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Make A Note

Make A Note

By Ola Brewster
Make A Note is the podcast series which discusses the links between music, culture and community.

Together we’ll be listening to the music and stories of artists from around the world with presenter Ola Brewster. They’ll be providing more insight into how music has impacted their life and how in turn they are using their work to benefit the communities around them. The podcast aims to make arts education more accessible and diverse by creating a space for musical and cultural exchange.
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Saied Silbak
Saied Silbak is an internationally renowned composer and oud player whose music fuses together a range of styles providing listeners with an authentic world-crossing experience. Saied’s signature sound has seen him perform around the world at festivals and concerts in the UK, Palestine, France, Morocco and beyond. Saied is a Beit Almusica Conservatoire graduate and has received a Masters Degree in music from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. In recent years he has worked with many artists on interdisciplinary projects and has been involved in educational and community works, developing a politically and socially engaged practice. During this interview Saied was at his home in East London. Together we discussed artist intentions, musical activism and intergenerational acceptance. Tracklist: 2112 Tawazon Da Din Explore Saied’s Work: YouTube Spotify Support Saied: Instagram Facebook
July 19, 2022
Georgie Pope
Dr Georgie Pope is a harpist and music promoter working to encourage cross cultural exchange through sound and dance. She completed her PhD in ethnomusicology at King's College London and now leads musical tours and workshops in India under the auspices of her company, Sound Travels. Using her harp as a passport - she’s been able to travel around the globe exploring various sound worlds and creating exciting fusion music. Georgie also divides her time between running music events and courses for SOAS University; developing projects with Arab music promoter Marsm; and creating workshops and resources for schools under her organisation Global Music Academy. During this interview Georgie was on a trip with her family in Antigua. Together we discussed travel, education and musical exchange. Tracklist: Georgie Pope with Kayam Ali Kawa at TEDxJaipur O Mor Banglare sung by Samantak Sinha Explore Georgie’s Work: Global Music Academy Website The Magpie-Robin's Songbook Support Georgie: Instagram Facebook
July 05, 2022
Yahael Camara Onono
Yahael Camara-Onono is a talented Djembe player, educator and activist. He’s performed on stages all across the world as well as facilitating djembe workshops around Europe for many years. In 2019 Yahael formed the 16 piece band, Balimaya Project - a Pan-African collective built on the foundation of forging musical and cultural ties. As well as being band leader, Yahael composes and arranges music for the group. Balimaya Project uses the repertoire and instrumentation of the Mande peoples of Senegal and Mali as a bridge to bring folkloric West African traditions and Afro Cuban music into communication with Jazz and the sounds of Black London. During this interview Yahael was visiting friends and family in Senegal. Together we discussed kinship, the West African diaspora and musical initiations. Tracklist: Soninka Patronba Balimaya City of God Explore Balimaya Project’s Work: Website Mini Documentary Support Yahael: Instagram Facebook
June 21, 2022
Maya Youssef
Maya Youssef is a globally renowned, award-winning qanun player and composer whose work explores the emotional and healing qualities of music. Her compositions are rooted in the Arabic Classical tradition and forge pathways into Jazz, Western Classical and Latin styles. Songlines presented her with Best Newcomer Award in 2018 and this year she released her second album Finding Home which has been followed by a UK tour combined with refugee community workshops. I was able to speak to her before everything was released. During this interview Maya was at her home in West London. Together we discussed Arabic modes, storytelling and finding home. Tracklist: Walk With Me Samai of Trees Queen of the Night Explore Maya’s Work: Website Qanun Secrets Support Maya: Instagram Twitter
June 07, 2022
Kuljit Bhamra
Kuljit Bhamra is a composer, record producer and virtuoso tabla player. He is best known as one of the producers who pioneered the British Bhangra sound and for his many collaborations with musicians from different genres and sound worlds. His contributions to British Asian music were rewarded with an MBE in 2009 and the following year he was awarded an honorary doctorate in music by the University of Exeter. Kuljit was an engineer for 17 years before he became a full time musician. His mission is to demystify tabla playing with his many musical inventions and solutions as well as his compositions. During this interview Kuljit was in his home studio in West London. Together we discussed tradition, innovation and Indian drumming. Tracklist: Raga Hansadhvani Tabla Modale, Pt 2 Tihai Dervish Dancer Explore Kuljit’s Work: Youtube Spotify Support Kuljit: Instagram Twitter
May 24, 2022
Amira Kheir
Amira Kheir is a singer songwriter who has been enchanting audiences around the world with her unique sound. Dubbed as "The Diva of the Sudanese Desert" by BBC World News, Amira fuses together traditional North East African styles with soulful jazz improvisations. She’s performed at some of the world's biggest festivals and stages, including Womad Charlton Park in the UK and Festival Au Desert in Mali. During this call Amira was in Italy visiting friends and family. Together we discussed improvisation, musical inheritance and effecting change. Tracklist: Sameeri Amwaj Manaok Explore Amira’s Music: Spotify Bandcamp Support Amira: Instagram Facebook 
May 10, 2022
Welcome to Make A Note Podcast
Make A Note is the podcast series discussing the links between music, culture and community. Together we’ll be listening to the music and stories of artists from around the world.  Developed during a Youth Music-funded residency at Marsm UK, the podcast currently consists of six episodes, featuring exceptional musicians from around the world. 
May 04, 2022