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By MalWerewolf
The WolfCast is created by the team at MalWerewolf. We are dedicated to all aspects of Cyber Security. The team is looking to build a community where we can share experiences, guidance to new or interested parties and learn about the many ways people are embracing Cyber Security whether it be in the office or in their everyday life.
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WolfCast - Episode 07 - Recruitment - Interview 1 of 856
What should you expect out of an interview as an interviewee? We talk about our experiences over the years on styles, expectations and ways to maximize your experience. We've also suggested not to be late to your interviews. So yah, don't do that. Guest: Elaine Mendoza - SOC Manager: [01:50] News Review: [04:20] Head to our website to check out the news articles! Topic: What to Expect Interview Styles - [15:04] Process Length - [01:01:55] Preparation - [01:10:08] Do's and Don'ts Do's - [1:29:25] Don'ts - [02:03:20] Closing Thoughts: [02:25:25] Shout Outs to the Community: [02:27:25] Jake Williams - Tools: [02:28:05] ANY.RUN -
August 25, 2021
WolfCast - Episode 06 - Recruitment - Jobba The Hunt
Will there be more news about ransomware this week? Spoiler Alert: Yes. Let's also talk about job hunting tips and details. How can you find the job you have always wanted? Should you let job requirements stop you from applying? News Review: [3:00] Head to our website to check out the news articles! Topic: Methods Recruiters - [37:05] Applying Directly - [1:13:04] Networking - [1:18:30] Always be interviewing! - [1:34:15] Job requirements are always suggestions. - [1:40:38] Technical Challenges - [1:47:55] Shout Outs to the Community: [1:55:18] Alyssa Miller - Tools: [1:57:00] AstroGrep -
August 09, 2021
WolfCast - Episode 05 - Security In Japan
Ever wonder what the security industry is like in Japan? In this episode, we discuss tips and suggestions about making the move as well as what to expect when looking to land your first job! News Review: [3:02] Head to our website to check out the news articles! Topic: Moving To Japan - [27:10] Market Differences - [1:23:11] Work Expectations - [1:38:40] Shout Outs to the Community: [2:02:20] Tanya Janca - Check out her awesome talk about building Security Champions! Ed Skoudis - - SANS Instructor and founder of Counter Hack, Tools: [02:05:32] FlareVM - - A fully customizable, Windows-based security distribution for malware analysis, incident response, penetration testing, etc.
July 27, 2021
WolfCast - Episode 04 - Recruitment - Quest for Knowledge
Today, we do a deep dive on education and certifications. What can help you achieve your goals for getting into cyber security? What may be the best bang for your buck? News Review: [2:05] Head to our website to check out the news articles! Topic: Education - [22:55] Are you thinking of pursuing an information security degree? From student debt to lackluster curriculums, we talk about some of the pitfalls you might run into while getting yourself into a comfortable state of living during and post your educational journey. Certifications - [1:07:47] What did you get out of your certifications? Did you go in to pass the test and get the job or did you take your time to absorb as much of the knowledge as possible. Did you have a choice? We'd love to hear from your experience as well, send us a DM: Shout Outs to the Community: [1:39:10] Florian Roth - Creator of Sigma, LOKI, yarGen. Don't forget to check out Raccine and APTSimulator! Follow this person now! Tools: [1:44:05] CyLR - The CyLR tool collects forensic artifacts from hosts with NTFS file systems quickly, securely and minimizes impact to the host.
July 12, 2021
WolfCast - Episode 03 - Recruitment - Leveling Up
Are you looking to level up in the world of InfoSec? Today, we dive into skills building and ideas of where to start your journey! Format Change: [1:37] Byte Sized Introduction: [3:55] A new YouTube series at that we are working on which will provide tips and tricks for the industry. Come learn with us. News Review: [9:19] Head to our website to check out the news articles! Topic: Getting Started and Skills Building - [25:19] Useful training websites, who to follow, where is the industry heading and more are part of today's topic. Check out for references to many of our suggestions for CTFs, VMs, Tools and Training Websites. Shout Outs to the Community: [1:35:13] Positively Blue Team If you want positive vibes every week of your life, check out the Positively Blue podcast. They are an amazing group, extremely informative and fantastic guests. And those shirts by @bsdbandit... YEEES! Charles Shirer Shawn Thomas Tools: [1:41:52] HELK - Morder Data Sets -
June 26, 2021
WolfCast - Episode 02 - Recruitment - The Land of Expectations
Welcome, welcome, welcome to the land of Expectations! In this episode of the WolfCast, we begin our recruitment series by exploring the landscape of security jobs and tips on identifying goals and tailoring expectations. Guest: [3:25] John from Tokyo Junior In the industry with a few years of experience looking to get into a SOC analyst role to continue to further expand his analysis capabilities. News Review: [5:10] Head to our website to check out the news articles! Topics: Job Landscape - [53:20] Exploring the security jobs landscape in US and Japan. We discuss in demand roles that we see in both markets, general trends, as well as some thoughts on where we see things going in the near future. Personal Goals and Expectations - [1:35:35] We talk about the importance on identifying and creating meaningful and attainable goals. Lastly, we discuss the importance of tailoring expectations, in order to ensure that the idea of the work you want to do is representative of industry reality. Shout Outs to the Community: [2:12:48] Professor Messer Amazing, free training covering a wide range of CompTIA related topics including Security+, Network+ and A+. John Strand Black Hills Information Security Includes "Pay What You Can" training to learn the ins and outs of getting into the security industry! Tools: [2:18:40] Tsurugi Linux -
June 13, 2021
WolfCast - Episode 01 - Introduction
Welcome Cyber Security Heroes, This is Destruct_Icon and Corgi_Sec from MalWerewolf. In this episode of the WolfCast, we break down how we started, the details of what we would like to accomplish, the structure of our future podcasts and give a little bit of background on who we are. We want to say thank you for giving us a listen and please feel free to provide feedback, comments or questions straight to our Twitter handle @malwerewolf. DMs are open! We hope you enjoy your time running with our pack!
May 30, 2021