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A bespoke podcast for distinguished listeners. TMP is a show that explores and documents the hip hop scene in Tucson, AZ. We cover regional rap music news, events and releases and we sit down with creatives to discuss their process, the lessons they've learned and how to make an impact. Please share, thank you for supporting local music.
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Danny Foster interview
@thedannyfoster sits down with @mankindpodcast
January 12, 2021
Sunday Session "Intro to Season 2 "
We are back! Dropping a mini-episode just to get things started up, hopefully, this will become a regular thing. In this episode, we talk about our first spin-off Takeover Lounge and collaborations with Crowns x Thrones. Also, we appreciate our first ever sponsor A.F.T.S.A. for funding this season of MKP and S6B for giving us a home. Congratulations to our favorite organizer Jocelyn Valencia for inspiring us with a successful Daydream Conference.  Please, if you haven't already, REGISTER TO VOTE! You make the difference. Tell Tucson Weekly who your favorite local rapper is for the Best Of Tucson. Go watch our guys Shaun Harris + Lugo get down for UApresents -  "Concerts in the Garden"(watch here) support for the Mankind Podcast is provided by the  Arts  Foundation for Tucson and  Southern  Arizona,  funded by the  City of  Tucson and  Pima County,  with additional support from the  Community  Foundation for  Southern  Arizona.
July 5, 2020
"850 Takeover" with guest Aske
"850 Takeover" Aske What is good, welcome to the grand finale for season 1 of the Mankind Podcast I am your host you can call me Mankind, your spiritual guide through the universe that we call Tucson hip hop! We have had an incredible season full of memorable moments and live events that will go down in the books with some of the best people to ever do it! Speaking of the best, we have an exclusive interview with the Yung Bull “Aske” coming up for this milestone episode! I’d like to thank y’all for supporting local media and continuing to keep shows like this alive we can’t do this without you. We wanna bring you the best possible content so while we’re getting ready to record season 2 go check out our YouTube channel, it’s busting with fantastic video episodes and behind the scenes clips that you gotta see, help us out and subscribe for new content every week! It’s up and at 'em and we had em in the Takeover Lounge this week! I’m talking about king Cortez himself the creator of a new entertainment website called Crowns & Thrones. Z Giv and I chopped it up with the Royal 1 just moments after his platform launched and he gave us an exclusive rundown on everything you can expect from that new endeavor so go follow the throne! @royalcortezcxt & @crownsxthrones and peep that full interview on @loungetakeover We’ll also have links to that on It’s been a wild year already and musicians everywhere have been forced to innovate or face annihilation in the wake of countless streams and IG live battles. Without a physical venue, some artists are just learning about streaming and many may find it difficult even, overwhelming, growing, and maintaining an online presence in this absolute stampede of online creators Covid-19 has thrust upon us. My guest today has embodied what it means to “stay grindin” in uncertain times. Aske is one of the hardest working artists hands down and his charisma on and off stage is infectious. Our live podcast event was a sold-out extravaganza at where else but South Sixth Bodega and we had an inspiring conversation about the Tucson scene, taking risks, staying motivated and so much more. Thank you, Aske and the entire 850 gang as well as Cheppe the Taco King and the South Sixth Bodega squad for making all this possible and make sure to continue to support local artists and businesses through these trying times. We’re planning season 2 of the illest podcast in the Southwest and the lineup is gonna be over the top! Thank you again for rockin with us at the mankind podcast this has been the season one finale, peace.
