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Making it with the Mayers

Making it with the Mayers

By Jackson + Vanessa Mayer
Welcome to Making it with the Mayers!

Jackson and Vanessa are married with two kids, living in Florida, taking on life and trying to "make it" into early retirement. Join them in real time as they discuss their goals, daily life, hacks, parenting, and hopefully some awesome interviews!

Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers
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#21- A Big Announcement.... and See Ya Later!
We want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and love as we say good bye... for now! Thank you for being here for us! We love y'all
March 1, 2021
#20- Interview with Entrepreneur and Business Owner, John Hancher
We got the chance to sit down with our friend, John Hancher, and hear his story about how he went from an hourly position at Chick-fil-A to starting his own business and making 6 figures in about a years time! Wow. You do not want to miss this conversation; John is full of so much wisdom and knowledge, and we are so grateful that he shared with us. We learned a lot from him!  John talks to us about both his wins and his regrets, what his life looks like now vs. when he first started, and what he's working on and starting up now. He is such a go-getter and we are glad we get to call him friend. John also shared what's on HIS list for this week. Share this episode with anyone who you think would be interested! There is so much to chew on and frankly, John is just straight-up inspiring!  Thanks for listening! :) Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers Email:
February 22, 2021
#19- You Asked, We Answered!
We couldn't have done this episode without help from you, the listeners!! Thank you to all who answered our call for a little Q & A sesh. We answered 6 questions of a wide variety, and it was a lot of fun! Anything from credit cards points to HSA's, and self-care budgeting to how we mix our faith with finances. Vanessa finds out exactly how much money the Mayer's have spent on their Amazon prime account orders in their history of having an account- it's SCARY. We walk you through how you can find that number for yourself. Do it at your own risk! Ha! Thanks for listening! Instagram- @makingitwiththemayers Email-
February 15, 2021
#18- You Can't Retire Early
You can't retire early.... Wait, isn't that what this podcast is about?!  So, now that we've got your attention, this episode goes into an article we read about why Kevin O'Leary, business man and investor on CNBC's "Shark Tank," says that FIRE doesn't work and you SHOULDN'T do it. But what O'Leary is saying, is exactly why we're doing what we're doing!  On my list this week... ventricles and pigskins. Also, Vanessa woos Jackson with a few Valentine's Day haikus she wrote for him. Here's the article we referenced:'s%20%22Shark,retire%20early%20doesn't%20work.&text=%22I%20achieved%20great%20liquidity%20and,I%20retired%20for%20three%20years.  Here's the book we mentioned by Tanja Hester, who was mentioned in the article:
February 8, 2021
#17- Why We Think You SHOULDN'T Pay Off Your Mortgage Early
We did the math for you... (well, Jackson did!) and the numbers speak for themselves! It seriously pays off to invest that extra money you were going to put towards extra mortgage payments! Sorry, Dave Ramsey! The numbers don't lie. But we won't say anymore... check out this episode to hear the numbers and be mindblown!
February 1, 2021
#16- Travel More, Travel for Less
Anyone else have the travel blues?!  In this episode we discuss all things travel and cheap/free! Tickets, where to stay, and how to make your credit card work for you! We couldn't help ourselves, and sprinkled in stories of our travels past as well as trips we're dreaming about. Someone buy us a ticket to Spain, Portugal, Greece...we're not picky! The lack of vacations in 2020 has really made us ready to fly.  On my list includes a word association game that brings us to "pulp" and "s'mores." Yum.  Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers Email:
January 25, 2021
#15- Investing Q & A with Andrew & Gina Ryver
In this episode we sit down with our good friends, Andrew & Gina Ryver, and talk more about investing and the questions that they have since listening to episode #8. We talk about a variety of things within the topic- like "How can I get my spouse on board?" or "How do I diversify/What is diversifying investments?" We laughed a whole lot and all in all had a great time talking and learning from each other.  We also let Andrew & Gina share what was on their list this week, since we know you might occasionally get tired of us ;)   You can follow Andrew on Instagram @andrewryver and Gina @ginaryver Thank you to the Ryver's for hanging out with us and helping with this episode! Enjoy the episode! We'd love to hear about what resonated with you, what you learned, or any input you might have for us. Email: Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers
January 18, 2021
#14- We Did a Goal Setting Retreat and Here's What We Learned
Happy New Year!  We're finally back after a little break and we're stoked for a fresh start! We started off our year with a short anniversary trip and spent a lot of the 24-hr trip working on a "goal setting retreat" that we found online (and LOVED!)  We want to share all about the goal setting we did, what sorts of topics and questions were covered, and what we talked about and planned for ourselves, our kids, our finances, and more!  On my list (for both of us!) is two separate sorts of "tech" that will benefit you, in two different ways.  Thank you for choosing to be here and support us. It means a lot to us to have a like-minded community that is striving for more! We love to hear from you! Ask us a question/leave a message for a chance to be on an episode: Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers Email:
January 11, 2021
#13- 2020 Recap
Here's our 2020 recap! What a year, right?! We know we're not the only ones who feel like this year was a little bit crazy, little bit of a whirlwind, little bit sad, with a little bit of happy mixed in! We believe that there is always something to celebrate, and that it's okay to talk about hard things, too. In this episode, we do a little bit of both and look forward to the future. We hope you enjoy this episode!
