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"Make Them Famous!" - For better partnerships.

"Make Them Famous!" - For better partnerships.

By Alex Glenn
Partner enablement is one of the most challenging aspects of program growth for teams. In this podcast, we will uncover what successful enablement strategies look like in practice by speaking with partnership experts and those eager to work with partner teams asking them to provide their specific strategies down to the timing, copy, budgets, mediums and data.

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The Hard Truth about Agency - SaaS Partnerships w/ Remington Begg
Remington Begg is the founder of Impulse Creative - a top HubSpot solutions partner building large websites, running content marketing, revops, and all around inbound mark eting services. He’s been running Impulse for 11 years which makes him as experienced as they come, with partnerships especially. His tech partners today range from: HubSpot, Sendoso, Aircall, Sacari, and Avoma. I get a phd in partnerships from having these detailed conversations with top agencies like Impulse Creative because it’s the hard truth about partnering you cannot get from speaking to Channel managers. “Partner managers think they're the only ones in the entire universe. Like here's all these things that you need to fill out in order to make it happen… Can’t we just jump on a 15 minute call and tell you what's up.” In this episode, Remington shares: What Remington reviews first around the partnership opportunity Why things go sideways When (if ever) are commissions a factor How important help documentation is to the agency partner Remington’s partner track from vetting to implementation How Remington vets tech to be an expert solutions partner Why he suggests not using beta’s as an incentive for agencies What tools and apps Remington uses to manage partnerships What communication channels he prefers
June 17, 2021
Clearco's Data-Driven Referral Partner Program w/ top partner EmberTribe
Coming off of an enormous series C, and a rebrand, we have Clearco (formerly Clearbanc) and their  Agency Partnerships Lead Christopher Vigmond. Along with Chris is one of his top producing agency partners T. J. Jones, Co-Founder at EmberTribe. TJ and Chris have been partnered for 2 years now, but things really took off when they started working together to refine Clearco’s partnering process. Quote: “For now, I need to take a month or two and drive value to TJ and his team and not ask for anything in return.” - Christopher Vigmond In this episode, we uncover: What TJ and Clearco realized that they can do for agencies for the agency clients to build partnerships around. How Clearco increased the close rates for their referrals to and through their agency partners. What partner persona’s Clearco focused on and why. Where Clearco’s data plays a role in new services TJ and other agencies sell clients/brands/ How partnerships played a factor in Clearco’s series C. What about Clearco’s partner program was so attractive to TJ. How Chris and Clearco integrates into the agencies processes. When partnerships have gone wrong for TJ’s agency and why. When and how Clearco features new partners to their audience. And finally, both of their advice to new partner teams. Sections: [00:04:38] Intros [00:07:54] The state of Clearco’s partner program [00:13:23] How much of a factor did partnerships play in Clearco’s series C [00:15:01] Partner enablement at Clearco [00:19:55] How TJ justified hours into partnerships [00:23:32] Activating partnerships for Clearco [00:27:14] Co-marketing [00:33:30] Types of partnerships that work well for TJ/EmberTribe [00:39:04] What’s next for sales/marketing partnerships at Clearco [00:43:06] Closing remarks on partnership best practices Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.
June 8, 2021
Alignment, Synergy, & Enablement: The Pillars of Success for Mojo Media & Terminus
Building a successful partner program takes work and patience. For Mojo Media & Terminus, they defined their partner success by having alignment with expectations, enthusiasm, and plenty of enablement showcased in a fun and exciting way. Listen in to how this agency & technology company used the above to create a strong partnership and even stronger relationship. “If you build the right partnerships and you know, the financial benefits can be huge.” Welcome Caitlin Matchett and Nikole Rose to the show! Sections: [00:03:15] Intros [00:06:12] When and why Terminus launched their program [00:14:35] What goes into a successful partnership [00:21:20] Aspects of an agency partner program to ensure success [00:26:58] Value of partner training and certs [00:28:58] Financial incentives of partnerships [00:31:59] Caitlin’s advice Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.
May 25, 2021
White label partnerships success w/ Leadforensics
“Anybody who's utilizing our data in the right way and turning it into button line revenue. Great. Let's talk about it. And shout from the rooftops.” Today we learn about an early stage partnership between a top full service digital agency (Site-Seeker), and their new, but already fully integrated partner Lead Forensics. What we found decided to focus on today was the premise of their partnership - Site-Seeker will be white labeling Lead Forensics to build new services for their customers. Thomas Armitage from Site-Seeker, and Michael Graham from Lead Forensics join us in this discussion to help us understand the ins and outs of white label partnerships enablement. Sections: [00:05:26] Intros to the white label partners [00:07:05] Partner nomenclature [00:10:03] How the agency strategizes around the partnerships [00:13:23] Qualifying the agency partner [00:15:02] What Site-Seeker gains from the partnership [00:17:15] SaaS partnership OKRs [00:19:55] What Lead Forensics does for does for partners [00:27:10] What white label partnership success looks like [00:31:31] Co-marketing with white label partners [00:36:27] What reciprocity means for Site-Seeker [00:41:12] Maintaining brand guidelines Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.
May 17, 2021
Where to focus when building a program from the ground up w/ Jillian at Remote
When Jillian Trubee joined Greenhouse, she didn't expect to help build a partner program from the ground up but she saw an opportunity for immense growth and went for it. From the crucial enablement needed and the patience that is comes with building out an effective program, Jillian shares all that she learned in her time at Greenhouse as a Partner Program Manager. ‍ Sections: [00:02:48] Meet Jillian [00:04:52] Discovering early opportunities [00:08:28] Ensuring partner success [00:10:19] Titles and job functions within the partner team [00:14:58] Enablement with co-marketing [00:19:31] Quarterly partnerships workflows [00:20:39] Effective partner ecosystems [00:23:18] Jillians guide to partner enablement success Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.
