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The Making Sunday Happen Podcast

The Making Sunday Happen Podcast

By [twelve:thirty]media
The Making Sunday Happen Podcast (Formerly The Church Media Podcast) is the definitive podcast for those who plan, create and execute Worship Experiences. Hosted by Carl Barnhill, the show offers training in the areas of Church Media Production, Worship, Communications, First Impressions, Service Planning, Volunteer Culture and more. Carl is the Creative Director/Owner of [twelve:thirty]media, a company that resources the Church with Media content and training to help you Transform your Worship Experience. Watch or listen to each episode of the show, download transcripts, and even grab some sh
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EPISODE 351: Transforming your Kids Worship Experiences with Jason Noble
Family episode this week as we welcome Jason Noble.  Jason is the former children’s ministry lead for the Assemblies of God denomination. He is a pastor and church planter. Jason was also the real life pastor in the story of Breakthrough - if you saw that movie about the kid that fell through the ice and died and the prayers of his mom and those around him brought him back to life. Jason is also the host of our brand new Kids Podcast called The KidMin Tribe. We just launched it and we will be dropping new episodes every other week. So on our new Kids platform, we’ll have a new blog or a new podcast episode every Tuesday. So send your kids leaders and pastors to Today we’re talking with Jason today about how to transform your Kids Worship Experiences and the heart behind the new podcast. SHOW NOTES
May 23, 2022
BONUS EPISODE: The Role of the Church if Roe vs. Wade is Overturned with Abby Johnson
Welcome to this bonus episode of Making Sunday Happen. In this episode we welcome Abby Johnson to the show. Abby was a Director at Planned Parenthood before she saw what really happened in an abortion and decided to resign and is now the founder of And Then There Were None which helps abortion doctors and workers come out of the abortion industry. We wanted to have Abby on to talk about the recent Supreme Court leak showing that there is a good chance Roe vs Wade will be overturned. We talked with Abby about how this decision, if it does go through, will affect churches. We also talked about what role the Church should play as this unfolds.  What are some things you could do in your Worship Experiences or at your church if this goes through? How can you continually provide ongoing help to those in need? SHOW NOTES
May 19, 2022
EPISODE 350: Knowing Your Ministry Calling and Purpose with Wade Joye
Huge milestone for us, 350 Episodes of our show! In the last year, we’ve had some amazing guests on the show. Folks like Phil Joel from the Newsboys, Dr. Gary Chapman, Carey Nieuwhof, Gabe Lyons, Alex Kendrick, Will Doggett, Lee Strobel, Dennis Worley, William Vanderbloemen and dozens of other incredible guests. We’ve talked about production, worship leading, staffing trends and culture, songwriting, church websites, changing your ‘church online’ game and more. We’re having so much fun. And we’re not slowing down! This week, our guest is former Elevation Church Worship Leader Wade Joye. Wade Joye served as the Worship Pastor at Elevation Church under the leadership of Pastor Steven Furtick for over 14 years until transitioning off of staff in late 2021 to serve churches across the country through his teaching and coaching ministry.  During his time at Elevation, Wade oversaw the development of worship culture and staffing for over 20 locations, and spearheaded the growth and pastoring of Elevation Worship.  In addition to building worship culture across all Elevation locations, Wade was instrumental in creating the systems that allowed Elevation Worship songs to go around the world as he led the record label and touring teams.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the topics of Worship Leading, leadership, culture and more. We’re very excited to welcome Wade Joye. SHOW NOTES
May 16, 2022
EPISODE 349: Family Discipleship - Sunday and Beyond with Ron Hunter
On this episode of our show, we welcome Ron Hunter. Ron is the co founder and director of the D6 Conference. He is the CEO of Randall House and D6, a family discipleship ministry that produces incredible curriculum for all ages. Ron talks with Carl about Family Discipleship on Sunday and beyond. Ron has some great insights how to incorporate family discipleship into your sermons, how to craft Worship Experiences with families in mind and more. SHOW NOTES
May 09, 2022
EPISODE 348: The Truth and Beauty with Andrew Klavan
On this week’s episode of the show, we welcome Conservative Commentator Andrew Klavan. Andrew was a part of starting Daily Wire, that’s right Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles, Candace Owens and that team. He has a brand new book out called The Truth and Beauty - about how he researched the great Romantic poets of history and how they were seeking after Jesus and how you can see that in their writing. We’ll also talk about how pastors can use these poets as examples of how to seek Jesus in a culture that is increasingly against believers. This episode is a little unique for our podcast, but Andrew is such a great mind and thought leader in the Conservative space, we thought it would be cool to get his perspective on the Church today, and more. SHOW NOTES
May 02, 2022
EPISODE 347: 10 Keys to Being a Successful Worship Leader with Justin Rizzo
On this week’s episode of the show, we welcome Worship Leader Justin Rizzo.  Justin serves on staff at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. He has been there for over 15 years. He is a Coach that leads other Worship Leaders across the country. He also owns Firelight Creative - a great production company putting on some amazing shows. Today, we’re talking with Justin about 10 Keys to being a Successful Worship Leader. What does a Successful Worship Leader even mean and look like? We’ll chat through that today. SHOW NOTES
April 25, 2022
EPISODE 346: Reaching the Next Generation with Nick Hall
Today we have an interview with International Evangelist Nick Hall. Nick is an incredible speaker and evangelist. He was mentored and influenced by Billy Graham, Greg Laurie and others. Nick is the founder of the Pulse Movement and their big event - Together 22 is happening in just a few months - June 24-25th at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. Nick has preached the Gospel to more than 5 Million people and is regularly featured as a speaker for pastors gatherings, and events around the world. We'll hear from Nick about how to reach the next generation. Nick and his team are reaching young people with with their events. He'll answer questions like: How can we craft our Worship Experiences to reach a younger generation? What do we need to stop doing that is a turn off to younger people? What can we see happen in the Church today? SHOW NOTES
