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Challenges For Personal Growth

Challenges For Personal Growth

By Irudaya Malar

This is about the importance of self evaluation, self acceptance and self change with
reference to attitude, self esteem, self acceptance and self change for transformation to growth in life.
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The podcast is about self acceptance n focusing on self change for self development n transformation
The podcast is about self acceptance n focusing on self change for self development n transformation
Challenges for Personal Growth : Hello friends, Everyone wants to achieve growth and success in life. Evaluation of success stories reveal several concepts and reason for success. A proven concept is The Triangle of Success i.e Knowledge, Skill and attitude. In these 3 ingredients Attitude is the base, so we can call it as : ASK....A for Attitude, S for Skill and K for Knowledge. The important thrust here is .....You have to ASK yourself > Do you have the right Knowledge , Do you have the right Skill, Do you have the right Attitude - Ask yourself....Do you believe in self, believe in values, you have self confidence, self love....In short : Do you have positive self esteem, positive mindset and positive attitude and so on. The point is the Knowledge you possess and the Skill you acquire govern your potential, however your performance, productivity depends on how positive your Attitude is. So the focus should be more on improving your attitude , otherwise the employability, growth and even your success would be short lived. Besides for all these questions the answer is change : I mean self change. You have to introspect and evaluate yourself and develop a mindset of self acceptance for self transformation. You need to accept yourself, your shortcomings and nurture the desire for self change in order to grow in your life. The fact is no one can change any one , only self change is the solution. For that you have to take action ....Right Action can bring in positive change n outcome in your life. For self change the opportunity is in YOU...and in YOU the middle alphabet is O ...this is opportunity to design your dream life and to make your dream into reality. YOU are a O or HERO it is for you to decide. You are what You think. So take control of YOU. Kind regards : Malar Irudaya > This is my first podcast , I hope you would find this useful. Thank you, Stay safe n God bless.
June 16, 2020