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Man in Many Roles Podcast

Man in Many Roles Podcast

By Michael Lovett
A podcast dedicated to offering, creating, and building understanding about how to live well as one soul in many roles--as a whole and holy self, in my case as a son, brother, lover/ husband, dad, leader and follower. This podcast is both for men and those who love them. More at Email for more info, to contact the host, Michael Lovett, or podcast guests, or to comment directly. Follow on Twitter: IG:
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J. Brian Craig: Self in Many Roles

Man in Many Roles Podcast

J. Brian Craig: Self in Many Roles

Man in Many Roles Podcast

Sue McCloskey Reddick: The Auntie Project
Aunt Sue was the first of the aunties and uncles I asked to record with me. I sent a communication to all my fraternal and maternal aunts for a series of May podcasts in celebration of Mother's Day. Auntie Sue responded to the invitation to share some of her life experiences and wisdom because she loves me, even though she wasn't entirely sure what I was up to.  I'm very glad she did because now we all benefit, and this recording will remain for years!  She is a self, sister, widow, mother, and grandmother in many roles.  Listen in for wisdom and how to lead your family and relationships well. Connect with more Man in Many Roles Content: Email: Website: Twitter: IG: Support/donate: 
May 14, 2021
Clare McCloskey Lovett: My Mom in Many Roles (Mother's Day and Kickoff to the Auntie/Uncle Project)
Today's very special mother's day episode features none other than my mom, Clare Lovett.  I got my gift of gab, humor, desire for solutions, and curiosity from her, and thoroughly considering everything from her best advice to my sons, her grandsons, all the way to what heaven might be like.  She shares just weeks from her 50th wedding anniversary. This episode kicks off The Auntie/Uncle Project, in which I sought and collected stories and wisdom from my parents and their siblings, along with my parents' aunts and uncles who were willing to offer experience and wisdom to any who would listen. Connect with more Man in Many Roles Content: Email: Website: Twitter: IG: Support/donate:
May 7, 2021
John Biggerstaff: Self, Son, Leader in Many Roles
John Biggerstaff is passionate about Special Education, and it's because of childhood experiences that shaped his passion.  Listen in as Phil and I enjoy time with John's high-energy heart that is as deep and wide and passionate as it is fun. Produced by Phil Salvador. Connect with more Man in Many Roles Content:  Email:  Website:  Twitter:  IG:  Support/donate:
April 30, 2021
Jim Eager, Part 2: Self, Remarried Husband, and Blended Family Father in Many Roles
This is part 2 of my conversation with long time friend, Jim Eager.  We caught up after 10 years of not connecting, and his "random" connection to the podcast in its earliest stages, which we discussed in Part 1 (released on January 29, 2021).  I loved catching up with Jim as he talked about his new marriage, and what work went into making it work better than his first marriage. Connect with more Man in Many Roles Content: Email: Website: Twitter: IG: Support/donate:
April 23, 2021
Speed, BMoe, & Tony: Three Men of God in Many Difficult Roles
Darryl Speed ("Speed"), Brian Moore ("BMoe"), and Tony Turner are three lifelong Jesus followers who have a lot of experience, pain, and things to share about how to live in a church that is mostly white and doesn't always feel like home, but more like a Bed and Breakfast. Their sincerity and stories are inspiring, and their desire for spaces to talk about race and racialized experiences run deep. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as Phil and I did.  Let's all commit to welcoming the disruptive stories as individual souls in many roles. When we do so, we expand the territory of God's kingdom with each conversation that we have. Connect with more Man in Many Roles Content: Email: Website: Twitter: IG: Support/donate:
April 16, 2021
Dr. Devon Smith: All the Roles are Blurred
Dr. Devon Smith is my best friend of 20+ years, a father, a Jesus follwer, husband, and so much more.  He leads in the Santa Monica-Malibu school district as a Coordinator of Learning and Innovation. He and I riff on education terms, the blurred lines between our roles nowadays, sabbath, and why men resist intimate fellowship even as they long for and need it. Join Devon and me, enjoy, then share this episode with those you love. Connect with more Man in Many Roles Content: Email: Website: Twitter: IG: Support/donate:
April 9, 2021
J. Brian Craig: Self in Many Roles
This episode with a big brother to me in the faith, J. Brian Craig. He is a minister, musician, a fine artist, a man who loves God, as well as a husband and father in many roles.  My co-host Phil Salvador and I spend time hearing Brian riff on creativity and its connection to the garden of Eden.  He also talks about how living well in the role of self is connected to living with God.  He talks about a great book he's read recently, and how he has navigated really hard times, both during and before the pandemic. Connect with Brian's content and ministry: YouTube: Ministry: Connect with more Man in Many Roles Content: Email: Website: Twitter: IG: Support/donate:
