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Man Versus Brand

Man Versus Brand

By Deeon Brown
What would your life look like if you just could call up your best homie and say, "Meet me at the bar and tell me why my life or my business is falling apart, over shots." Now imagine that conversation results in a great night filled with empathy, laughs, critical thought and strategy. That’s what we do here. Every week we will discuss an event, person or analyze a culture/business/life phenomenon to determine how to grow. Deeon Brown is a young guy in his 40’s obsessed with start-ups, marketing, innovation, art, Jordan 8s, Netflix and the human condition.
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Brand Episode 23: The Future is Black w/ Parent Empowerment Coach & Author Nathaniel A.Turner.
Tomorrow Will Be Shaped By Empowering Children With Emotional Intelligence And Critical Thinking, Then Letting Them Lead The Way. Nate Turner is a Human Propulsion Engineer. He literally thinks and passionately acts to drive progress. This isn’t just true in his profession but also his personal life. From the viral TEDTalk, ”We Owe Generation Z An Apology Today,” to authoring over seven books, to being a committed father, husband, and friend, Nate thinks, writes, proposes, and produces about what’s next. Looking at much of his published work, the future will be determined by how we engage with young people. In this episode, we talk about innovative education, radical and effective parenting, visualizing your future self, and reconciling your past. The future is black. Happy Father’s Day and Juneteenth.
June 16, 2022
Brand Episode 22:: The Power of Communication and Community w/ Communication Coach Brenden Kumarasamy
The Way You Speak With Others Can Have The Greatest Effect On Your Life and Business. You want to learn how to win through communication? Language and communication, both verbal and non-verbal are the source of understanding. It is how others understand us that will oftentimes determine how we form trust, build relationships and ultimately succeed. However, sometimes what we mean does not always have the same meaning for others. People think differently and it can't be helped if one thing has a different meaning to another person. This is where Brenden Kumarasamy comes in. He coaches individuals on how to use language and communication to bridge gaps in thinking, to become more persuasive and to win.
June 09, 2022
Brand Episode 21:My Greatest Hurdle Is How I Am Perceived w/ Digital Marketer w/ Olubusayo Reuben
How The Perception of Nigeria Affects The Likelihood Of Getting Outsource and Freelance Work. Olubusayo, also known as Chriswebtech, has been in digital marketing for as long as we have been in the Pandemic. He has witnessed and worked through the rise of NFTs, Discord servers and TikTok Marketing. He also works on the other side of the world. Life in Kwara, Nigeria is one of mixed blessings and hardships. On the one hand, you have a community and a thriving multi-disciplined network of people who hunger to learn, innovate and excel. On the other hand, the global community sees your network as exploitative due to its continued reputation of fraud. Add to that, much of the world is adverse to working with outsourced talent. What’s a guy to do?
June 02, 2022
Brand Episode 20: How to Go Global, In A Small Village w/ Virtual Assistant Kamran Ahmed
From A Place With Little Internet Bandwidth Is Born An Entrepreneur With Great Skill And Ambition. Kamran Ahmed is disciplined, soft-spoken but knowledgeable. Every answer he provides is metered and well thought out. That is his business, being thoughtful. From his hometown of Mansehra, Pakistan, Kamran runs a thriving market research, business proposal and virtual assistant business. He has a grasp of what his clients want and how to get referrals. He also faces frequent power and internet blackouts and language hurdles. This is his story.
June 02, 2022
Brand Episode 19: What We Can Gain After Experiencing Loss w/ Certified Grief Coach Nesreen Ahmed, PCC
You Deserve The Rich And Satisfying Life You May Believe Has Been Taken From You. Loss feels overwhelming. There,  I’ve said it. We also recognize that overwhelming may feel different depending on who you are. That’s where Nesreen comes in as a professional certified in life and grief coaching. She is the owner of Harbor Light Coaching, and she understands grief on a profoundly personal level and as a trained and certified coach. That makes her not only empathic but effective. In this episode, I open up about loss and the effect of grief in my own life, both as an individual and as an entrepreneur. We discuss methods to identify distress in your own life, combat toxic positivity, and how to surround yourself with a network that uplifts, listens, and acts. This is an episode that you don’t want to miss.
May 27, 2022
Brand Episode 18: Design The Happiness You Want, One Decision At A Time w/ Two-Time Tedx Speaker Steve Fredlund.
