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Simply Put

Simply Put

By Dr. Marcy Adams
I believe every person has a right to be heard and afforded tolerance for their unique perspectives. The sum of a team MUST be greater than the parts!
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Simply Put; Leadership is a Personality
"Leadership is a Personality" is an exploration of how the dynamic of personalities can contribute to a variety of challenges within a team.  In this episode we will discuss 4 different personality types and the unique strengths they bring to a team, additionally, how the perception of these different personality types can demonstrate as negativities to those around them. As leaders, we are accountable to delivering information in a manner which is effectively received by the follower. Understanding our own personalities and how they contribute to our communication style, while also knowing that of our team members will be a critical factor in how well the message is received.  
November 11, 2020
Simply Put Introduction
This is my VERY FIRST podcast!  Welcome to our journey as we try to simply the seemingly difficult leadership dynamics. In this episode, I introduce myself and this podcast and set the stage for what we will discuss in the upcoming weeks.  Welcome!! Marcy
November 07, 2020