May 11, 2021
Two Incredibly Proactive, and therefore Productive, Partners w/ Gorgias and Electric Eye
Today I’m joined by Chase Clymer, Co-Founder of Electric Eye and Nicole Baqai, Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager at Gorgias. In this episode, we dig out everything these two are doing together, which is a ton. Chase is one of the most proactive agencies with relation to partner enablement and getting bigger endeavors like courses and podcasts done with partners. Nicole and I are just meeting, but they are the best partner of Electric Eye for this subject, so we invited her in. I didn’t know what to expect, but here’s what you will learn: “And if you can be proactive in coming up with those ideas to pitch, you're making your partner managers job that much easier.” Takeaways: What to include in a partner newsletter. How Electric Eye strategizes partner-sourced content. When and how does Gorgias incorporate partners in the blog and newsletter. How Gorgias productizes partnerships. What surveys and onboarding questions Gorgias asks uses to make better connections to agency partners. Why Gorgias does that - matching their users with partners? Gorgias’s co-selling strategy. Assets Chase put together for his tech partners to ensure they know what his agency does and will do with partners to ensure alignment and success. How partnerships and sales align for Sections: [00:05:17] Intros [00:09:35] Team alignment and support for the program at Gorgias [00:10:24] What partners of Gorgias are involved in [00:13:20] Understanding partnerships from the agency POV [00:16:29] Product-led partnership activities at Gorgias [00:18:45] Gorgias’s matchmaking process [00:20:27] Chase’s sales enablement assets [00:23:20] Gorgias’s partnerships and sales strategies [00:25:31] Gorgias’s co-selling strategy [00:31:06] Chases’s experience in co-selling [00:32:46] What’s next and goals Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.
May 2, 2021
How to create value with your partners for both Marketing and Partnerships KPIs w/ Maddy, VP of Marketing at
In this Episode, we speak to Maddy Martin, VP of Marketing (and partnerships) for, and one of her more active agency partners Matt Burke, CEO of Zillametrics. Our goal was to unpack their partnership to determine what makes it so successful for both parties. How to find and enable thought leader agencies to create content with you to attract both users and other agencies. Aligning on target audience overlap, the content and mutual value. Supporting clients who come through those collaborations. Holding each side accountable throughout. And for Maddy - building the repeatable process around this solid example of Partner Enablement. “What resonates the most is when somebody has done the due diligence enough to understand the type of clients we're working with and the type of solutions that are going to benefit us.” - Matt Burke How to attract thought leader agency partners. How to enable them to create help-desk quality case studies for your blog. The strategy for taking the client testimonial > matching that to an agency facilitator > and enabling the agency to showcase it on your blog as well as theirs. How Maddy helped speed up the case study creation by making introductions. How Matt would want to start and progress a new partnership. Maddy’s routine for finding and reaching out to agencies to get a calendar event. Matt’s advice to any tech teams to ensure a successful partnership. Maddy’s survey suggestion to uncover new partnership opportunities. Sections: [00:03:38] - Intros [00:06:16] - Overview of the outcome of their partnership [00:11:04] - Whatenabled Matt to be productive [00:14:20] - Maddy’s SOPs and advice [00:23:30] - How Matt likes to vet partnerships [00:33:24] - How to approach Matt’s agency persona [00:35:29] - Final advice from Maddy Resources: Here’s the article Matt created for - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.
April 21, 2021
How the RollWorks team Aligns to Speed Partner Enablement Success
“We want to get every team thinking about partners and how they can leverage partners and how they can drive value.” A successful partner program is driven by powerful and consistent enablement, both internally and externally. Mike Stocker knew this when he started to build out the Partner Program at RollWorks and combined forces with Cheryl Bisram to build a first in class partner enablement plan. 2 years and many partners later, they have metrics to prove their success and a team eager to constantly work with partners. Listen in to learn all about the programs they put in place. Takeaways: Cheryl Speaking on Sales Readiness and when to bring in Enablement How their Integration partners help more than just net new revenue, but also all through the entire customer life cycle. Speaking highly on the value of partnerships and what enablement can bring What’s in it for them? Sections: [00:02:50] Intro to the program [00:08:22] State of their partner program and main focus [00:15:03] Their partnerships tech stack [00:18:38] Internal alignment on partner enablement [00:20:07] Customer success and partnerships [00:23:11] The “Partnerships Maturity Arc” [00:28:42] Top enablement strategy Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.
April 7, 2021
Jog > Crawl > Sprint Partnerships Strategy w/ Cory and Ross from Maropost
This is another special episode with a team who are going through some massive changes, - they just made a huge acquisition of another ecomm product while growing their new partner program to secure their place as the mid-market solution. And they have one person running partnerships, our friend Cory Snyder, VP of channel at Maropost. With him is Ross Paquette, the CEO. Ross does not have experience with partner programs coming into this, but Cory is a channel master. The two of them have aligned on goals, the strategy, and of course the culture. Ross is fully-bought-into the idea of truly partnering with service providers, implementation experts, consultants. Cory is steering the ship and doing so in a fast and effective way. In this episode, we learn about Corey's jog, crawl, sprint to get this program to viability and profitability quickly. Sections: [00:04:54] - Intros [00:07:39] - Cory’s checkboxes before deciding to run Maropost’s program [00:11:19] - What’s surprised Ross most during rollout [00:14:36] - The structure of Maroposts partner program [00:19:01] - Program metrics and goals [00:22:38] - What partner's source revenue looks like for Maropost [00:29:49] - Cory’s SOPs for partner enablement [00:34:24] - Where Ross is involved day-to-day [00:42:34] - How customer success interacts with partnerships Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.
