convention going, cosplaying, collecting amazing art and autographs, and of course, the #MajorFitnessChallenge! Stetson was so much fun to hangout with and we're sure you'll have a great time as well. Stetson on Instagram
March 31, 2022
Mathew Balk: Smoking Skull Championship Creator
Mathew has a pretty awesome history in wrestling but he also has a great He-Man collection and has met a ton of great celebrities. If you remember Joe Shoes' amazing female celebrity meet up, wait till you hear Mathew's! Mathew on Instagram
March 24, 2022
Amaury Hernández Reacts!
Another extremely kind and genuine person the MWFP community. You know him having excitable reactions, taking care, and waving his hair. Now learn who he truly is, where he came from, and how it shaped his wrestling fandom.  Amaury On Twitter
March 17, 2022
Juan Miguel Thunder Rosa
Juan is one of the kindest and most supportive people in the MWFP Facebook group. Listen to his story of how he got into wrestling, working merch at NXT events, his one-of-a-kind art work, going to comic cons, and more! Juan on Instagram
March 10, 2022
Super Gabby Gets Real
Wow. You know, we've all come to learn that Super Gabby is a ball of fire and you never know what he's going to do next. That stays true here but it a way you never thought you'd hear. He comes on about 10 minutes in and right out the gate, we learn so much about the man! Listen and enjoy! Super Gabby's Instagram
March 03, 2022
Dianna Aaron (Mrs. Cisco)
Dianna is a great person in the community. You may know her from the group, you may know her from attending many Live Events. Now learn her story, what it's like being Married to Johnny Cisco, and what DID happen at Bradley's Parking Lot? Also, HUUSSSSFAAAAARRT!!!! Follow @Ciscos_Merch_Stand on What Not
February 24, 2022
Joe Ellis - Head of mWo Security
He's Gorgeous and Enormous, he's literally MWFP's BIGGEST fan standing in at over 8 feet tall! Another great story to be told, hanging out with Husvar and with the Detroit crew at GCW shows. Fun upbringings in fandom and collection and more.
February 17, 2022
Jeff Minaglia is one Happy Wrestling Fan!
Jeff is a great guy and long time supporter of our show. You may know him in the group as being the #MajorMarioMaker. He has great stories of interactions with MWFP episodes, and more! Make sure to checkout his podcast to hear more of his story and his unique wrestling presentation.
February 10, 2022
Live 11 Recap
Jake, Husvar, and Billy do their best to recollect the events of their time together over Live 11 weekend. From pulling pranks on each other, to hanging out with Major Marks, the After Party and more. Enjoy their conversation and thanks for listening!
February 03, 2022
Victor Leyva - Major World Order's 1st Supporter
Victor has been in the group for a long time and you can always see him posting fun comments under Major Mark posts. He has a really cool collection that surprised all of us, as well as a pretty interesting story about his wrestling and ref career!
January 27, 2022
Rhino - Boats, Blondes, & Beatin' People Up
We are extremely lucky to have Rhino (aka Big Terry) hanging out with us. A fun session of going over Rhino's interests. Lots of fun boat talk, growing up playing with G.I. Joes, what it's like connecting to a crowd, and he has EXTREMELY nice things to say about Brian, working with Matt, and so on. A lot of really special moments in this one.
January 20, 2022
Zicky Dice Outlandish Paradise Gets Major
Zicky Dice, man... Outlandish is not just a gimmick. This guy is a party animal and rather inspiring. Now, we didn't know he was gonna have such a problem with our pals Brian Myers and VsK. Is The Learning Tree in disarray? I guess we'll find out what happens on Impact Wrestling. Let's skip past any of that drama and go onto aspects of his career, where he's been, where he's headed, and that he has one hell of an event with his Outlandish Paradise! Zicky Dice on Twitch
January 13, 2022
From the Detroit Chapter - Bobby Boutorwick
These are the episode that turn out to just be a good time. We've all become friends with Bobby so it's a lot of just hanging out and have Good Brother conversations. So sit back, learn about Bobby's journey, and enjoy the hangout session.
