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Masters in Exercise

Masters in Exercise

By Marc Roig
In this podcast I interview leaders in the field of exercise prescription. I talk to prominent researchers who investigate how exercise can improve different aspects of quality of life in different populations and clinical groups. Our conversations cover several topics. For example, we discuss what type of exercise is the best to improve brain health and reduce age related cognitive decline. How can we use exercise to improve mobility in people with neurological and neurodegenerative clinical conditions such Stroke, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's disease and Multiple Sclerosis.
Pedalling to fight Parkinson's Disease
In this first episode of the podcast, I had the pleasure to interview Dr. Jay Alberts. Dr Alberts is an Associate Staff Member within the Center for Neurological Restoration and Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. His research aims to understand how the brain controls movement and to study movement patterns produced by different patient groups. Dr Alberts has pioneered the study of assisted and voluntary cycling on motor function in people with Parkinson's Disease. In this episode of the podcast, we talk precisely about exercise prescription in these patients. We start talking about the effects of exercise on the brain on people with Parkinson's disease. We also discuss the concept of forced cycling as a training strategy for these patients and how their medication can affect their responses to exercise. For those of you not familiar with Parkinson's, DBS is deep brain stimulation and Levodopa is the most common medication taken by people with patients with Parkinson's disease. 
November 29, 2020