March 30, 2021
Part 2 of SalesLoft + JB Sales: How Morgan Ingram and Chris Merrill from JB Sales run Partnerships
This is part 2 of the two-part episode where we learn how Salesloft & Jbarrows were able to build a strong partnership that is built on the no asshole rule, hard work, and reciprocity. They talk about the importance of working with companies you believe in and how making sure your technologies are complimentary are some of the traits they look for in partners today. “Sometimes you have to lead them to an aha moment of why the two exist together.” Guests: Morgan J Ingram - Director of Sales Execution and Evolution at JB Sales Christopher Merrill - Chief Revenue Officer at JB Sales Sections: [00:03:12] Intro’s [00:07:44] How Morgan uses and partners with SalesLoft [00:10:53] How Chris qualifies partners [00:13:34] What makes SalesLofts partner training [00:19:00] Morgan’s poor experiences with partnerships [00:25:30] Chris talks about alignment [00:26:49] How to get closer to your partners Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution. Join the conversation inside the Partner Programs Collective >>
March 17, 2021
Part 1 of SalesLoft + JB Sales: How to build lasting relationships with your partners w/ SaleLoft
This is part 1 of a two-part episode where we learn how Salesloft & Jbarrows were able to build a strong partnership that is built on the no asshole rule, hard work, and reciprocity. They talk about the importance of working with companies you believe in and how making sure your technologies are complimentary are some of the traits they look for in partners today. Guests: Sean Kester - VP Platform Strategy at SalesLoft Matt Alvarez - Director, Global Alliances at SalesLoft Sections: [00:02:09] Background [00:03:21] Cross-functional alignment [00:06:10] Who partnerships reports to [00:09:53] Tech stack [00:12:18] Operationalizing [00:17:37] Partner growth strategy [00:19:46] Learnings [00:21:46] Word of advice Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution. Join the conversation inside the Partner Programs Collective >>
March 17, 2021
Thinking outside the box in partner enablement w/ Recart & Social Lite
This episode uncovers how the #1 Shopify app runs partner enablement in a unique way - by allowing their top partner Social Lite, an eComm digital marketing agency, to instruct their users on how to use Recart in full funnel traffic and conversion campaigns. I was able to get this conversation right after they had started to test and strategize this new facet to their partnership. We get into the mindset from both sides, what each team required to make this worth doing, and why they are so excited about the future of their partnership. “The burden of support and training these merchants doesn't fall back on them necessarily. We can take that into our own hands.” Sections: [00:04:18] Intro’s - live partnerships [00:07:31] Ways to get partners activated quickly [00:11:51] Metris Social Lite refers to for partnership success [00:14:54] Genesis of the course idea [00:18:12] Integration of Recart in the course [00:24:57] How the economics and referrals work in the course [00:34:38] What’s next for this strategy Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.
March 9, 2021
How Klaviyo and Hawke Media Operate a Successful Partnership
In this episode, we are lucky enough to have two people with experience on both sides of the partnership equation. Ashley Gomes, Senior Channel Customer Success Manager at Klaviyo, who was formerly customer success at Zaius and as well as a Supervisor and manager at a very large digital agency in Boston. And of course, Ashley Scorpio, VP of Partnerships at Hawke Media who has joined me in courses, masterminds and other podcast episodes. This discussion is all about partner success in large ecosystems - What keeps Hawke Media so close to the Klaviyo partner program How Klaviyo’s partner team ideates and executes campaigns to bring partners closer to the brand and/or execute a growth initiative to increase referral revenue. What the first few months with an agency partner looks like for Klaviyo - resource exchange, enablement process, certifications, announcements. How they use Skilljar to increase certifications. We hear what Ashley Scorpio likes to see/hear/get in the early stages of a partnership to enable her success. And how important it is to get new partners to fully understand how to leverage the resources of their program with new partners. Creating OKRs with partners. What the communication type/theme pie chart looks like for 1:1’s with agencies. Why Klaviyo gives their partners exposure to the entire leadership team Communication types/timing preferences for Ashley S. around day to day comm as well as partner newsletters. Ashley G.’s advice she wish she had when she was getting going as a young partner success manager. Main sections: [00:04:26] State of Klaviyo’s partner program [00:07:43] Personas they are you working with [00:10:19] Hawke’s relationship with Klaviyo and how it came about [00:17:29] Some of the things Klaviyo’s partner team does for success [00:21:18] Klaviyo’s stack and LMS [00:23:24] Ashley Scorpio’s definition of partnership success [00:32:10] Partner memorandoms [00:39:19] Ashley Scorpio’s view on partner communication best practices [00:44:51] What Ashley Gomes wish she knew earlier on in her career …. Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.
March 2, 2021
Enabling your partner team to succeed quickly with product and marketing! w/ Zach and Grant from Unstack
Enabling your partner team to succeed quickly with product and marketing! It’s not easy for a small team of a new tech to have the sort of confidence and trust in each other to achieve success in the channel at this early of a stage. This is the perfect team to record on this topic. Grant (CEO) hired Zach (VP of Sales/Marketing/Partnerships) in 2020 and gave him the runway and support to get their new agency-focused partner program off the ground quickly. “You can't set a goal of saying, Hey, in 2021, we want our partner revenue to be a third of our revenue mix and then not support it through product investment, find creative ways to include them in your marketing and allow them to understand your customers because that's going to make them really excited.” Main sections: [00:04:06] Introductions [00:05:41] The current state of your partnership program [00:06:57] The state of the product with regards to the agency's dashboard [00:11:16] The strategy for getting people into your calendar [00:13:42] KPIs, goals, metrics [00:18:54] Incentives [00:22:13] SOP’s [00:29:59] Product and marketing resource allocation [00:31:13] Big realizations and words of advice Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution. - our guests.