April 2, 2021
Lisa Johnson: Mutuality in Self, Follower, and Leader Roles (Women's History Month)
Lisa Johnson is a woman, a disciple of Jesus, a wife and mother, and ministers in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Steve Johnson. The concept and biblical truth of mutuality became clear to her several years ago in the wake of a diagnosis of terminal cancer.  She finishes our Women's History Month in fine fashion as we consider many things: what a "suitable helper" from Genesis 1 really is, how hierarchy stems from sin, how to focus on our gifts in a spiritual community, and how God originally intended men and women to relate to each other, and so much more.  Mutuality applies to gender relationships, race/ethnic and class relationships and was modeled most clearly by Lisa's favorite man, Jesus Christ. We hope this episode offers a hopeful vision that make sense and inspires us all to live well as we relate to men and women in many roles. Subscribe, enjoy, and share! Engage with more of Lisa's Mutuality content:  YouTube: IG: Connect with More Man in Many Roles Content: Twitter: Instagram: Support: Email:
March 26, 2021
Abby Lovett: Self, Daughter, Sister, "Teammate for Life", Mother, and Leader in Many Roles (Women's History Month)
Women's History Month on the podcast continues this week: My one and only sister joins me for an honest conversation about what it's like to be a woman in many roles, sharing stories that I missed while I was a teenager (she is five years younger than I), and the roots of her impressive career as a corporate executive, "Teammate for Life", and hard working mom. I'm proud of her, and I felt the hour we spent recording our conversation was a gift and a real treat for both of us.  Listen in and share it with a friend! Connect with More Man in Many Roles Content:  Twitter:  Instagram:  Support: Email:
March 19, 2021
Marne Gulley: Mother & Leader in Many Roles (Women's History Month)
I'm thrilled to have Marne Gulley, the first female fan of the podcast (as far as I know), on the show today.  Today's show continues our March Women's History Month series.   Marne is a beautiful soul.  Having always had a heart to adopt has led Marne to adopt three children, including Andre, who's two years old at the time of this recording (and part of why she originally tuned into the Man in Many Roles podcast).  She has much to say on issues of racial equity, but I appreciate more how she LIVES well as an equity champion, mother, and professional.  I have created professional development with her, laughed very hard, and even shed a few tears as we have done hard work together since 2015.  I hope you enjoy listening in to my conversation with a woman who is my friend, and who loves God and her children as she speaks about balance, presence, and the value of a village. Photos of Marne's beautiful fam are here: Connect with more Many Roles content: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Email:
March 12, 2021
BJ Foster: Self, Daughter, Follower, & Leader in Many Roles (Women's History Month)
This podcast is a perfect bridge between our Black History Month episodes and Women's History Month. BJ Foster is a Broadway actor, Women's Ministry Leader, Jesus follower, and now an author, who happens to be a black woman in America.  Her book, Rebound: Staging a Spiritual Comeback ( just released in January of 2021.  She has worked very hard to unpack why she felt so outside of her integrity, and it has helped her live well in her many roles. She and I talk freely about how nothing is wasted, tearing down and building up, what it is to live as a black women's minister in a mostly white church, and all along the way, she is dropping nuggets of wisdom.  Listen to find out how to redeem hard times for goodness, truth, and beauty; how to shift from survival to showing up wholehearted and holy; and how suffering is like croutons.   She has done the painful work of introspection, silence, stillness, and solitude with God and is now living better than ever.  We all have access to transformation, and must work to live well as a man or woman (or a black women's ministry leader) in all our roles! I am truly enjoying creating this podcast for you, even though I would do it if it were only for me!   Connect with BJ's content: Book: Rebound: Staging a Spiritual Comeback Instagram: Podcast: Withholding Nothing: Podcast for the Soul  Please connect with more Man in Many Roles content or offer your comments about what's helpful:  Website: Twitter:  Instagram:  Email:
March 5, 2021
Nii Codjoe: Self, Son, Leader in Many Roles (Black History Month)
Our Black History Month series concludes (but don’t worry, we’ll keep bringing diverse voices to the show) with Nii Codjoe. Nii is a favorite new friend from 2020, an entrepreneur, a son of a college professor from Ghana, and a joy to talk with anytime I get the chance. I hope you enjoy his take on learning, being a black man in America, and his brilliance
February 26, 2021
Bill Delacruz: Self and Leader in Many Roles (Black History Month)
