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Men On a Mission, Retreat-Regroup-Advance!

Men On a Mission, Retreat-Regroup-Advance!

By Brad Richard
Welcome to the Men On a Mission Podcast - Hosted by Army Veteran, Author, Speaker & Mentor - Brad Richard! This podcast will focus on Men, Veterans & their families! Soldiers have a Lifetime Bond, Commitment & Honor for one another! Our Oath still means something - Building Better, Stronger & Healthier Men is the Goal of this Podcast - Join us for help, comradery & Special Guests with Strong Support for Veterans!
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Episode #45, Special Guest, Annemarie Matulis, A Voice at the Table!
Join us for an amazing interview with the founder of "A Voice at the Table!" Annemarie Matulis is a survivor of childhood trauma and adult domestic violence and has spent 35 years balancing careers in the public, private and non-profit sectors including domestic violence, substance misuse and suicide prevention.  With decades of experience as a community activist, advocate and organizer, she is a recognized change agent within public health in the United States. Emotionally impacted by the suicidal crisis of a mentee, she co-founded, with that mentee Tracey Medeiros,  A Voice at the Table, a grassroots, soul-care movement for the family/friends emotionally impacted by the suicidal crises of a loved one.  An educator, trainer, curriculum developer, Matulis sits on the Executive Committee of the American Association of Suicidology (AAS). She is the Director of the AAS Impacted Family & Friends Division and member of the newly created Lived Experience Advisory Committee for the US national Suicide Prevention Resource Center ( Matulis is producer of two documentaries A Voice at the Table (2014) and Voices Still Unheard (2016) which are focused on suicide attempt survivors and their impacted families.  In 2013/2014, she co-developed a psych-educational, wellness check workshop series for attempt & loss survivors further along the recovery path, Re-Energize & Re-Connect, and a retreat workshop series for the impacted family, Finding Inner Peace. These were developed to help fill the vacuum of protective factor resources. This project has continued to grow and expand.   Annemarie Matulis: Executive Committee, American Association of Suicidology (AAS)   Director, AAS Impacted Family & Friends Division   Co-Founder, A Voice at the Table - a national movement for family & friends impacted by a loved one's suicidal experiences (AVATT)    Executive Committee, Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention (MCSP)   Member, International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP)   Suicide prevention, intervention & postvention educator & trainer, certified grief facilitator, author, documentary producer, public speaker ************************ Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee:   YouTube: Manat50 School: Website:
April 24, 2021
Episode #44 - Special Guest - James Stordahl - Bipolar Dad and Author of ScatterBrain!
Join us for this insightful interview! A retired Vietnam-era veteran, with 22 years of service and retired from a 30-year career in the US Postal Service. His first four books are about living and coping with Bipolar Disorder. James also shares his talents as an actor, officiant, and commercial driver. See all of the ways he can be of service to you. Since 2006, when he went down hard with Clinical Depression, he has become aware of a great need to talk about his journey as Bipolar-2.  Two psychiatrists told him that he was probably running along this bumpy road for the past 50 years. Now he has written four books on the subject and has started speaking engagements to help others learn from his journey. Pickup your copy of his book and connect with him online at the links below: Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee:   YouTube: Manat50 School: Website:
April 11, 2021
Episode #43 - 15 Things Veterans Want You to Know!
Join us as we discuss/review the 15 Things Veterans Want You to Know! We found them online at a great website for Education, Courses and Tools for anyone wanting to understand Veterans better. Communicate with them more effectively and avoid difficult conversations! Visit Psych Armor online at the link below: Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee:   YouTube: Manat50 School: Website:
March 28, 2021
Episode #42 - Special Guest - Ben Turney, Mission Partner Services!
Join us as we speak with Ben Turney from Mission Partner Services, transforming lives, one at a time, is at the heart of Outlook 180 and Mission Partner Services, LLC. Learning to cope with struggles of life is essential to develop effective marriages, loving families and thriving businesses. Visit them online at the links below: LinkedIn: Facebook: Psychology Today: Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee:   YouTube: Manat50 School: Website:
March 11, 2021
Episode #41 - Special Guest - Ron Abrams, Texas Veterans Commission
Join us as we speak with Ron Abrams, MA, (USA RET.) District Outreach Coordinator for the Texas Veterans Commission, North Texas District! Resources, tools and information for Vets - Need help, TVC will be there and walk you through the steps and process! Get help, find a new career or help with any issue you may be having that needs attention! Contact Ron and/or TVC at the links below: Twitter: @TxVeteransROC3 LinkedIn: Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee:   YouTube:  Website:
March 1, 2021
Episode #40, Special Guest, Sean Quigley from Pets for Vets®
Join us as we talk with Sean Quigley, from Pets for Vets® - This amazing organization is helping rescued animals and veterans come together to love, support & share friendship! Pets for Vets® help create second chances and new beginnings! Over 500 successful matches, they are changing lives one lick at a time! Visit them online at link below: Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee:   YouTube:  Website:
February 12, 2021
Episode #39 - 1st Episode of 2021, Men On a Mission Podcast!
