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Manoj Speaks

Manoj Speaks

By Manoj Kumar
On his podcast, Manoj speaks on things that keep the world and humans ticking. The show features short talks by himself or interviews with others from around the world. He lives in Sydney, Australia & reachable through
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Interview: Daniel Walsh of
Loved this chat with Daniel Walsh, Founder of Reforest, an app that connects shoppers with businesses (and vice-versa), and together they aim to cut down CO2 emissions. Based in Australia, Daniel shares his passion for the environment and the excitement that follows the launch of his product. Check out their website: Don't forget to download their app and start using it if you are in Australia.
August 06, 2021
Interview: Sailor Will Fantom
I had such a great time speaking with Will Fantom of Australia, the inspiration behind the "Solo Sailor for the Disabled" campaign. He speaks about his life journey, his transition to life in the sea and his new purpose in life - a global solo sailing challenge to raise awareness and funding for his campaign Solo Sailor for the Disabled. His GoFundMe page: More details about the project: 
July 29, 2021
Interview: Shane Brunette of
In this show, I speak with Shane Brunette, an entrepreneur from Sydney (Australia) who is the founder & CEO of a very successful company - He talks about his journey, the world of cryptocurrency, the taxation headache behind it and how his product helps.
July 22, 2021
Interview: Molly Jones on NOTION consulting
In this recording, I speak with Molly Jones, who helps businesses streamline their process, tasks, and overall productivity, using the Notion app. Her consulting company: Her course if you want to be a Notion consultant: Notion Consultants Her custom product for design studios: The Smart Studio Solution And you can find her on Twitter too: @NotionMolly
July 15, 2021
Interview: Jonti Horner on astronomy
In this episode, I speak to Jonti Horner, an astronomer, and astrobiologist at the University of Southern Queensland. He researches Exoplanets, our Solar system, and habitability, among other things. You can find him on Twitter @JontiHorner Credits: The short audio clip of the TV show which Jonti mentions in the interview is from BBC's, "The Sky at Night, The Outer Planets", 1975 YouTube link of that show: (ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE BBC)
July 07, 2021
Interview: Fran Portet of It Takes a Village
In this episode, Fran Portet from Melbourne/Australia talks about her startup business venture, "It Takes A Village". Managing 2 kids with a 3rd on the way, she is slowly growing her idea which was borne from her genuine desire to help those who are in the thick of things. Check out her website: and follow them on Facebook & Instagram. She is looking out for good suppliers & vendors for her customers. So, if you have a business, contact her now!
July 05, 2021
Better ads for COVID19 vaccination in Australia
A short 10 minute talk on whether we should be creating innovative and better ads for inspiring Australians (or anyone else for that matter) to take the COVID-19 vaccination.  The talk was inspired by a newspaper article by Russel Howcroft (@howcroft). Check that opinion piece here - Vaccine hesitancy horse has bolted. We need a powerful campaign in the Sydney Morning Herald. Here are the links of some of the interesting ads I mention on the episode: The ad from Australia: An ad from Scotland for the 18-20 year olds: Singapore goes disco: Stanford Medicine: India:
July 04, 2021
Interview: Getting to know Rishi Tripathy
I had an awesome time catching up with Rishi Tripathy from USA. Following his Tweets, I came to know he was leading an active life within the tech industry & building communities around education. He seemed like someone with interesting perspective on life, work & entrepreneurship, so I decided to have him on the show. Hope you like it. You can catch him on Twitter: Recorded: Saturday, 05 September 2020
September 06, 2020
My World This Week (20-26 July 20)
In this week's episode, I speak on 3 articles from Medium and 3 tweets, that I found interesting. The articles talk about productivity in the mornings, bad decisions to avoid and the issue with men not apologising to women.
July 27, 2020
Interview: Danny Shapiro from Project Physical Therapy
In this episode, I speak with Danny Shapiro from Brooklyn, New York. He runs a practice called "Project Physical Therapy" where he cures people from their physical pain, not just via the usual treatment procedures on the body but also genuinely spending a lot of time, getting to know the person he is treating. This recording is a talk filled with positivity! You can follow him on Twitter & Instagram for regular updates on treatment hacks and positive vibes!