January 06, 2022
The New Major Mark? Seany Caufield
Seany has taken the Major community by storm with a fun attitude and BIG BOY purchases. A lot of people really wanted to know about him and we got several requests so it was time to make it happen! His story starts out similar to a lot of ours but his introduction to the Majors really sets him apart, as well as where his collecting habits come from. We hope you enjoy learning about him!
December 30, 2021
Commissioner David C. Andersen
A very long time coming but we finally have the Commissioner of Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, David C. Andersen. We've already been a fan of this man but every time we have someone like this on, we get a whole new appreciation for them. Listen to yet again, another amazing story and conversation. Check this out before his new show on Major Pod Network's HARD Foundation! David C. Andersen on Twitter
December 23, 2021
You know his attention to detail and you better believe that we get a lot of that in this episode. Hear about D's love for collecting Batman and other comic book characters. He breaks down several figures, how does his research, and more. He's full of information and super fun to listen to. Keep an eye out for his upcoming MWFP Patreon Podcast. DFreedom30 on Twitter
December 16, 2021
Major World Order Trailer 2.0
Here's our old commercial recut with our new music by Brian Myer's Theme Song Composer John Kiernan!
December 13, 2021
Tables, Ladders, & Brian Chaires
Brian has been a good friend of the show for a long time and really, he's just a good, genuine guy. You'll love his talk about how he became a fan. Wrestling was really freaking good at that time by the way! You'll be surprised to learn about his referee duties. They're pretty dang exciting! Brian Chaires on Twitter
December 09, 2021
Max Smashmaster Doesn't Give A F***
Hot off of his FWF Live 2 Hardcore Title win, Max joins us to talk about working FWF... The Event and the Podcast. He tells us about being friends with Top Shelf Troy Nelson, his work in other wrestling promotions, his school, Marvel Legends, and so much more. An incredibly fun and easy listen! Max Smashmaster Twitter Max Smashmaster Bloody Shirt
December 02, 2021
LIVE 1 Year Celebration (Replay)
Thank you to all who watched the Live stream. For those that didn't, here is the audio version. Be warned; it's long, it's chaotic, some things may not translate to audio since it was video recording, but we hope you still have fun!
November 25, 2021
1 Year Anniversary w/ Sam Beale
Friends... Fans... we're sorry. We booked this episode when Sam was still under Brian Myers' Learning Tree. We had no idea he would turn on Brian! BUT WAIT! It's our 1 year anniversary celebration and we want to have a great time and Sam Beale KNOWS how to have a good time. Seriously, he was a great person to hangout with. You'll love his childhood fig fed talk, being able to work with Brian, and more. If you're a fan of Sam and just want to hear his story, skip ahead about 17 minutes. Thank you all for joining us during this year long journey!
November 18, 2021
Back To The Future - FREE Episode
That's right! Our brand new Pop Culture spinoff show is free to you for our first episode to give you an idea of what you can get by subscribing to our Patreon. It is also a thank you for helping us celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary! After this one, you have to subscribe to hear more. These episodes are all about friends just sitting around and discussing their favorite topics. No structure, very loose conversation, just fun. Be a fly on the wall and we hope you enjoy!
November 16, 2021
Jake Keel of Brothers in Kayfabe
A fellow podcaster and friend of the show, Jake Keel join us to talk his upbringing in wrestling, starting his podcast Brothers in Kayfabe, and all the amazing things they have coming up! Brothers in Kayfabe Podcast
November 11, 2021
Bustin' Makes Alejandro Contreras Feel Good!
Alejandro is a true unknown gem in the Major Pod group. Billy and Andrew met him for the first time at Live 10 weekend in Vegas and an instant friendship was born. Maybe even an adoption! Hear about their first encounters, his fandom of wrestling, Ghostbusters, and more! Alejandro on Instagram
November 04, 2021
50th Episode Special w/ Chelsea MF'N Green!