Bill is a former Denver Public Schools colleague, a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion leader, and a professional whom I admire, and he is a man in many roles.  He has done and continues to do the work of self reflecting so that he might honor, be authentic, and work against biases and systemic racism.  I love every chance I get to talk to him. His book, Finding The Origination Point, came out in 2019. I highly recommend it if you care to do something personally meaningful to fight bias and systemic racism.  The work begins in each and every one of us.  Bill's website: Bill's book, Finding the Origination Point: Follow Bill on Twitter: & IG: To connect with Michael and more Man in Many Roles content:  Email:  Website:  Twitter: IG:  Support/donate:
February 19, 2021
Aaron Burden: Self, Son, Lover, Husband, Dad (Black History Month)
Aaron Burden is a follower of Jesus, son, brother, husband to his wife of 16 years, and parent to a son and daughter.  He pastors youth in the church his wife grew up in.  He is also a black man in America.  Listen in as he talks about sunrise, the recharge that a hobby offers, and all that comes against goodness, truth, and beauty in his life.  He talks about how he's changed from 2019 to the present, and what he would share with his fellow church members who are not people of color.  He is a godly artist, and a great guy to talk to, and God has allowed him to capture insane beauty.    Connect with Aaron and his beautiful content:  twitter:  Unsplash:  IG:  website: podcast:  To connect with Michael and more Man in Many Roles content: email: website: twitter: IG: support/donate:
February 12, 2021
Wade Cook: Self, Husband, Leader in Many Roles (Black History Month)
Welcome to the first Man in Many Roles Podcast Black History Month installment of 2021.  Wade Cook is the first black elder appointed by the Denver Church of Christ, and while we don't directly address race and ethnicity, we do go deeply into HOW to honor people. one by one.  Wade is hilarious, magnetic, and loves talking to people.  We unpack how to relate to people well as men in many roles.  Watch out, there are a LOT of nuggets to live by that Wade offers and that surface organically in this episode.  This episode for me was like a little slice of heaven, where I predict we will freely notice and enjoy the beauty of each other's presence and character. MLK's desire was that we would be judged on the content of our character.  Let's consider how we are showing up for and judging others based on knowing their character.  Our loved ones, folks we lead, and anyone we meet is secretly hoping we do just this.  This podcast offers some practicals on just how to honor each and every person we meet. I LOVE creating this podcast for you, even though I would do it if it were only for me!  Please connect with more Man in Many Roles content or offer your comments about what's helpful: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Email:
February 5, 2021
Jim Eager, Part 1: Son, Husband/Lover, Dad in Many Roles
I loved having this totally honest conversation with my old buddy Jim Eager, the only man I've ever written a song for.  (If I find it, I will post it)  I am glad to bring this conversation to you, PG-13 language and all. Jim and I were part of the same spiritual community over a decade ago, shared so much fun, and then the hardest of times hit and he was left stunned, and scrambling to raise his three kids as a single dad after his marriage ended. He found my podcast a few months ago (with a nudge from God in my opinion), enjoyed it, implemented some things, then sent me a message about the impact of the podcast.  That was a couple of months ago, and we finally sat down and recorded a conversation via Google Meet. He sat on his patio in the Florida rain, and I listened eagerly from the basement office. Jim paints a beautiful picture of falling in love after divorce, setting proactive boundaries, and the benefit of spiritual community even when separated from it.  He is father to six children in a blended family that is apparently always after the bag of Salt and Vinegar chips. He loves his wife, who keeps him in check and vice versa.  Jim is real, and reflects on the power of his mother, good conversation and how his spiritual roots still serve him and his loved ones well.  He painted pictures as he spoke and I just loved catching up with him based on the fact that my creativity impacted him for the better.  He is an artist and stage craftsman, and I hope you find him as interesting as I do. NOTE: this podcast unlike others features more adult language than my usual podcasts.  I LOVE creating this podcast for you, even though I would do it if it were only for me!  Please connect with more Man in Many Roles content or offer your comments about what's helpful: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Email:
January 29, 2021
Ray "Mayday" Roske: Self and Lover/Husband in Many Roles
