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Doin' Well, Doin' Swell

Doin' Well, Doin' Swell

By Mallory Lovings
With an itch to help create more inclusivity and understanding in our world, Mallory introduces you to new people from all backgrounds with a variety of ideas, perspectives, and experiences - to bring you hilarious, heartfelt, and authentic conversations. You'll never know what to expect from each episode, but you can always expect to have a good time. Remember to be well and stay swell!
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45 | Miss Worldwide
Episode 45! Mallory dives into her experiences moving to a new country and what some of her realities are, with challenges, food, social life, etc. Tune in to hear more in depth. Instagram: @missmallorylovings Blog: Email: Thanks for listening, xx. 
October 05, 2022
44 | Beat da Burnout
In this episode Mallory explores 7 different ways of rest to avoid burnout. There's multiple aspects of life to explore and maintain a balance in to ensure ish doesn't hit the fan. She references a tweet from @systemsunday that goes over physical rest, mental rest, social rest, spiritual rest, sensory rest, emotional rest, and creative rest.  Instagram: @missmallorylovings Website: Email: Thank you for listening! xx
September 15, 2022
43 | Already Dead
Tune in for a reminder that life is short, live like there's no tomorrow because what's the worst that can happen? You'll die with no "what if's". Because you're going to die eventually, it's inevitable. So live like you're dying.  YouTube link to "Already Dead" by Dan Deacon: Thank you for listening! xx Blog: Email: Instagram: @missmallorylovings Tik Tok: @missmallorylovings
August 31, 2022
42 | Fabulously Frustrated
In this episode explore the benefits of frustration with Mallory and why diving deeper into frustration can add to your life exponentially.  Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email: Blog: Thanks for listening! xx
August 17, 2022
41 | Stop Shaming Pleasure
Should we feel guilty for having fun? Absolutely not. Tune into episode 40 of Doin Well Doin Swell for Mallory's latest rant regarding always living life on vacation mode. Instagram: @missmallorylovings TikTok: @missmallorylovings Blog: Email:  Thank you for listening! xx
August 04, 2022
40 | Love vs. Loyalty?
"Would you rather have love or loyalty?"  Are love and loyalty two separate things? Can you have both at the same time? Tune into episode 40 of Doin Well Doin Swell to hear Mallory's thoughts. Thank you for listening. xx
July 20, 2022
39 | Frustrated Fourth
Celebrating the 4th? Julyin'. (A pun brought to you by Alex Matacchieri).  In this episode Mallory dives into her frustrations with celebrating July 4th this year. A quick rant of reasons why celebrating America seemed inappropriate, and just blowing off some steam from the latest and greatest political regressions that are being forced upon women.  Thanks for listening xx Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email:
July 07, 2022
38 | Inner Child Comfort
Join Mallory as she talks about recent realizations, life updates, and navigates through her mid-twenty crisis.  IG: @missmallorylovings Email: Thanks for listening! xx
June 15, 2022
37 | Rude Dudes with Jiana Maestro
Join Mallory and Jiana as they rant about the rude, disrespectful responses from boys when they don't get what they want. How these comments affect others, create energy to change narratives, and discourage self expression.  Jiana's IG: @jiana_maestro Mallory's IG: @missmallorylovings Email: Thanks for listening, xx
May 04, 2022
36 | Respond & React Roulette
In this episode I brain dump all of my recent thoughts on being responsive vs. reactive - how both are great areas of expression to explore and how having amazing relationships to support, encourage, and understand your emotional ways is a fulfillment beyond measure. I've always been one to naturally lean towards the responsive side - I like to have full thought process to fully understand what I'm feeling and why. I've always been hesitant to having emotional reactions because a lot of times it's just how I'm feeling in that split moment and as time passes by and I think, my emotions will change. However, I've realized that as much as my lack of emotional expression comes from being a natural responder, it also has to do with the comfortability of those I surround myself with.  I'm thankful for the people in my life who give me a safe space to react in the hear and now vs. always waiting to respond - it's help me grow stronger relationships, as well as better understand myself and emotions. Basically, this episode is me spilling my thoughts and expressing how freaking blessed I am to have supportive, accepting, encouraging, loving, and beautiful relationships.  Thanks for listening! xx, Mal Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email:
March 30, 2022
35 | Free Falling into Life
Join Mallory in this episode as she thinks out loud about finding comfort in stability and how that has lost the drive and lack of fear for following her dreams. IG: @missmallorylovinigs Email: Thanks for listening! xx 
March 17, 2022
34 | Life Algorithm
The quality of your thoughts result in the quality of your life! Instagram - @missmallorylovings Email -  Thanks for listening! xx
March 02, 2022
33 | Breakup Notes
Mallory explores the 7 stages of grief and how it translates to break-ups with both romantic and platonic relationships.  Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email: Thanks for listening! xx
February 02, 2022
32 | Cleanse Yo Energy
BODY. MIND. SOUL. ENVIRONMENT. In this episode Mallory explores her strategy of self-rejuvenation and resetting after a rough couple of days. Times can get hard and it's important to do things that refresh your aura.  Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email: Thanks for listening! xx
January 19, 2022
31 | 2022 Affirmations
Welcoming in 2022 with the first episode of season 2, affirmations!! Mallory goes through some key elements to focus on for the new year - passion, presence, progression, conscious adaptability, and balance. Tune in to set the tone for 2022. Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email: Thanks for listening, xx. 