We can't believe we've hit this mile stone! 50 episodes, 50 straight weeks! We had to make it special and we were so lucky to get Chelsea Green to join us and help celebrate! We do have a little bit of a lengthy intro in order to get our celebration out of the way but to also give you all the details for our brand new Patreon! Then, at about 18 minutes and 30 seconds, the interview starts. We talk her training, having a podcast with her fiancé Matt Cardona, Halloween costumes, the movies/TV shows she's been on, and so much more! We hope you enjoy, we hope you consider joining our patreon, but most of all... THANK YOU for being with us for this incredible journey. Chelsea's Links
October 28, 2021
Nicholas Christian Is A Top "10" Episode
It was so much fun bringing Nicholas Christian on. Husvar has been hanging out with him at North East wrestling events and we've had fun getting to know him so why not bring him on? There's a lot of talk about his clown character "Dingus" as well as his time as a musician. We learn he is a very outside-the-box creative thinker. Just an all around good time! Top 10! Nicholas on Instagram His Band Terror Toons
October 21, 2021
Joe of JPD Customs
We want to welcome aboard a great guy with a great product. Joe has been in the customizing business for awhile but definitely cracked the code when it came to these Bret Hard sunglasses decals. What an improvement. Plus, you can hear about his awesome story, how figures are what got him into wrestling. How he became a wrestler and then had to quit due to the pandemic, and more! On top of all that, he is our new sponsor!!!
October 14, 2021
Gina Dizonno: A Major Proposal
Gina was a blast to hangout with. Right out the gate, we're met with just great conversation. We of course start out with the basics to get to know her but the rest of the episode, we just kind of roll with it, without really breaking things down. Just a good time with a special appearance from "her" Matt and the dog!
October 07, 2021
Mary-Kate Anthony is BACK! So right out of the gate, there are some audio issues due to internet connections. Unfortunately, it's never going to be 100% reliable streaming from 4 different locations. You know what? Blame Effy! If he didn't steal Matt's Internet Title, this wouldn't be happening right now! Anyway, we had a guest lined up and due to a last minute cancelation, we went to the Facebook group, asked for people that were interested, randomized it, and now we get a heavily requested episode, Mary-Kate Anthony for a second time. With her being on before, the format is thrown out the window and we just hangout and be friends. We hear fun stories about her connections in the industry and there's a phone call, that may really surprise you.
September 30, 2021
John Soileau is Coming Down the Aisle
Long time friend of the show finally makes his way on. J-Bone has been running neck-and-neck with us in the podcast game and we're very happy he's still going strong. Find out about his love of wrestling at a young age, what podcasting means to him, and was there really a rivalry between him and Jake? Coming Down The Aisle Podcast
September 23, 2021
Major World Order Trailer
A little sneak peak into what the Major World Order Podcast has to offer.
September 22, 2021
Card Queen - Kimberly Ream Cook
It's time to showcase another #MajorBabe and this time it's the Queen of Card collecting, Kim Cook. She's holding a great fundraiser, she has her own PodCardFam card, has had lengthy DM exchanges with Lana, worked as a TV/Comic reviewer, and LOVES Roman Reigns. Kim on Twitter
September 16, 2021
Thomas Montalto is THE OG Fig Kid
It was a pleasure to chat with Thomas about his true passion for wrestling. Learn why he IS the OG Fig Kid, how AEW helped him step outside of only living in the WWE bubble, all the cool things his podcast has to offer and more! The Turnbuckle Tavern Links
September 09, 2021
Brandon 'Asia' Howarth Meets Grandma Hussy
We first off want to thank Brandon for being a good sport and WANTING to be interviewed by Grandma Hussy and wow... What a show! It was hard to keep it together at times but if you don't have a blast, we're sorry but there is some GOLD in here! Please checkout Brandon's YouTube channel (search for Toy Posse) to see some great collections and learn about other fun collectors! Jordan Noton’s Twitch #ForJoe Toy Posse on Instagram Toy Posse on Twitter
September 02, 2021
Then, Now, Forever + Q&A
For the first time in 40 episodes, the guys take this time for themselves to recap their recent adventures, share some birthday celebration with Husvar, & do a full on Q&A. Get ready for #MajorFitnessChallenge/MajorPBR talk, hosting Boozin's with the Toys, their upcoming 50th episode plus one year anniversary, & an upcoming Patreon!
