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Manifest Your Bliss with Sofia

Manifest Your Bliss with Sofia

By Shelly Aristizabal
My name is NOW Sofia - legally changed from (Shelly Aristizabal) and my purpose is to share with you the "secrets" to living a life of perfect happiness (BLISS). Through understanding the Law of Attraction, applying Mindfulness via meditation, gratitude and a well-being mindset to manifest your heart's desires. Join me as I share tidbits that will inspire more love, romance, abundance, prosperity, health & longevity and more adventure...
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86: Happiness Is An Inside Job with Karin Wolfe

Manifest Your Bliss with Sofia

97: Transform Your Health & Wellness with Trisha Jeske
Today I welcome Trisha Jeske, a Certified Level 2 Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP2). She helps people discover the underlying root causes of imbalances holding them back from achieving their Weight Loss, Wellness and Anti-Aging goals. I am so happy she is on the podcast with me today as we discuss some simple steps we all can take to transform our own health and wellness! Find more information on Trisha HERE! NOW is the time to take control of your own well-being - I think you will enjoy all Trisha shares with us! XOXO Sofia (Shelly) FB @ManifestYourBlissShow IG @ManifestYourBlisss YT @Manifest Your Bliss
July 05, 2022
96: Love Your Body - For Women Only!
Today's podcast is for women only - actually women over age 40!!! I happen to be a woman over 50 : ) and I simply want to share some things I'm doing to prepare my body for the next 50 years!!! If you are interested in learning more, listen to this episode (I realize its a long one) and send me a DM on social media... XOXO Sofia  PS - Yes!! It is official - I have legally changed my name to Sofia!!  FB @manifestyourblissShow IG @manifestyourblisss
June 18, 2022
95: Expect the Best for Your Kids
Is it possible to manifest for someone else?? If you are a parent, you want nothing more than your children to be healthy, happy, and have a wonderful life! Listen to this episode and learn how you can be a catalyst of positive energy into your children's life experience.  XOXO Shelly FB @manifestyourblissShow IG @manifestyourblisss YouTube Channel
May 23, 2022
94: Turn on Your Love Light
Today I share a very personal story about my son, Spencer and his daughter, Lilly. Yes! I am a grandmother : ) Lilly is truly the light of our lives...  I know you will enjoy the simple exercise I walk you through that will allow you to discover the love light in your life - both how to feel the light from others and how to be the light! Who is your Sun, Lighthouse and Disco Ball and who NEEDS your sunshine, guidance and sparkle? XOXO Shelly FB @ManifestYourBlissShow IG @ManifestYourBlisss YouTube
May 03, 2022
93: Are You One of The Happiest People on Earth?
"There is no path to happiness; happiness is the path." ~ Buddha Are you happy? Are you surrounded with happy people? How do you know??? Today I share 26 Characteristics of truly happy people  - you can find the list HERE And as a bonus - I say we take a trip to Finland - as of 2021 it is the happiness country on earth!! Where is YOUR country on the CHART?? XOXO Shelly FB @manifestyourblissShow IG @manifestyourblisss PS - what do you think of my new podcast artwork??? 
April 16, 2022
92: How To Always Be Happy
The purpose of our life is to be happy. ~Dalai Lama Do you agree? Yes. Is it possible to always be happy? Hmmmmm... Today I dive in with some things that I do to purge negative energy and how to start each day to set myself up to BE HAPPY! Once I realized that life is happening from me NOT to me, I now know the secret of how to always be happy!!  XOXO Shelly Send me a DM on FB or IG
March 31, 2022
91: Happiness is...
“One must believe in the possibility of happiness in order to be happy.” —Leo Tolstoy Today I start a little mini-series on happiness : ) Everything you desire is because you think you will be "happy" in the manifesting of it - so let's explore the concept of happy! I just ordered the new book: You, Happier by Dr. Daniel Amen - he has posted some interesting information on happiness.  XOXO Shelly
March 09, 2022
90: Daydreaming is Good for You
According to Wikipedia, Daydreaming is the stream of consciousness that detaches from current, external tasks when attention drifts to a more personal and internal direction. This phenomenon is common in people's daily life shown by a large-scale study in which participants spend 47% of their waking time on average on daydreaming.  I would like to add that you can daydream to get clear on your dreams and desires, and then set your intentions for manifesting... Today I share the updated video (You can see all my videos on Manifest Your Bliss YouTube) version of Podcast Episode #2 - For more tips listen HERE to the original  recording : ) XOXO Shelly
February 16, 2022
89: What Is Your One Word? SCORE with Rich Keller
Today I chat with Rich Keller. He spent 25 years as a brand marketing executive at Nabisco, Kraft Foods, Cadbury and Godiva. Throughout his career, he crafted identities, using just ‘One Word’, for some of the world’s most iconic brands such as Planters, Chips Ahoy!, Dentyne and Godiva to name a few. He now travels the country as a motivational speaker challenging people to craft their personal brands using just ‘One Word’.  Rich shares with us how powerful it is to discover your ‘One Word’ and Stand-out Conquer Obstacles and Reach Excellence, in other words, SCORE. Take a few minutes to check out more at XOXO Shelly
February 01, 2022
88: Core Values in Search of Who I Am
In todays episode you will learn about how your core values can be your compass in life. You can say your values are the “theme” of your life. They shape you as a human being, determine how you are perceived by others, and guide you towards your goals and dreams. Listen to the podcast, and then check out the video that “shows” you how to discover your own core values on my YouTube Channel CLICK HERE XOXO Shelly FB @ManifestYourBlissShow IG @ManifestYourBlisss
January 15, 2022
87: New Season New Year to Manifest Bliss
Happy New Year! 2022! Beginning with this first episode of Season 3, I’m going to take you on a 52 week journey to become crystal clear on WHO you are. WHERE you are now and where you desire to go. WHAT you want and WHY you want it. And HOW to discover the answers within. I will give you the CONFIDENCE to BELIEVE in yourself to FOCUS and CREATE the BLISS and LIFE you will LOVE to live. Are you ready? Let's get started!  XOXO Shelly Shelly Aristizabal Please remember to SUBSCRIBE to the podcast (take a minute to write a review too :) Follow me on IG @ManifestYourBlisss & FB @ManifestYourBlissShow Sunrise to my YouTube channel HERE AND sign up for my newsletter too at
January 08, 2022
86: Happiness Is An Inside Job with Karin Wolfe
Today is an enlightening conversation with my friend Karin Wolfe. She is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner who specializes in energy medicine.  She uses quantum biofeedback to help clients reduce their pain and stress. Karin is also a trained Heart Math Practitioner, has a bachelors in Holistic Health Sciences, and was initiated as a Reiki Master.  Sound healing, essential oils, and photobiomodulation therapy are all tools of her trade. Each client receives a specialized protocol to meet them at their level of health and awareness. Start the New Year off right, by taking care of YOU! Check out Karin's site and I highly recommend you schedule a biofeedback session with her!  XOXO Shelly
