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The Savvy Consumer

The Savvy Consumer

By thesavvyconsumer
Hey everyone, my name is Marcus, and welcome to The Savvy Consumer podcast. In this podcast, we discuss the psychology and human behaviour behind consumption, and how we can utilize this knowledge to become a more savvy consumer. We also talk about related topics such as optimizing personal finances, staying productive, and buying and selling preloved items.
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All Things Food - Food in General, Food in Singapore, and Food at Different Price Points... Plus Fast Food and Superheroes, The New (or Old) Way to Travel, and How to Know That You Have Gotten Old
Food is one of Singapore's national unofficial pasttimes - some of us live and breathe food. While this does not apply to all Singaporeans (e.g. Jon), this tends to be the case in this island of ours. We discuss our thoughts on food in general, talk about some of Singapore's "national" foods, and talk about foods that range from cheap to wallet-breaking. We also talk about superheroes created by fast-food chains (2:22), a novel (or not) way to travel once it is feasible for us to do so (26:08), and how to definitively know that we have transitioned from a young person to a not-so-young person (48:50).
November 18, 2020
Buyer & Seller Etiquette - What To and What Not-To Do... Plus Chocolates as a Metaphor for Humans, How We Learned A Lesson From Our Own Podcast, and The Truth Behind Service in the F&B Industry
Having bought and sold stuff for nearly the past seven years, I share my experience in meeting and dealing with all sorts of people and get Jon to share his instinctive opinion on these experiences. We also talk about chocolates which have extended their stay (2:30), the lessons we have learned in the process of recording this episode (37:52), and how Food & Beverage (F&B) establishments generally view customer service (46:57).
November 13, 2020
Why You Own Nothing and Rent Everything... Plus How Much Your Opinion is Actually Worth, How Boxes Spark Joy, and How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
Jon directs this episode as I take a backseat and go with the flow... not. In this episode, we propose a new way of looking at your possessions, and how to utilize this perspective in everyday life. We also talk about selling your opinions on second-hand platforms (6:36), how you can use boxes to contain all the joy you have sparked (42:57), and how you can create a win-win situation in a traditional win-lose situation (53:36).
November 4, 2020
Free-to-play, Pay-to-play, or Pay-to-lose? The Dangers of Freemium Games and Lootboxes... Plus Choosing Between Charizard and Marriage, and Why Vocal Warmups are Important
Genshin Impact is a hugely popular free-to-play game that has brought the spotlight back on freemium games and lootboxes. We give our take on games using a similar model and lootboxes as actual players of these games, and discuss how can approach these games with a realistic mindset. We also talk about choosing between Charizard and marriage (4:06), how gameboy taught us the value of money (38:46), and why vocal warmups are important (62:00).
October 28, 2020
Should Buying and Reselling for a Profit be Considered Unethical? Plus How "Experts" on Online Advertisements are a Hoax, How the Term "Guitar Pedals" Came About, and The 5000IQ Way to Beat Queues
A 16-year old boy in Singapore made the headlines when it was reported that he makes up to S$30,000 in a month buying and reselling branded sneakers. While many applauded his sense of entrepreneurship, others called foul on his behaviour for artificially raising prices. In response, Jon and I discuss how ethics plays into the entire situation. We also give our take on online "experts" (10:33), where guitar pedals got their name (40:25) and the best way to beat the queue for anything, anytime (57:08). Original Article: Response Commentary:
October 22, 2020
When Free Stuff Isn't Really Free... Plus How "Lockdown" is a Dirty Word in Singapore, How We Love Prism-Shaped Chicken Cushions, and Why We Trust Strangers But Not Family and Friends
While free stuff is generally a welcome sight, not all free stuff is always good. In this episode, Jon shares his love for all stuff free while I take on a different approach. We also talk about the "Circuit Breaker" in Singapore (15:10), chicken cushions in the shape of a prism and cuboid (21:00) (60:02) and why we trust strangers but not family and friends (37:20).
October 15, 2020
Subscriptions and How to Manage Them... Plus Blowouts in the World of Sports, Pirates in the Land of Singapore, and How we are Impressed with Da Vinci and Black Magic
Many companies are moving to a subscription model for their products, because if nothing, subscriptions often make them more money. Knowing this, what should our response be as savvy consumers? Jon and I also explore an alternative career in sports podcasting for all of one minute (12:15), talk about non-sea pirates in Singapore (29:40), and software with really good names (51:10).
October 9, 2020
How Not to Get Scammed When Shopping Online... Plus How All Salesmen Are or Aren't Dishonest, the Podcast is Well-Named, and Why We Have a Beef With the Word "Premium"
A recent article on the local newspaper The Straits Times surveyed respondents on unfair practices they had encountered while shopping online, with 18-37% indicating they had encountered each of the ten listed practices. In this episode, Jon and I discuss whether these practices should be considered unfair and how we can outwit sellers using these practices via a buyer-seller tic-tac-toe analogy.