Join me for our 1st Episode of 2021! This podcast will focus on Men, Veterans & their families! Soldiers have a Lifetime Bond, Commitment & Honor for one another! Our Oath still means something - Building Better, Stronger & Healthier Men is the Goal of this Podcast - Join us for help, comradery & Special Guests with Strong Support for Veterans! Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee:   YouTube: Manat50 School: Website:
January 31, 2021
Episode #38 - Last Episode of 2020, New Book Released & Holiday Greetings!
Join me for our Last Episode of 2020! New Book announced, holiday greetings & invitation to my NEW Men's Group - Mindful Men! Thank you all for your support of the podcast, it has been a rocky year, but looking forward to our next season (3) - starting January, 2021! Visit links below for NEW Book and to keep updated on all the latest with the podcast! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to Y'ALL - LOL :P   NEW BOOK: To be added to the group, please email me at: with Mindful Men in the subject line! Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee:  Pure Green:  YouTube: Manat50 School: Website:
December 15, 2020
Join me for this special Call to Action episode! - I am launching a NEW Men's Group - "Mindful Men!" Connecting men to others who are looking for comradery, team building, support and encouragement to stand up and BE A MAN!!! Together we will becoming stronger, prouder and set an example for others to follow - JOIN ME! This Group is 100% FREE - NO UPSELL - NO SUBSCRIPTION & NOTHING TO BUY EVER!!! To be added to the group, please email me at: with Mindful Men in the subject line! Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee:  Pure Green:  YouTube: Manat50 School: Website:
November 23, 2020
Episode #36 - ELECTION DAY 2020 - FREE Kindle & NEW Charity Donation Program!
Join me for this special episode, we talk about the 2020 Election, FREE Kindle Giveaway & Announced our NEW Charity Donation Program associated with our new courses on - Now Available! 50% Donated to the Charity of Your Choice with your purchase! FREE Kindle starts TODAY and runs thru November 7th, get Your Copy TODAY! New Guests Coming SOON! Check out links below for Kindle & the Man at 50 School on! FREE KINDLE: 50% Charity Program: Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee:  Pure Green:  YouTube:  Manat50 School:   Website:
November 3, 2020
Episode #35 - Updates - News + an Exciting Announcement!
Join me for this special episode, we covered updates, news and shared an exciting announcement! I've launched the "Man at 50 School" on! My NEW Course - "Your Little Me! - Who Were You?" - Now available on Video & Audio! A Nine Step course to walk you through your journey back to childhood. Revisiting your childhood will not be easy and for some, it may be painful, no worries - I will be with you, we will do this together.  Your Passion, Your Light, Your Goals & Dreams all live in the past and we will bring all of them forward to move on with Your Perfect Life! Are you living your dreams? Is your past working against you? What has happened to your spark, vision & childhood enthusiasm? Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee:  Pure Green:  YouTube:  Manat50 School:    Website:
October 22, 2020
Episode #34, Special Guest, Keith Roberts, MBC, CPC, Entrepreneur Coach, Small Business Strategist & Certified Master Trainer!
Join us as we talk & learn with Mr. Roberts! Keith helps entrepreneurs start, build and grow their business by providing coaching, education and strategy development. His career spans over 4 decades as a successful entrepreneur, a technology industry leader, a certified master business & life coach, consultant, author, speaker, trainer, and SCORE Mentor, Better Business Bureau Board Member, and community leader! Connect with Keith at the links below: Contact Keith - Phone: (903) 224-5110 Email: Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee:  Pure Green:  YouTube:  Website:
October 12, 2020
Episode #33, Special Guest, Author of "The Wise Men of the West" - Jay Tyson!