Listen in as my new co-host, Phil Salvador, cover many topics, ask questions of, and just enjoy the presence of Ray Roske.   Find out why Ray's nickname is Mayday, how reflection helps you see the mundane as beauty in your life, how you could buy a great meal for someone in need with an app, and enjoy several other nuggets of wisdom he drops.  Join us in hoping Ray becomes a regular on the show.   What a joy to just listen to and riff off of his stories. Connect with Ray's Creativity: Ray's blog, The Expansion Chamber: Ray's book, A Life in Motorcycles: The Mechanics Guide for Reviving Motorcycle and Marriage: Ray's nonprofit, Third Meal:  Ray referred to Leon Russell's song, A Song for You here's a link: Connect with more Many Roles content: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Email:
January 22, 2021
Phil Salvador: Husband, Dad, Leader in Many Roles
Whether you are a dad, or not, this podcast has some real gems for us a souls in many roles.  Phil Salvador is a dad in many roles, just out of a master's program, new fatherhood, married, and former school leader.  We both work in Denver as educators, but the content at took our friendship to another level.  He loves following Christ and shares vulnerably about his favorite roles and the accusations he fights daily with community, prayer, self-reflection, and practicing presence. Dads, or soon-to-be dads, tune in and share with your buddies. Dads, I mentioned 3 needs of our sons' and daughter's hearts, based on Wild at Heart by John Eldredge ( The summary is here: To go deeper in your own journey, consider using the Many Roles Matrix as a framework to think through your roles and grow: if you would like a bit of guidance, reach out to me: Instagram: Twitter: Blog: Email:
January 15, 2021
A Personal Celebration & A Leadership Love
Based on my Jan 5, 2021 blog on, and with celebration in my heart on some recent personal success, I offer this podcast on loving in a rare way that every leader and every follower would benefit from--Bold Love. This is just a short celebration and a bit of riffing on loving like the world and loving like a true hero would love.  The contrast is stunning, challenging and hopefully inspiring.  We can practice bold love the next time we are tempted to give in to revenge or resignation, and focus more on reconciliation and renewal. Further Reading: Bold Love, by Dan Allender and Tremper Longman III: When People are Big and God is Small, by Ed Welch: Dare to Lead, by Brene Brown: Radical Candor, by Kim Scott: Twitter: @maninmanyroles Instagram: maninmanyroles Email: Support: > Support
January 8, 2021
Chris Mendez Johnson: Brother, Husband/Lover, Self, & Leader in Many Roles
Season 2, Episode 1 kicks off the new year with a new focus on conversations with men in many roles.  I start with a conversation with Chris Mendez Johnson.  He is an old friend of mine with whom I've shared wonderful conversations, fireside chats, and spiritual fellowship.  We are both married fathers of two boys, and because he moved away a few years ago, I'm very glad to share our many roles conversation because we stumbled onto some great nuggets as we caught up.  He found Season 1 and my Twitter feed rather randomly, so we decided to catch up and record our time together.  I hope Chris becomes regular on the show.  He leads a small group of Christians in a spiritual community in Wyoming.  This conversation focuses primarily on the self role, the husband/lover role, and we touch on other roles too. The Many Roles Matrix is a reflective tool we refer to in the podcast, and it's free to download here: Please consider donating $1-$10/month to help increase the quality of the content at > Support. Fresh content is available 2-3 times weekly at
January 1, 2021
Heaven Hopes: Love and Joy
As 2020 winds down, I recorded this on the evening of Christmas Eve after telling my sons (again) the story of Jesus' birth, but Hope, Joy, Love and Peace is just as relevant in June as it is in December.  Based on the four Advent foci of Hope, Love, Peace and Joy, I decided to share a few items from my Heaven Hopes List, which I add to three times per week, thanks to my trusty iPhone alarm that goes off at 8pm.  The whole list is based on a hope of Heaven--a new and fully restored heaven and earth--which Jesus said he was working towards.  He said, "See, I am making all things new" (Revelation 21:5) Hope, Love, Joy and Peace are four things we need to spend more time reflecting on, hoping for, and talking about with our loved ones. As we do, we will live better in all our roles. Please leave a comment at, or follow me on Twitter @maninmanyroles.
December 25, 2020
Dad: *Special Holiday Edition* Joseph's Affirmation
Today's podcast is my reading of a short story I wrote 11 years ago shortly before my son, Ian, was born.  It is part reflection, part imagination, part worship of God as a Father. If you are a Dad you know the killer pressure to come through when the pressure is on.  Joseph, the father of Jesus felt that pressure.  His fiance popped up pregnant, he had to work through that, then he had to talk a long journey to another town while she was ready to give birth.  Then no place to stay.  Then God came through.  Enjoy the story. Here's a favorite song of mine, "The Squalor and the Saviour" by Josh Gauton that I love to listen to every December: I hope you keep returning each Friday for more podcasts, and fresh content at every Monday and Wednesday. Follow me @maninmanyroles on Twitter Let's live well in all our roles.