January 05, 2022
30 | Routine Rant
To close off the season, Mallory covers a few core rants regarding what society deems as 'success' and DJ Khaled always doin' the most. A good vent session and a few laughs so we remember not to take life too seriously.  Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email: Thanks for listening! xx
August 19, 2021
29 | CEO Queen Talk with Tiff
In this episode Mallory is joined by Tiffany Morrison, who is an exuberant entrepreneur dabbling in multiple areas of creativity. These two cover Tiffany's background and how she got to where she is, and the benefits of being someone who has multiple areas they're interested in capitalizing in.  Tiffany Morrison: Instagram - @tiffanylyndseymorrison TikTok - @tiffanylyndseymorrison YouTube - Mallory Lovings Instagram - @missmallorylovings Email - Blog - TikTok - @missmallorylovings Thanks for listening! 
August 11, 2021
28 | Routine Reflections
In this episode Mallory, the future rapper violinist, reflects on some valuable lessons she's gathered over the past month or so - from being bold in her requests and doing things she doesn't like, to gaining hope for her *possible* vegan endeavors... there's a lot to reflect on and soak in. There's also a lot to prepare for - will compartmentalizing her routines help her prepare for when Oprah calls? We shall see.  Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email: xx, Thanks for listening! 
August 04, 2021
27 | All About Them - with Cedric & Tyris
What does it mean to be gender fluid? How does it feel? Listen in to hear the stories of Cedric and Tyris Winter - how they broke through the old generational norms and fully express themselves as they are - no matter how long it takes society to digest.  xx - thank you for listening. Instagram: Cedric - @cedgreycen Tyris Winter - @winterissues Mallory Lovings - @missmallorylovings Twitter: Cedric - @cedgreycen Email:
July 28, 2021
26 | Make it Make Sense
To maintain some laughs, Eva Dockery and Alexandra Flory join Mallory to discuss certain things that don't add up to them. From the cost of pads and tampons, to 'matchep' (mayo & ketchup)... these ladies can't seem to make it make sense. Eva Dockery IG: @evadockery Alley Flory IG: @alley.flory (RIP @g3t_on_the_flory) Mallory Lovings IG: @missmallorylovings Email: Thanks for listening!
July 21, 2021
25 | Dear Journal - Alone & Admirable
There's a difference sense of comfort when you're at peace with yourself. This episode dives insidemallorysbrain(.com) as she discusses a topic between herself and her journal - admiring her loneliness.  Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email: Thank you for listening! 
July 14, 2021
24 | Gossip Queens are Mean
In this episode Mallory expresses her opinion on gossip. Tune in to hear how she navigates a world of gossip, and what she does to avoid it at all costs. Treat people how you want to be treated, speak of people how you want to be spoke about.  IG: @missmallorylovings Email: Thank you for listening!
July 07, 2021
23 | Got Any Games?
Tyler Lafferty and Mallory discuss the importance of regular game play in your life. How it benefits your strategic mind, adaptability, and if you play with friends and potential partners it can help you learn if you guys work together well or not. Tune in to hear our thoughts and stories. Follow Tyler on IG at @tlaff37. Follow Mallory on IG at @missmallorylovings Email: Thank you for listening! 
June 30, 2021
22 | Stored, Not Wasted
In this episode Mallory shares two tips from James Clear's book 'Atomic Habits.' These proven life hacks include coming to terms with your plateau of latent potential and your identity reflection - both of which Mallory gives a little teaser of.  Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email: Thanks for listening!
June 24, 2021
21 | Mid-Day Rant
Just a lil mid-day Wednesday rant with Mallory about applying unnecessary pressure on already heavy weighted aspects of life. This one is about the question - "What are you doing with your life?"  Follow Mallory on Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email: Thanks for listening! 
June 16, 2021
20 | Would Kristina Rather?
Kristina Illieva joins Mallory on another questionnaire of Would You Rather? This episode is full of weird questions and even more weird laughter. Tune in for a good time. Follow Kristina on Instagram: @ikristinaa Hit up Mallory: Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email:  Thank you for listening! 