Join us for this inspiring and spiritual journey, as we speak with Jay Tyson & step into his world! Jay Tyson grew up outside of Detroit, Michigan and graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Civil Engineering in 1976. Shortly thereafter he married Eileen Cregge. They spent four years in Liberia, West Africa, where Jay worked on road construction projects. They settled in Haifa, Israel for seven years, where he assisted with historic restoration at the Baha'i World Center. They returned to New Jersey in 1989, where they raised two daughters and Jay continued his career in engineering. Raised in a Presbyterian household, Jay wondered why God had sent Messengers on a regular basis from the time of Noah to the time of Jesus but seemed to have fallen silent for the past 2,000 years. This question led him to investigate and eventually accept the idea that there is a common Source of all religions-a theme which he first encountered while learning about the Baha'i Faith. Diving into the depths of religious prophecy, he has found the commonality between religions are much deeper than just a similarity of ethical teachings. For the prophecies, when carefully understood, can lead to a profound appreciation of an unseen Intelligence from which they emanate. Connect with Jay at the below links: Book Trailer: Order the book via Amazon: "About the Author" on Amazon:  25 Servings of SOOP anthology "The Wise Men of the East": Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee:  Pure Green:  YouTube:  Website:
October 6, 2020
Episode #32, Special Guest, Dr Alise Cortez, Author, Speaker and Podcast Host!
Join us for this inspiring episode! Dr. Alise Cortez is the chief purpose officer at Alise Cortez and Associates (management consulting) and chief ignition officer at Gusto, Now! (a multi-lingual e-learning platform offering leadership and professional development courses). She is also an inspirational speaker, social scientist, author, and host of the Working on Purpose radio show. Having developed her expertise within the human capital / organizational excellence industry over the last 20 years, today she is focused on helping companies, leaders, and individuals across the globe to live with “gusto” and more meaningfully and purposely experience their work to achieve greater fulfillment and well-being, more impactful results, and work-life harmony. ***Coming in November, 2020 - Purpose Ignited!*** Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee:  Pure Green:  YouTube:  Website:
September 30, 2020
Episode #31 - Special Guest - Mary Katherine Morales - Inspirational Speaker/Author!
Join us as we talk with Mary Katherine Morales, also known as MK,  she is a speaker, author, accomplished university fundraiser executive and certified trainer. She is a visionary leader and woman of principle who exemplifies the power of transformation and possibility. Her professional gifts for engaging community leaders and creating high performance cultures are evident in her mission to empower and inspire a community of women to rise to their own call and courageously embrace their transformation journey to divine significance!  Facebook Groups:  Your Host - Brad Richard  Scars & Stripes Coffee:  Pure Green:  YouTube:  Website:
September 23, 2020
Episode #30 - Special Guest - Dr. Sveta Silverman - Health & Well Being Expert!
Join us to hear from our Special Guest! Dr. Silverman, former pediatric surgeon from USSR and breast pathologist, upon graduation from UofA medical school and residency. In 2004, after losing mother to multiple melanomas, Dr. Silverman started learning holistic medicine: nutritional dense foods, mind health, power of exercise and essential supplementation. She is a teacher of proactive health and is on a mission to teach health and choices of health to thousands and thousands of people. From healthy life choices to healthy cells. YouTube channel: Facebook group:  HUGS with Sveta Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee: Pure Green: YouTube: Website:
September 17, 2020
Episode #29 - Updates, Updates & Updates - Shared Talk from the Speakers Pathway LIVE Virtual Stage Event!
Join me for LOTS of Updates and hear my talk on the Speakers Pathway Virtual Stage Event! Buckle up, many things happening, as we add tons of Value for You! :) Links below for all the new and exciting things coming soon: Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee: Pure Green: YouTube: Website:
August 31, 2020
Episode #28 - Special Guest - Frank King, the Mental Health Comedian!
Join us for our interview with Frank King! Former writer for The Tonight Show for 20 Years. He’s fought a lifetime battle with depression, and thoughts of suicide, turning that long dark journey of the soul into 5 TEDx Talks, and sharing his insights on Suicide Prevention and Post-vention with corporation, association, and college audiences. He uses the life lessons from all of the above, as well as lessons learned crisscrossing the country in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, doing 2,629 nights in a row on the comedy club circuit, to show how funeral directors, their staffs, and vendor partners, how they can collaborate successfully as they strive for excellence in funeral service. He’s had two aortic valve replacements, a double bypass, a massive heart attack, and three stents, and lived to joke about it all, so he is truly funny at heart. You’ll laugh, learn, and leave loving life.  Guts, Grit & the Grind Volume 1 Guts, Grit & the Grind Volume 2 Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee: Pure Green: YouTube: Website:
August 18, 2020
Episode #27 - SOOP Author Showcase!
