Make the World a Better Place

How Mother Nature Can Change Your Mind

An episode of Make the World a Better Place

By Stephen Carter
Do the things big and small to create a happier healthier world.
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Kindness to a Cub Scout by a Lady Keeping it Positive!
Kindness to a Cub Scout by a Lady Keeping it Positive - Show Notes This episode highlights the kind actions by a lady who took time to talk with an 8 year old Cub Scout selling popcorn. The Cub Scout seemed dejected because so many people either wouldn’t respond or shook their heads no to his invitation to buy popcorn to support his den. Then, a lady walked out of the store and stopped, taking a few seconds to smile and talk with the boy. When asked if she would like to buy popcorn, she too, said “No”, but she opened her wallet and gave a donation to the now smiling 8 year old Cub Scout. He was thrilled at the lady’s kindness. As the lady walked by, I noticed she was wearing a tee shirt with the words, “Keep it Positive!”. This lady truly was acting in alignment with her beliefs. On a personal note, two of my grandsons were in Scouting for several years. Both grandsons live the Boy Scout creed every day. The oldest grandson, now a college senior, has volunteered hundreds upon hundreds of hours through his service fraternity and other groups. He’s done volunteer work in the U.S. and other countries helping those in need. My 16 year old grandson also volunteers - as do his brother, sister, and parents - helping feed the homeless and doing other wonderful works of charity. Scouting has been an important contributor to the kind, loving people these young men have become. The values they learned and lived in scouting will help guide them for the rest of their lives. I encourage you to support the Scouting programs - boys and girls. The next time a young boy or girl approaches you selling cookies, popcorn, or other items, reach into your wallet and give a donation or - even better - make the purchase. By supporting the Scouts, you truly do, ‘Make the world a better place”. Stephen Carter here for the, “Make the World a Better Place” podcast. Comments invited at
August 29, 2019
15 Year Old Emily Finchum Spreads Kindness and Stops Bullying
You will meet an extraordinary 15 year old Virginia student named Emily Finchum who has - and is - spreading kindness across the U.S. and to our service members in Afghanistan. In addition, Emily is helping other students who are victims of bullying. Emily and her mom have delivered more than 200,000 Positive Patrol messages to First Responders, Service Members, and others. She even created a special card for classmates with the message, “You’re worth more than you know”. Emily's Story of Being Bullied Emily’s passion grew out of her own experience of being bullied in Elementary School. She was physically and emotionally bullied to include receiving a note from another student saying they were going to kill her. Positive Patrol Kindness and Anti-Bullying Program Her special program hashtag is #PositivePatrol. Emily’s efforts have been lauded by the National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments. Here’s the link to the online news story about Emily’s #PositivePatrol work:
July 20, 2019
2 Kitties, 1 Pooch, and 2 Caring Ladies Who Make the World a Better Place
In this episode, you'll meet two lovely kind ladies. One lady delivers food daily to two stray cats living near a McDonald's.  The second lady carries a bag of dog food in her trunk. No, she doesn't own a dog, but when she sees a homeless person with a dog, she gives money to the homeless person and a bag of yummy food to the dog. Both ladies are offering these acts of kindness out of caring and love. They truly do make this world a better place.
February 12, 2019
Feeling Thankful and Helping Others Do the Same
Recorded the day before Thanksgiving in the U.S., I share two things I'm grateful for that happened on that day: First, I share a summary of a session where I helped a client - herself a therapist - release fears associated with a medical condition along with eliminating any felt sense of physical pain. Secondly, I share my own feelings about receiving a message of appreciation from a client I worked with months ago. My feelings of gratitude for the successful client session that day were magnified many times over as positive feelings created by receiving the note of thanks from a client I hadn't worked with for many months touched my heart and mind. I encourage you to take just a few moments and call, email, text, or - best of all - write a message of appreciation to someone who has touched your life for the better. They will be touched and grateful for your kindness. As an added bonus, you will relive the positive memories associated with the person you're communicating with. You will feel wonderful as you make others feel wonderful because of your kindness. Your thoughtful actions will truly, Make the World a Better Place.
November 22, 2018
How Mother Nature Can Change Your Mind
Recent research confirms what we all know to be true. Time spent outside in Mother Nature renews the mind, body, and spirit. Time in Mother Nature literally changes the mind. It provides a direct link to our physical roots and reconnects us with the primal source of life. In this episode recorded in a lovely grove of trees, I share my moment to moment experience as Mother Nature works her magic. I literally feel the positive changes take hold and share how those changes bring enhanced energy, wellbeing, and a sense of calm. I invite you to take just a few minutes each day to leave your residence, your office, and other indoor spaces to spend time in a park or even a tree lined neighborhood connecting to the magic energies only available when we're outside. The air we breath outside is far more energized and fresh than the air available inside offices, homes, and even cars. Why would I invite you to experience even just a few minutes of Mother Nature? Because it changes your mind and enhances mood and wellbeing. When you are energized, relaxed, and calm, you influence those you connect with. They are influenced by your positive energy. When that happens, you are literally making this world a better place.