December 21, 2020
#12- Spending for the Holidays
Holiday spending stress you out?! SAME.  There are changes we can all make to ensure our holidays are "holly jolly" instead of feeling like the Grinch, with a heart two sizes too small! When is the last time you intentionally planned with the Holiday/Christmas season is going to look like in terms of spending? As Jackson says, December comes every year, so there's no reason we can't plan and prepare. Easier said than done, though!  In this episode we talk frankly about this stress and brainstorm ways to combat it and plan better.  We all want a joyous, memory-filled, and meaningful time, right? Let's get there together! And by Christmas/Hanukkah 2021 we will all be feeling good! (Because we know this episode is coming at ya a little late in 2020! ha!).  On my list this week: Vanessa talks about something dirty and Jackson tells a real Dad joke!  Ask us a question/leave a message for a chance to be on an episode: Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers Email:
December 14, 2020
#11- Let's Talk About Food, Baby. Let's Talk About Gro-cer-ies.
Now that song is stuck in your head... You're welcome ;) In this episode we dive into how we do groceries, and we cover it all- from meal planning to list making, shopping to easy recipes that are staples in our home. We know there is not one "right" way to do it, but this is the system we've developed over the last 6 years that works for us, and it's being tweaked continually. We hope there is something from today's episode that you can take away to implement for yourself! This episode also shows our profound love for pizza sauce and oreos.... but never together, of course!  We're super excited to partner with Crate, a Sarasota grocery delivery service, for this episode! Crate has an amazing offer for all of our listeners this week. Be sure to listen for the code that we share in the episode so that you can have $10 off your first order!  You can find Crate on their website: Crate.Market or their Instagram: @grocerycrate For "On My List" this week, Vanessa gets deep and Jackson gets excited... but in Spanish ;)  Enjoy the episode! We'd love to hear about what resonated with you, or any tips you may have! Email: Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers
December 7, 2020
#10- Best and Worst Purchases
Jackson and Vanessa celebrate episode 10 (🎉) and look back over their best and worst purchases! There are cars, assorted professional equipment we never had any business owning 😂, homes, rugs, and more. On my list this week is Jackson's first recipe ever shared on the podcast (!) and a new fav way to relax! Thanks for listening! Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers Email:
November 30, 2020
Happy Thanksgiving! And a Black Friday Pep Talk
Vanessa and Jackson pop on quickly to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and give you a Black Friday pep talk! You can do this!! Next week they will be back with a regularly scheduled episode! Happy Thanksgiving!  Ask us a question/leave a message for a chance to be on an episode: Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers Email:
November 23, 2020
#9- How Much Did We Spend in a Month? A Real-Time Conversation as We Look at Our Spending
In this Episode, Jackson and Vanessa pull up their spending for the month of October to check in with how they're doing. This is a genuine conversation about their finances and where they are overspending and where they did well. Some lines were surprising, in both good and bad ways! They put out a call to hear from you, about any and all interesting/lucrative side hustles you might have, and Vanessa says the word "bra." Whoops! You've been warned.  This week, on my list includes Jackson's favorite story-telling app and Vanessa's new-found affinity for color.  Ask us a question/leave a message for a chance to be on an episode: Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers Email:
November 16, 2020
#8- Investing 101
In this episode Jackson lays out the basics of investing, the different types of investments, stocks, bonds, accounts 401(k), Roth IRAs, yadda yadda (Can you tell Jackson is not writing this? He also covers where and how he suggests you invest, and the benefits of doing so! Vanessa learns a lot in this episode, and hopefully you will too!  On my list: cleaning and biking! Woo!  Ask us a question/leave a message for a chance to be on an episode:  Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers  Email: --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