August 25, 2021
Gimmick Attorney, Mike Dockins
This episode. Wow! We love to get into people's connections to the Majors and we do get into that. We also get into Mike's fandom and excellent Andre The Giant collection, as well as his collection of his client's figures but get ready to learn so much about the inner workings of trademarks in the wrestling business. Mike is kind of an open book and fills us in on so many things. And he's just a great guy to begin with. Mike Dockins on Twitter
August 19, 2021
Corporate Steve Ozer From Mattel
Steve has been making the podcast rounds to help get the word out about #UnlockTheArena and we were lucky enough to have him on! Learn about his early fandoms, his first business relationship with Matt Cardona before he got in the toy business, the process of getting things approved by WWE, why Jake "The Snake" Roberts gets to still have figures from WWE while working for AEW and so much more. And yeah, we geek out and may make a few requests, lol... @actionfigattack on Twitter & Instagram Mattel Creations
August 11, 2021
Don't Panic, It's Kanik!!!
Has Kanik done it all? Pretty much! From auditioning to be on Blue's Clues, to helping create covers for Power Rangers Comic Books, this is only the start of all the things you'll find out from him. Learn some of the process it takes to get Major Pod Merch made like the Buddies and the upcoming "Bendies" and more. Kanik's Pro Wrestling Tees Shirt  @Kanik89 on Twitter and Instagram
August 05, 2021
Cari Cowling - Mom of the MWFP
We welcome another #MajorBabe to the show and learn about Cari's story. She became a fan much later in life, is the Eamon Merrigan of Off The Hop Rope, helps organize Secret Santa, she is a Sneaker Head in training, and we share stories of our time at Live 7 and Live 8. @thecaricrush on Twitter and Instagram
July 29, 2021
Swoggle Gone Wild
Welcome to our longest episode, yet. Swoggle came in guns-a-blazin'! A mix of giving each one of the hosts a hard time, while also having a great time. From opening up about what the Major Pod community means to him, to sharing memories about Live 7, to collecting, film work, video games, hot takes, and more! His son Landon even makes a couple surprise drop ins. Swoggle on Twitter Swoggle on Twitch
July 22, 2021
Diamond Dave Wheeler Wonder
As soon as Dave came on the show, it was instant hangout time. Lots of "shooting the breeze" as the kids say. Learning about a lot of customizations and other artistic endeavors. You'll be surprised to hear of some of the people he's worked with over the years. This conversation goes all over the place and is very sporadic and we're sure you'll enjoy!
July 15, 2021
Tugboat Guy Blows Your Mind
When Matt Cardona suggests a guest, you jump on it and we're glad we did. Little is known about Tugboat Guy because he doesn't really use social media, plus, his time on Boozin' has been... spotty. But we've got him here and yes, he is going to blow your mind. He's a great guy with per usual, an awesome story. But then, he pulls out maybe his most prized possession and it's incredible and left us speechless.
July 08, 2021
The Mayor of MajorPBR: Corey Smale
If you thought cracking open a PBR was the only way you could have a good time, you were wrong. The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast's PBR Rep is a blast to hangout with! That dude is a party all by himself and we were lucky to hang with him. He runs a really fun Twitter account, has great stories of being a wrestling fan, and more. Find out why he likes the Majors so much, what he thinks about this community overall, and then hear about some upcoming merch teases! Seriously, Corey is a blast, so have fun with this episode!   Pabst Blue Ribbon on Twitter
July 01, 2021
Justin Summers - Podcasting, AIW, Toyhio, & More...
