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Make the Game with Matt Hackett

Make the Game with Matt Hackett

By Valadria
Game development tips and discussions with a focus on solo development, finding your passion, marketing, and inspiration.

From Matt Hackett, co-host of indie game dev podcast Lostcast.
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Make the Game: Unlock your game's hidden potential with a saturation analysis
Let's talk about a saturation analysis, which is a tool you can use on your game design to see what all it can do. Examining the game of chess, what all is it capable of? There's an 8x8 board, pieces can be moved, removed, or modified, but what else? How would you get ideas if you were working on chess but with a new twist? This tool shines a light on where your design could go. See also Into the Breach by Subset Games, which is a brilliant and innovative design. You were played out by Monster Stomp from TeknoAXE:
May 10, 2022
Make the Game: Building a career's worth of games industry knowledge
Welcome to the first episode of Make the Game! We're going to make video games together and it's gonna be a blast. I'm Matt Hackett and for this first episode let's start with a ton of great places online to gear up your games industry knowledge. Heard of, Game Maker's Toolkit, Sequelitis? If not you are in for a TREAT and if so let's talk about how great they are and give you even more resources to explore. A fountain of knowledge awaits you. Show Notes More about me Past: LDG and Lostcast - My articles there Game Maker's Toolkit Lost Garden Red Blob Games The 7 game dev resources that are SO GOOD they will change how you SPEAK Get free game dev assets and source code by signing up for the Valadria newsletter. To make a game by yourself, read my book How to Make a Video Game All By Yourself.
May 02, 2022