April 26, 2020
SSN 1 Bonus Episode
SSN1 Bonus Episode Welcome to a very special edition of the Mankind Podcast, my name is Man(killa)kind and I am your host. this is the season 1 companion episode to what’s happening BTS here at mkpod as we plan for the future while navigating uncertain times. Also, this is going to be a tribute to a season full of amazing interviews and genuinely incredible people sharing their most interesting hip hop moments and stories and bringing communities together. But, first and foremost, I wanna thank you for listening, without you, this doesn’t work and I appreciate you tuning in. We have started it up, but soon, you'll start seeing even more content from a media collaboration we are actively involved in with Z Giv and Takeover Productions. We’ve teamed up to create “Takeover Lounge” A weekly internet show featuring live interviews and performances by the hottest up and coming Arizona hip hop artists. I'm going to bring a little piece of that show to y'all every episode and what better time than now to get that started so, here’s a clip from our Jay Bailey episode where he drops a verse he wrote in prison. I’d like to thank Z Giv and Jay Bailey as well as Jimmy Coltrane for helping make Takeover Lounge such an incredible success in these early days while riddled with technical difficulties, we will get it together and have a lot of fun doing it so thank you all for supporting! I’ve got one last interview in the bag to cap off season 1 and it’s a huge one. If you don’t already know, we had our biggest live event yet at sos bodega in mid-March right before the pandemic with Tucson’s golden boy Aske (I keep hearing it pronounced ahh-skay and I don’t hate it) but we chopped it up with the Yung Bull and had a phenomenal conversation you will not want to miss! It’s part 2 of our season 1 finale episode and we’re going to be releasing that trademark “soon” so go catch part one of that in our the counted by Chris interview and please subscribe to our YouTube channel, it helps us out a lot, it really does. If you’re interested in following anyone we mention in this episode, we have put all the social links in the show details. Well, this is a short one frands and I hope you’re taking care of yourself until we meet again this has been the great Mankind Podcast! thank you for listening, peace!
April 12, 2020
"Counted By The Best" with guest Counted by Chris
"Counted By The Best"  Counted by Chris  We had the incredible opportunity to chop it up with one of Tucson's finest Counted by Chris He shared his process, his goals and, what he thinks about the Tucson underground scene and so much more! This is a do not miss episode, part one of our two-part season finale! #mkpod
April 2, 2020
"SDVI$IONS" with guest Sonny Houston
Sonny Houston "SDVI$IONS" My guest today is Sonny Houston the founder and driving force behind the legendary video team SDVI$IONS. Sonny has shot with the best of the best in AZ and he’s also a part of the Tucson Hip Hop Festival squad as the video ambassador and he continues to put out impeccable visuals and collaborate with top tier artists. He’s constantly pushing the envelopes and exploring new and imaginative methods of videography. We caught up with him at South Sixth Bodega.
March 25, 2020
"Crowns x Thrones" with guest Royal Cortez
Royal Cortez "Crowns x Thrones" Royal Cortez was one of the driving forces along with Pike Romero behind the rap phenomenon and hip hop blog “We Are Buggin Out” they covered rap releases and did so much for the community with incredible mashup projects and extremely well defined local shows, their article “The Profile” was a quintessential piece of Tucson’s rap legacy. If you're making noise in hip hop he’s probably written an article on your work. Now he’s starting up a new brand focused on the culture and writing on a kaleidoscope of aspects, we caught up with Royal Cortez outside of the Quincie Douglas Library in south Tucson.
March 16, 2020
"No Setbacks" with guest Jae Tilt
Jae Tilt has been one of the most prominent artists on the TUC scene for several years now. His blend of realistic street rap and vivid storytelling over melodic and hard-hitting beats makes every project he releases something extraordinary. His personality resonates with an uplifting and motivating vibe that will make anyone a fan before they’ve ever heard his music. Our conversation covered some of his early career and gave us insight into his journey so far. As always I truly appreciate you tuning in,  and now for your listening pleasure from the illustrious South Sixth Bodega, the Mankind Podcast presents “No Setbacks” our interview with the immaculate Jae Tilt... One more time for one of Tucson’s five deadly venoms Jae Tilt! One more time for Cheppe, Capture and the Bodega boys down at S6B for having us and check our website for tickets and details and subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave us a 5-star review on Apple podcasts follow @jaetilt @southsixthbodega @podcrafty @whoisconway @countedbychris @askebaby @thesoulpoint @tucsonhiphopfestival and @mankindpod and thank you for listening!