April 18, 2022
EPISODE 345: Creating Killer Digital Content with Trey Van Camp
On this week’s show, we’re talking with Trey Van Camp. Trey is a pastor, church planter, and YouTuber. He is the pastor at Passion Creek Church. We are going to talk with Trey today about creating killer digital content for your platforms. Trey has been vlogger for a long time, he has made hundreds of YouTube videos. You’ll get to see how Trey creates content. So if you are a pastor, a tech leader, communications director, we pray that Trey will give some great tips here for you to think about. This may mean you take content from your Worship Experience and cut it up in a unique way to use during the week. Or it may mean that your pastor can make videos using the same sermon content or go deeper during the week. How can we make great digital content and get it out there for the world to see and hear our message. The answer to that and more, on today’s episode! SHOW NOTES
April 11, 2022
EPISODE 344: Crisis Management and How to Control the Narrative with Mark Harvard
On this week’s show, we’re talking with our friend Mark Harvard. Mark is the Communications Director at Clearbranch United Methodist Church in Alabama. He has had a career in radio and broadcast ministries as well as Communications.  We’re going to talk about Crisis Management and controlling the narrative if your church gets in the news. Whether that’s for a good reason or negative attention via a scandal or some event. We’ll talk through how to respond, how to communicate to the press and how it might affect your Worship Experiences. Ultimately we hope to answer the question: how do you manage the attention? SHOW NOTES
April 04, 2022
EPISODE 343: Tips for Presentation Software Operators with Dave Fry
On this week’s show, we’re talking with Dave Fry. Dave is the Director of Product Development and Senior Technician at MediaShout. We’re going to talk all about the software, all about some great tips for Lyric and Video Operators - no matter which presentation software you use. Dave is an integral part of the inner workings of designing the Mediashout software really gives some great insight into how to build and accomplish the needs of presentation operators on Sundays. SHOW NOTES
March 28, 2022
EPISODE 342: Your Church Website Sucks and How to Fix It with Mark MacDonald
This week on the show, we welcome back our friend Mark MacDonald. Mark talks with us today about church websites and how to fix them. We’ll talk about what kinds of visitors you are getting on your site, why they are visiting, and what they are looking for. We’re going to press into what makes a bad church website and some things we can do to improve it. We’ll talk about the most visited pages on your website, what your calls to action should be and more.
March 21, 2022
EPISODE 341: How Epic Church is Changing the Game for Church Online with Anthony Racaniello
It's a amily episode this week as we welcome our Director of Ready Made Media at 12:30 - Anthony Racaneillo (RAC for short). Rac also serves on staff at one of the largest churches in Philadelphia - Epic Church. He has an incredible story that we talk about on the show, he has a background as an entrepreneur, a business owner, a fashion mogul - he has designed shoes for some of our country’s top athletes and companies. God got a hold of him the last couple years and has redirected his life toward ministry. On the show today we’ll be taking a deep dive today into how Epic Church is changing the game when it comes to Church Online. They produce an entire online production specifically for digital platforms - meaning when you attend Epic, it is not the same thing as what you see online. The teaching content, the sermon series might be the same, but the delivery is not. Rac is playing a big role in how Church Online is done and brings lots of fresh ideas to the table. SHOW NOTES
March 14, 2022
EPISODE 340: Doing More with Less in your Worship Ministry with Oksana Viyuk
We rearranged our schedule this week for you to hear from our friend Oksana Vijuk, who is from the Ukraine.  She is currently a Worship Leader at the church at Harpeth Heights in Nashville and we had recorded an interview with her for the podcast. We spoke with her about worship and women in leadership and we think this episode will encourage you.  In light of her episode airing and all that is going on in the Ukraine right now, we reached out to her for an update and to hear about things from her perspective. Oksana shares with us some stories that she has heard from family members still in the Ukraine and gives us some specific things we can be praying about.  We believe both the recorded interview as well as the update on what is going on in the Ukraine will bless you and serve as a reminder for you to pray for her country. SHOW NOTES
March 07, 2022
EPISODE 339: Sweet Sound - The Power of Discipling in Worship with Yancy
This week on the podcast, we welcome back our good friend Yancy. Yancy is a Singer / Songwriter, Worship Leader and now author. Her brand new book Sweet Sound is available now and we’re talking all about the book and the power of discipleship in Worship. A great book for Worship Leaders and especially those who lead the song set for Kids. Still, great insight today for anyone who leads people in worship through song. SHOW NOTES
February 28, 2022
EPISODE 338: Worship is More Than Music with Grant Norsworthy
This week on the Podcast we welcome Grant Norsworthy back to the show. Grant is a Worship Leader and artist in New Zealand.  We've had Grant on before to chat about Virtual Choir Videos - this time we’re going to talk about how Worship is More than Music. He will give us great encouragement on how we can use our language a posture a little different when it comes to worship. Is worship more than the music we sing and the time spot in our church service? We’ll dive into that today with Grant.
February 21, 2022
EPISODE 337: How to Transform your Online Preaching with David Murrow
New episode of our podcast is ready. Carl, our host, attended Winshape Retreat - put on by the Winshape Foundation, from Chick Fil-A - and was invited to join the Fatherhood Commission to talk about fatherhood and small business. There he met a new friend by the name of David Murrow. David is the author of Why Men Hate Going to Church and Drowning in Screen Time, to name a few. Great books that he will hit on briefly today, but should have episodes of their own. David has a long career in television and media as a producer and many other roles. Today, we’re going to be talking about how to Transform your Online Preaching. David walks through some practical tips for how to get attention online and how to preach effectively to the masses. SHOW NOTES
February 14, 2022