How Small, Small Steps and Large Leaps Can Get You To Your Most Fulfilled Life. Steve Fredlund is problem-solving gold. He is not only an actuary coach, business owner, innovator and public speaker; he is a dedicated father. Not only that, he is a humble and kind guy from East Central Minnesota that has a passion for poker and disc golf. That’s the right combination of traits for us to have a conversation about finding happiness. See, the thing that isn’t obvious is that Steve one day found himself completely unhappy in some of his major life choices. He had a life set up for him to win, yet he discovered that he didn’t want to reach those specific life goals. So what did he do? He learned basket weaving in Rwanda. Join me as we talk to Steve and understand more about his journey and what exactly disc golf really is.
May 27, 2022
Brand Episode 17: Resilience - When Life Isn’t Forgiving, We Get Stronger w/ Financial Expert Daniel Blue.
Life can be tough sometimes. What you’ll discover in this conversation is that the key might be admitting, 'Okay, the world's not perfect, how do I live my life within that and be great?' That’s the mindset of the week’s guest, Daniel Blue. Daniel is a driven entrepreneur, podcaster, best-selling author, speaker, finance enthusiast and problem solver. If you look him up, you’ll see him sourced in Forbes for his work in money management but that’s just a small part of his story. Daniel spent a part of his early life stuck in addiction. Daniel was a teenage father. Daniel watched his mother work tirelessly to support their lives while his dad moved back to Mexico. Daniel was angry. That was his past, and life is tough Today, Daniel is building the life he wants. He became all of the things that success stories are made of, and he’s going to talk to us about how we designed his life and also give you some really helpful financial tips. It’s a great episode.
May 12, 2022
Brand Episode 16: Discover Your Power, Healing & Community in Telling Your Story w/ Author and Coach Michael Harris
Unlock the Force of Your Own Story to Impact Others and Change Lives. To kick off the second season of the podcast and Mental Health Awareness Month, I want you guys to plug into the power of storytelling, specifically your own story. Co-founder of the transformative company Endless Stages, Michael Harris will lead us through the steps that will help you tell your story and get your message out into the world. Michael understands the challenges we face, for years he struggled with chronic health issues, addictions and low self-esteem. Today, however, he uses his story to support others in telling their stories. What better way to start our month-long discussion of mental health, than to begin with how we can be our strongest selves by being honest, transparent and vulnerable. That’s how we form powerful communities, engagement and connection.
May 04, 2022
Brand Episode 15: The Journey of A Single Parent-preneur w/ Aspiring Business Owner Vanessa Tolbert
Unlearning Your Old Ways Of Approaching Business and Discovering Your True Passion. Everyday, millions of people around the globe think of new ideas or new ways to evolve existing ideas to meet their and their market’s needs. Yet, only a few of these people actually move forward with that idea in the hopes of improving their lives and the lives of the consumers they hope to attract. We tend to only hear the stories of the ones who create billion dollar ideas. But what about the rest? What about the single mother single parent who juggles life with an entrepreneurial dream of starting a cannabis accessory company. Let’s delve into that story and stories like that, today on Man Versus Brand.
April 29, 2022
Brand Episode 420: Why Is It So Hard To Start A Cannabis Company w/ me, Deeon
It's a 4/20 pop-up episode where we discuss all of the barriers and restrictions that you need to overcome to realize your Cannabis start-up dream. Using all of my experience in consulting in the industry and available information in the market, I want to delve into why it’s so difficult to get into this start-up space and what you need to know to push your way through. It’s a 4/20 talk that you don’t want to miss.
April 20, 2022
Brand Episode 13: Resurrecting Your Business Ideas w/ Multi-book Author, Pastor and Program Creator Pierre Robinson, PhD.
Pierre has journeyed the road to professional, personal, emotional and spiritual resurrection throughout his life. These experiences have led him to become an author of 10 books, a playwright, a minister and a youth program director. We are going to talk about the many ways that he has been able to reconnect with old ideas, turn them into fresh initiatives. Are you ready to discover the things you need to know, to tap into the concepts that you thought were long buried and no longer viable? Let’s breathe new life into them. It’s Lenten season, so we are doing this in the spirit of renewal, reinvigoration and resurrection. Let’s get to that old idea now!
