The Man Up With Millar Experience

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By Millar Montgomery
If you are a father who has been through a breakup then this is the podcast for you. Here, Millar talks about how the breakup is your launchpad for growth and how to use this experience as a spring board to be the best you. How to best navigate being a single dad so that you can:
- Move on with your life
- See your kids more
- Improve things with your ex


17 Episodes
How To Let Go of The Past
May 21, 201814:04
Stop Using The Breakup As An Excuse!
May 18, 201808:04
How To Stop The Repetitive Cycle Of Pointless Arguments
May 16, 201809:05
Your Ex Doesn't Owe You SHIT!
May 14, 201808:32
Here's What You Need To Do To Get Back With Your Ex
May 9, 201809:39
Interview With Juvan Langford on Fatherhood and Masculinity
May 7, 201836:40
Does Your Ex Still Control The Way You Feel?
May 4, 201808:10
Why Your Ex Doesn't See A Problem With Withholding The Kids
May 2, 201810:58
Does Time Really Heal All Wounds?
May 1, 201807:36
She Said She Never Wants To Be With You Again
Apr 26, 201809:21
Being a YES Man
Apr 23, 201810:58
How to Start Believing In Yourself So That You Can Create Change
Apr 20, 201810:52
How To Communicate After The Breakup
Apr 18, 201806:17
The Four Reasons Why Your Ex Won't Let You See The Kids
Apr 17, 201808:14
Punishing Yourself For Making Mistakes
Apr 16, 201809:39
How to Deal With Feeling Lost and Alone
Apr 11, 201810:10
The Mindset You Must Have For The Breakup
Apr 10, 201816:50
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