Before Major World Order was ever a podcast, it was a friendship. During the early stages of that, Husvar and Jake met for the first time at Live 6 and there, they met Justin Summers and thus, a bond was formed. Now, Summers is on the show, talking about his early days of being a podcaster, why he focuses on the Ohio wrestling scene, and being at AIW/Toyhio with Husvar, and more. Then, Super Gabby makes an appearance? Wrestling Cheers Podcast
June 24, 2021
Live 7's Official Major Mark, Nicholas Michael
Nick is kind of a silent observer in the group but you may see him pop up in the Flea Market campaigning to get a new host other than Aaron Ortiz, lol. (It's all in fun). He also has a complete collection of every Major Pod pin. He was deemed THE Major Mark of Live 7 by Matt Cardona himself. Nick is a fun guy, has a neat collection, and from time-to-time likes to joke around a bit. Nick on Instagram
June 17, 2021
Break it Down!!!! w/ Joe Vin
Let's just keep the theme going. How has it taken so long to get some of these guests on? Well, now it is time for Joe Vin! We asked a few questions but this was all Joe Vin! He broke his Zack Ryder/Matt Cardona fandom down year-by-year-by-year! He was there for Matt's WWE debut, met him at several New York Comic Cons, and of course, so much more! Joe Vin on Twitter
June 10, 2021
Full House w/ Eamon Merrigan
How did we take so long getting Eamon on the show?! We don't know either but we're happy to finally have him hanging out with us. From watching WWF in grade school gyms, to amassing probably the biggest Major/Matt/Brian collection that anyone else has, to making lists, cards, Rory merch, and then going on ghost hunts? Must listen stuff, here! Eamon's Major Pod Cards
June 03, 2021
WTW's Good Ol' JG; Jon Gravina
From time to time, episodes come along that gets you an even deeper insight into the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast hosts. That's when we bring in someone from their world and this time, it is Matt Cardona's cousin. Gravina is an amazing guy and we're honored to call him a friend. Learn about Matt's trampoline fed WTW. Listen as Jon talks about his real reactions to Matt's IC title win at Wrestlemania 32. So much fun conversation going on here and then we even break into other fandoms like KISS or Beast Wars. WTW Shirt
May 27, 2021
Tommy Sapienza: Out of the Shadows
Tommy can be seen all over the patreon group with great posts but somehow still seems to fly under the radar. So here we are, helping Tommy get his story out. He's been to many cool wrestling events like Blitzkrieg with Husvar, met a lot of interesting wrestlers, and has some serious luck in fig hunting. Tommy on Twitter
May 20, 2021
Dreaming of Hot Rod Guy
We were thrilled to bring on one of our good friends, A.J. Walczak. He may not be a name you see that often in the patreon group but as of late, you have most definitely heard Matt Cardona calling him "Hot Rod Guy" and that he has had dreams about him. But before all of that, he's been a great supporter of mWo and a true friend. Hear about his wrestling fandom, his collecting habits, his time at Live 7, and just general friendship discussion.
May 13, 2021
Joe Shoes Part Deux: Electric Shoegaloo
Joe Shoes is back! We were supposed to have another guest on but unfortunately things didn't work out this time but what we did something a little differently. We went to the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast Patreon Group and left it open to Lethal Lottery! We said the first person to respond to our open challenge could be this week's guest and that first person was SHOES!!!! So since we already have already talked with him before, we didn't really worry about an "interview" but more so, just a complete hangout session. Live 7, Danhausen, Hot Rod Guy, and well... we just hope you enjoy our time with Shoes because if you didn't know by now, he's just a great story teller!
May 06, 2021
Mark Bitters... Dan?!