July 26, 2020
Interview: Nash Ahmed from
In this episode, I had the utmost pleasure of having an active & transparent talk with Nash Ahmed, Founder of, a newly launched calendar scheduling app. During his time on the show, LIVE from New York, Nash discusses his product, his long & winding journey to where he is now and his outlook to life, people, process & technology. Had a great time listening & learning.
July 24, 2020
My World This Week (13-19 July 20)
In this episode, I address online posts related to Ayurvedic tips, meditation goal, luck, proactiveness & online LIVE meetings. My World This Week (MWTW) is where I go through some of the articles & posts that I stumbled upon online. Uploaded every Sunday.  Let me know on Twitter, if there is an article you want me to check & speak on.
July 19, 2020
My World This Week (w.c 06 July 20)
This week I found some tips on reading, an inspirational story of a lady from India and few tweets that I had a debate with. This is the 1st episode of My World This Week! It goes up every Sunday and it's my personal recollection of what I have come across on Twitter, Medium, blogs etc in a week. I share what I found interesting & put my own spin on it. Hope you like it.
July 12, 2020
Understanding Destiny Vs Free Will
What is destiny or fate? How does it affect us? Why does it happen? Is it true there is such a thing as destiny? If so, then why do we need to act? Plenty of questions and in this episode I try to give some answers to them by referencing ancient Eastern wisdom and examples. Hope it helps and if you have questions or comments, please send them via Voice Notes on my anchor link to this episode or perhaps ask them on Twitter.
June 29, 2020
Story: The world stinks!
A short story to remind us where the faults in the world may actually be.
June 21, 2020
Thinking about peaceful protests versus violent protests
Public protests seem to be of 2 types - peaceful ones and the violent ones. Which do you think is more effective? In this episode, I am sharing my random thoughts on this question.
June 14, 2020
People to people discrimination
In a world that is considered so educated, modern & technologically advanced than we have ever been before, we still struggle with the old issues of discrimination between people. In this episode, I quickly wanted to share some of my own thoughts around the issue.
June 07, 2020
Interview: Aryeh Sternberg on Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality is expected to be a billion dollar tech industry over the next 5 years and Aryeh Sternberg, Director of Media and Technology at a leading marketing and advertising company, helps me understand the basics. I loved this talk and have already started researching on how I can create content for a VR audience!
May 30, 2020
Why We Suffer?
I am sure you have seen & experienced suffering around you or within yourself. Have you wondered why different types of sufferings keep coming & going, like the changing seasons? In this episode, I touch a little bit on some of the main reasons. 
May 28, 2020
Interview: Nick Dunn on his false imprisonment
Today, I speak with Nick Dunn from the United Kingdom, who will be sharing his story that is both gripping, inspiring & sad. Nick was working on board an anti-piracy vessel to protect shipping from Somali pirates when he and five of his colleagues were arrested by the Indian maritime authorities & falsely charged with intruding in Indian waters, and thrown into prison for 4 years in South India. Together, they came to be known as the “Chennai Six" across the world with their families, friends, well-wishers & the government trying to get them out. Since being freed, he has launched a book, "Surviving Hell" & many have claimed it to be a very good read. Let's listen to his story as told by the man in question & also hear from him the lessons learnt. 
May 24, 2020
Interview: Joel Connolly on Promoting entrepreneurship in Australia
Today I speak with Joel Connolly, Creative Director at Blackbird Venture capital firm in Australia. Together, we discuss the state of startups in Australia and what is required to push it along to the next phase of growth for the Australian community. Joel is very passionate about channeling more of the country's youth into pursuing their dreams or to consider taking up jobs at a startup company for the first few years upon graduation. He feels that both of these steps will help promote a strong entrepreneurship culture in the country. Please join me in listening to his thoughts in this episode.
May 23, 2020
Understanding the mind
Many of my colleagues, friends & family members have been asking me about how the mind works. I am not a mind expert or a scientist, but in this episode I share what I learnt from the ancient spiritual wisdom of the East. As you can imagine, talking about the mind is a very big subject but for the sake of easy listening & to reduce confusions on such a complex matter, I have kept it very short. Hope you get something out of it. I shall come back with more episodes on this subject, so please come back & check.