February 22, 2021
How to spot and nurture valuable agency partners w/ HubSpot and Six & Flow.
From a 1-man shop to Elite HubSpot partner… How Steve from HubSpot nurtured one of their most valuable agency partners. “The number one thing to do is to find out the personal goals of the partner owner.” In this episode, we get to understand the inner-workings of one of the most successful and closest relationships I’ve come across between channel manager and agency owner. This is a 6-year partnership that began with Richard Wood was a 1-man shop. Now, Stave Vahaughn has nurtured Richard into a HubSpot Elite partner (the highest tier in their partner program). These two guys share how they do it in this episode of The Partner Enablement Podcast. Main sections: [00:04:33] Overview of Hubspot’s partner program [00:06:11] Six and Flow’s partnership with Hubspot [00:09:10] The path to becoming an elite partner [00:11:44] The role of the channel account manager [00:16:37] Checklist for brand new accounts [00:21:41] The value of trust in a partnership relationship [00:25:27] What makes a great channel account manager [00:32:22] How to determine a partner fit Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.
February 16, 2021
What exactly goes into a true partnership from top Shopify Partners Okendo and Loop Club
5This episode is our first partner manager + agency founder interview in one episode. This was a huge success. Tim and Rachel have great rapport and are able to riff on each others’ answers to add more clarity. They both came up in different departments at top agency MuteSix, and now Tim has founded his own successful eComm agency, while Rachel has since joined as their partnerships VP and has Tim as one of her partners. I think you’ll really enjoy this discussion. Main sections: [00:04:19] The state of the partner program at Okendo [00:06:42] MuteSix tech stack and partner program [00:09:44] Rachel’ worldview and experience with partnerships and how it’s changed [00:12:52] How being a founder of an agency changed  Tim’s mentality on sales and partnerships [00:16:43] What to ask in early conversations with potential partners [00:20:44] Tactics and strategies to get agencies to start a partnership discussion [00:24:09] Routines and actions steps that lead to more business sooner [00:27:07] The importance of keeping things moving forward [00:30:30] Communication tips and pitfalls to watch for [00:34:06] What makes effective webinars [00:40:26] Exploring integrations [00:42:29] Two types of pushback in partnerships and what to do [00:47:04] Product led partnerships Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.
February 9, 2021
How to Form "Partnerships" Not "Vendor-ships" with Brian Jambor
Brian has been in partnerships for 14 years. He was a part of one of the fastest growing SaaS partner programs at Infusionsoft (Keap), and now leads the channel endeavors for Sendoso’s team. He is famous in our minds for reminding us that a partnership is not a vendorship. In this episode, he explains what that means in practice. Main sections: [00:02:40] Brian’s background [00:05:13] Partnership types and differences [00:09:16] Roles and duties for success in a partnership team [00:13:35] If you could only make one hire for a partnership team, what would that be [00:16:00] What’s involved in partner enablement [00:23:38] The most important factors to success in a partner program .... Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.
February 2, 2021
The Partner Program Development Journey with a Chief Partnerships Officer
The Partner Program Development Journey with a Chief Partnerships Officer Braydan is Chief Partnerships Officer of Sendoso. He’s been growing Sendoso for 5 years and formed numerous partnership types to grow as fast as they have. In this episode, we find out what the journey has been like from his vantage point. Main sections: [00:04:04] The priorities - forming the partnerships agenda [00:06:15] The first partnerships and how/why [00:07:34] KPIs and why [00:09:43] Getting aligned from C-Suite down [00:12:09] Enabling partners [00:15:49] The process of building the program [00:19:30] The future of their partner program [00:20:48] Words of advice …. Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.
February 2, 2021
What an agency can do when enabled in a prominent partner program
Ryan Ruud, CEO of Lake One Digital, Partner of Vidyard This is part three of our deep dive into how Vidyard is growing their partner program. My guest today is Ryan Ruud, CEO of Lake One Digital, a top Vidyard and HubSpot partner. He and his team solve gnarly technical problems in both marketing and sales. In this session, Ryan is very open and transparent about what he does with his partners. Main sections: [00:06:36]  How to choose partners [00:10:59] When to explore a partnership further [00:13:10] Why you want to go deeper into relationships. [00:17:25] What really works during the courtship period of a potential partner [00:19:15] What does not work and how enablement fits in [00:24:30] Getting a go-to-market in place and executed early. [00:27:21] The value of having an action plan in partnerships [00:29:18] Communication channels [00:33:05] Effective partner newsletters [00:38:12] When it’s time to explore new partnerships with competitive tools or services [00:41:15] Best practices for cold emails …. Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution. - our guest. - to see Vidyard’s program.
February 1, 2021
The Partner Program from the Head of Revenue's POV
5Now that we have heard from the VP of Alliances (Rob Sale) at Vidyard, it's time to understand what their partner program is from the internal revenue leaders' perspective.  Dan Wardle has agreed to share his experience working with Rob to setup and grow their channel program.  Main sections: [00:03:46] Most surprising things learned from the partnership program at Vidyard [00:06:21] The checks and balances process [00:09:03]  The 3 main purposes of forming partnerships from a revenue standpoint [00:12:00] Main marketing touchpoints you should be hitting [00:13:25] How KPI, quota and metrics have changed with partnerships [00:14:50] How involved should a CRO be in the day-to-day operations .... Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.