November 9, 2020
#7- All About Airbnb
In episode 7 Vanessa and Jackson dive into all things Airbnb- specifically: Why they choose to be hosts on Airbnb, how they make it work for their family, what kind of money it’s actually bringing in, what it takes to get started, and their future goals for Airbnb. On my list this week features a coffee shop cup (🙀) and a major update to the foundation of early retirement!! Ask us a question/leave a message for a chance to be on an episode: Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers Email:
November 2, 2020
#6- The Halloween Special: Scare-BNB; Airbnb Horror Stories with Nicole Jordan
In the spirit of Halloween, for episode 6, Vanessa interviews her sister, the first guest(!!!), Nicole Jordan. Nicole (aka CoCo) is also an Airbnb host, and she shares two of her Airbnb horror stories with us; Vanessa shares one of the Mayers' more recent Airbnb horror stories.  Please note that despite these "fun" situations, both the Mayer and Jordan families LOVE Airbnb and highly recommend it! Every "job" has its downfall, and the occasional crazy guest is bound to happen but does not totally ruin the experience for them. This is just a fun episode to share some of their more interesting Airbnb experiences :)  On My List this week includes "liquids" and "lotus..."  The guesses were not accurate at all! Enjoy the first bloopers reel for the show at the very end of the episode! Ask us a question/leave a message for a chance to be on an episode: Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers Email:
October 26, 2020
#5- Ways to Save BIG, Part 3
In episode 5, the Mayers bring part three of their best tips for saving BIG- this episode may get you bothered and/or thinking... What if you can change the way you shop, drive, live, and work out? My goodness, you could have that million-dollar yacht you've always dreamed of!  On My List includes a caulk update, "the Word," and "edibles."  Don't worry mom, it's not what you think! Also in this episode- Vanessa and Jackson bungle some church history- don't take us too seriously! But really, "compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe" -Moses?? Einstein? Ask us a question/leave a message for a chance to be on an episode: Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers Email:
October 19, 2020
#4- Ways to Save BIG, Part 2
In episode 4, Jackson and Vanessa bring part two of their best tips for saving BIG- this episode they cover food and drink! You would be SHOCKED at how much your daily Starbucks is costing you in the long-run... especially when it comes to what you're missing out on when it comes to investment returns! If you haven't listened yet, be sure to catch episode 3 for the first four tips, and then be on the look-out for episode 5 where they will share the last 3 tips to bring us to a total of TEN!  On My List includes two P's.... Pot and Portugal??? Jackson also complains about salmon and there is a Taco Bell confession. There is a VERY special guest at the end of this episode!  Ask us a question/leave a message for a chance to be on an episode: Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers Email:
October 12, 2020
#3- Ways to Save BIG, Part 1
In episode 3 Jackson and Vanessa bring part one of their best tips for saving big that you can implement NOW! Think phone, TV, and electric. Don't miss episode 4 that covers part two with the rest of these money saving tips! Also- On My List includes a recipe and a #humblebrag. Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers Email:
October 12, 2020
#2- The Top Secret Formula... The 4% Rule
In episode 2 Jackson and Vanessa discuss the basis of early retirement and how they are trying to make it there, through the 4% rule. They also talk about their investment amounts to they need to hit to reach their goal, whether they're hitting it or not, income streams, and a new "On My List" with updates to episode 1!  Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers  Email:
October 12, 2020
#1- Welcome to Making it with the Mayers!
Welcome to Making it with the Mayers! Jackson and Vanessa are married with two kids, living in Florida, taking on life and trying to "make it" into early retirement. Join them in real time as they discuss their goals, daily life, hacks, parenting, and hopefully some awesome interviews! Episode 1 covers who Jackson and Vanessa are, their backgrounds, and what this podcast is going to be about! Stay tuned for more!  Instagram: @makingitwiththemayers
September 11, 2020