Join us for our latest episode featuring 3 Authors from "Something Or Other Publishing!" We talked about their books and their stories. Welcome to the "Man at 50 Podcast!" - KristaLyn Vetovich / Eric Mondschein & Kate Seger! Connect with them online & get Your Copy of their Amazing Books at the links below! *** Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee: Pure Green: YouTube: Website:
August 10, 2020
Episode #26 - Updates & Announcements!!!
Join us for another episode with some updates & exciting announcements, enhanced podcast coming soon, new venture with an amazing publishing company and their authors! Great things are coming soon & on the way! :)
August 1, 2020
Episode #25 - Special Guest – Carol Harper, Author, Speaker & Publisher!
Join us for our latest interview with Carol Harper, Author, Speaker & Publisher! We discussed Carol's book "The Life of a Damaged Person!" We talked about her journey, healing and her publishing company! Carol has her own podcast, YouTube channel & TV Show, this episode was awesome and filled with inspiration! Visit and/or connect with Carol at the links below & subscribe/support the podcast! & CDH Podcast: Tell It Like Is, Be Real: broadcast on: Mon, Wed, & Fri.:  Email: Company Number: 469-643-6498 Business Website:  Facebook: Search on facebook: Carol's Publishing Company or Search under Carol Harper  Twitter:@caroldharper16: Instagram:Charper761881: Carol Harper Youtube: Get an autographed book: "The Life of A Damaged Person", Pen & T-shirt on my website:  Text me" want book" 469-643-6498 and get a discounted price on the book package. The special ends in July. 31, 2020 Dr.James MBC Global: UAN Network, Roku on demand, Youtube, Face  T.V.: Dr. James McConnell's Host: Dr. James McConnell's Small Business Network Online: every first Saturday of the month, Co- Hosts Carol Harper and Britney Wise:  Phone:469-765-5327; Radio/Online: Globe Life Park in Arlington Texas:  Dr. James McConnell's Small Business Network every Saturday at 1pm.  Co-Hosts Carol Harper and Britney Wise:   Preview YouTube video James Mcconnell promo 2020James Mcconnell promo 2020 Click on link:  James Mbc  Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Stripes Coffee: Pure Green: YouTube: Website:
July 13, 2020
Episode #24 - Special Guest – Karen Skarra, Survivor & Advocate!
Please join us for this episode, we spoke with Karen Skarra, who survived a horrific car accident 7 years ago, resulting in a Traumatic Brain Injury! After 2 months in the hospital and years of physical & speech therapy, she now is an Advocate for others with brain injuries & mental health issues! She has modified a reading comprehension tool and shared it with us, in hopes of helping others! You can connect and/or reach out to Karen at the links below: Your Host - Brad Richard Scars & Strips Coffee: Pure Green: YouTube: Website:
June 30, 2020
Episode #23 - Special Guest - Michael Cecchini, Director of Operations at Pure Green!
Join us for this episode, as we talk with Michael Cecchini! Michael is on a mission to help others live healthier lifestyles. As Director of Operations at Pure Green, a leading supplier of cold pressed juices and wellness shots, Michael oversees day-to-day operations across the brand’s five New York City locations and franchises in Florida and Chicago. Michael creates tailored, customer service experiences at each Pure Green location while overseeing retail operations, technical support, and staffing. He is often on-site, providing nutritional education to employees and guests, while ensuring that Pure Green menu items are made with the highest quality ingredients. Pure Green is the PERFECT companion to self help, growth & improving your LIFE. Our bodies & minds are connected, one supports the other and a healthy body will drive our minds to move forward and achieve our dreams & goals! Visit Pure Greens online and get started with a new lifestyle of health, strength & vitality. I encourage you to build your body along with your mind with Pure Green's Amazing line of products! Connect with Michael: Your Host - Brad Richard
June 16, 2020
Episode #22 - Special Guest - Author, Speaker & Publisher - Wade Fransson!
Join us for our interview with Wade Fransson, Author, Speaker & Publisher! We talked about Wade's book - "The People of the Sign" - What do divorce, alcoholism, kidnapping, radio evangelism, ancient prophecies, the collapse of the Soviet Union, church schism and the Stockholm Syndrome have in common with the music of the Beatles? The People of the Sign effortlessly weaves these together, proving once and for all that truth really is far, far stranger than fiction. Connect with Wade online at the links below & get your copy of his book TODAY! Your Host - S. Richard (Brad) Visit & Support Our Sponsors:  Scars & Stripes Coffee & Pure Green - One of the fastest growing juice & smoothie bar franchises in the US!