March 3, 2020
"Romantic Downfall" with guests Alekz & Jordan Skye
"Romantic Downfall" We chopped it up with Alekz & Jordan Skye at South Sixth Bodega and talked about all the things! This group is aiming at the stars and looking good doing it, they've already won the Who's Hotta open mic competition twice and they're looking to take over from here. This was a great profile of a stellar upcoming Tucson rap group that you won't wanna miss. We also talked about how you can get down with BV Beatz and we forgot to mention volunteer orientation is coming up for THHF20. has you covered for all festival information. Thank you for supporting local art and media. #MKpod
February 17, 2020
"Beezy w/Friends" with guest S.Beezy
"Beezy w/Friends"  One of our favorite people in TUC and an incredible rapper, vocalist, engineer, producer, etc. S.Beezy chopped it up with us at Thunder Canyon Brewery, about her inspiration, building confidence, her process on stage and, so much more! Thank you for supporting local music, art and, media! #MKpod
January 25, 2020
"Big Mama Trahma" with guest Trahma
"Big Mama Trahma" Thank you guys for helping TMP thrive and we will continue to serve our audience with interesting, honest and entertaining interviews from emerging and established artists around the music scene. What we really need right now is for you to go subscribe to our YouTube channel. Go to or google “The Mankind Podcast”  click the subscribe button and check out our videos featuring artists like Bone, Trahma, Soze and Producer Boofmobile with new episodes updated weekly and treasures from “The Vault” popping up periodically. Leave us a comment and tell us what you think, we’re always striving for greatness and your feedback is much appreciated. The podcast scene is blowing up these days and, everyone is listening or even better, starting a podcast. There seems to be no wrong way to podcast and people are getting really creative and there are plenty of Tucson based shows on a variety of interesting topics. Runtski from TSoT is an owner at TCB and we’re talking about starting a live podcast night once a month and every month feature a different show.  Maybe do a meetup as well? I’m talking about shows like... on stage. It will be EPIC! Follow our socials @mankindpodcast on IG @mankindpod on twitter is just a linktree with all the important links. You can also leave a voice message directly on our anchor page or by calling 520-276-9121 you can email the show at So this interview with Trahma is full of her vibrant energy, she is passionate and hilarious with effortless swag and an adorable honesty. Her vibes are immediately attractive and that’s why she’s the undisputed queen and you are in for a treat, so with no further ado, it’s my pleasure to present to you Big Mama Trahma.
January 21, 2020
"J-Squad" with guest Runt
"J-Squad"  This week we went to Thunder Canyon Brewery and chopped it up with big bad "Runt" from the almighty "Jivin' Scientists" about his beginnings, naming theories and stage routine, plus a whole bunch more!  Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for the full video interview! As always thank you for supporting local media, art and, music. #MKpod
January 15, 2020
"Bone's World" with guest Bone #MKpod "Bone's World"  follow our guest Bone and subscribe to the show here.  ---------------------  We chopped it up with one of the next generations' finest Bone. We talked about his process and history and who he wants to work with. Thank you to Mouseman and BBB for hosting us at the stu. We really appreciate your support of local music, media and, art.
January 7, 2020
"You're Not Doing Anything Wrong" with guest Woodro
"You're Not Doing Anything Wrong" Follow our guest Woodro and follow our host southsixthbodega and follow our musical provider Labratz ---------------------------------------------- Recorded live on New Year's Eve from South Sixth Bodega at their new home inside the Tucson Mall. Straight off the flight from Tenessee, we had the opportunity to chop it up with one of Tucson's brightest suns, Woodro. He gives us a timeline of his career so far and gives us a look into the connections he's made, what goes into his creative process and when to expect his next project. Watch the full video episode available on our IGTV and YouTube channels. Thank you so much for rockin' with us into the next decade! Please continue to support local art, music, media, etc...
January 2, 2020
"Invite Only" with guest Rick Tensai
Recorded Summer 19'  "Invite Only"  Mankind and Wu-K80 chopped it up with the amazing Rick Tensai about "Invite Only" his collab with Aske, what's next for his music and so much more. Thank you for supporting local music, art and, media. #mkpod
December 29, 2019
"Ranch Fries" with guest Swavey
Recorded on Nov 30, 2017  "Ranch Fries"   Another throwback TAWP episode from "The Vault"! Swavey came thru and chopped it up with us about his collaboration ambitions, gave us the rundown on his mentor Woodro and his opinions on the Tucson hip-hop scene. Thank you for supporting local art, music, and media.