February 1, 2021
The 5 pillars of an effective partner enablement w/ Rob Sale from Vidyard
This is a great first episode to this new podcast format where Rob Sale discusses what his program is, how it operates, who is necessary, and what they do with their partners daily to achieve partner activation and enablement. Main sections: [00:03:02] Vidyard’s partner program [00:06:08]  Vidyard’s partner stack [00:09:13] 5 pillars of an effective partner ecosystem [00:12:26] Creating  a successful partner track [00:15:38] How to facilitate successful partnership [00:18:46] Using certification to get partners to the next level [00:22:23] Timeline for partners to be co-selling [00:25:59]  Essential steps to ensure partners are progressing [00:30:01] The importance of the initial accountability session with the executives [00:32:16] Pitfalls of account mapping and how to prevent them .... Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution. - to learn more about Vidyard.
February 1, 2021
Aligning with Agency Partners for Co-Marketing Success w/ Maddy Martin @
This is a clip from an hour strategy session we recorded with Maddy Martin on How uses and converts revenue from free partner accounts. This clip focuses on the strategy of aligning with agencies to co-market successfully. For the full class and course on PARTNER ENABLEMENT strategy, including the assets mentioned, head to: Summary: Nothing will make your partners understand and take the time to learn your product inside and out as relying on your tool for their own business. This class is all about partner enablement by giving the partners the client experience first hand. You need your partner to act as if they are dependent on your product to grow their business. How best to achieve that mentality then to first onboard them into the product as if they are a paying customer. *Note: If your tool simply cannot be given to new partners, or used by partners, then do anything you can to get them to use the tool for their clients. A great example of this is our clients Recart and Tapcart who partner with ecommerce marketing agencies, but implementation requires shopify, and of course agencies sites are not shopify sites… so their strategy is to give the agency an account to use for free for one of their clients in order to work together in the implementation to ramp learning faster and enable them to sell. Takeaways: Why it’s important to treat partners as paying clients. Why making them a free user on your software is necessary to speed enablement. Partner communication and usage playbook from Smith. Continually build their experience out as a playbook for using your software they can then hand clients. If you have a use case directory (templates, workflows, playbooks…), then use what they do with the software as an example in that directory for mutual demand-gen and CRO for your site. How to prove the ROI of free software + co-marketing and gain buyin of that process from your CRO/CEO. The process of converting a co-marketing relationship into a referral or co-selling “partner.” Links: Resources: - The leading sending platform. - Partner tracking and payouts. - A free account mapping solution.
December 9, 2020
What, why and how of using an LMS for partnerships w/ Christina from Thinkific
*This is one of the sessions out of our upcoming Partner Enablement Masterclass you can take (and receive certification on) in Thinkific: Top SaaS partner programs like ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft (Keap), Hootesuite and hundreds of others rely on LMS’s to activate their new partners quickly. Thinkific is usually that platform so we wanted to know the why and how. In this discussion, one of Thinkific’s brightest will share the details so you do not have to ask yourselves whether or not an LMS is necessary for your partner program. Here’s the why of using an LMS for partnerships: Increase revenue and Lifetime Value: support your partners in communicating your value proposition to reach and inform the right customers, and retain them for life. Ease 1-on-1 support / training burden: when partners understand your products and services, they can be an extension of your support team, decreasing the need and cost for support. Quicker activation: partner education speeds up the onboarding process and new product roll-outs, by giving your partners the knowledge they need to start selling or supporting your customers faster. Strengthens your message: create brand consistency by educating all of your partners with the same value proposition and courses. Resources mentioned: Discussion questions: What use cases have you experienced tech companies using thinkific to do ___ with their partners? Why your type of LMS is better/different than using notion or google docs? What time / budget / ROI points you are ok mentioning around the use cases we're talking about. Our recommended sections / courses for your partner onboarding and/or certification inside thinkific. Free vs paid certifications Discuss this use case in particular: free training, but pay for the certification. Best practices for quizzes - what and why have them?
December 3, 2020
Growing your Agency through Technology Partnerships (a webinar w/ Hawke Media)
Agencies are facing trying times. Amidst shrinking customer bases, a shift to specialist relationships over agency-of-record agreements, and the commoditization of many services, Agency owners must adapt their operating models or face extinction. In this session, Alex Glenn (founder of, Ashley Scorpio (VP of Partnerships for Hawke Media), and Marquis Murray (Certified Asana Pro) will unpack how partner and affiliate programs can transform the Freelance or Agency, business model. Speaker Bios Alex Glen Alex has spent half of his career as an agency and consultant helping tech teams build and execute creative growth systems. The other half has been internal - leading growth for saas, marketplaces, and communities. Now, Alex is focused on creating better partnerships between agencies and tech companies - working with over 150 partner programs and hundreds of agencies. Find and chat with Alex in The Agency Partners Collective, or check out his services on As the VP, Partnerships at Hawke Media, Ashley oversees the agency's partner program including business development and co-marketing initiatives. With over a decade of experience in both traditional and digital marketing, Ashley is a performance marketing leader that specializes in paid social advertising, focusing on eCommerce brands and B2B SaaS companies. Prior to Hawke, Ashley managed community and digital for the former Prime Minister of Canada and has been responsible for millions of dollars in digital ad spends that helped launch and scale household digitally native eCommerce brands. Ashley has over a dozen years of experience working with startups and frequently advises startups in eCommerce, tech, and blockchain.Ashley Scorpio Hi, I'm Marquis, the President & Co-Founder of Ditto, where we create order through systems and processes for Agency Owners & Operators who want to scale their procedures while reducing managerial workload. That way, they can focus on the tasks that matter and get back to doing the work they love. One of my passions is staying current with what's new and happening in the world of digital media. In nearly 15 years in the industry, one thing that hasn't changed is the rate at which burnout and stress are affecting agency owners & operators. That's why we work with your team to build systems around your everyday processes so that you can finally break the plague on unpredictability in your business. When I'm not optimizing workflows, you can find me either reading a book, honing my skills in photography, kayaking, playing bass, or out for a walk with my family, getting to know more of the small town we call homeMarquis Murray
