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By Mani Karthik
This podcast is for webmasters, online marketers, SEOs, and growth hackers. We discuss everything that helps us build and make our websites popular. Stuff like marketing, search engines, design, content, webmaster's tools and the like. Hosted by Mani Karthik (
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Which are the best WordPress hosts in 2020?
In this episode, I talk about the best WordPress hosting companies in 2020 for beginners and high traffic websites. More -  👉Best WP hosting for beginners - 👉Cheap WP hosting - 👉Best WP hosting for growing blogs - 👉Best WP hosting for high traffic websites - 👉A lesser-known, but interesting WordPress host -
June 27, 2020
Our work culture is changing!
Our work culture, as we know it, is changing and we need to embrace it right now. Many of us are in lockdowns and at the threat of losing our jobs. But amidst all the chaos, there's an opportunity. More:
April 09, 2020
Voice Search Optimization & the Future of SEO with Fernando Angulo of SEMrush
In this episode, I talk about voice search optimization, the latest Google updates, top SEMrush features and more with Fernando Angulo, the Head of Communications at SEMrush. Here are some of the topics we touch upon. SEMrush's offering for the India Market. How to create workflows in SEMrush. Latest Google updates and How to tackle them. Voice search Optimization methods & hacks. How can small businesses win with Online Marketing. and more. Connect with Fernando - About me -
February 16, 2020
5 SEO Learnings from Recent Google Updates
In this podcast, I discuss five learnings SEOs can learn from the recent Google updates. Some of the topics are, Nofollow links may not work anymore. Rich snippets may not get you traffic. Participating in link schemes are dangerous. Affiliates sites need to focus on content & proper disclosures. Widespread guest blogging doesn't work. Let me know your opinions in the comments. Also, read my SEMrush review here.
February 13, 2020
What bloggers can learn from recent Google updates
In this episode, we'll discuss the recent Google updates & what bloggers can learn from them.  Also what happened to, why did affiliate websites lose their traffic, what can you do to get back your traffic and what should you do, if you see a drop in traffic after a Google update. Email your comments to About me -
January 30, 2020
Harsh Agrawal on What 10 Years of Blogging Taught Him (& What You Can Learn From Him)!
In this podcast, Harsh Agrawal the superstar of Blogging in India gets candid about his journey and answers some interesting questions for aspiring bloggers. He talks about everything from his spiritual experience to productivity tips, latest Google update and Affiliate marketing. Also, that one unfortunate incident from an Affiliate partner that made him regret his choices.  Issues Bloggers face Future of Blogging Tools/Software Recommendations Affiliate Marketing Tips What works in SEO January Google Algorithm Update Risks in Affiliate Marketing Productivity Tips and Vipassana Follow Harsh on @denharsh and check out his blog at
January 20, 2020
How Jagoinvestor Become One of the Top Personal Finance Blogs in India
If you've searched anything related to personal finance on Google, it's very likely that you've come across - a leading personal finance blog in India. In this interview, I talk to Manish Chauhan, the Co-Founder of He talks about his journey from being a techie at Yahoo!, quitting his job, launching the blog and finally running a full-fledged investment advisory service with A truly inspirational story for all young bloggers! Check out
January 09, 2020
Page Load Time as Google Ranking Signal & How to Fix it
What are the factors affecting page load time for a website and how can you fix it? Ever since Google announced that page load times are important, webmasters have been on the lookout to find ways to make their websites faster. Let's take a look into how Google sees page load time as a ranking signal and what affects it. Best cache plugins for WordPress - Best CDN for WordPress -
October 14, 2019