December 26, 2019
"Abstract Matter" with guest Doni
Recorded July 31, 2017 This episode is part of our "Vault" archive series documenting hip-hop acts in Tucson, AZ. This week Doni and Bon Jenn of the incredible Adobe House collective came through and chopped it up about Adobe, the local scene, and his new project.
December 25, 2019
"Twelvotwo" with guest Rey
Release date:15 August 2019 Coming to you from 1202 HQ the backroom studio of the renowned Ojala collective, we present our interview with the monumentally talented rapper, producer and engineer, Rey. We chopped it up about the origins of Ojala, his start in rap, collaboration and future compilations. This is one you do not want to miss and as always, thank you for supporting Arizona artists. 
December 25, 2019
"Renegades" with guests Soze and Boofmobileee
"Renegades" Soze brought his producer Boofmobile and we chopped it up at the Tohono Transit Center in north Tucson. We talked about his music, how he stays connected and his process on "Renegade" and "Powder" his premier and upcoming projects.  -------------------------------------------------------------- Watch the full video episode available on our IGTV and YouTube channels. -------------------------------------------------------------- Boofmobileee spoke on his beginnings in software with equipment and navigating the hip hop scene. We got their perspective on the progress that the local rap community is having and where they're headed next.  Stay Tuned after the interview for a brand new slapper from James Ciphurphace. Thank you for supporting local art and media. #MKpod 
December 16, 2019
"Rillito" with guest Benny Loc
From the bank of the Rillito river bed, we chopped it up with the Tuc-Town legend Benny Loc! We got to hear about the process behind his project "Hello, Beautiful" and we got to chop it up about the battle rap scene and so much more. Thank you for supporting local art. 
December 14, 2019
"Tyrant Fears The Poet" with guest Jae Tilt
This week we cut straight to the interview with a Tucson rising legend, Jae Tilt! Huge thank you to El Aaron and KXCI for hosting the podcast. We have an exciting end of the year planned so stay tuned in! Thank you for supporting local art. #mkpod
December 9, 2019
"We the Future" with guest Mariel Aquino
“We The Future” with guest Mariel Aquino We’re gonna get to know Mariel Aquino the THHF volunteer ambassador and a dancer, beat enthusiast and warrior for change. ———————————————————————————————————— My name is MK and you’re listening to the official podcast of Tucson hip hop, the Mankind Podcast is it, we cover the 5 elements of hip hop and so much more! Please like, follow, subscribe and give us a review on Apple podcasts or comment on our socials, we love to hear from our listeners so you can also leave us a voice message on the MK hotline at 520-276-9121 ———————————————————————————————————— - [ ] The Tucson Hip Hop Festival 2020 is March 27-29 and dance battles applications are open for 2v2 and Bonnie and Clyde freestyle sign up at Vendor applications are also open on the website - [ ] Hashtag mkpod for anything hip hop related and during the month of December use it for presents! We’re gonna give away swag! - [ ] Mynameisjabee the king of OKC came thru with a tour to thunder canyon and did the podcast run, he has interviews up on TSoT, The Hood Diner and Cholostereo. - [ ] December 20 at The Dive bar the “Who’s Hotta” open mic competition is back with the finest talent from the Tucson underground brought to you by Arkana Ent, Sounds by Enzym3 and in cooperation with the THHF. Last month was crazy shoutout to all the acts, the supporters and definitely to the winner Soze, who we're gonna have on the show very soon. My guest today is one of the judges representing the THHF at Who’s Hotta she’s absolutely incredible, Mariel Aquino, the official THHF volunteer ambassador, freestyle dancer, and hip hop super fan also one of the finest humans I’ve ever had the chance to meet. We recently sat down in my studio in north Tucson.