December 30, 2021
85: Manifest Your Bliss in 2022
Spotify invited me to be one of the first video podcasts! So here goes! Today on my very first video podcast, I share with you a few things I am manifesting for 2022. I am looking forward to being your guide to manifesting everything you desire.  Please sign up for updates on what is happening CLICK HERE 2022 is Your Year to Manifest Bliss!! XOXO Shelly Shelly Aristizabal FB @ManifestYourBlissShow IG @ManifestYourBlisss YouTube
December 15, 2021
84: Gratitude Finders Denise Albright & Christina Draper
Law of Attraction lead me directly to Denise Albright! I am so happy to have found someone who understands my passion for gratitude and I am excited to share her and Christina's beautiful Gratitude and Organizational tools with you! Please STOP what you are doing right not and go to and stock up on Gratitude Journals!! The perfect gift that will continue to GIVE to you every day of the year!! Take a real look - yes, I am now doing video on my Manifest Your Bliss with Shelly YouTube Channel - to go along with the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge!  Wishing you a Very Happy Thanksgiving!! XOXO Shelly Get Your Gratitude Finder Journal at
November 23, 2021
83: Exceptional on Purpose with Dr. Marilyn Friesen
Oh! You are going to really enjoy this episode! I met Dr. Marilyn Friesen while we were on the Abraham-Hicks Alaskan Cruise. The Law of Attraction pulled us together and I am excited to share her with you! You can put the tips she shares into action today!! I will absolutely have Marilyn back on when she launches her Exceptional on Purpose program! AND take a look at my exceptional new site - signup for email notifications and consider joining me Jan. 2-6, 2022 for  my Naples Beach Getaway!  Have YOUR Best Day Ever!! XOXO Shelly
October 24, 2021
82: Are You Single & Looking For Love? Jan Shares Her LOA Story
I met Jan on the Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction Alaskan Cruise and today she shares an incredible example of exactly how the LOA works! It happened before our very eyes! Fun story and example of when you have a desire and you actually believe it can happen.... the Universe will instantly provide evidence of what you BELIEVE about that desire!!!  Are you ready to Manifest Your Bliss? Go to and sign up to stay "in the know" on what I have coming up! November will be 30 days of GRATITUDE (this alone will change your life!) and then beginning in January - I am going to walk you through This is Your Year to Design & Live the Life of Your Dreams - order the book HERE use promo code: BLISS for 50% off!  XOXO Shelly PS - Thank you for listening!!!
October 09, 2021
81: Law of Attraction in Action - Chit Chatting with Miriam
I met the most incredible people while cruising Alaska with Abraham-Hicks! I think you will enjoy today's conversation with sweet Miriam. She shares a bit of her law of attraction journey with some tips on how to create your own reality too!  Are you ready to make 2022 your best year ever? Yes? Then please plan to join me for a fabulous journey to Design & Live the Life of Your Dreams - go to sign up for notifications and get the book at 50% with promo code: BLISS XOXO Shelly FB @ManifestYourBlissShow IG @ManifestYourBlisss
September 14, 2021
80: Gen Z Guidance System with Raegan & Parker
Today I have the pleasure to sit down with the two beautiful teenage daughters of my friend, Jessica (listen to Episode #79)! Raegan is 17 & Parker is 15, and I love how they openly share examples of the Law of Attraction working in their lives. They even give us some tips on how to use LOA to create your best day!  Parents - your children have their own inner guidance system - the best thing we can do for them... allow them to use it!  Enjoy! XOXO Shelly PS - Do you want to make 2022 your Best Year EVER? Sign up at Use promo code: BLISS for 50% off the book This is Your Year to Design & Live the Life of Your Dreams 
September 03, 2021
79: Live From Alaska with My New Friend Jessica
I arrive in Alaska (49th State I have visited - 50th is OK) to learn that Alaska was the 49th State of the USA!  I love the way the Law of Attraction works in my life! If you listened to Episode 78, I shared that I was going on an Alaskan Cruise with Abraham-Hicks - so not a surprise that the Universe lead me to my 49th State in such a fabulous way - because Everything Always Works Out for ME! (and you too!) Alaska was absolutely spectacular! Beyond my expectations! I've posted pictures & videos on my personal FB @ShellyPryorAristizabal and FB @ManifestYourBlissShow and IG @ManifestYourBlisss - take a look : ) I will be sharing with you some stories from some of the fascinating people I met on the cruise, starting today with Jessica. We had an instant connection and I'm thrilled to have Jessica chat with us today!  XOXO Shelly
August 27, 2021
78: Bliss + Law of Attraction = Vortex
Today I share how bliss helped me get some clarity and two big dreams I am manifesting now. Big plans for 2022!!! AND I also introduce you to the Abraham-Hicks teachings of the Law of Attraction. I will be broadcasting the next couple of episodes from Alaska! I am taking a 7 day Abraham-Hicks Workshop Cruise next week. Sooooo if you are curious to learn more about these incredible, life-changing teachings, take a moment now and listen to The Introduction to Abraham. See you in the Vortex!!! XOXO Shelly
August 07, 2021
77: Summer Bliss
Summer! Time to be outside, to travel, to take in all that this beautiful world has to offer! I have been doing exactly that! What's next? As I ponder that question for myself, I would like to take you on a journey through my book "This is Your Year to Design & Live the Life of Your Dreams". If you are interested in taking the next 52 weeks to explore your purpose, your life, manifesting bliss and more - please order my book at or - use promo code: BLISS for 50% and let's DO THIS together!!  I promise you that this journey will move you from dreaming a dream to actually living it. You may want to find someone to fall in love with, create a great work of art, or land your dream job... This is Your Year and I'm your guide!! XOXO Shelly
July 28, 2021
76: Essentials of MaxLiving with Dr. Maryella Loman
Our health is our most valuable asset and one worth preserving at all costs. Unfortunately, our busy lives can make it hard to prioritize wellness. The end result is that many of us experience chronic discomfort along with stress, insomnia, and other issues that interfere with our ability to live our best lives.  My good friend, Dr. Maryella Loman, is my guest today. She shares her 30+ years of experience as a chiropractor specializing in using multiple modalities for spinal correction and nervous system balancing to improve her patients overall health. She works with the energy field of the body, or the "biofield" and integrates tuning forks and other tools to release trapped energy and emotions for wellbeing and vitality.  Dr. Loman bridges the gap with this work integrating mind, body and soul. You will be happy you tuned in today! I love sharing my friends with you! XOXO Shelly Contact Maryella at Essential Chiropractic Facebook @MaryellaLoman
