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The Travel Addict

The Travel Addict

By Malcolm Teasdale
After traveling on business for 30 years, what was I going to do after I sold my company in 2013? Answer: Travel more, but to the off-the-beaten-track and obscure places on planet Earth. After visiting almost 100 countries and living in 5 countries, I officially became a Travel Addict. Today, I am contracted by various Cruise Lines to perform enrichment and educational lectures to passengers around the World.
I also write travel books - business and adventure. Factual, educational and quirky.
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Which is the World's greatest country ? Food for thought
Which is the World's greatest country? An intriguing question isn't it. Living in the USA, you may have heard the statement from friends, relatives and politicians, "We are the greatest country in the World." People in other countries may say the same thing about their land. I am an inquisitive type of person, so I have replied to that statement a few times with the question of, "So why are we the greatest country in the World?" The response is typically either silence or something that does not answer the question.  This presentation is about various world indexes and rankings that are factors in determining our standard of living. While some countries can take credit for being the best at one thing, they may not excel at another. We probably would do better if we learned a little from each other. Included in this 30 minutes spiel are responses to the, "Why are we the greatest?" question and various factual information from many documented trustworthy sources that support such parameters as: happiness, quality of life, corruption, human development, safest, mortality, longevity, health care, smartest, social progress, environmentally correct, stability, freedom, etc. You may be surprised at the answers
September 24, 2020