December 2, 2019
"Scorpions" with guest Jimmy Coltrane
We have a very special interview with Jimmy Coltrane and he performs a track live off his upcoming project Scorpions. Our favorite bodega moves to the Tucson Mall, Ynot drops a track with the king and we talk a whole bunch of podcasting on this episode of The Mankind Podcast.  We want to shed some light on the rest of Tucson’s vibrant podcast community, you may not know but there’s a wide variety of shows available that are produced entirely by Tucsonans in the old pueblo. Now, this is in no way the entire list but I wanted to talk about and spotlight shows that include hip-hop in their format. ◦ Tucson’s number one podcast The Science of Things is back with season 10 and a couple of new cohosts in Roch and Bonus. Runt tells all the stories and good times had by all as they’re recording out of Thunder Canyon brewery. ◦ The Hood Diner Is one of our favorite places to hear hip-hop interviews, news and more the homey Kazual was in California this time and being featured on the no offense show which is part of the inner circle podcast network listen to all their episodes at ◦ POD by Mac-Sama, Tim and Mac drink whiskey talk sports and call Aske in Denver ◦ V3 podcast is a YouTube podcast featuring 3 rappers with “V” in their names. Rachel V aka Bonita Fea, Ill V, and Nathan Villins. They talk about hip-hop and interview people. ◦ Cholostereo by Miguel from lower Arizona leaked a piece of their interview with the incredible Jabee ◦ Selves Talking is produced and hosted by Happy Greg, profiling some of the most prolific artists and activists in the community. ◦ Kendra After Dark drops new episodes every Saturday talking about everything going on in the mmj industry and interviewing the amazing people involved. ◦ I also want to give an honorable mention to a couple of shows that haven’t released an episode in a while but are still Tucson treasures and those are "It’s OK They're With Us" by Cash Lansky and Ripdee. Where they talked about food and hip-hop and the scene and had a lot of fun doing it. And Wounded World podcast, John interviewed rappers before he left for the Navy but you can still find his most recent episode with Lasso, a truly epic one on SoundCloud ◦ I’d also like to mention brother Marcus of Stand-Up Radio who continues to do his thing every week and Arkana ENT has recently dropped AZUR that’s Arizona Underrated radio and they both play tracks from the community find them on Facebook and submit your songs ◦ If you’ve got your radio edit together submit your songs to Speakerbox X hip hop on 99.1 downtown radio every Sunday at 1 PM your host VRiv plays the hottest underground hip-hop and talks to the best in the community. don’t forget to check out the Speakerbox X podcast that drops reviews about local music and new national releases with her cohost Jimmy Coltrane. ◦ And every Wednesday at midnight EL Aaron brings you Blazing Midnight Hits on 91.3 KXCI community radio and he also gets down with the Tucson hip-hop spinning the best tracks and interviewing the old Pueblo’s finest.
November 18, 2019
"Tap In" with guest Aske
“Tap In” with guest Aske  • First, we’d like to take a moment and say RIP to one of the southwest’s best and brightest. Taken way too early we’re mourning the death and celebrating the life of our brother Wake Self whom we lost most recently in a tragic car accident. We love you and you will live forever in our hearts our minds and our ears. just wanna send our condolences to his family and friends google “wake self” and check out some of his amazing music  • We’re in the process remixing, editing and archiving the over 100 local rapper interviews that I recorded for the afterworld podcast and releasing them for posterity on the mkpod platform. You’ll enjoy a much better sound quality experience with handpicked and carefully curated timeless content. All of your Tucson favorites available again on TMP • And If you were a fan The AfterWorld Podcast your in for a huge treat because I’ve been working diligently with locals Hip Hop personality Benny Loc to revive the series. He’s gonna give it his own spin and breathe new life into the tawp legacy so look out for that trademark soon! And as a matter of fact, we have a message from Mr. Loc himself... • (Benny Loc audio clip) Thank you, Benny, for everything that you do  • Black renaissance has opened up applications for artists