November 2, 2018
Want to Create Positive Feelings? Ask This Question!
In this episode you'll discover the one powerful question that creates positive feelings immediately. This question directs the mind to recall specific memories of positive experiences, conversations, and emotions that make the person you ask - and yourself - feel wonderful. This question is also a powerful tool to change your own thinking and attention in positive ways. It's a terrific way to jump start a journal post, whether you're using long form journaling or a short daily gratitude bullet journal. You'll find more episodes of, "Make the World a Better Place" by clicking the Audio Podcast tab on the website, Questions and suggestions for future episodes are always welcome. You can reach us through the "Contact Us" tab at Steve Carter | Stress Solutions, LLC |
August 27, 2018
Acknowledge Good Work Ep7
In our day-to-day world we sometimes meet people who go above and beyond to delight us. In this episode, you'll hear about a young Safeway Food checkout cashier who did exactly that. As she checked me out, she took the initiative to fix a problem with the plastic slide lock closing tab on a container of deli meat. "A small thing", you may say. And indeed it is. But she could have simply folded the plastic bag over and put it in a grocery bag. She went above and beyond to fix a problem that wasn't hers. When I acknowledged her "above and beyond" work, she beamed with appreciation. We can all make the world a better place by going "above and beyond" and by acknowledging others who go above and beyond for us.
August 2, 2018
Want More Happiness? The Secret is In Your Smile!
In this episode of "Make the World a Better Place", you discover why a simple smile has such profound effects on your neurology, your health, and your happiness. Discover a simple, powerful way to create a genuine smile at will. You'll learn that a smile is contagious. This means you're not only changing your inner world for the better, but you're also changing the hearts and minds of other people in the outside world with your smiles. By simply smiling, you truly do make the world a better place!
July 23, 2018
How Kind Are You, Really?
Years ago Jean-Jacques Rousseau asked, "What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?".  After coming across his quote, I started to think and ask the question, "How kind am I, really?".  After reflection, I concluded there are plenty of opportunities to improve. I discuss ways we can show kindness to loved ones, strangers, pets, and wildlife. I offer suggestions about asking simple questions that can profoundly change minds and hearts of people we talk with everyday.  One key message is the importance of listening with an open mind and heart. Rather than trying to solve a problem for someone else, our quiet listening can be the biggest gift we can offer to someone else. Why? Because their problems belong to them and the solutions for their problems are waiting to be discovered by them deep within their subconscious mind. By offering a quiet, listening ear, those solutions can emerge into their conscious mind. By being kind, we truly can make this world a better place.
July 4, 2018
Will You Love and Accept Love to Make the World a Better Place?
William Glasser, MD postulated decades ago that the two deepest needs humans have are to love and to be loved. Years after publishing his original work describing Reality Therapy, he distilled those two simple needs down to one: the need to belong. In this 4-minute audio recorded in a Barnes & Noble cafe', Stephen Carter, the CEO of Stress Solutions, LLC, expands on how we can bring Dr. Glasser's insights into reality in our own lives by sharing positive heartfelt words of approval with family, friends, co-workers and others. In sharing words of approval that tell others we love them and we are open to accept love from them, we truly do make this world a better place.
April 26, 2018
Your Child or Phone - Which is More Important?
In this episode you'll meet a mother who cared more about interacting with her cell phone than giving the loving attention her four year old son needed so desperately. What lesson can we learn? When we focus on the people who are really important to us rather than having our attention riveted to a cell phone, we truly do make the world a better place.
March 29, 2018
Raise Your Vibration With Gratitude and Energize the World!
In this short episode, you and I explore a powerful way to raise your vibration to energize the world. We talk Robins, gratitude, and joy.
March 18, 2018
You already have all the goodness, spirituality and kindness you will ever need to make the world a better place. You'll learn how and why this podcast came to be and how you truly can make the world a better place.
In this first episode of, "Make the World a Better Place", you'll discover that all the goodness, spirituality, and kindness you'll ever need already exists inside of you. You need only recognize and activate these magic wands to make a positive difference in the world.
March 5, 2018
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