September 30, 2020
Do We Consume Social Media, or Does Social Media Consume Us? Plus Getting Kicked out of Maplestory, Sending Your Children to Bootcamps, and Calling the Police on Your Neighbours
Today's episode is motivated by The Social Dilemma - a netflix documentary that aims to inform the general public of the dangers of social media consumption. We touch on both sides of the social media coin, and share our experiences of healthy relationships with social media and how we can reduce our consumption of it should we choose to. Also, tl;dr "It's your life, do whatever you want. But if it's not good for you, try not to do so much of it." - Jon, 2020
September 23, 2020
The Savvy Consumer Podcast Trailer Part 1 - Topics, Formats, and Tangents
In this trailer, we elaborate on the purpose of the podcast, recurring themes, podcast formats, and provide some disclaimers. 
September 16, 2020
Why Less is More and More is More - Minimalism and Maximalism Explained... Plus Why We Disagree with Ourselves, and Debunking the Myth that Singaporeans Don't Wear Pants in Their Own Homes
Minimalism, where less is more, is a growing trend these days. There is also an antonym - maximalism, which is lesser known... Does that mean it has less value? In this episode, we discuss the arguments for and against both minimalism and maximalism, what the middle ground looks like, and become official hypocrites when we each disagree with ourselves, although we did preface the disagreements with the argument that our preferences for more or less can be domain-specific. Also, please wear pants in your own homes when other people can see you.
September 11, 2020
Three Things to Break the Bank for, and Three Things to Cheap Out On... Plus Kitchens That are Always Wet, Pieces of Wood That You Hit, and Why Poor People Look Rich
People usually look at spending as a whole, and may feel indifferent to spending a certain amount of money on various categories of items - however, we make the case that some categories of things are worth spending more on, while others are worth spending less on. We also teach you about Singaporean coffee and tea, despite declaring later on in the episode that we would apparently be fine giving up either of these beverages.
September 2, 2020
How to Spend Your Lottery Winnings... IF YOU WIN ONE! Plus How Life is a Linear Progression, Ragged-Looking Uncles are actually Rich, and Buying Pokemon Cards is a Vice
Winning the lottery is apparently a Singapore dream because it enables us to afford things and live comfortably, although most people would have thought of it at some point in their lives. Now that I've gotten you to think about it, we explore how you should spend your lottery winnings if (or when, BELIEVE) you ever win one, who you should tell, and discuss how we would change up our lifestyles if money ceased to be a concern.
August 26, 2020
Three Pros and Cons of Buying Secondhand Stuff Part 1 - How to be Cheap, Sustainable, and Ignore the Haters
Buying secondhand stuff has its pros and cons, although some of them may not be as straightforward as you think... Sometimes the people are the problem rather than the items! In this episode, we provide three pros and cons of buying secondhand stuff to help the listener make a more informed decision on whether to buy secondhand stuff or not.
August 18, 2020
Why You Should Eat Before Going Out for a Meal and Brush Your Teeth in the Shower... Plus Other Weird Tips to Save Money
There are normal ways to save money, and there are weird ways to save money. In this episode, Jon and I explain why we (or he) drink before going to clubs, give credit cards to our friends and sleep without bolsters.
August 12, 2020
Does a Dollar a Day Keeps the Regret Away? How You Can Adapt The $1 Per Hour Rule to Make a Decision Regarding Your Next Purchase
Jon and I improvise on the $1 per hour rule we discovered playing video games to help determine whether a purchase is worth the money spent, and how we can reduce dissonance after having made a particular purchase. One of us also talks trash about Apple (spoiler alert: it's not me).
August 5, 2020
Should We Spend on Things or Experiences? And How Do We Know When to Spend on Either of These Things?
Figures such as Jean Chatzky have advocated for spending on experiences rather than material possessions, with many of those in agreement being moderately well-to-do as well. Jon and I discuss our best and worst purchases in an attempt to figure out whether this principle holds true.
July 28, 2020
Three Tips to Help You Sell Your Items Faster
Back to the classics! In this episode, we discuss three ways to help you sell your items more quickly. Or at all. Some of these tips are obvious, others less so.
July 21, 2020
What Does Consumption and Production Really Mean? How Much of Each Should We Spend Our Time On, and How Should We Go About It?
There is a growing movement of people who are making the conscious decision to consume less and produce more... of anything and everything under the sun. In this episode, we discuss the definitions of consumption and production, our thoughts on the balance between consumption and production, and how people can change if they do decide they want to consume less and produce more.
July 15, 2020
Who We Are, What We Like, and What We Think Sells During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us and our consumption behaviour in unprecedented ways. In this episode, we make observations on what sells during the pandemic, and how we can take take advantage of this to buy and sell what we need or want.
July 7, 2020
Introduction to The Savvy Consumer
Hey everyone, my name is Marcus, and welcome to The Savvy Consumer podcast. In this first episode, I introduce myself and the podcast to give you, the listener, a better idea of what to expect from this podcast in the weeks to come.
June 29, 2020