We have officially reached our longest episode but don't let that scare you. This show is packed full of fun content. We geek out over "Hot Rod Guy" A.J. Walczak, plus our time at Major Wrestling Figure Podcast's Live 7. Dan tells great stories of how he got into the wrestling business as a referee, backyard wrestling, plus he expands on his thoughts of what a wrestling podcast should be or shouldn't be, and we get into a large discussion that may make some happy; Video Games. It was a lot of fun to delve into something we just don't see discussed that often in the community. Bitter Marks Podcast Bitter Marks PWT Store Flips and Bumps Podcast
April 29, 2021
Live 7 Weekend Recap... WOW!
What an incredible weekend. All three of the Major World Order members were at the same place, at the same time, for the first time EVER! While the weekend was pretty crazy and they all only got about 5 hours of sleep total between Friday and Sunday, they did manage to get some recording in. You'll hear the episode start with excitement and then you'll hear a mess of three guys trying to talk about the experience with strained voices, fried brains, and just wanting to get home, haha. Lots of great memories made and if you were there or hung out with us, you'll have fun reliving our journey. If you weren't there, you'll wish you were and wont want to miss the next one!
April 22, 2021
VSK - FWF Live Aftermath
So there's more than just the aftermath of FWF. A lot more actually. It was fun to learn about VSK's start in wrestling, how Create-A-Pro gave him a whole new purpose in the sport. Working for AEW and WWE. His HBK collecting (this is a super fun part of the conversation), and more. Then we move into FWF talk. He was pretty certain that he'd win his match and doesn't think any of the wild interference would have changed the outcome. We do fan questions, and he talks a couple ideas of what he'd like to see for FWF Live: Series 2. Major World Order: SLAM FORCE Commercial
April 15, 2021
Papabear Paul's Got You...
The man responsible for making the Hard Break Kids popular in the Facbook group; Papabear Paul joins us to talk about his childhood friendship with MWFP host Brian Myers. He tells us the story of how the H.A.R.D. Foundation cards mysteriously appeared on eBay before they were even made available to the Major hosts. Him joining up with the Card Foundation Podcast, and more! Card Foundation Podcast
April 08, 2021
Happy Moments w/ Kathy Hummer
You all know about Hummer's Trunk! It's there to make you happy but don't cross her, otherwise she'll put that thing in reverse and run you over! What you're about to learn is that Kathy really just is one of the sweetest Major Marks and she just want to have a good time and make people happy. We have fun talking with her about her collecting, movies she likes, and more. Of course, the mWo goes off the rails but Kathy is a good sport and goes there right along with us.
April 01, 2021
RussellMania Interviews & Major Mark Creations
This episode is a little different than normal. We had the amazing opportunity to be special geusts at RussellMania in Philadelphia with the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, Zombie Sailor, Stang, and several Major Marks and guess what? You can hear from all of them right here! Enjoy these fun behind the scenes conversations and on top of that, listen to the commercials throughout to learn about many Major Marks and what creative offerings they have instore for you. Then Husvar, Jake, and special (now 2 time) guest Mike LiPuma who filled in for Billy, go over their crazy experiences and adventures that took place leading into, during, and after the event. 
March 25, 2021
He Created The F'N Group - Johnny Cisco
Major Marks are in for a real treat! Remember when everyone had their mind's blown by Mary-Kate Anthony? Well prepare to have it done again. Johnny Cisco's journey is pretty incredible. He tells amazing stories and we all just have a great time together in this loose interview. We could "wax poetic" over the episode but tune in and listen for yourself. We're pretty sure you'll love it! Johnny Cisco Twitter Cisco's Greatest American Hero Project
March 18, 2021
The Road To RussellMania w/ Russell LoPresti
Another week, another great Major Mark story. Russell LoPresti goes through our standard format of how he got into wrestling and the Majors. Then the extra fun comes when he gets into his stories about how he started having Wrestler Signings with the likes of Bret Hart, Sgt. Slaughter, and Curt Hawkins. Then there's a lot of news on how the March 20th Philly signing came to be and what you can get out of it. If you're going to Philly, there is definitely some info you want to hear!
