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Make Artists

Make Artists

By Ian Sands
Make Artists with your host Ian Sands the choice-based, student-directed, Teaching for Artistic Behavior high school art teacher and stuff and things... but mostly stuff.
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Make Artists S1E3: Let the Failing Begin
The only class I failed in college was Intro to Art Education. I wasn’t worried. I knew I would never, ever become an art teacher...
January 14, 2021
Make Artists S1E2: Think Different
There are differences between the traditional way of teaching art and the choice-based, Teaching for Artistic Behavior method. Not that one is better or worse than the other, just that there are differences. In this episode of Make Artists, we will look at how the TAB teacher “thinks different”.
January 7, 2021
Make Artists S1E1: Becoming TAB
In the premiere episode of Making Artists, Ian Sands discusses why and how he became a choice-based, TAB teacher and stuff and things... but mostly stuff.
January 1, 2021