and vendors to perform at their annual event in February. This year’s event was incredible with multiple days of celebrations with performances from Cash Lansky, Jaca Zulu, Chakra Blue, KAIZER and so much more but 2020 is ramping up to be even more epic! We have links available in the show notes so don’t wait! Get your application to perform in today! Big shouts out to Seanloui and Roux over there running thangs. Apply here>>>  • THHF20 applications are closed but subscribe to their newsletter for breaking news and upcoming events  • If ya don’t know, now ya know The Who’s Hotta monthly rap competition is giving away huge prizes 1st Place - $100 CASH plus Radio interview & music played (Speakerbox X on 99.1fm Downtown Radio) 2nd Place - 1-year distribution with DISTROKID 3rd Place - (Headline Next Competition) Top 3 Artist will compete in march for a chance to perform at the Tucson Hip Hop Festival!!! for details  • Our hashtag of the month, not week anymore is #azwaytooactive support the hip hop scene in Arizona and use this hashtag on your relevant posts • Just a few days left before AZHHfest starting on Nov 16 at the pressroom in PHX go support some of our favorite TUC artists Tommy Will and Kalvin Jarvis. The AZhh fest does a ton for the hip hop community so support them and all the amazing artists performing.  • Dez Busta is killin’ em with content right now with his music review videos and behind the scenes studio vlog he’s proving to be way more than a one-dimensional artist and he’s definitely got a lot to say and he sent us this clip • (Dez Busta audio clip) Yes, Dez let’s chop it up fo sho!  •Speaking of choppin’ it up, POD by Mac-sama is on episode 2, go check out his lifestyle and culture podcast available everywhere quality podcasts live. It’s worth it to mention that POD is also an anchor hosted podcast. Great minds think alike and I look forward to talking more with Mac on and about POD.  • Aske is on tour with the 850s and Mark Battles but we have a remix of our interview with him live from Pistols in Paradise earlier this year. So big ups to those guys always repping AZ to the fullest and with no further adieu  • Thank you to Guera, $aebaH, Benny Loc, Aske and 850, Black Renaissance & Seanloui, THHF, Arkana Ent, Dez Busta, MAC-sama and you Tucson, most importantly thank you. Until next time I’m Mankind
November 8, 2019
"Spaced Out" with guest $aebaH
Local Tucson rap icon $aebaH chops it up with us on the show today Tucson weekly drops the BoT LabRatz musical director new shipment of slappers Learn what smash lames had to say about the future of Tucson hip hop by joining the FB group “Tucson hip hop society” and find out about things like how I’m gonna be a judge at The Who’s Hotta rap competition thrown by hard earn cash at the dive bar and you can stay in the discussion with everything Tucson hip hop. Send us a message and we’ll play it on the show! Our Podcast hotline is 520-276-9121 or record a voice message on Anchor Sponsored by anchor everything you need to start a podcast in one place Hip hop on the radio and every Sunday at 1 on 99.1 this week the OG of Tucson Hip Hop Shug Jackson talks with host Vriv about new music he has coming out and so much more, he was the first artist from Tucson to sign a major deal. Find out more including what guests they have coming in the studio on their website FINAL NOTICE apply for thhf20 there’s really no reason not to, its FREE! If you have a friend who raps make sure they apply before the October 31st deadline and use #thhf20 for your Tucson hip hop related content Last chance to catch the epic Tucson vs PHX showdown a vicious rap battle featuring team Benny Loc x team Jalopy Bungus also Shrubhead of 20 pounds vs Sensai and Black Disaster vs Jazzy Jim the whole thing will be hosted by the number #1 battle rapper on the planet #BookFlow himself Mr. Flow Colombo and it's going down October 30 at trunk space 1124 n 3rd st Phoenix, Arizona Best Hip-Hop Act  Street Blues Family Street Blues Family is the perfect name for this local collective. With raw wisdom, multiple genre influences and a real sense of connection among its members, Reymon Murphy and company have created a real force onstage. The irresistible grooves and lyrical flows are one thing, but managing to fit live drums, guitars, keyboards, and brass into a hip hop set is something entirely different. Street Blues Family bring positive