June 09, 2021
19 | Why You Askin' All Them Questions?
You asked, Mallory answered! Tune in to hear more about Mallory's choice on what cartoon character she'd be stuck on a deserted island with, and how she manages to keep her face from getting immune to her moisturizer. HAHA! To enter a question for the next Q&A please hit up Mallory on one of the platforms below. Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email: Thanks for listening!
June 02, 2021
18 | Hump Day Facts (no printer)
Taking a light hearted approach on this Wednesday, Mallory explores some random fun facts. Listen in to hear more about grasshopper protein, Albert Einstein's stolen eyeballs, and how eBay sells countries.  Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email: Thanks for listening! 
May 19, 2021
17 | De-Stress Yo Mess
In this episode Mallory takes a little dive into deciphering where stress is coming from and finding coping and managing mechanisms that work best.  Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email: Thanks for listening! 
May 12, 2021
16 | Wavy Navy - with Allan Storey and Robert Medina
Mallory sits down with two Navy Veterans - Allan Storey (Pa) a wise, seasoned soul shares how leaving his parents house at the age of 17 to pursue his Navy endeavors allowed him to live his dreams and travel the world. An eager to learn soul and recent Veteran,  Robert Medina, shares how his experience in the Navy has allowed him to grow up in a way that was best for him, not school haha. Though these two served in two different times, they both can attest to the self-discipline, responsibility, and maturity the Navy instills in men and women. Listen in to hear them share their stories about sleeping in tiny bunks, getting taken on spontaneous dinner dates in Washington D.C.,  almost losing a finger, and many more... Follow Robert on Instagram at: @thisisrobertmedina Please hit up Mallory at any of the following: IG: @missmallorylovings Email: Thank you for listening! xx 
May 05, 2021
15 | Don't Soil Our Health
Today Mallory is chatting with a Soil Conservationist for the National Resources Conservation Service, Mackenzie Hullinger. They touch on what soil health is, how crucial it is for the health and nutrients of our plants, our animals, and ourselves, and what we can do as a society to help make a difference towards our future. Please be sure to follow Mackenzie on IG: @mackenziemae015 Please hit Mallory up with any questions or feedback: IG: @missmallorylovings Email: Thanks for listening! 
April 28, 2021
14 | Pick Up Your Waste, Leave No Trace!
Alex Matacchieri and Mallory dive into simple ways you can implement living a more sustainable and regenerative lifestyle to benefit the planet. Between "gummy bags", Big Gulp soda cups, and smelly compost, this episode focuses on different ways we can do our part in creating a healthier earth.  Get in touch with Alex on IG at @matacherry. Follow her blog at: IG: @missmallorylovings Email: Thank you for listening!
April 22, 2021
13 | Late Night Convos with Carson - How Are We Even Still Friends?
Meet Carson Foust, Mallory's best friend since 2003. The two of them take a lighthearted approach to explore what some key aspects are to holding their friendship together for almost 20 years. Along the journey of discussing longevity in friendships, be prepared to hear contagious laughter, entertaining stories, and honest answers to questions submitted by YOU along the ride.  Thank you for listening!  Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email: 
April 14, 2021
12 | It's Okay to Feel
Have you ever had a pen pal? Check out this episode to hear some advantages to putting pen to paper and sharing with a pal.  Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email: Thank you for listening! 
March 31, 2021
11 | Small Business Shoutout - with Shelby's Strawberries & Tayler Embroidery
Tune in to show some small businesses some big love. Shelby Morrison with Shelby's Strawberries and Tayler Quigley with Tayler Embroidery join Mallory to discuss the odds and ends of starting and maintaining a business. In this episode you'll learn more about what it's like to be a professional on dessert art, and what unforeseen obstacles the food industry offers. You'll also learn more about design and what it's like to create custom pieces that sell for big prices.  Instagram: Shelby's Strawberries - @shelbysstrawberries Tayler Quigley - @taylerembroidery Mallory Lovings - @missmallorylovings Email - Thank you for listening!
March 23, 2021
10 | Million Dollar Manifestations
In this episode Mallory is manifesting inspiration and motivation, what more can a soul want? In addition, she shares a few tips and tricks she adds into her day to day life that are subtle reminders to, "just keep swimming." It's okay if you feel like you're drowning in the chaos of capitalism, who isn't? It's all about finding ways that help us cope! Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email: Thank you for listening, xx. 
March 17, 2021
9 | Ovar-y-chiever
In this episode Mallory speaks with Miranda Porter - an admirable woman who sought out volunteering options to help women in a time of need, and came across a new idea that brought donating to life... literally. Listen in to hear the perspective of an egg donor. What the application process is like, what qualifies an eligible donor, what the procedure entails, and how this incredible donation can help a family gain a blessing they thought was unattainable.  Follow Miranda on Twitter at - @stopitmiranda Follow Mallory on Instagram at - @missmallorylovings Email - Thank you for listening. Be well and stay swell! 