November 13, 2020
How and why of integrations strategy for the Partnerships team
Nash is a 4x tech founder originally from Pakistan where he built the country’s largest mobile social network before being acquired. He splits his time between San Francisco and Lahore. He’s currently the cofounder and CEO of Integry which helps B2B SaaS companies implement beautiful, native integrations that users love. Integry is an Integrations Experience platform that handles everything around integrations for B2B SaaS. Whether it’s in-app, app directory, marketplace, workflow driven etc. We handle all of it end-to-end. We’re all in agreement on these facts: All departments have an integration wish list for their own reasons. For many of our partnerships teams, their integration needs are low on the priority list - behind sales/marketing/CS. Integrations are tough - deciding on them, prioritizing them, getting them coded up and into the UI… How to prioritize integrations? Partnerships-based prioritization: Strategic alignments co-marketing Audience overlap Audience volume Product based prioritization: Competition: import and sync Adjacent categories, sync and automate Sales or CS based Strategic accounts Hyperion: we’re helping both platforms and new SaaS startups by providing integrations between them. If you’re a SaaS startup you can sign up sign up on Integry’s Hyperion Project: Links: Nash: @nash What? Why does the newer vertical of IPAAS (companies like Integry) exist? Up until around 2010, integrations were all built in house. Then, third parties like Mulesoft came out to support the engineers and speed up and co-manage the integration. Today, there are native-seeming integration portal solutions called IPAAS (integration partner as a service) who can power all of your integrations and allow you to add new one’s to your user dashboards almost instantly. So today, there are 3 options for getting integrations done: Native, Powered and Managed integrations. What happens when CEO’s ask their product/engineering team about leveraging a 3rd party IPAAS or Integration Experience solution? Why? If you can reduce the cost and time of rolling out integrations - taking time from months to days - the burden it takes off product alone is worth the conversation. But as a partnerships team, what it allows you to do is move quickly to hit your goals from a strategic partnerships and co-marketing.
August 20, 2020
A strategy for winning top-tier agency partnerships.
Chris is the first line of support for his clients on over 40 tools. Who is Chris? CEO at Measured Results Marketing and host of a session in our upcoming accelerator. His core service: CRM and marketing technology infrastructure to measure results.  Current partners: Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, Salesforce. He has to answer these questions for any new software partnership request (which he receives daily): Does this solution solve a pain point for our clients? Is it better than most of the other options? How can we be a part of the implementation of that solution given our team/branding? If so, can we actually share a sales pipeline and co-sell by way of referrals, shared data, shared calls etc…? In this talk, we’ll review: What’s broken in partnerships. It costs Chris between $15-$20K to become a full “partner” and represent their solution fully, and most of you would never have guessed that. An engagement tactic to clean out you list of stagnant partner prospects with targeted services-based discovery emails. Chris’s list of top aspects of the partnerships that make him want to give back to his partners. Caring - how to show you care about that agency, not how they can help you hit your numbers that day/month by only talking about their lead.
July 30, 2020
Using Partnerships to Increase Profits with Alex Glenn – (special recording w/ the Agency Profit Podcast)
* This is an interview we did on another podcast relevant to our listeners here:  Topics up for discussion include… The ‘core tenets’ of a good partnership Possible partnership opportunities for agencies The importance of productizing service offerings About Alex: Alex has built and run agencies, started software companies, ran marketing teams, and leveraged partners to grow every one of them. Founder of, Alex helps tech companies and agencies create mutually beneficial partnerships. In addition to being the host of Partnered 2020 Podcast (a link to which you can find at the end of this here blog), he is a mentor and strategic advisor at the Founder Institute. Wait, there’s more! Alex is also… Funder of Founder of Advisor for the American Marketing Association Host of Marketing Automation Discussion Podcast New to Chicago (after 10-years in San Diego, by way of Colorado), in addition to helping people better understand how to leverage parent programs to grow agencies, Alex is also the proud father of a 4-year-old girl! Points of interest… There’s more information regarding each point in our blog notes beneath the video. Explaining 1:30 Core tenets of good partnerships 2:10 Partnership opportunities agencies should seek 4:30 Tech-enabled/tech-stacked partnership services 7:19 How to start adding partnership service to your business 10:06 Building recurring, high-margin services via partnerships 12:36
May 28, 2020
The power of a ‘network’ for agency growth - w/ Inbound Junction
Today, we’re going to discuss strategic relationships from an agency POV. With me are Elad (the Managing Partner) and Itai (COO) of Inbound Junction Agency. The focus of today’s discussion is the power of a ‘network’ to support agency growth and overall value. They have used strategic alignments to gain unicorn clients like Hubspot, Hotjar, Kajabi, Walkme, BigCommerce and many more saas you’ve heard of and probably used. I hope you learn as much listening to this episode as I did recording it. As an agency owner, what is your standard operating procedure for vetting new relationships? How you’ve grown through strategic relationships - specifically VCs/Angel Investors/Accelerators, and Influencers? What this agency experience means for their advisory relationships and portfolio companies. What’s next for the agency and who you are look to partner with now? Links:
April 13, 2020
How Hawke Media uses salesperson matchmaking to ensure partner success
Hawke Media is one of the most successful and streamlined agency organizations ever. They partner with over 100 software providers - each one is a true partnership (mutually beneficial). To help us all understand how Hawke Media approaches partnerships today, I've recorded with Ashley Scorpio (VP of Partnerships at Hawke) to help us all understand what makes their software partner ecosystem so beneficial for their agency, as well as their tech partner.  Enjoy!