June 9, 2020
Episode #21 - Special Guest - Anne Meick with the Writers' Connection!
Join us for this episode with Anne Meick, creator of the Writers’ Connection, a community of writers, authors and publishing professionals created to connect existing, new and traditionally unpublished writers and authors with the guidance, support, education and resources required to write, publish and distribute a book. Connect with Anne & check out the Writers' Connection at the links below: Your Host - S. Richard (Brad) :)  Sponsor:  Scars & Stripes Coffee -
June 2, 2020
Episode #20 - Special Guest - Linda Breedlove - New Author & Writer!
Join us for this awesome new podcast with Published Author and Writer - Linda Breedlove & her NEW Book - EMBRACE the CHANGE, Be a Rebel on Purpose! Linda talked about her new book, her life and what inspired her to change her LIFE! "The most important thing in life is to be happy...It’s all that matters!” - Linda Breedlove! Listen to her amazing story and get a copy of her NEW Book Today! Connect with Linda at the links below! Your Host, S. Richard - AKA - Brad :)  Support Our Sponsor at:  Scars & Stripes Coffee -
May 25, 2020
Episode #19 - New Sponsor/FREE Giveaway/FREE Workshop!
Join us for a quick update on upcoming guests, FREE Coffee Giveaway & your chance to attend my Virtual Workshop for FREE! Check back for further information, new guests and more tips, tools & great content!  Scars & Stripes Coffee: - VetCode: RICHARD Book Your Mentoring Session TODAY! "Go Back 2 Move Forward" Your Host, Brad Richard  
May 17, 2020
Episode #18 - Special Guest - Michael Evans - Author!
Join us for this Awesome Episode featuring 18 year old Author - Michael Evans! Michael started writing when he was thirteen, he has written 9 Novels and 5 Novellas! His latest book series - Conspiracy Chronicles, is a 6 book series and will amaze the reader! Michael is the author of science fiction thrillers that combine near future technology scenarios gone wrong with elements of speculative fiction, dystopias, romance, and, of course, thrillers. Michael shared some GREAT life advise, wise wisdom regarding your dreams and goals and a fresh young view on the world! This is a MUST LISTEN to episode, filled with value for YOU and Your Life! Visit Michael's website and meet this AMAZING Young Man: Your Host, S. Richard
April 21, 2020
Episode #17 - Let's Talk! How are You doing?
Reach out to me and let me know how you are doing! What struggles are you having, what can I do to help you or just let me know what or how your feeling right now! S. Richard :)
April 10, 2020
Episode #16 - Coronavirus??? YOU OK???
Join us for our next episode, we provided an update on upcoming Guest interviews in the month of April and we checked in with all of our listeners to make sure that everyone is doing well and surviving this worldwide crisis!
March 25, 2020
Episode #15 - We're Back & Better!
We are back & February has been CRAZY! LOL :P - We have put together an awesome NEW Website, next month we will launch our new podcast with guest interviews, more helpful content & more news you can use! Tonight's episode covers all the new services we are offering on the website, upcoming news & events, added services for our clients, friends & fans and a great place to stay in touch! Check out the NEW site at:   Guest Interviews start Next Month, check back for those, send us a message, comment or feedback & LET'S GET STARTED! Your Host, S. Richard 
February 29, 2020
Episode #14 - New Podcast/Exciting Announcements!
Join us for an update on New Podcast, Announcements of exciting changes Coming Soon and a review of Your Plan to change your life! New website coming soon along with many New Features being added for you! Support the show and/or comment on the show at the Home Page and share it with your friends! Take care of YOU and all the best! Your Host, S. Richard  
January 28, 2020
Episode #13 - Healing!
Join us for this weeks Podcast, we shared a clip from my latest interview with Mary Rogers on the Experience 50 Podcast and played a short clip of an amazing & powerful meditation, that will heal Your Little Me! Once you listen to this whole meditation, you will gain a better understanding of what we have been talking about throughout this Podcast! Here is the link for the complete interview on the "Experience 50 Podcast": & the link for the entire meditation on YouTube: Your Host, S. Richard
January 20, 2020
Episode #12 - Season 2 - Your 2020 Plan!
Join us for our first episode of 2020! Happy New Year Everyone, let's get started! In this episode we covered steps to create your plan for the new year, identified elements from our past, examine the present and plan the future! Subscribe to the show on your favorite Podcast platform, support the show and get involved with your own feedback, opinions and voice messages to the show! Make 2020 YOUR YEAR to SHINE! Your Host, S. Richard 
January 12, 2020
Episode #11 - Happy Holidays!