July 03, 2021
75: Rock 'n Roll to Healthy with Shemane Nugent
My friend, Shemane Nugent has been married to Rock 'n Roll Legend, Ted Nugent for 30+ years, she's been a fitness instructor for 40 years (which seems impossible because she looks 40!) she's a mom, an author. and so much more! Today she shares some expert advice on how, in just 4 minutes, you can live a healthier and happier lifestyle!  Get her books and find more information at ShemanNugent.Rocks Enjoy!! XOXO Shelly
June 10, 2021
74: Healthy Lifestyle Checklist
Now more than ever, we are aware of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Our immune system will protect us and our body can heal itself when we give it what it needs to run at an optimal level. Today I share some tips on how you too can manifest a healthy & happy lifestyle... I first studied nutrition when I was pregnant with my son Nicolas, who is now 25. I experienced first hand the value of health when I nearly lost my life so I became a certified nutritionist and healthy lifestyle coach years ago.  This is the first in a series of shows I will do on creating your healthy lifestyle - tips and products I use to maintain my ideal weight, fitness and youthfulness... XOXO Shelly Check out the items I mention in the program: *Spray Supplements - C,D,Zinc,B12,Boost,Renew,Sleep *QMax multi-vitamin & Vitalize hormone balance *Ultra Green - micronutrients  *Armore - mushroom tea immune booster
May 27, 2021
73: Love Music
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
A series on love wouldn't be complete without a little love music... This episode I share some of my favorite love songs. You can listen to the full version of the songs with your own Spotify account and please follow my Sofia account - you will see a pic of me with Randall on my profile
May 23, 2021
72: Randall, My Love
I am so excited to introduce to you my love, my soulmate, my person, Randall! I've shared my manifesting journey and now you get to hear the other half : ) I love Randall's perspective on how The Law of Attraction worked for him too!  It's always working... "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." Dr. Seuss - Simply put, it means that honesty begins with you and not the people around you. I think you will enjoy this one! XOXO Sofia
April 19, 2021
71: Being Sofia
Why not live your life in the fast lane?! Why not live your life with 24/7 radical honesty? It sets you free AND attracts the same kind of people into your life. Today I'm talking about being honest as a starting point for who you are, and what you look for in someone else.  Being honest with yourself allows you to have real conversations, real interactions and real moments with real feelings and real honesty. When honesty is your love language, you don't hide anything from yourself, and in turn, you don't hide anything from those around you. You proclaim your passions and clarify your intentions. AND you begin to look for the same vulnerability in everyone else.   I've always loved the following quote my Marianne Williamson, a reminder to be our best selves: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~ Marianne Williamson Me, being Sofia : ) XOXO Shelly
April 05, 2021
70: Single Most Important Qualities
Today on the show I share what I consider to be the two most important qualities to look for in a potential life partner, on your way to finding your true love, getting ready to get ready to attract your soulmate into your life
March 22, 2021
69: Why Are You Single?
Why? Why? Why? If my experience has taught me anything, it's that when your dating life is in shambles, you can't seem to get it right, and your constantly disappointed, you're likely not dating from the right place.  Simply put, you don't know your "why?" Why are you dating? What is your "why?" What is your "why" in life? Seriously, have you thought about why your relationships haven't worked out? Why do you date? Why are you looking for a partner in the first place? If you want snuggles but you only receive struggles - listen to today's podcast! XOXO Shelly If you want to understand the science behind your WHY -  Simon Sinek explain how knowing your WHY in business is the difference.... Watch NOW
March 12, 2021
68: Single Stories
Why are you telling the Universe stories about what you don't want? The Universe is listening and the Law of Attraction is working to give you more of everything you say and think and feel... I seriously believe that the stories you tell yourself are the ones you'll end up living!  Take your time being single, and figure yourself out. Find out what you love, and what inspires you. Find out what makes you smile, and laugh, and what fills your heart with joy, so that when your soulmate arrives upon your doorstep, they will know it's really you. ~Mark Anthony Soulmates XOXO Shelly
March 02, 2021
67: Single Bliss
Today's podcast is for you, a beautiful, talented, compassionate, driven human, who happens to be single right now... You are possibly frustrated and sooooo over dating and relationships... You might have just gotten out of a serious relationship... You might currently be stuck in a cycle of jumping from one short unfulfilling relationship to another... Or you might be taking a break from dating completely... Regardless, you have a desire to get it right. You want to date intentionally, respect yourself, be honest with yourself, know what you desire and deserve, and ultimately find "your person."  I'm excited to share some mindfulness and manifesting perspectives on being single on your way to your soulmate
February 21, 2021
66: What Would Someone Who Loves Themselves Do?
What would someone who loves themselves do? A simple question to allow you to tap into your inner guidance and beautiful light of self love. Today I share my own personal journey of self love and endless potential. “When we plant a rose seed in the earth, we notice that it is small, but we do not criticize it as "rootless and stemless." We treat it as a seed, giving it the water and nourishment required of a seed. When it first shoots up out of the earth, we don't condemn it as immature and underdeveloped; nor do we criticize the buds for not being open when they appear. We stand in wonder at the process taking place and give the plant the care it needs at each stage of its development. The rose is a rose from the time it is a seed to the time it dies. Within it, at all times, it contains its whole potential. It seems to be constantly in the process of change; yet at each state, at each moment, it is perfectly all right as it is.”― W. Timothy Gallwey XOXO Shelly
February 04, 2021
65: BE Home Free
I am thrilled to have my good friend Karen Rauch Carter back on the show! Karen was one of my first guests way back on Episode 14 - take a listen! Karen is a professional feng shui consultant and healthy-lifestyle designer, educator, and the best-selling author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life and Make a Shift, Change Your Life. She coaches, trains, and empowers people to use a variety of techniques to enrich and improve all areas of their lives. AND she is my inspiration to completely declutter my life and travel "home free"!! We have designed a special program that we will be launching soon - CLICK HERE to be the first to know when we launch our Declutter to Manifest program!!! XOXO Shelly
January 26, 2021
64: Settin' Those Goalsssssss!
