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The Manic Pixie Dreamcast

The Manic Pixie Dreamcast

By Manic Pixie Dreamcast
Two hot girls give their take on film and society
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The First Pancake
Zen and Berlan give their inputs on film, spirituality, and a host of other things while celebrating the coming of the year 2021.
April 04, 2021
Scream Queens
In this episode we talk about what scares us (what we love to be scared by.) We talk to our lovely guest MJ Burow about the implications of the horror genre on gender, sex and race.
November 18, 2020
Sex in the Simulation
We dive into what makes sex good both in real life and in movies and how that translates into the porn industry. Talking about our personal experiences with sex and how that changes the way we watch it both in films and for personal pleasure. If you wanna hear hot girls laugh and say cock too many times give it a go.
July 31, 2020