May 17, 2020
Interview: Jennifer Hamady from Finding Your Voice
Today, I am joined by Jennifer Hamady, a singing & voice coach from Washington D.C, USA. Her clients include Grammy Award Winners, performers in Tony and Emmy winning productions, and corporate clients across an array of industries. She is the author of 3 best sellers: The Art of Singing: Discovering and Developing Your True Voice The Art of Singing Onstage and in the Studio Learning to Sing She also runs a successful coaching clinic in the US, and online at where she offers incredible programs to help people find their voice in their singing, in their self-expression & general communication. In this episode, we speak about life, parenting, fear, expectations & mentors. She even sings for us! What a beautiful voice! Thoroughly enjoyed the time together!
May 10, 2020
Interview: Teresa Tiong talks about her hotel quarantine
The COVID19 pandemic has resulted in thousands of people stranded overseas and still waiting for those special rescue flights to take them out. In Australia, those who do make it back, have to spend a mandatory 14 days in isolation in a hotel chosen by the government. Today, I speak with Teresa Tiong from Sydney, Australia, who will share her positive experience of her 14 day hotel isolation and how she kept herself occupied during that time. Teresa is an entrepreneur and founder of AU REVOIR LES FILLES, an online jewellery store. She also maintains a blog where she has written about her hotel experience and is a very worthwhile read. Her design blog is here.
May 09, 2020
Great expectations
We have so much expectations of others, that we often forget the burden it can have on others and on us.  In this quick episode, I talk about how we need to manage this part of ourselves, so we can lead a much more productive life, and make a positive difference to other people's life.
May 03, 2020
Interview: Jennifer Curcio on the rainbows of Germany
In this episode, I speak with Jennifer Curcio (twitter @DecisiveCraving & blogger at Decisive Craving), an Australian based in Germany, who talks about  what kids there have been up to, during the COVID19 pandemic lockdowns. The talk is motivational & cheerful at the same time.  This is the news article that I am referring to in the talk: Why there are so many rainbows on German windows and footpaths.
May 01, 2020
Hey, you! Wait in line!
I had a few situations where I saw people break lines. I felt so angry but then quickly decided to do something about it - to go understand their psychology for doing it. In this episode, I talk about my learnings.
April 27, 2020
Story: The tiger and the greedy man
In this episode, I narrate a short story to help you become aware of a great enemy within us all. Always watch out for this wild foe, because you never know when it can pounce on you! Take care all.
April 18, 2020
Interview: Matt Novacevski on caring for international students affected by COVID19 lockdowns
In this episode, I speak with Matt Novacevski, a blogger from Melbourne, Australia who penned a thoughtful article called, "Whose side are we on?", in which he stresses the importance of dealing with Australia's international students and short term visa holders, with compassion & ethics. A calm & thoughtful person, Matt brings a philosophical aspect to the crisis of COVID19 response management. Please listen, like and share :)
April 17, 2020
Interview with Devendra Singh: Plight of overseas students in Australia during COVID19
In this episode, I speak with Devendra Singh, the International Officer for the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA), who will take us through the issues facing international students in Australia during this very difficult time that's gripping humanity.
April 15, 2020
Volunteer - A great way to succeed
They say, "Never underestimate the heart of a volunteer". It's true. When you give yourself to others, there is only care & hope. In this episode, I give a quick talk to inspire you to become a volunteer to a worthy cause & how you can benefit from it also.  
April 14, 2020
Karma - a slightly deeper understanding
In this episode, we take a slightly deeper look at what KARMA is all about. You know the basics right (action & reaction)? Now, let's get to understand it a little deeper.
April 13, 2020
Health is Wealth!
Our body is the most important asset we have! Yet, we ignore it often to focus on the maintenance of external assets like car, house, clothes etc. In this short episode, I share my thoughts on maintaining a good health, so that we can live a painless life as far as possible. Hope you like it. Note: This talk is not a medical advice. Please consult a qualified nutritionist or a doctor for your health needs.
April 12, 2020
Hotel COVID19 quarantine policy for returning travellers
In March 2020, in order to battle the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, the government not only initiated touch partial lockdowns nationally, but they implemented a policy whereby returning Australian citizens & residents, would need to isolate in hotels across the country for 14 days. They wouldn't be able to isolate like everyone else in their own homes. This is my super quick thought on the matter and also happens to be my first podcast episode. I can't promise the next lot will be so short though :) 
April 11, 2020