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Starting Up Florida

Starting Up Florida

By Starting Up Florida
Tech reporter Marco Santana gives listeners a glimpse into the state of Florida’s growing startup scene, starting in Orlando but extending to all corners of the Sunshine State.
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Starting Up Florida #1: ' ... Interesting people.'

Starting Up Florida

Starting Up Florida #1: ' ... Interesting people.'

Starting Up Florida

Starting Up FL: Where do startup ideas come from?
The stories about how startups get their business ideas can vary widely. In this short episode, Keeper's Felix Banuchi talks about how he got his idea for a platform that helps simplify record-keeping for veterinarians.
September 9, 2018
Starting Up FL #8: Learn lessons, don't run from problems
Felix Banuchi of Keeper, a startup that helps veterinarians, has gone through the startup grind before. He once had to make a decision to shut down a startup but said it's imperative that you learn lessons from failure. Now, he's hoping to take that experience and build a new platform from Central Florida.
September 3, 2018
'Brain drain is a major factor that can hurt a community'
Kunal Patel of Indienomicon and Orlando Game Space talks about the adverse effects of brain drain, especially in an education-heavy community like Orlando.
August 31, 2018
Starting Up Florida: Video game ecosystem built in Orlando.
Kunal Patel of Indienomicon and several other game-related efforts talks to reporter Marco Santana about the challenges of juggling multiple companies while working a full-time gig with a tech company. Then, in the debut of news briefs, we report on a new fund in Orlando that will provide funding to several tech-based groups and a lawsuit filed in California that targets the Fort Lauderdale startup JetStarter, which has landed promotional social media posts from Kim Kardashian.
August 28, 2018
Starting Up FL #7: 'Felt like we were living on an island'
Kunal Patel, Orlando Game Space
August 20, 2018
Starting Up FL #6: 'We are only held back by imagination'
Brandon Naids of Talon Simulation was just starting a school project at UCF. He ended up with a VR startup.
August 13, 2018
Starting Up FL #5: 'The exit found us'
Mike Taramykin, formerly of Electronic Arts, Zynga and Fanduel, has started a new company in Orlando called HypSports.
August 6, 2018
Starting Up FL #4: 'Scary as sh*t, but humbling'
Angela Alban of Simetri in Winter Park has navigated the high-stakes world of defense contracts.
July 30, 2018
Starting Up FL #3: 'What's the problem you're solving?'
Rudy Ellis of Switchboard Live had to choose between taking a pay cut or becoming an entrepreneur. He chose the latter.
July 23, 2018
Starting Up FL #2: 'Listen to the market.'
Alfred Espidol of Launchable talks about the art of the pivot, why his firm chose augmented reality over virtual reality and how Orlando's tech ecosystem could improve. "Everyone says fail fast. But get up faster."
July 16, 2018
Starting Up Florida #1: ' ... Interesting people.'
Tech reporter Marco Santana introduces a new podcast that will highlight the startups that could become the big businesses of the future.
July 12, 2018