March 11, 2021
Ron E. Bosch - Purple Best Wishes Shirt Guy
We've been wanting to do this one for a long time. Ron was suggested by Mark Sterling himself early on in our start. This is also our first big merch drop showcasing a Major Mark. Ron is just another cool guy who has a lot to offer. Where he got his name, backyard wrestling, video production, meeting MANY wrestlers over the years, and so much more. Every turn was learning something new about him. We also not only answer one Major Mark question each, but we go down a list of well, a lot, haha. So you can hear us let loose a little bit and just do a mini Q&A. BoschStar Productions Purple Best Wishes Instagram Purple Best Twitches
March 04, 2021
The Most Professional Conversation w/ Brian Myers
Wow! Who knew Brian Myers would be so cool? WE ALL DID, that's who!!! Learn about his early collecting habits with toys and cards. Getting into his fandom of baseball. The super fun stories of meeting Papabear Paul, Shoes, and Rollie Allen. Looking back at accomplishments and appreciating them. Micro Brawler teases and Zombie Retro exclusives! So much awesomeness packed into this episode As well as shoutouts to some of our friends/Major Marks and their creative endeavors.
February 25, 2021
Collusion w/ Rory Fox
After getting the audio issues figured out, you can actually hear what Rory has to say! But, he still had a bone to pick with us over well, a number of things including the #FleaMarketScrewJob. But don't worry, he does still have some interesting stories you'd like to hear including his time on Talk N Shop, MTV, and yes, when his tights exploded.
February 18, 2021
I'm Sorry, I Love You w/ Mike LiPuma
Another episode, another Major Mark! Mike has been a great friend to the mWo and we just had to have his charismatic presence on the show! From growing up in New York seeing live amazing wrestling, to collecting figures and baseball cards with his dad. You wont want to miss as Mike and the boys show their love for Live 6 as well as the Patreon group. Mike's Instagram
February 11, 2021
The Man of a 1,000 Shirts - Joey Hudson
We've had Joe Rhyno. We've had Joe Shoes. Now, let's introduce to you, Joey Duck aka Joey Shirts aka Joey F'N Hudson! Does this guy just brighten up a room or what? You may know him as the guy who did the STANg #TheMajorMark video. You may know him as the guy who has posted pictures of himself wearing over 130 shirts everyday leading into Wrestlemania. Join us as we talk to yet another extremely fun Major Mark, who we not only learned about his introduction into wrestling and MWFP but also, flipped the script and interviewed us about our involvement with MajorFest! Joey's YACHT Jams Spotify Playlist
February 04, 2021
Son of a Commissioner - Owen Andersen
Owen is a nice young man who has become a big part of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast Community and is the son of Commissioner David C. Andersen. He has his own podcast (linked below) about Mountain Dew. He has fun stories about working for the Majors at LIVE 6, his upbringing as a wrestling fan, and more!
January 28, 2021
Wake Up, Enjoy The Ride w/ John Kiernan & Kevin Lacerda of It Lives It Breathes
That's right! Episode 10 is here and we're offering something a little different. This podcast has been about showcasing the MWFP's amazing community but this time we wanted to offer something that the community wouldn't expect. We're bringing to you, the talent who created Brian Myers' theme song, The Ride! Join us as they tell their story of being lifelong wrestling fans, as well as their journey into being musicians and thus, teaming with The Most Professional Wrestler, Brian Myers! John Kiernan Music Kevin Lacerda Twitter
January 21, 2021
mWo After Dark w/ Joe Shoes
Get ready folks! This episode is on fire! Shoes has a story that is unmatched and we didn't even get to all of it. The episode does start out pretty tame but as it progresses, make sure your kids are put away, lol. He tells us about his first run in with the "Sun Tan Twins"? How he started wrestling as The Revolting Blob which lead to an actual encounter with The Revolting Blob himself, Josh Mostel. He eats a lot of food, he collects, he is a D-List Porn Star!!! Hear about Live 6 Swoggle and exactly how the cart incident happened and more. And Seriously, this episode is hilarious but it may get a little raunchy.