March 10, 2021
8 | Drop Your Dominos
In this episode Mallory explores the psychological FLOW chart and Luvvie Ajayi's domino effect, and how these simple tools can help one gain comfort in the uncomfortable. Please find the psychological FLOW chart here: Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email:
March 03, 2021
7 | Who's Making a Difference?
In celebration of Black History Month, Mallory sits down with three guests who are putting their efforts towards making society a better place now and for generations to come. Ashley Shannon is taking a stance by placing herself in a position to acquire authority in legislation, Antwon Taylor is running and growing his brand, Cause International, to raise money to give back to communities all over the world that are in need, and Ally Christiani has created a platform for those seeking to learn about black history and current events. These three powerhouses are making positive contributions to our world, and are setting great examples to learn from and be inspired by.  Social Media plugs for the guests and their brands: Ashley Shannon - @ashleyshannon96 Antwon Taylor - @antoinevtaylor and @thecauseint Ally Christiani - @alllycatttt and @2blackexcellence  Please feel free to hit Mallory up for any questions, feedback, or topics you may be interested in: Instagram - @missmallorylovings Email - Thank you for listening! 
February 24, 2021
6 | Ask A Therapist - With Destinee Moore
We have a therapist on board! Destinee Moore joins Mallory to answer questions submitted by listeners. They dive into questions that explore the life of a therapist and how their career takes a toll on their personal life, as well as questions about healing from unresolved break-ups and the sorry's we may never receive.  A few take aways:     -     People don't make you feel, they invite you to feel. You choose how to feel     -     Ask for a sliding scale when searching for a therapist.     -     All emotions are healthy, how you express them may not be.     -     Not everyone compliments you, and that's okay.  Please let us know if you enjoyed this episode!  Instagram: @missmallorylovings Email: Thank you for listening!
February 10, 2021
5 | Mal's Money Moves
Exploring which moves are worth the money, Mallory introduces the first reoccurring episode of "Mal's Money Moves." We're talking marinating in our intentions, power-strip appreciation, the odd benefits of being an observational person, and more.  Instagram | @missmallorylovings Inquiries |
February 03, 2021
4 | Would You Rather? - With Alley Agnes
In this episode Mallory quickly reflects on some self-discipline inspiration after watching a new documentary on Netflix called 'My Octopus Teacher.' She then continues the episode with a hilarious, thought provoking, upbeat segment of Would You Rather with her good friend Alley Agnes Flory. Listen in for some fun! :)  Instagram: Alley Flory - @alley.flory Mallory Lovings - @missmallorylovings Please feel free to reach out with any Q&A via email at 
January 27, 2021
3 | World's Wonder & Weird Presidents
In this episode Mallory dives into unexpected history thrown her way, and how bringing back the hype of old traditions can enhance our determination and accountability as a nation. And in light of Inauguration Day, she has some fun with some strange Presidential facts.  Instagram - @missmallorylovings Email - 
January 20, 2021
2 | They're Watching Us
In this episode Mallory and her guests explore the many pros and cons of having cameras on the inside of your home. Listen in to hear the perspectives of Tara Acquesta, a fierce woman who shares her experiences of why she's turned off from interior security cameras, Jeff Brumfield, a comedian who is completely against having cameras throughout his home, and Justyn Eddins, a tech guru who has completely accepted where the world of technology has taken us, and has enthusiastically emerged himself in tech to better understand it.  If you like what you hear from the guests, please follow them on instagram below:  Tara Acquesta - @taraacquesta Jeff Brumfield - @senseijefe26 Justyn Eddins - @mr.augmented  Please hit up Mallory with any comments, questions, or Q&A at @missmallorylovings on Instagram or via email at Be well and stay swell! 
January 14, 2021
1 | 2021 Affirmations
HAPPY NEW YEAR! In this episode we are exploring the endless possibilities and goals that 2021 has to offer. We are reflecting on what we will be taking into the new year with us, and what we will be leaving behind in the crazy year of 2020.  For any inquiries, questions, or comments please reach Mallory via the following platforms: Email - Instagram - @missmallorylovings
January 06, 2021
Introducing: Doin Well, Doin Swell
With an itch to help create more inclusivity and understanding in our world, Mallory introduces you to new people from all backgrounds with a variety of ideas, perspectives, and experiences - to bring you hilarious, heartfelt, and authentic conversations. You'll never know what to expect from each episode, but you can always expect to have a good time. Remember, stay well and be swell. 
December 17, 2020