Join us for the last podcast of 2019! Wishing you and your little me a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Please take care of yourself through this holiday season and take the hand of your little self, protect them, love them & keep them safe! Until next year, thank you for listening to our podcast and please support us by clicking the button on the home page and send your comments/feedback to us with the "message" button! Your Host, S. Richard - Author of "Man at 50"
December 21, 2019
Episode #10 - Your Little Me!
Join us for this week's podcast, we wrapped up our series on Your Little Me and talked about YOU and your life! Please listen to all the previous episodes to get the full understanding of this series! We will shoot for another episode this year, before starting a New Year. The audio book of "Man at 50" will be out before Christmas, so keep your eyes open for that and may all of you have a wonderful Christmas Season! Your Host, S. Richard  
December 14, 2019
Episode #9 - Your Little Me!
Join us for the latest episode of the Man at 50 Podcast, recorded on Dec 6th, 2019! We talked about you, your dreams, your plans and the steps that hopefully you have written down! We shared a sample teaser of the upcoming Audio book released in December of 2019 - narrated by Steve Stansell, the Voice of HBO! Check out the Podcast, support the show and/or leave us a Voice Message to be played on future episodes!  Your Host, S. Richard
December 7, 2019
Episode #8 - Your Little Me! (David Mellor)
This week we share the story of David Mellor - Author of the book - "One Base at a Time" - David Mellor was just a baseball-crazed kid, a star high school pitcher preparing to go to college and dreaming of one day taking the mound in Fenway Park for his beloved Boston Red Sox. His dream was derailed as he crossed the parking lot of a McDonald’s. He heard the racing engine, but couldn’t defend himself against the car coming straight at him. It sent him flying through the air and into a wall, where it hit him again and pinned him, severely damaging his knee and destroying his hope of ever being a Major League pitcher. Visit David's website at: & on Amazon at: Your Host, S. Richard
November 24, 2019
Episode #7 - Your Little Me!
Join us this week for our latest podcast, we played an except from my interview with Toni Lontis on Radio Toni/W4WN! We covered the last two steps in your game plan - Responsibility and the New Plan to improve your life and move forward with confidence, hope and courage! Please support the podcast on the Homepage and send us YOUR Voice message to be played in future episodes! Looking forward to hearing from YOU!  Your Host, S. Richard 
November 16, 2019
Episode #6 - Your Little Me!
Join us this week as we recap some of the previous episodes and move on with 2 additional topics of Self Responsibility and Creating a Game Plan for Success in your life! Please support the Podcast and send us your Voice messages with your questions, comments or feedback on what you would like us to cover to help you in YOUR Journey to Success! Your Host, S. Richard 
November 9, 2019
Episode #5 - Your Little Me!
Join us for this weeks podcast as we talk about YOU! Your game plan to make changes in your life, change direction and move forward with a clearer path and a bright vision of a life your want to live. Please leave me a voice message and/or support the podcast from the Podcast Homepage. Your Host, S. Richard
November 2, 2019
Episode #4 - Your Little Me!
Join us this week for our next podcast, we moved on to three new areas to look at, Your Influencers, Your Paths and Your Choices! The people in our lives when we are young children play a large part in our life and do determine somewhat what direction we take. Our Paths we face send us all down the road to hope, dreams and a better future. Our Choices steer us into a direction we think OR others think we need to go in. Sometimes, those people are WRONG, we take the WRONG Path or we make the WRONG Choices. Let's explore how to change these for a better outcome and a brighter future! Your Host S. Richard
October 25, 2019
Episode #3 - Your Little Me!
Join us for our continued conversation about you and your little person that lives inside of you! We will review your answers to the 3 questions we asked and define a clearer picture of you, your name, dreams & things you enjoyed doing as a child. We will discover who you are through identifying an image of yourself and guide you through a picture painting process of You and who you were meant to be! Your Host S. Richard :) 
October 19, 2019
Episode #2 - Your Little Me!
We talked about Your Little Me and how your little self has and is playing an important role in your life. We identify 3 areas that will help you formulate an understanding, plan and direction for your life. Join us and write out your answers to 3 important questions that will change your perspective, life and future!
October 12, 2019
Podcast Pilot/Trailer!
Introduction to the show by Your Host - S. Richard - Author of the New Book - "Man at 50"!
October 5, 2019