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Marc and Coco

Marc and Coco

By Marc and Coco
See what a nine year age gap will get you talking about all things from a perspective of living while black in America. A brother and sister duo talking about life, love, politics, finance, travel, art and everything that is living while black in America and the world. Listen in and be part of the conversation.
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Grandma's Cooking & Special Guests Tony Walker Retired NFL Indianapolis Colts Player
Episode topic roundup: Vaccine scheduling frustrations National government needs to step in and take over Dressing up as old people to cut the line Grandma was the secretary of everything she was a part of Gang Banging in Little Rock claim to fame Friends with Bill Clinton and jogging for Big Macs and coke Hope the dog, ranch pizza and feeding old spaghetti Interview with Tony Walker Musician and Retired NFL Indianapolis Colts Player From the NFL to musician Started out playing the trumpet as a kid From walking home from band practice in high school to playing football Forged moms name on permission slip to play football Mom didn't find out until his first high school football game Playing football senior year and getting a scholarship to college Football drafted to NFL Colts and didn't know who they were Advice to rookies coming into the NFL is to take the game seriously and treat it like a job The guys married had longer careers than single guys closing the club down Charity work with the kids Nursing home Friday wine down and music Fave song to play at end of every gig "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers True passion never goes away Coaching session with Marc and Coco Interpretive dancing with a bourbon in hand Painting and creating canvas Creating to create or creating for fame Authentic creativity and vulnerably sharing Write it down to escape your ego Let God tell you no and write down the things you want About Tony Walker Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Tony was the youngest of three children. At an early age, he knew he wanted to be a musician. He loved watching and hearing his father play the piano. He started playing the trumpet in the sixth grade and quickly became a stand out musician. During his senior year in high school,  he quickly discovered his athletic ability which ultimately would change his life. Tony went on to earn a full athletic scholarship to Southeast Missouri State University where he majored in music. His goal of being a musician was ultimately placed on hold once he realized he was a natural at playing football. His athleticism would soon pay off as he was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in 1990 as a Linebacker playing a total of 4 seasons.  Due to injuries sustained while playing professional football, he was forced into retirement. This unfortunate turn of events was an opportunity for Tony to turn lemon into lemonade by diving back into his music. Tony can be seen performing at Arlington place and Traditions nursing homes during happy hour for our senior citizens all the while being the mastermind behind the soulful sound of the 2nd Half Band.  Be sure to check out his website to learn more about his band: To see us live and in-person subscribe to our Youtube Channel where you can watch bonus content and the monthly roundup reactions!
April 6, 2021
Patchy Beards, Killer Mike Banking, & Dolphins
Episode topic recap: Complaining Patchy facial hair People stealing joy For the love of and Satan of coconut and rum Effects of black owned business in America Blacks taking care of America Parental interruptions and the search for "Cubbie" Jumping off mountains, buildings and planes Defying the laws of physics Flying lessons and meson that knows how to fly Respecting the ocean and passing out in the water Hybrid dogs and Avengers The Banker and Samuel L. Jackson Credit cards and bank financing Racists financial institutes holding back black prosperity Killer Mike and idea of touring educating people on banking and finance Stocks and odds stacked against you Stock market ties to the president of Regan Ask financial questions at your local bank it doesn't cost you nothing Your bank doesn't keep money like that Tulsa black wall-street Singapore the place to go and be happily black We salute you Leo segment and a dolphin Yeah we don't know how to come back from that To see us live and in-person subscribe to our Youtube Channel where you can watch bonus content and the monthly roundup reactions!
April 5, 2021
Drive Safe and Hydrate With Meghan Markle & Prince Harry
We talk about the most talked about Oprah interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Episode topic roundup:  COMING SOON To see us live and in-person subscribe to our Youtube Channel where you can watch bonus content and the monthly roundup reactions!
March 10, 2021
Ain't No Liquor In It & Pimps & Crowns In Atlanta
Episode topic roundup: Ain't no liquor in it Loving wolves and egg nog tea Spiked drinks in college Whiskey wearing as perfume Super Bowl only thing watched was the halftime show The Weeknd and a fan since House of Baloons Such a disservice comparing people that's why I do it Not a Tom Brady fan but he earned his place in history He loves kids not toxic adults Michael Jordan still the GOAT and Kobe and Shaq talk Don't end up being some white boys experiment Standard of beauty changed thanks to Sir Mix A Lot White men have always loved it and afraid to pursue it Being told what you want to be Commercials on interracial couples uptick starting with Cherrios Fuller lips and butts and thick thighs Hollywood and white men giving the go ahead Two women Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian Stretch marks are motherly and comforting Appropriation and calling it out To be American means celebrating Black culture Note to white people some of its not all your fault Pimps and crowns in Atlanta They cost so much and are very expensive hugs To see us live and in-person subscribe to our Youtube Channel where you can watch bonus content and the monthly roundup reactions!
February 24, 2021
Georgia Champagne & Why Whites Celebrate Blackness Everyday
Episode topic roundup: Coco Cola addiction and the brain Acknowledgment of Black People Awareness month Racism up close and micro-aggressions Speak up when racism happens okay How racist can you be and get away with it Reprogramming racist New York biker disturbance Most dangerous thing in the world are young white boys White teachers need protection from black students by resource officers Because your scared of momma Gun cabinets and gun access and collector items Friendly black dude don't shoot Looking for trouble on purpose One is three black men and prision Parenting needs interruptions Pulled over by helpful police officer yeah nah Our stories being pulled over while also being black Whites celebrate African American heritage everyday Ralph Lauren owes black people Always light from the front To see us live and in-person subscribe to our Youtube Channel where you can watch bonus content and the monthly roundup reactions!
February 17, 2021
Politics & A Bowl Of Oatmeal
Episode recap: Do Racist get a seat at the table 2021 has already been a year so buckle up Sifting through cat litter It's not news anymore it's opinions Republican Party imploding and Democratic Party is a no go A bowl of oatmeal Blackly Living perspective on the storming of the capital Trump and his crew roundup BLM Care about your community Survival of the fittest  To see us live and in-person subscribe to our Youtube Channel where you can watch bonus content and the monthly roundup reactions!
February 9, 2021
Marc and Coco 2.0 Teaser
Aaaaaannnnnnd we're BACK! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to see us live and in person and bonus content only available there.
February 8, 2021