January 14, 2021
Forever Joe Rhyno
Another awesome Major Mark coming your way, this time with Joe Ryan. This episode is a lot different than our other episodes, in the sense that we really dig into being fans. Talking the usual "what got you into wrestling and collecting" but much more of a deep dive into it. Joe was incredible to hang out with and... Does he have his own action figure on the way?!?!?! Tune in to check out this guy's amazing story with wrestling!
January 07, 2021
#MajorBabes w/ Mary-Kate Anthony
You've seen her in the patreon group and on Boozin' with the Toys. She can be seen all over Twitter and maybe you've even seen her at ROH events as an official photographer. Did Mary-Kate have something to do with that famous Bret Hart/Tom Magee footage available now on WWE Network? In fact, you can see her all over the documentary, Holy Grail: The Search for WWE’s Most Infamous Lost Match! Learn about her friendships with Brian Myers and Matt Cardona stemming from their VERY early days and more. Mary-Kate has an intriguing story that all Major Marks (and Babes) and wrestling fans of all sorts will love to hear! This episode also goes out to Jon Huber/Brodie Lee/Luke Harper. We are all massive fans and will miss his talent, dearly.
December 31, 2020
#TheMajorMark Justin Walsh
Without this man, there would be no mWo. You'll find out why within the episode. For those of you who are real big followers of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, you'll know that they held a contest to prove who THE Major Mark was and with his short film (that you can watch by clicking it's title) "Marked", he won the contest, earning a pretty sweet Neon Light. He's also considered Broski Springsteen for the Christmas song he wrote and shared in the MWFP Patreon group. On top of all that (if you couldn't tell from his movie and song) he is an all around creative guy with a fun story. So sit back and enjoy our conversation with THE Major Mark. Justin's Wrestling Photography
December 24, 2020
Radio Silence w/ Matt Cardona
Radio Silence? Far from it! What can we say? Matt wanted to be on the show so we made it happen with a little over an hour's notice. Its a fun, BS session for sure. Star Wars, Wrestlemania, Z True Long Island Story (reunion episode?!?!?!), his dog, his family, you name it, we talked about a lot of it. Plus, a lot of MWFP merch teasers! Matt Cardona Official Website
December 17, 2020
Who's Mitch? A Look into Hasttel Toy
What an episode! You've heard about the Hustle Man on the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast numerous times but now, get to know the man behind it all. His start in the toy business, his friendships with Matt, Mark, and Brian, the steak dinners he takes his clients out to (not you Sycho Sid!), his love for Horror films, and Back to the Future... 3?!?!?!?! Also, there is a special code word in this episode, that if you contact him through Instagram and give him that code, he will give you 10% off your purchase (for a limited time).
December 10, 2020
Motivational Speaking w/ "Smart" Mark Sterling
That's right, episode three brings us none other than the producer/host of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, "Smart" Mark Sterling. We get some Pat Patterson (RIP) stories, X-Men/Marvel movie talk, his start in the wrestling business and podcasting, and then you know what? If you've got a creative thing that you want to do, JUST DO IT!!!
December 03, 2020
Flea Market World Order w/ Aaron Ortiz
Join us in our second episode as we hangout with Aaron Ortiz. What a great guest! Of course he talks about how he got into wrestling and then the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast. But we also talk to him about running the Flea Market in the Major Patreon group, as well as plenty of other fun topics. Thursday Night Flea Market on Instagram
November 26, 2020
Major World Order - Meet the Hosts
Welcome to our first fan podcast dedicated to Matt Cardona, Brian Myers, and Mark Sterling; The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast! In this episode, your hosts Andrew Husvar, Billy Peck, and Jake Wyatt discuss how they got into wrestling, wrestling figures, The Majors and their podcast.  Not only that, but Jake fills us in on Swoggle stealing his shoe?! We are fans and we want to give a full fan experience by having other fans and personalities on as guests in the future. We hope you enjoy! 
November 19, 2020