April 19, 2022
Brand Episode 12: The Rebrand Wrap-up! Where do we go from here? w/ me, Deeon
We have had three great talks on the topic of re-branding and resetting your life. Hopefully, you got something from them. Everyday, on the news we see examples of what works and what doesn’t in a professional and personal brand.What’s there to learn? After thinking on the subject, I have some final thoughts before we enter into some new conversations, stories, lesions and issues that face us as humans and as business creators. Let’s go down this path and see where it lands us.
April 07, 2022
Brand Episode 11: Navigating The Hardships of Being a Solo Entrepreneur w/ Fitness Brand Owner & Business Broker, Shawn Rogers
How Uneasy Starts Can Still Result In Successful Ends. Shawn started as an at-risk youth and fought through the military, experienced the tragedy at 9/11 and owned a gym during Covid-19. He has overcome! Still keeping with the re-brand, re-set theme, our conversation shifts to discussing the obstacles that may prevent us from following a clear, straight path in life or in business. For every story of a brilliant, successful and well-funded entrepreneur, there are millions of folks that are in the market and still working on the mission. They push through obstacles, tragedies and loss to keep steadfast on the journey - wherever it may take them. Join me as I talk to Shawn about navigating personal and professional obstacles as an entrepreneur and how to win when winning is the only option left.
March 31, 2022
Brand Episode 10: Navigating An Economy of One w/ Project Manager & Podcaster, Troy Worrell
Shifting Between Traditional Work Environments to Individual and Remote Settings. If the Pandemic didn’t teach us anything, it definitely instilled the idea that there isn’t just one way to work. There was a revolutionary response in how we could be productive, shattering some of the beliefs around alternate work models. We worked from home, we started businesses, we joined Only Fans. Join me as I talk to Troy about his experience navigating job loss, changes in priorities and new opportunities in those spaces and what he’s learned from the shifts in his business and his own life.
March 28, 2022
Brand Episode 9: Is Your Brand Saying What You Intend To? w / me, Deeon
The Art of Branding and The Re-Brand. How To Be Intentional About Your Representation and What To Do If It No Longer Works For You. It’s been a few weeks since the last podcast and this week, we are coming with some non-audio drops plus a new episode. It’s Spring. It’s time to freshen what works with your brand and life and discard what doesn’t.  If branding is defined by our audience and their experience with us, how do you ensure that your output matches your intent and your promises match your effort. This is going to be a great talk on branding, emotional connection and how to pivot your brand or your life if you want more from what you believe you can offer.
March 28, 2022
Brand Episode 8: How The Super Bowl Might Be The Best Role Model For You To Make Your Next Super Brand w/ Me, Deeon.
How Do You Get Multiple Audiences To Engage With One Thing Effortlessly? Here’s the recipe - two parts Championship game, one part Entertainment/Half-time Show and one part Commercial Breaks. These audiences may overlap but also might not. Some viewers are there exclusively for the game while others just show for the Half-Time entertainment. Regardless of how you feel about the NFL, you can use the Superbowl as a case study of how to create interest in multiple audiences. The pig skin turns into a cash cow. Let’s quickly dissect it in this episode and see if there’s anything to learn.
February 14, 2022
Brand Episode 7: Valentine’s Day. What’s Love Got To Do With Your Career w/ Me, Deeon. How To Be In Love With Your Profession.
Who doesn’t love, love? Love isn’t exclusive to people or pets. It very much should involve the things you spend most of your waking time doing - work. We have a quick episode on the signs of love, going back to our trusty source, Psychology Today. We are going to look at the 6 Signs of Love and see how that might correlate to how you feel about work and the folks in that work life. If last week was about a break up, this week is about falling and staying in love with your professional choices.
February 14, 2022
Brand Episode 6: The Business Break Up. I Think We Need To Talk. w/ Me, Deeon
Making sense of why you and your career path, team, client, employer might not be a good fIt for one another AND how to possibly rekindle. Without any prep, I’m going to look at the Top 10 Reasons Personal Relationships Fail and while you listen, apply those reasons to any business. Here’s why. If we are lucky enough, we find ourselves in great, fulfilling professional relationships that are mutually beneficial, where we are valued and appreciated. In these businesses, we thrive, contribute to culture, productivity and show up as our best selves, But not every relationship is meant to last and that’s okay. There are instances where growth, communication, compatibility contribute to the need for space and/or separation. Let’s talk about it.