March 26, 2020
How to choose the right SaaS partners to scale your agency w/ David Lewis
Watch the video of this episode here >>> David Lewis is the CEO of DemandGen. David partners with over a dozen tools currently, and has leveraged saas partnerships to scale his agency to be one of the largest and most respected in B2B Marketing.  David coined the terms "Demand Gen" He wrote the #1 book on Lead Management called Manufacturing Demand In this discussion, David answers: What your current saas stack is and who in it are considered 'partners'? What does it mean to “partner” with saas? David’s process of choosing new partners? How David would setup incentives if he were behind an agency partner program? GTM and Co-Marketing with partners? How David co-markets with their partners? How events have been organized and collaborated on between the DemandGen team and key partnerships? As ad advisor, what do you recommend to your software companies around partnerships and channel strategy?
February 13, 2020
The State of SaaS Analytics and Reporting Services w/ founder of MashMetrics
The purpose of this podcast is to share what's happening with data analytics and reporting from these perspectives:  What agencies should know about partnering with analytics tools and the delivery of analytics services to clients. What founders should know about the data providers and how support should be conducted for data services. And what other data platforms should understand about the products available and how they integrate with current agency systems. In this episode, I'm joined the Founder of - a Databox and Supermetrics partner white-labeling analytics services for other agencies.  This class is the premise for a course Thomas put together for us on how to run these services: Thomas Bosilevac is our guest today on this subject because he:  Founded a marketing analytics services agency responsible for over $1M in direct billings.  Created a Measurement Plan Workshop to identify OKRs (KPIs) that make a bottom-line impact Lead projects to integrate online and offline data sources including Google Marketing Suite (Analytics, Tag Manager, Ads, etc.), Adobe Analytics, Amplitude, MixPanel, Segment, SalesForce, HubSpot, FaceBook, AdRoll, and many more. Automated Reporting and Performance Monitoring to quickly point to areas to grow or improve. Business Analysis | Data Analysis | Business Intelligence (BI) | Market Research | Analytics Strategy
February 2, 2020
Growing Channel Revenue by Connecting Agency Partners w/ Cory Snyder
Cory is Head of Director of Global Channel Sales at Active Campaign where he oversees his channel team and 6000+ partners.  * This episode was recorded on video and we reference a graphic that can be found at Watch this episode on video there as well.  Stepping into a channel/partner management role with a large existing partner network and revenue quotas means you can either spend your time/energy finding new partners, or you can generate more revenue by enabling, matching and consolidating existing partners.  One thing Cory has learned in over 10 years of growing channel revenue is how to generate more revenue from the partners you have.  Cory and I break-down the mentalities and strategies necessary to leverage agency partners to extract more revenue as well as utilizing agency partners to form strategic integration partnerships. 
January 11, 2020
How Partner Teams can Attribute Referrals in TCMA and Channel Programs
This episode is also a video-class in our course on building a partner program. To watch and see the visuals, head over to the school and join the course >> (use coupon code PODCAST for 50% off). What is TCMA? TCMA stands for through-channel marketing automation. Through-Channel Marketing is a system that enables organizations to scale advertising and local marketing messaging through their networks of indirect retailers, dealers, distributors, reseller agents, affiliates and other partners. Jay McBain, Principal Analyst, Channel Partnerships & Alliances“According to Forrester research, only about half of brands have implemented TCMA, with only 17% fully satisfied that they are getting the most from the systems. We believe that there will be significant interest in this third stage over the next few years.” What’s the issue? When you are scaling a partner program, you will run into channel conflict wherein either: Someone in your sales department is receiving a commission on top of the referral fee you are having to pay partners for that same deal, or Two partners are claiming attribution over the same referral. Some of this can be solved with your CRM, but when you have partners assisting in promotions of your sales collateral and marketing content, you will need to attribute the right clicks to the right partner. Now, attribution is what typically breaks down as your program becomes larger and more content is flying around. This is the premise of today’s discussion. And, a special shoutout to the team at for creating a product helping teams attribute phone calls. They are our category leader for call tracking and we’ll be working with their fantastic partner team throughout 2020. Without further delay, let’s start this discussion on attribution in TCMA…
January 1, 2020
How Agency Partner Managers Choose Their Partners
Today I am joined by Amanda Nielsen - former Partner Marketing Strategist at New Breed Agency - a Diamond-Tier Hubspot partner as well as reseller of Drift, Vidyard, Insight Squared and others. She grew New Breed’s partnerships by 400% in her time there and has spoken at the Inbound conference as well as taught a class for us here at Partner Programs in our agency MRR academy found at Amanda is an expert in choosing software partnerships as an agency - vetting and discovering what saas you should invest your time in, and why. So if you are a partner manager, this is a great episode to listen to and learn what agency partner managers look for in your program. I’m excited to introduce Amanda to you all and hear what she has to say. So let’s get started!