"A goal is a dream with a deadline." ~ Napoleon Hill  A dream without setting goals is just a wish! How big of a game do you want to play? Do you really want to achieve the dreams that will create passion in your life? Then you must turn your dream in to a goal to create the ACTION plan to live the life you will love!  Today I dish out some info on the different types of goals, how to set them and keep them and why you might need to rethink your goals completely.  XOXO Shelly Download your Goal Card at FB @manifestyourbliss  IG @ilystyleshelly
January 18, 2021
63: Mindset of Dreaming Bigger
In this episode I talk about mindset, dreams & goals!! January is the perfect time to dream Bigger than you ever have before! What makes you truly happy? I share some practices that help you get your imagination going to manifest the lifestyle that will create BLISS. How do we need to adjust our mindset in order to achieve BIG?  Remember: Thoughts become Words,  Words become Actions, Actions create your Habits, Your Habits build Character and your Character will lead to your Destiny... It is exciting to know that WE create our own reality and it starts with our thoughts!  XOXO Shelly Order my book This is Your Year to Design & Live the Life of Your Dreams at Use Promo Code: BOOK for 50% OFF
January 11, 2021
62: Happy New Year 2021
2020. The year I discovered what is important. I chose happiness. I cherished moments. I tried to make a difference in people’s lives. I hugged my sons, daughter & grand baby. I traveled, I explored, I adventured, I lived with a passion. I let go of what wasn’t positive in my life. I turned another year older and hopefully wiser. I got crystal clear on what adds meaning and true value to my life. I told people how I feel. I took my value of freedom to a new level. I got realer. I started this podcast and this made me realize what's important to my soul. I created a vision that will crystallize who I am as a woman, an entrepreneur, and a person who loves to connect, laugh, and grow a business. I nurtured old and new friendships. I found true love. I realized and understood my mortality. I felt and learned the real value of health and time, the greatest commodities in life. I realized how truly happy I am. I chose to reflect and connect and shift and pivot and make meaning out of contrast. I tried to be part of the positive in the world. I am grateful for the people in my life. You inspire me. You teach me. You make me laugh and you make me love. I want to share my heart with you on this show and I prefer to say something when it means something to me. Happy New Year! I am grateful to you and I am blessed to be on this journey with you! We are Survivors! Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing and whoever you’re with or not with, try to love yourself and feel your feelings, while moving toward your bliss. Tell people how you feel. Be in the moment no matter what it is. We only have today, and what a beautiful day to have your best day, Ever!  XOXO Shelly
January 06, 2021
61: Happy Holidays! See you in 2021
Wishing you a very happy holiday season as I wrap up Season 1 of Manifest Your Bliss! What an incredible experience!  PLEASE join me in 2021 as I have some exciting things to share with you!  Be the first to know what is going on - sign up for my notifications CLICK HERE Want to kick the New Year off right?  I am starting my 30 Day Gratitude Challenge on December 5 with a Zoom Retreat - Join me at 10:30am EST here:  Topic: 30 Day Gratitude Challenge! Time: Dec 5, 2020 09:30 AM Central Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 873 5724 7711 Passcode: 1111 One tap mobile +13126266799,,87357247711# US (Chicago) +19292056099,,87357247711# US (New York) Have a Very Merry Christmas & Much Love, Health & Bliss for the New Year! XOXO Shelly
December 05, 2020
60: Sunlight of the Spirit - Chat with Cindy & Judy
I am thrilled to have my two guests on the show today! Cindy Caulfield & Judy Kropsch are the Founders of Sunlight of the Spirit Retreats. They provide simple spiritual tools you can use everyday to enhance your spirituality and emotional well-being to enrich your life. You can join them for retreats, zoom events, classes, workshops and one-on-one guidance.  Cindy and I met on a flight to Chicago and knew instantly we had to collaborate! The Law of Attraction pulled us together and now I am super excited to be a guest December 5 for a Zoom Retreat on Gratitude! Sign up for this FREE event at  XOXO Shelly Thank you for Subscribing and your Review on iTunes! 
November 21, 2020
59: Birthday Bliss
Today, November 14, is my Birthday! I'm not tooooo excited about celebrating turning another year older, however, I do have so much to be grateful for from this past year. I like to take some time on my birthday to take stock on my life's accomplishments, reflect on this past year, and set goals for the next year!  I am happy to have YOU to share my special day : ) If you would like to give me a gift.... ALL I want for my birthday is Subscribers & Reviewers on Manifest Your Bliss Podcast on iTunes! XOXO Shelly 
November 14, 2020
58: Aging Gracefully
Aging gracefully isn't about trying to look like a 20-something — it's about living your best life and having the physical and mental health to enjoy it. Like a bottle of wine, you can get better with age with the right care. I'm happy you have joined my podcast today - I'm sharing a few tips that have helped me look and feel young! This is my birthday month and I celebrate my excellent health, fitness, youthfulness and beauty!  XOXO Shelly Get yourself a Cinch it! at use discount code BLISS for a discount!! : )
November 10, 2020
57: Manifesting And The Full Moon
Every 28 - 30 days, the universe invites us to pause and ask ourselves what we're manifesting in our lives. And it does so through the arrival of the full moon. The moon phases begin with the new moon and end with the full moon - meaning the end of  the lunar cycle is a time when the seeds of intention you planted (either consciously or not) are starting to bloom.  In today's podcast I share a few ways to use the full moon to slow down and reflect to learn more about the path we are on and course-correct, if necessary.  Happy Halloween : ) XOXO Shelly www.shellyaristizabal
October 31, 2020
56: BE Amazing with an Uncommon Leader - A Chat with Tina Black
I am so thrilled to have my good friend, Tina Black, on the show today! If you need a little inspiration, then you must listen! You will know that you can become the best possible version of you to truly live your bliss! Tina’s passion to help people see their true potential and make the world a better place has led her to mission trips in Guatemala to train more than 25,000 leaders in all sectors of leadership. She dreams of traveling internationally with the John Maxwell Team as opportunities arise, opening more Paul Mitchell schools and salons, and mentoring and motivating everyone she meets. XOXO Shelly Find more of Tina at - listen to her podcast, join a mastermind group or purchase her books BE Amazing, BE a Leader, BE a Planner and her newest release BE Uncommon.  FB @TinaBlack IG @tinablackpmts
October 24, 2020
55: Overcome the Imposter Syndrome
Are you afraid to start a new business, or write that book or pursue your big dreams because you feel like an imposter? Do those feeling of insecurity, unworthiness, and doubt show up at work? In life? Today I offer a few mindset tips to help us improve our self-image and overcome Imposter Syndrome : ) “We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.” ― Mahatma Gandhi XOXO Shelly FB @ilystyeshelly @manifestyourblissShow   IG @ilystyleshelly  @thecinchit Thank you, Cinch it! Use discount code: BLISS for 20% off your next order!!
October 17, 2020
54: Your Manifesting List Writing Lesson
Today we talk about how to actively participate in the Law of Attraction by creating your list of desires. It will be f.u.n. to take some time today to do this exercise that narrows down what you want and fine tunes your hearts desires. Let's get you to your dreams faster, right? This is an episode you want to tune into for sure... XOXO Shelly FB @ilystyleshelly @ManifestYourBlissSHOW IG @ilystyleshelly Thank you to our sponsor Cinch it! Use promo code: BLISS for 20% off your order at
October 10, 2020
53: Adventure - Travel Bliss
Life is an adventure.... Is that how you see it? Travel and adventure is extremely important to me - I NEED to travel! I feel like traveling is like taking vitamins - every place you go gives some type of benefit for your soul!!!!  Follow my current travel adventures on Instagram @ilystyleshelly and Facebook @ilystyleshelly join the group Manifest Your Bliss. Would you be interested in joining me on some retreat/adventures in 2021? Send me an email at BTW - New Zealand and Australia are the #2 & #3 (USA is #1) Countries with Subscribers to this podcast - Thank you! The minute the world opens up again - I can't wait to visit my new friends on the other side of the world!!!  XOXO Shelly Order your Cinch it! today at  *Use Promo Code BLISS for 20% off your total order!!  
