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Making IT Happen

Making IT Happen

By David Galiata
When I first began my career in IT, I thought the path was set. Go to school, get certifications, get a job. I quickly found out the technology industry is anything but straightforward.

On this podcast, I will interview guests from every facet of the industry. From technical roles (cloud, security, networking) to non-technical roles (HR, account managers, project managers), we'll discuss their journeys, career paths, advise you and look at the technology industry as a whole.

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Career insights from InfoSec Monkey
In this episode I discuss the career path and look at lessons learned in IT from the InfoSec Monkey himself- Manny Fernandez.  Manny is an InfoSec practitioner, Networking Junky, Blogger, Freemason, and all about  giving back to the community. He currently is a Team Lead in the Systems Engineering team at Fortinet.  His interest in computers and tech started when he and his wife went back to school and a professor wouldn't accept handwritten papers. His wife bought a computer and once he had a modem installed, he started connecting to the internet.  His interest in networking intensified when he worked with a Novell Admin performing remote support. He was blown away by the power networking and since then, has been consumed by it.  Some key takeaways from this episode are -  Take initiative to get any form of IT experience on your Resume Build a solid foundation of skills Find a mentor Give back to the community Technology is constantly changing, keep learning Even in the 1990's experience was key Build a home lab to test and build your skills If you want to know more please go to and subscribe to my newsletter.  Follow me on Twitter! @neoslashnet  Credits: Music-Cameron Peterson 
August 19, 2020