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Make Room

Make Room

By Erin
This podcast is all about makin' room. How to contribute to a better world with your own special touch. Because it's when we can be ourselves that we create space for us and those like us.

In short episodes, I'll cover tools, strategies, and resources that help you leave a positive legacy and make your mark.

Whether you call you're a nonprofit exec, business owner, social enterprise, social entrepreneur or just someone who cares you’ll find something here.
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Feel Behind? A Different Way Of Thinking May Get You Further “Ahead”
So many of us feel behind right now. But in the push to catch up, we can miss opportunities that set us further behind or red flags that take us off course. In this process I walk through the process of coaching a client that also felt behind. And share the tool that’s got her and her staff excited.
April 14, 2021
Are You Reorienting Or Reacting?
If you feel you're always putting out fires or responding to the next crisis, you may be in a patter of reacting. And while there are moments where we have no choice but to react, opportunities open up for our organizations and businesses when we start engaging in more reorientation. Learn more about the difference and how to get started in ten minutes. 
March 02, 2021
How to Revisit Strategic Plans and Business Plans Post COVID
We're now entering a phase where many of you are revisiting the business plans and strategic plans you created before COVID.  For some, those plans may not longer apply. For others, there may be dramatic shifts.  But all hope isn't lost.  In this short-ish recording I talk about ways you can use your business plans and strategic plans to help chart a path forward. While embracing all of the uncertainty and staying flexible with the changes.   
April 22, 2020
Remember Your Fifth Grade Self
Now more than ever, we may need to return to a fundamental principle we learned in Fifth Grade. Especially as we navigate this ever changing landscape. My thoughts on how to move forward, and where to start in this quick recording.
April 02, 2020
What Story Are You Telling? Thoughts On How We Can Get It Wrong
I wrote about an experience I had in a museum in Lima, that shook me but changed my view for the better. Many businesses and organizations unintentionally tell stories that put their communities in the worst possible light. But, there may be ways to keep this from happening. Give a quick listen to my thoughts and suggestions on how you can best serve the communities you're talking about and trying to help. 
January 24, 2020
Impact and Business Takeaways You Can Use From Peru
I had the pleasure of spending a few weeks in Lima and Cusco. While I was there, I got to check out some of the social impact ecosystem and meet with people doing REALLY cool things in their community. In this short episode, I outline some of the things I took away from those meetings that can help with our own impact and business projects. Namely, ways to make sure our projects are relevant, the importance of unsubscribing from certain narratives, and the most important thing we can do for the people we're trying to help. 
January 08, 2020
Top Mistakes When Launching A Program, Initiative, Or Project
People often focus on money during launches but there are absolutely other ways to ensure success. Here are a few of the top mistakes and ways to manage.
November 04, 2019
Why Nonprofits Should Consider Incubators
Clients are always asking how they can stay relevant, grow, find creative ways to fundraise or better connect with communities. A nonprofit incubator just might be the way to go.
October 31, 2019