December 18, 2020
How to Promote Peace this Holiday Season
Based on a recent blog post, I'm riffing on a decision I made to bring more peace in my life and relationships, based on an advent bible study plan I'm reading with my wife and sons this holiday season.  I will make another podcast or two about the other decisions in the coming weeks. and their YouVersion app is a major tool in my roles as a parent, husband, and follower of Jesus.   The Advent plan is picked is here: @maninmanyroles on Twitter | We are each one soul in many roles.  Let's live well in all our roles | New content every Monday Wednesday and Friday
December 11, 2020
Start Now on Next Year's Goals
Based on two blogs at, this podcast is an encouragement to enter a season of reflection to prepare for the new year rather than participate in hurried and harried life in late 2020 (or whenever you listen to this episode).  There's never a bad time to reflect, remember that: your heart matters,  questions are good, and  desires and hopes are life We will live well in our many roles to the degree we reflect on our roles in the past year to get ready for the next. The Many Roles Matrix may help your year-end reflections: @maninmanyroles on Twitter
December 4, 2020
Ways to Thrive in a Pandemic-Affected Holiday Season
How do we do more than just survive this strange holiday season?   What are some ideas to consider to make life more fun, meaningful and joyful?   How do I teach my kids to give to others a bit more even as they are just "done" with the changes in their lives this year.  Oh yes, and how can I use my phone to grow in gratitude without downloading another app? These questions will be addressed in this podcast, and I hope to inspire you to implement some joyful practices to thrive in the remainder of 2020. Read the related blog to this podcast,  Follow @maninmanyroles on Twitter, Check out more at, Onward and inward, then forward and toward more wholehearted, holy living in all our roles!
November 27, 2020
The Many Roles Matrix
Are you willing to use this strange season in late 2020 (or whenever you read this) to reflect and do some deep inner work? I drafted a Many Roles Matrix you can download for journaling, a conversation, simple reflection, or prayer.  This podcast walks through how I used it and how it might benefit you as one soul in many roles. How would it affect you to be more mindful and grounded at the next holiday function, tomorrow at work, in your parenting in your marriage, or in your current relationship?  This matrix is just a starting point, and I attempted to address some of these questions in my first Man in Many Roles podcast that introduces the roles as I understand them in my life. Good questions are like tools, thus the beautiful photo on this blog.  Good questions dig deeply if they are asked with genuine curiosity, and if you engage questions deeply on your own, they provide a solitary opportunity to know your identity more deeply, just like the fascination we feel when we are young, dig up the ground and find a world of wonder below the grass. Follow @mainmanyroles on Twitter Consider supporting this podcast to increase its quality and beauty!
November 20, 2020
Top 10 Ways to Build Connections with our Kids
On a heart level, there are some critical routines to helping, teaching, and protecting our kids as they grow up.  Here I offer 10 routines that will build connections with your children as you implement them with clarity of purpose, and with increasing consistency. These are almost totally free, and they reward our brains, which are -wired- for connection.  We crave it.  So let's feed our kids some good connection!  This is a podcast version of an October, 2020 blog on  There is a combination of current advice for fathers and parents of teens and preteens, and advice for first-time fathers, new parents, and parents of young toddlers.  Onward and inward! Follow @maninmanyroles on Twitter
November 13, 2020
Jobhunting as Courage in All Roles
This episode connects the suffering that is jobhunting as a man in many roles with our courage, or heart life.  Whether you are a man, or love a man who is jobhunting, this episode has vulnerable sharing, advice, some reflections on 2020, and hopefully empathy for all of us who are suffering from a lack of something, be it a job, a relationship... anything that matters to us that we lack. Life is risk. And we risk for what is important to us.  We require courage to acquire important and valuable things. And heaps of perseverance.  See the associated blog on Jobhunting as Courage at for more info and inspiration. Onward in and inward!   Follow @maninmanyroles on Twitter, and/or record a voice comment at I'd love to include your voice in upcoming podcasts!
November 6, 2020
Prepisode: Introduction to the Man in Many Roles Podcast
This episode has been years in the making, and represents a leap into the vulnerable act of creation of art that is important to me and connected to my life and desire.  Thank you for tuning in, and I hope the podcast's exploration of manhood in all its facets with prove helpful to men and anyone who loves a boy or man.  In this "Prepisode" (Why am I so jazzed I made up that word?) I articulate who I am and what I hope to offer as it relates to the seven distinct but overlapping roles we play and live out as men.  More at
October 30, 2020