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Comedy Coach Podcast

Comedy Coach Podcast

By Manny Garavito
Get in touch with your sense of humor and develop your inner comedian. Hosted by Comedy Coach Manny Garavito.
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Your sense of humor will help you meet better friends | Comedy Coach Podcast
Manny Garavito talks about how your sense of humor strengthens your connections with quality friends. - If you enjoyed this episode, visit my website for more podcast episodes
February 21, 2021
Comedy Coach Podcast - How to make your date laugh
Manny Garavito shares how a sense of humor can make your date life. If you know how to have fun and share the fun with others, you will be more inclined to elevate your dating life. Do not confuse a sense of humor with telling jokes, one is cocky, the other is confidence. And there is a big difference between the two! Discover the many ways to make your date laugh and having a successful lifestyle with your unique sense of humor! If you enjoyed this episode of the Comedy Coach Podcast, subscribe and leave us a review! If you're serious about developing your inner comedian, visit
February 1, 2021
Comedy Coach Podcast - How to find your sense of humor
Manny Garavito talks about how to find your sense of humor to create a better and funnier lifestyle. --- Subscribe to the Comedy Coach Podcast to develop the inner comedian inside of you. To get more information about Manny Garavito, visit: To get in contact with Manny, email:
January 31, 2021