October 02, 2020
52: Love Flow
Hey Siri, what is love? "As I understand it, 'love' refers to a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude."   : ) Today I share some of my feelings on unconditional love.  Simply put, when I am in alignment with who I really am, then I know that I don't need people or circumstances to change for me to be happy and in love
September 26, 2020
51: How Crystals Saved My Life - Gemma Hall Shares Her Story
I met this amazing woman, Gemma Hall, while on an adventure in the Dakotas. Her story of how crystals saved her life is powerful and I'm excited to share with you.  Please check out her site: a positive place of encouragement and love.  My favorite crystal is rose quartz and this is what Gemma shared with me: Rose Quartz Unconditional Divine Love, Love and Emotional Healing Rose QuartzTap to expand Associated Chakras Heart Physical Ailment Heart - Physical Heart Disorders Emotional Issue Anxiety Emotional Trauma Fear Stress Spiritual Connection Christ Consciousness Compassion Emotional Healing Love Unconditional Rose Quartz is a pink coloured variety of Quartz, silicon dioxide containing Manganese giving it its colour which ranges in intensity from pale to deep pink and clarity from transparent to cloudy. The frequency of Rose Quartz is connected to the heart chakra, it opens and stimulates this chakra and acts on one’s emotional body aiding with emotional healing by releasing fears and anxiety or the effects of emotional trauma. It will clear the emotional body of negative feelings and replace them with a strong loving energy allowing one to be open to receive and give love on all levels. The energy of Rose Quartz has a stabilizing effect and helps with issues of the heart, both energetically and relating to one’s physical heart. The pure energy of this beautiful form of Quartz connects to one’s heart centre and brings forth the energy of Christ consciousness, one of unconditional Divine love and compassion, integrating this energy into all levels of one’s being. Rose Quartz emanates a soft, gentle feminine energy. Love is the word and feeling to associate with this beautiful Quartz. Love for oneself, the whole of humanity and Mother Earth. XOXO Shelly
September 17, 2020
50: What's NEXT?
Episode 50 & FABULOUS! I am super excited to celebrate this milestone! 50 Podcast Episodes! So what's next? Today I share some of my personal journey and what I have planned for the future of Manifest Your Bliss... These are the questions I asked myself and I encourage you to ask yourself:  Who am I?  Why am I here? What is my purpose? How can I help? How can I heal? How can I serve? Contemplate the questions and your answers, remember, this is YOUR life! You can't get it wrong and you will never get it done! So let's manifest BLISS!!!  Now ask: What do I want? Where am I going?  And follow along with me! Please send me an email with suggestions or if you may be interested in personal coaching or consulting at: I look forward to hearing from you!  XOXO Shelly Oh! AND just for you.... Use Discount Code: BLISS    for 30% off your next Cinch it! order at
September 09, 2020
49: The Universe and You
There is a level that you can reach with gratitude that causes unlimited abundance in your life. The way that this level of gratitude is reached is through your relationship with the Universe, or God, or Spirit, or Higher Power - whichever you prefer.  The Universe (God) is within you. By it's very nature it is for you, wanting you to have more from life, more excellent health, more love, more beauty, and more of everything you want. When you feel genuine gratitude for everything you receive in your life, the more you will receive... When you are in this state of continual feeling of gratitude for all that you have, this is the moment the world will belong to you, and there will be nothing that you cannot be, do or have!  XOXO Shelly Interested in getting updates? Sign up HERE
September 07, 2020
48: Gratitude Challenge Day 30 - (Wo)Man in the Mirror
When you make gratitude your way of life, everything in the world around you "magically" changes - just like that. Your world changes because you change, so what you are attracting changes too... Listen to Michael Jackson "Man in the Mirror" message of - change the person in the mirror, and your world will change.  If you have followed the 29 gratitude practices to this point, you have changed! And even though it is sometimes hard to see the changes in yourself, I know you have felt the change, you have felt change in your happiness! Manifest Your Bliss begins with gratitude! Look in the mirror right now, and say thank you! XOXO Shelly WATCH the 30 Day Challenge videos on YouTube  Today HERE
August 30, 2020
47: Gratitude Challenge Day 29 - Transform Mistakes into Blessings
We have the freedom to make our own choices, and that means we have the freedom to make mistakes. Mistakes can hurt, but if we don't learn from the mistakes we've made, the pain we've suffered from has been for nothing. Per the Law of Attraction, we will make the same mistake over and over again, until the consequences hurt us so much that we finally learn from it!  Own your mistakes and turn them into blessings - today I share how and this will change your life immediately! XOXO Shelly Watch this YouTube Episode HERE Facebook @ManifestYourBlissShow Instagram @ManifestYourBlisss No mistake - the Cinch it! will instantly transform the style and fit of any garment! Order today
August 29, 2020
46: Gratitude Challenge Day 28 - Cue the Universe Game
Wow! Day 28 of our 30 Day Gratitude Challenge! To play the Cue the Universe Game today, all you have to do is be alert enough to take cues from the Universe during the day, and give thanks for each one of them. For example, if you see someone with your ideal weight, say "Thank you for my ideal weight!" You can never do too much gratitude, so respond to as many cues as you can! XOXO Thank you! Shelly WATCH todays VIDEO Thank you to our Sponsor Cinch it!
August 28, 2020
45: Gratitude Challenge Day 27 - Direct Line to the Universe
Follow your bliss. If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while waiting for you, and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in the field of your bliss, and they open the doors to you. I say, follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be. If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn't have opened for anyone else. ~ Joseph Campbell XOXO Shelly See today's video at: HERE Some Bliss for me:
August 27, 2020
44: Gratitude Challenge Day 26 - Nature Bathing
Today I am suggesting you simply get out into nature. Literally stop and smell the roses! Look at the beauty all around you. Listen to the sweet song of a bird. Taste the deliciousness of a fresh fruit. Touch something that makes your own soul sing! Nature is the fastest way to gratitude! Hit your own reset button and have your best day ever!! XOXO Shelly Watch the video CLICK HERE (If you like it, please, subscribe, give thumbs up, & comment : )
August 26, 2020
43: Gratitude Challenge Day 25 - The Air That I Breathe
When was the last time you were thankful for the air that you breathe? Have you given much thought lately to how amazing it is that the Earth is just the right distance from the sun to receive just the right amount of heat and light? It is not an accident that there's a protective atmosphere surrounding us, and that beyond it there's no air or oxygen? It is difficult to believe any of these things could have happened by accident. It would seem that they are perfectly designed, perfectly placed, perfectly balanced, for us!! Today is a simple yet powerful activity to be thankful for the perfect harmony on earth that supports us. You will feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for life, because all of it has been done to sustain you! XOXO Shelly I am grateful to our sponsor Cinch it! Show yourself some love and get yours
August 25, 2020
42: Gratitude Challenge Day 24 - And Just Like That...