December 27, 2019
Budget and KPIs for your Partner Program w/ Greg Greenberger
In this episode, I am joined by Greg Greenberger, Partner Program Specialist at Signavio. Greg is with me to discuss  how to formalize an appropriate budget for your partner strategy, and what KPIs to focus on at each stage of growth. To view documents mentioned, enroll in the course Greg teaches a class in >>> Why should you listen to Greg? Greg is building and managing Signavio’s partner program – creating the incentives and enablement to help scale and ramp-up their team as well as enabling strategic partners. He has done this numerous times over multiple verticals dealing with Global budget allocation for partner programs. Here’s what you will learn about in this episode: Larger impacts on budget like Licenses, MDFs, Certifications, Kick-back, Discounts… Budgeting for software like PRMs, LMSs, Account Mapping … Who’s budget is each requirement going to come from? How KPIs change from months 0-6, during traction and then at scale… As well as setting correct budget and KPI expectations with leadership. This was requested by one of our partner programs course students, so you can find the visuals mentioned in this episode at in the course on how to build an agency-focused partner program.
December 27, 2019
How Partner Teams can Attribute Referrals in TCMA and Channel Programs
In this episode, I talk to the founder and VP of sales at xAmplfy - the platform for channel and partnerships teams which automates the way you engage and empower your partners. This recording is all about attribution in TCMA. If you are interested in this topic and are building-out a partner program as we speak, please enroll in our course. Use promo code: PODCAST for 50% off.  If you’re new to TCMA, it stands for through-channel marketing automation - a system that enables organizations to scale advertising and local marketing messaging through their networks of indirect retailers, dealers, distributors, resellers, affiliates and other partners. The reason I want to discuss attribution is due to channel conflict at scale in your partner program. You will run into channel conflict wherein either: Someone in your sales department is receiving a commission on top of the referral fee you are having to pay partners for that same deal, or Two partners are claiming attribution over the same referral. Some of this can be solved with your CRM, but when you have partners assisting in promotions of your sales collateral and marketing content, you will need to attribute the right clicks to the right partner.
December 25, 2019
What It Takes To Be A Software “Reseller” w/ Alex Bass
This episode is all about understanding what actually goes on when an agency is on and OFFBOARDING your user (which was their referral), and the issues that can arise from that process being broken. Read the article or listen in.  If you do not have a good relationship with your SaaS partners – the people inside the organization on the sales, CS or product teams – you are not in a good position to make partnerships a value-add for your agency. In this discussion, Alex Bass, the founder of Cyber Bytes Inc, a successful reseller of tools like Copper CRM, Pandadoc, Asana and more, discusses his road to reseller-ship and the recent bumps he experienced. The main takeaways from our discussion are as follows: Find a hub tool which you can build more reseller relationships off of (more native integrations). Get involved in the communities (help communities and user forums/groups). Really learn the tool (partner webinars, docs, implementations). Develop relationships with the product and CS teams (continually inform their new team members of your agency and what sort of. referrals you are after). Find out and vet your software partners’ PRM to ensure your clients won’t be handcuffed in any way (demo their PRM and ask what happens if your referral wants to de-couple the relationships). Keep the clients’ experience at the forefront of the relationship (care less about the referral fee’s and more about the client experience). Stay away from software partners who are constantly pushing you to bring them more referrals (this needs to happen naturally).
December 25, 2019
How to Plan and Execute a Scalable Partner Program w/ Ty Lingley from
My guest today is Tyrone Lingley, the Director of Partnerships at Unbounce Ty is responsible for driving revenue growth through product, brand, and distribution partnerships. Prior to Unbounce, Ty had experience in e-commerce and B2C partnerships while he was responsible for the strategic development and leadership of retail activities, key partnerships, and community programming for Canada’s top-performing e-commerce company Ty is also a board member of the Cloud Software Association where he connects and educates partnership professionals in the B2B SaaS space. In a previous life, Ty has been around – at one time even working for the Olympic Games – living in several locations across Europe, Asia, and Australia. We couldn’t ask for a better representative to discuss a better use case showing how best to plan and execute a partner program launch. Today Ty is going to answer the Hard questions founders and teams should ask themselves before you go-to-market with a Partner Program, and how answered these questions while outlining one of the most well-executed partner program rollouts I’ve ever witnessed. The risks of a partner program – like Channel conflict, Last click attribution with affiliates, Compliance Issues, Nexus taxation, Product alignment. The stack – do you need a PRM (partner relations management software) on top of your CRM, and what that build looks like if you go that route. Standard operating procedures for sales discussions with a partners’ referral The 7 steps to a go-to-market journey for Unbounces partner program. I’d like to start this discussion at the beginning with the genesis, or the ‘why’ of partner programs. Links: If you enjoyed this episode, you may enjoy the full course on How to Build a Partner Program.  Use promo code PODCAST for 50% off >
December 25, 2019
An Interview with Jay McBain on Partnerships and TCMA in 2020
Forrester predicts the through-channel software market to grow to $1.18 billion by 2023. This market includes 10s of thousands of digital agencies realizing $2B in service revenue by that year. So I invited Mr. Jay McBain from to join me in unpacking the topic of “Through-Channel Marketing Automation.” If you enjoyed this episode, you may enjoy the full course on How to Build a Partner Program.  Use promo code PODCAST for 50% off > If you haven’t run across Jay, I’d wonder how – he is one of the most visible thought leaders in the global technology channel. Named to the Top 40 Under Forty by the Business Review, he is often sought out for industry guidance and future trends. He has spent his 24-year career in various executive channel sales, marketing, and strategy roles within IBM, Lenovo, Autotask, and ChannelEyes. Jay is the principal analyst for global channels at Forrester – one of the most influential global research and advisory firms in the world. In this discussion, Jay and I review: The third stage of growth for software companies. One vs two-tier channel partner programs. The partner relations and marketing automation management software stack. How to determine your IPP (ideal partner persona). The 6 phases to partner program development, Then we wrap up by giving some actionable advice to those about to launch or scale their partnership programs. This was one of the most enlightening episodes I’ve had with one of the brightest people in channel today. Links:
December 25, 2019