vibes to any willing to listen. Runners Up 2. Cash Lansky Cash Lanskys amazing new ep “Bolita” is available everywhere and visuals for “this is it” 1 of 4, “grab a plate” 2 of 4 are a must-see! There’s no doubt why cash is king as if that wasn’t enough my all-time favorite video OPP turns 1 and just to prove he’s the hardest working man in show business he just dropped Raised right produced by CBC on all platforms support the King and visit his legendary merch shop you’ll be glad you did. I wanna thank Guera and Labratz, Speakerboxxhiphop Vriv and Shug Jackson, and Hard Earn Cash always love and thanks to Tucson Hip Hop Festival squad lead by Smash Lames and Jocelyn Valencia big thanks to Sir Bungus and Benny Loc, Flow Colombo, Street Blues Family, Cash Lansky, and our incredible guest SAEBAH
October 28, 2019
"Gel or Acrylic" with guest Sadgalnina #mkpod We talk Ma$termind coming in hot on the AZ rap scene and battle leagues. Lil Guera starts our blog series off talking about her experience with Ma$. MKpod is finally streaming on all podcast platforms. We interviewed Sadgalnina from the Ojala Systems collective. Check out her ep "With Love, Sadgal" available everywhere. #mkpod @MindOfTheMaster @Sadgalnina
October 24, 2019
"Hometown Heroes" with guests Counted By Chris & GoSV #mkpod BIG NEWS we are so excited to announce that the incredible LabRatz is joining TMP as our musical director!  October is artist application month for the Tucson Hip Hop Festival and I sat down with GoSV & Counted By Chris from the 850 crew who locally headlined the festival in 2019. Check out Aske "Hometown Hero" on all major platforms and follow @Askebaby @CountedbyChris and @Go_superv on Instagram. Please subscribe to our newsletter and join our Facebook group "Tucson Hip Hop Society"  @CountedByChris @Go_superv @AskeBaby @Podcrafty
October 15, 2019
"Charm" with guest Jason "cvp7ure" Paul #mkpod The third times  "The Charm" This week we talk about Lil Guera appearing on "The Hood Diner" podcast. Rockness Monsta started a Patreon page. Arizona Hip Hop Festival starts Nov. 16 in PHX with Futuristic as a headliner. Tucson Hip Hop Festival applications are still open and #thhf20 is our hashtag of the week. Big Mama Trahma drops visuals for "Wig Split" and features on the V3 podcast. For our interview this week we journeyed to South Tucson and chopped it up with Jason "cvp7ure" Paul, part-owner and photographer at South Sixth Bodega. Thank you for supporting local music and media, please subscribe to our newsletter at @SouthSixthBodega @cvp7ure @thrax_skins @Podcrafty @lilgueratheplug
October 7, 2019
"A Lil Guera Appears!" with guest Wu-K80 #mkpod Please welcome Lil Guera to the show, she will be co-hosting and running her own segment on The Mankind Podcast and we're opening it up to you too! Record a one minute segment and send it to us, and BOOM! You can join the TMP squad just like that!**MUST BE HIP HOP RELATED** even if you just wanna give us a shoutout or dedication, hit our hotline!!! ‪(520) 276-9121‬ or send your recordings to and subscribe to our newsletter at @Podcrafty @lilgueratheplug
October 3, 2019
A Brief History of Man #mkpod What we're going to try and do is give you a history of myself and my timeline up to this point. We're also going to try and tell you a little bit about the show, what we're going to be covering and what it's going to feel like because this is not going to be a typical show. We're going to get familiar and then next time we're going to get going with the meat and potatoes of what we're trying to do. So, I guess let's go ahead and start from... The beginning. @Podcrafty @mankind_podcast
September 30, 2019
TMP Launch Promo #mkpod Hey guys, as you may have noticed the official mankind podcast is about to launch on all platforms September 30th, but you can get a jump on the action by going to And subscribe to my free monthly newsletter, I've got an incredible lineup coming you guys we're still going to be bringing you the hottest interviews but we're also... We're going to give you a whole lot more this time as well so follow hashtag #mkpod MK is @Podcrafty & Guera is @lilgueratheplug and the show is at mankind podcast on all social platforms we're everywhere. And we are the official podcast of Tucson hip hop and we'll cover it all from artist to the festivals and everything in between. So stay tuned. We're going to have some fun.
September 28, 2019