Pull out your list of your Top 10 Desires. Look at each one and for 1 minute visualize how grateful you will feel when you have manifested each desire. If you want your desires to come quickly, I'd recommend that you carry your list with you, and every day, open it up, read through it, and feel as much gratitude as you can, If you are like me, each time you cross a desire off your list you will be in tears of joy, because what seemed impossible was made possible through the power of gratitude! XOXO Shelly CLICK HERE to order my book: This is Your Year to Design & Live the Life of Your Dreams Thank you to our sponsor, Cinch it!,
August 24, 2020
41: Gratitude Challenge Day 23: Manifest Your Blissful Day
If you want a positive/blissful outcome to everything you do, then you have to use the Law of Attraction, and "get out ahead" of any event in your day. You can use your thoughts and feelings to attract a positive outcome and being grateful is the simplest way to do it! Today I share how you can be grateful before you do something you want to go well...  Manifest Your Bliss!!! XOXO Shelly Shelly Aristizabal, creator of Cinch it!
August 23, 2020
40: Gratitude Challenge Day 22 - Follow Your Heart
Today is the simplest exercise of the 30 Day Challenge, yet the most important. Once you begin to feel gratitude with your heart, you will notice a huge increase in the depth of your feelings. The deeper the feeling the greater the abundance you will receive. Without exception, you will begin to feel a depth of peace and happiness and BLISS you've never felt before!  XOXO LOVE YOU! Shelly Thank you to Cinch it! for sponsoring this podcast - check out the combo pack at
August 22, 2020
39: Gratitude Challenge Day 21 - 100 Footsteps
Albert Einstein attributed his blessings in life to gratitude. He made a point to say thank you a minimum of 100 times a day... So it would make sense that if we follow in his footsteps, we may have success too? Today is a simple yet extremely powerful exercise that you can do easily every day! Make some magic today! XOXO Shelly I'm going to thank our sponsor Cinch it! 100 times today! Have you ordered yours?
August 21, 2020
38: Gratitude Challenge Day 20 - To Do List for The Universe
Really, when you think about it, gratitude is your best friend. It is always there for you, always available to help you, it will never fail you or let you down, and the more heavily you lean on it, the more it will do for you, and the more it will enrich your life. Today I share a simple little practice that will show you how to lean on gratitude and allow the Universe to do far more magical things for you.  Download your To Do List HERE XOXO Shelly CLICK HERE to see YouTube Video for this Podcast  : ) Get your Cinch it! at
August 20, 2020
37: Gratitude Challenge Day 19 - Magic Check $
When you direct gratitude's power toward any negative condition, a new condition is created, eliminating the old condition. That means that when you feel grateful for money more than you feel a lack of money, a new condition is created, eliminating the lack of money and replacing it with more money.  The law of attraction says that like attracts like, so if you feel disappointed that you don't have enough money, you will receive more disappointing circumstances of not having money. Today I explain how gratitude for the money you do have must bring more money to you... XOXO Shelly CLICK HERE to download your Magic Check
August 19, 2020
36: Gratitude Challenge Day 18 - Miracles in Health
Do you believe in miracles? I do. We should feel healthy, energized, and full of happiness most of the time. The reality, however, is that many people don't feel well often. Gratitude is one of the fastest ways I know to magically experience the full state of health and happiness you are meant to have in your body and mind.  Today I share a couple of my own miracles in health and a simple exercise you can do everyday to restore your ideal health. XOXO Shelly Thank you, Cinch it! for sponsoring us!
August 18, 2020
35: Gratitude Challenge Day 17 - Heal Relationships
If you have a difficult or broken relationship, are suffering from a broken heart, or hold any resentment or blame toward another person for anything, you can change it through gratitude. Gratitude will absolutely improve any difficult relationship.  Today I share how gratitude has helped me through a broken relationship with the practice of gratitude. When you look at the positive aspects of the person and the relationship, you feel better and you know the healing has begun. Thank you for listening. XOXO Shelly
August 17, 2020
34: Gratitude Challenge Day 16 - Best Day Ever
To have your best day ever, you simply need to be grateful for your whole day before you live it! Set your intentions for the day and say the magic words, thank you, for each of your plans going well, before you've experienced it. It's the easiest thing to do, it only takes a few minutes, but the difference it can make in your day is incredible. Being grateful for your day beforehand creates a magical day through the law of attraction; when you give thanks for the experiences in your day going well, you must receive back experiences going well! Listen & Learn! XOXO Shelly I am grateful for the fabulous listeners who purchase Cinch it! today! 
August 16, 2020
33: Gratitude Challenge Day 15 - Make All Your Wishes Come True
Congratulations! If you have been following the gratitude practices day by day, you have now built an amazing foundation by practicing gratitude for everything you have received and continue to receive in your life. But today is an exciting day, because you're going to begin to use gratitudes power for your dreams and desires!!! XOXO Shelly Cinch it! is a perfect example of manifesting your dreams!
August 15, 2020
32: Gratitude Challenge Day 14 - People Who Made a Difference
Every one of us has received help, support, or guidance from other people at times in our life when we needed it most. Sometimes another person alters the course of our life through their encouragement, guidance, our just being there at the right time. Today, we activate gratitudes special powers by thanking 3 of the most special people in our lives. Thank you, Shelly XOXO
August 14, 2020
31: Gratitude Challenge Day 13 - Morning Bliss
The easiest and simplest way to ensure that your day ahead will be filled with bliss is to fill your morning with gratitude. When you start your day being thankful, you will feel and see the positive benefits throughout the whole day! You may like to listen to Episode 15: Morning Bliss - Meditation to Start Your Day and Episode 16: Morning Bliss - Your Morning Routine to ensure you have an extraordinary day! XOXO Shelly For fashion bliss - check out Cinch it! at
August 13, 2020
30: Gratitude Challenge Day 12 - Magic Dust
Gratitude is a powerful energy, and so whomever you direct gratitude's energy toward, that's where it goes. If you think of gratitude's energy looking like sparkling magic dust, then when you express gratitude to another person in return for something you've received from them, you are literally sprinkling them with that magic dust! The powerful, positive energy in this magic dust reaches and affects everyone you sprinkle it on.  THANK YOU!  XOXO Shelly Thank you for our sponsor Cinch it! FB @manifestyourblissshow IG @manifestyourlbisss
August 12, 2020
29:Gratitude Challenge Day 11 - Be A Magnet
Gratitude is riches and complaint is poverty; it's the golden rule of your whole life; whether it's your health, job, relationships, or money. The more grateful you can be for the money you have, the more riches you will receive. And the more you complain about money, the poorer you will become. Today turn one of the biggest reasons people complain about money into an act of gratitude, and double the power to change your circumstance with money... XOXO Shelly
August 11, 2020
28: Gratitude Challenge Day 10 - Secret Ingredient
The incredible thing is that when you are grateful for food and water, it doesn't just affect your life; your gratitude also impacts the world's supply. If enough people felt gratitude for food and water, it would actually help the people who are starving and in great need. By the Law of Attraction, and Newton's Law of action and reaction, the action of mass gratitude must produce an equal mass reaction, which would change the circumstances of scarcity of food and water for everyone on the planet.  In addition, your gratitude for food and water keeps the magic continuing in your life, and it will weave its glorious golden thread through everything that is dear to you, everything you love, and everything that you are dreaming of.  XOXO Shelly
August 10, 2020
27: Gratitude Challenge Day 9 - Overcome Negativity with Gratitude
The power of gratitude is greater than any negative situation, and there are unlimited ways that a negative situation can change. All you have to do is practice gratitude and watch magic happen : ) Join me over on  Join the  Group Manifest Your Bliss too... XOXO Shelly Its with much Gratitude that I thank Cinch it! for sponsoring this podcast
August 09, 2020
26: Gratitude Challenge Day 8 - Catching Up
Catch up day! Take today to review your 7 days of gratitude so far. What changes have you noticed with your new focused attitude of gratitude? This morning I am thinking about my beloved grandfather, C.R. (Sig) Wilson who transitioned on 8.8.88 and how his death completely directed my life... Make today your best day, ever!  XOXO Shelly
August 08, 2020
25: Gratitude Challenge Day 7 Love What You Do
Life is so much sweeter when you are earning a living doing something you love. Today I chat about the importance of appreciating your current j.o.b. and being satisfied where you are to create the life that you love.  XOXO Shelly PS. This podcast is sponsored by what I love to do: Cinch it! So thankful that I was inspired to invent this little accessory, and I especially appreciate all the people who have helped make it happen!