February 04, 2022
Brand Episode 5: To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required. w/ Author & Coach Brandi McAlister
Or With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility If You’re Peter Parker. Certified life coach Brandi McAlister is a force of nature, a force for good and a force to be reckoned with. She is also very spiritual and attuned to offering help and advice when needed. In this episode we will discuss her book, “Real Talk: A Conversation From My Heart To Yours, A 30 Day Devotional'', how you can pray the impossible into existence and articulate the many facets of yourself into a healthy, thought-inspiring personal and professional brand. Brandi coins herself as a Spiritual Friendvisor, which means you get a shoulder to cry on, words to uplift you, a coach/accountability expert and good turn-up wing-woman.This episode is going to be good like chicken noodle soup for the soul…which is also a book, but not written by Brandi. You ready? Let's go!!
January 27, 2022
Brand Episode 4: Our Heroes Deserve Their Humanity, Right? w/ Culture Creative Benjamin Turbinton IV
MLK is a man, a mood, a day, a celebration, a conversation. Martin Luther King Day is much more than 24 hours, so I want to share with you a conversation that's focused on All Of The Things related to humanity's icons during the week of MLK. It’s a talk on being impactful, flawed and in the forefront. Brand architect, designer, developer, creative director and culture scholar Benjamin Turbinton IV, talks about legacy, creativity, history, influence, our inherent want to hero worship, and journeying on the road to greatness. Let's get down to business. 
January 20, 2022
Brand Episode 3: Your New Year Resolution is Just Media Brainwashing, Just Kidding, Well Probably w/ Me, Deeon
Let's kick off the year with a list of which public figures and brands need a 2022 Resolution. We are a little over a week into the new year and the general consensus around the new year is to skip it like a filler episode in a Hulu series. So what can you do? You can let the year happen to you or you can happen to it. Make your list, check it twice and plan out what you want to accomplish. And if you’re concerned about the commitment, it might not be your Resolution that’s the real problem, but how you got about it. Resolve away baby!!
January 11, 2022
Brand Episode 2: The Holiday Booster! w/ Me, Deeon
It’s gotten real this holiday season and I think we should talk it out. Santa better be double vaccinated with a booster shot this year. I’m going to take you through the different definitions of the word “boost” and how each of them apply to what’s going on right now. Fights, flights cancelled, Pfizer, it's all interconnected but definitely not QAnon. Omnicron is definitely not a principle of Kwaanza.
December 26, 2021
Brand Episode 1: I'll Have A Hot Topics On The Rocks & Whatever's On Draft. - w/ A Live Audience.
Sports Bar, Grill on The Hill hosts a gang of colleagues, friends and old clients so we can have a good conversation about everything, and I mean everything. We cover Only Fans, intellectual property ownership, NFTs, bad contracts, politicians as public figures, journalistic objectivity, life authenticity, cancel culture, all over 50 cent wings. This is the good life!! Are we really doing a live taping?
December 26, 2021
Brand Episode .75: Do You Out Sell, Sell Out or Sell-Out w/ Artist Carl Myrie
Carl Myrie talks about being a life-time multi-disciplined artist, contemporary art history, his experience as a Kehinde Wiley subject, loving creativity and the process and why media, Karens, childhood trauma and brands are potentially evoking the worst in us.
December 14, 2021
Brand Episode .50: Your Next Venture May Depend on Your Biceps w/ Financial Advisor Paul Williams
Paul WIlliams is masked down, cammed up and conflicted about looking the part, questioning if office and respectability politics can really help or hurt your career advancement and why you deserve to be confident.
December 14, 2021
Brand Episode .25: Your Co-Worker says, You Don't Even Go Here w/ Product Manager Crystal Wright
Crystal Wright is a Honduran product manager who takes over teams, grows them into beasts, gives reality stars advice in Spanish, all the while moonlighting as an exceptional wedding planner. Let’s go...
December 14, 2021
Brand Episode 0: My Dog Ate The Assignment w/ Executive Director Kazz Alexander
Kazz Alexander talks business dress code, pronoun usage, finding joy in your career and why your Executive Director might be way funnier than you think.
December 14, 2021
Intro Episode: Start With Why w/ Your Host Deeon
I give five compelling reasons why you should listen to the podcast but not in a top five format, because that would be sooo simple that it becomes extremely complicated like Theranos or the Fyre Festival.
December 14, 2021