August 07, 2020
24: Gratitude Challenge Day 6 - Money Beliefs
Money Manifestation Game: Gratitude Game Gratitude is the currency of the Universe. Sincere, genuine gratitude. From your heart. The gratitude game can be played pretty much all day long, or when you spend money, when you receive money, basically, just do it all the time. To play the gratitude game you simply give thanks for the money you have as well as the money coming your way right now. This tells the Universe that one, you are incredibly happy and grateful for the things you have but you also know you live in an abundant universe and there is always more coming in. Enjoy! XOXO Shelly
August 06, 2020
23: Gratitude Challenge Day 5 - Excellent Health
Being grateful for your health is essential to keep your health, but also to guarantee that it continues to get better, with increasing energy and zest for life. If gratitude were used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments, we would see a health revolution, and recovery rates and miracles we've never seen before! THE GIFT OF HEATLH IS KEEPING ME ALIVE!  Add this statement to your daily calendar and look at it often. Feel as grateful as you can for the gift of health! XOXO Shelly Thank you, Cinch it! for sponorsing Manifest Your Bliss 
August 05, 2020
22: Gratitude Challenge Day 4 - Unconditional Love Relationships
It's our contact and experiences with other people that give our life joy, meaning, and purpose. Because of that, our relationships affect our life more than anything else. Imagine if every person close to you said, "I love you - just the way you are," how would you feel?  Today's gratitude exercise is going to help you share unconditional love with the people in your life.  Thank you, my sweet podcast listener - I love you! Have your best day, Ever! XOXO Shelly
August 04, 2020
21: Gratitude Challenge Day 3 - Get Crystal Clear
In the beginning of working with these gratitude practices, it takes concentrated days in a row ( 21 days to make or break a habit) to make gratitude part of your daily routine. Anything that reminds you to be grateful is helping you turn your life into gold with gratitude. Today I am going to share a little something that will do exactly that... Today I want you to find a crystal or rock or stone. I am a big believer in the healing power of crystals - my favorite is rose quartz - its known to bring more love into your life
August 03, 2020
20: Gratitude Challenge Day 2 - Gratitude Makes it ALL Happen
Gratitude can magically turn your relationships into joyful meaningful relationships. Gratitude can miraculously make you more prosperous. It will increase your health and bring a level of happiness beyond what you've ever felt before. Gratitude will work its magic to accelerate your career, increase success, and bring about whatever it is you want to be, do, or have in your life.  To live in gratitude, to experience the "magic" in your life, "thank you" must become the two words you deliberately say and feel more than any words.  Gratitude is a feeling. So the ultimate aim over the next 29 days, is to deliberately feel it as much as you can, because it's the force of your feelings that accerlerate the magical law of attraction to manifest bliss in your life... Thank you!!! XOXO Shelly Join the 30 Day Gratitude CHALLENGE - CLICK HERE Sponsored by Cinch it!
August 02, 2020
19: Gratitude Challenge Day 1 - Magic of Gratitude
30 Days to discover the way to a magical life.... Remember when you were a child and you believed that life was magical? Well, the magic of life is real, and it's far more breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and exciting than you ever imagined as a child. You can live your dreams, you can have anything you want, and your life can be blissful! Come with me on an unforgetable journey for the next 30 days, as we discover how truly amazing our lives can be. Using Gratitude as our magic! Please CLICK HERE to "officially" join the challenge! XOXO Shelly
August 02, 2020
18: The Business of Beauty, Health, Dating & Friendship - Conversation with Mindy DiPietro
I'm happy to share my beautiful friend, Mindy DiPietro with you in this fun episode. She is the CEO of Aesthetic Treatment Centers, a Business Consultant and so much more. I. know. you will enjoy our conversation about life, beauty, new DNA testing to determine the best supplements for you and how to embrace the dating process.... Learn more about Mindy at #womensupportingwomen XOXO Shelly
July 29, 2020
17: Exercise the Law of Attraction
How important is exercise for your body AND mind? I know I do my best thinking while taking a walk... Exercise can help you raise your vibration to create the positive energy you need to manifest your bliss.... What do you like to do? Please touch base with me over at & join the group Manifest Your Bliss : ) XOXO Shelly Special offer from our Sponsor Cinch it! Use Promo Code: USA for 20% off your next order at
July 24, 2020
16: Morning Bliss - Your Morning Routine
A lot has been written about good morning routines. We all kinda feel that getting one is a smart idea, right? Wouldn’t it be fabulous, to do a certain ritual for 15-30 mins every morning and increase the likelihood of having an extraordinary day, every day? Well, it turns out, one thing that unites successful people is in fact… …a carefully crafted healthy morning routine. Listen & discover my own personal #morningbliss routine... XOXO Shelly
July 21, 2020
15: Morning Bliss - Meditation to Start Your Day
Before you can accomplish anything in your life, you need to get your mind and body in check! You can never expect to do great things if you aren't treating your mind and body well. Your morning routine is the key to manifesting bliss in your day. I have created a morning meditation to incorporate in to your routine #MorningBliss! What is Morning Bliss? It is one of the best-guided hybrid meditation options available! It is a morning routine that is all-encompassing for every type of person, every age… literally everyone who uses the Morning Bliss routine loves it and benefits from it! Why in the Morning? Many people claim they “aren’t morning people” and are hesitant about waking up early to start a new daily routine. But once you do, the response is always the same… A) Performing the Morning Bliss routine in the morning is a CRUCIAL part of starting your day off on the right foot. Starting your day with #MorningBliss first, will start the SNOWBALL of the many other successes you will accomplish throughout the rest of your day. B) As Tony Robbins said, “If you don’t have 10 minutes for your life, you don’t have a life!” The Morning Bliss routine is about a 10-minute guided routine! You really don’t have ANY excuses! You were already going to be asleep, so I know you have the time available… just look at the 10 minutes of “lost” sleep as the greatest possible investment in yourself! After the 10 minute guided meditation, I've added an additional 10 minutes of just the crystal bowls  - performed by my friend, Karin Wolfe of Namaste.... XOXO Shelly
July 15, 2020
14: Move Your Stuff Change Your Life - Feng Shui with Karen Carter
Thank you, best selling author and world renowned Feng Shui expert, Karen Carter for sharing with us today. She has done the ultimate de-cluttering  to become a full-time traveler. Learn more about Karen at and enjoy today's episode! XOXO Shelly
July 09, 2020
13: What Do You Want to Do?
Do you know What it is that you want to do? Are you living a life of quiet desperation? Do you wish to have passion in your life?  The truth is that you don't have to live this way anymore. The truth is that you can build a life around the things that you love to do.  The problem is if you don't know what it is that you want to do or what your passion is, then it can be challenging.  So, I am here to help you with this and I want to help you understand that you have passion inside of you. Listen to today's episode, as we explore some fun ideas to re-discover your passion.... XOXO Shelly This podcast is sponsored by Cinch it!
July 07, 2020
12: The Secret Book Part 3
The Secret is a best-selling 2006 self-help book by Rhonda Byrne, based on the earlier film of the same name. Today I share some simple tips to use the Law of Attraction to manifest excellent Health, fabulous Relationships, & more Money - all the "things" we would like to be "happier". And that is actually the REAL Secret - Listen to learn.... : ) XOXO Shelly This podcast is Sponsored by Cinch it!
July 01, 2020
11: Esoteric Healing, Astrology & The Law of Attraction - A Conversation with Chuck Pisa
What is Esoteric Healing? Esoteric Astrology? Energy work? I am so excited to share my very good friend, Chuck Pisa with you! Chuck began studying Esoteric Healing after his own dramatic and miraculous recovery from a life-threatening illness and wishes to help others with their journey from illness to health.  I know you will enjoy the story of how the Law of Attraction brought us together ( I was dating his brother : ) and how I truly believe his healing efforts (both emotional & physical) launched my new life (after the fatal car crash).  Learn more about Chuck Pisa at - give him a call to schedule a consult! XOXO Shelly
June 29, 2020
10: Who Am I? Core Values
Our thoughts/beliefs lead to our words (and feelings) then cause  our actions, our actions become our habits which are inspired by our values and become our character which is our destiny. Do you know your own core values? Listen today and do a little self-discovery exercise of getting clear on your own core values. Click HERE for a list of 50 common Values to help you get started. Narrow the list down to 5 and get closer to answering the life-long question: Who Am I? Join me over at my FB Page ilystyles and join the Manifest Your Bliss Group : ) XOXO Shelly Aristizabal This podcast is sponsored by Cinch it!
June 22, 2020
9: The Secret Book Part 2
The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law, just like the Law of Gravity, it is working all the time whether you understand it or not. Once you grasp that you really can deliberately create your life with the 3 simple steps I share today. Download your version of The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne on audible today and follow along with me.... This podcast is sponsored by my creation Cinch it! 
June 17, 2020
8: Law of Attraction in Action
What is the Law of Attraction? The ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. How does it work in our lives? All thoughts turn into things. In this episode I share some examples of the Law of Attraction in action. I also offer a challenge - turn off the news for 1 week and really see how you can Manifest Your Bliss!!! This podcast is sponsored by one of my manifestations: Cinch it! XOXO Shelly
June 15, 2020
7: Be The Change - A Conversation with Ciera Garrell
The Law of Attraction can sometimes surprise us (and will always delight us) as the most amazing people show up in our lives... I met Ciera when I walked into her salon suite with a Groupon for a Brazilian Blowout and walked away with a new heart connection. Listen how this beautiful young bi-racial woman chose to step away from her families dark road of dealing drugs and using alcohol. Becoming a single mother at the age of 14 was the catalyst for change, as she made the decision to create a better path for herself and her (now four) children.  Looking for a fabulous Hair Stylist in Naples, FL - Call Hair by Ciera 239-324-1303 This podcast is sponsored by Cinch it!
June 12, 2020
6: The Secret Book Part 1
Each week I am going to share with you some of my favorite books. The Secret really took The Law of Attraction to the masses! Part 1 is my story of how I was living "The Secret" in 2006 when the movie was released. Please join me by either reading the book or listening on Audible This podcast is sponsored by Cinch it!
June 10, 2020
5: Meditation Path to Bliss
The benefits to creating a space to spend 15 - 20 minutes a day to relax, to surrender your thoughts, to observe and release your thoughts in meditation is the key to discover the path to manifesting your bliss.... When we meditate, we are dedicating a certain amount of time and effort to being as mindful as we can. Meditation teaches us that contentedness and presence are the true keys to happiness.  You will discover that happiness doesn’t stem from external factors or material pursuits, rather, the main source of our happiness comes from within. Enjoy! *You can go to YouTube to discover a variety of Medition videos - Guided, Sound, or my favorite Crystal Bowls. Manifest Your Bliss Podcast is sponsored by Cinch it!
June 09, 2020
4: Mindfulness
What exactly is mindfulness? Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens. Mindfulness is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment — and accepting it without judgment. Mindfulness is now being examined scientifically and has been found to be a key element in stress reduction and overall happiness. This Podcast is Sponsored by Cinch it! Better Fit. Better Style.
June 08, 2020
3: The Magic of Gratitude
My absolute favorite magical topic! No matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter what your current circumstance, the magic of gratitude will change your entire life! I'm so excited to share the magic of this simple little 30 day challenge with you... Thank you! for joining me... XOXO Shelly See me LIVE over at FB @ilystyleshelly & join the Group on that page @ManifestYourBliss This podcast is sponsored by The Cinch it!
June 05, 2020
2: Day Dreaming to Set Intentions
Take some time today to do some day dreaming... Ask yourself what do I really really want and who do I want to become? Manifesting your bliss begins with getting clear on what you want in all areas of our life. How will you feel when you have achieved your goals and dreams? Write down your intentions in a journal. Include a time frame on when you would like to manifest your desires. Have fun with this... Catch me LIVE over at my FB Page - join the Group Manifest Your Bliss  XOXO Shelly This podcast is sponsored by Cinch it!
June 04, 2020
1: Why Bliss? Why Me? Why Now?
My very fist episode! Why manifest bliss? Why is Shelly qualified to lead a manifesting movement? Why launch a podcast now?  This episode is sponsored by Cinch it!
June 03, 2020
Trailer Manifest Your Bliss with Shelly
I am filled with gratitude and joy to be launching my brand new podcast! This is a tiny sneak peek into what you can expect on the journey to Manifest Your Bliss show. Make sure you subscribe and trust that the inspiration will land in your heart at the perfect time when you need it most. You can also find me LIVE at and you are welcome to join the Group Manifest Your Bliss : )
June 02, 2020