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“Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast🗣

“Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast🗣

By Marcy Cody, RN, BSN, CGFI
Trajectory Changing Thursday’s! Unless you die YOUNG, you will get OLD! Staying on your current wellness path leads you to WHERE???
Explore ways to tweak your daily routine to improve your quality of life over time. Sequel to “90 Ways to Age VIBRANTLY! A Baby Boomers Devotional Journal.”

Conversations with experts in their fields and people concerned about being alive and SPRY at 85 and beyond!

Adopt some of these “Longevity Tips” to Live a long VIBRANT life on earth and into eternity!

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Shaunda Joy Howerton and Marcy Cody, RN S2E6 What’s in your pot?

“Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast🗣

Age Vibrantly & Die Peacefully “Five Wishes®️” Helps so much!
Nurse Marcy helps walk you through the “Five Wishes ®️”. Let your wishes be known to help your family honor YOUR WISHES during the most difficult time of your life….making a peaceful transition. The “Five Wishes ®️” was written by Jim Towey who worked closely with Mother Teresa for a year while living in a hospice that she ran in Washington DC. Created as a way for patients and families to plan ahead and to cope with serious illness. Available in 23 languages and known as “the living will with a heart and soul” 1. The person you want to make decisions for you when you can’t. 2. The kind of medical treatment you want or don’t want. 3. How comfortable you want to be. 4. How you want people to treat you. 5. What you want your loved ones to know. I also suggest that you write your own obituary 🤷🏽‍♀️ Marcy Cody, RN
September 15, 2022
Coach G tells her SECRETS of maintaining 100 pound weight loss for 9 years!
Have you struggled with keeping the weight off that you lost? Coach Greta Ross shares the SECRETS that helped her eliminate 100 pounds and keep them off for 9 years! This 64 year old is a Certified Professional Life, Health, Wellness, Transformation, Performance, Release, Neurolinguistic Program, Cognitive Behavior Therapy Coach, Founder and CEO of Mind Body Soul Shift LLC, that was birthed from  her own transformation.Listen for lots of ideas that you can implement TODAY.
June 17, 2022
WINSDAY Special Episode with Concetta Germain. How to lower STRESS and take care of your COLON.
Concetta Germain, also known as Cici, is a Realtor by day, and has been an Under Cover Health Coach for at least 30 years, and finally ready to expose herself. She has dedicated her life to helping others achieve good health and believes that individuals are the key to their OWN success.  Concetta tells her story of overcoming stress and how she coaches others on the importance of taking care of their colon. She is on a mission to empower people through education and support so that they can take control of their own health and wellbeing. Come to to connect with her and our host.
May 25, 2022
Don’t be buried with you story, someone needs to hear it. Your BOOK is your Legacy.
This episode of “Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast🗣 is dedicated to telling your story, by publishing a book 📖 Ashley Montgomery Visionary Lead Author of “Created for Greatness” LS Kirkpatrick Visionary Lead Author of “Modern Day Miracles Experienced by Ordinary People”, Makuba Massango-Acha Visionary Lead Author of “Profiles of Resilience” join Host Marcy Cody Visionary Lead Author of “101 Mountain Moving Miracles: Faith Fuel for Your Soul” to talk about their book projects. Come to for links for more information and to keep in contact ✅
April 29, 2022
One Year After My Hip Replacement Surgery👍🏽My only regret is waiting so long to get it done 🤷🏽‍♀️
Marcy Cody a registered nurse, bestselling author, longevity coach and motivational speaker 🗣 tells her story 1 year after her hip replacement story. #WalkNOWorWalkerLATER #FeelSexyAt70 #marcys3dSecrets
April 12, 2022
Dr. Anna Cabeca explains GREEN Keto, “Menupause” and Hormones
Dr. Anna Cabeca, is a best-selling author of “The Hormone Fix”, “Keto Green 16, and her NEWEST book “Menupause.” She is triple board certified and a fellow of gynecology and obstetrics, integrative medicine, anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Listen y’all, she’s an expert in EVERYTHING female, Host of Girlfriend Doctor TV Show. Discussing the hormone, gut, brain phenomena and how a green keto lifestyle may be the answer to your long term health goals.
February 11, 2022
Gilda Johnson & Marcy Discuss Surviving Cancer AND Domestic Violence
Gilda Johnson, an International bestselling author and transformational spiritual empowerment speaker discusses some of her health tips for surviving cancer AND domestic violence. Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233
February 04, 2022
Your Christmas GIFT from Marcy!
Did you know that over 600 thousand people die EVERY YEAR in America 🇺🇸 from heart disease ❤️‍🩹 The pandemic is horrible, and I recommend vaccination, but heart ❤️ disease is still the number once cause of death in America, more than covid and cancer🥺 Did you know that your heart HEALTH is directly related to the substances that you ingest and your physical activity or LACK of physical activity 🤷🏽‍♀️ This year give a virtual FREE GIFT to everyone that you care about. The FREE “GIFT of Long LIFE!” Yes, get YOURS, and SHARE a free download of “90 Ways to Age VIBRANTLY! Devotional Journal” and a 1 on 1 Aging Vibrantly Roadmap consultation with me. There are only a FEW more spots available on my calendar this year, so come to and claim your FREE GIFT now. My gift to you and everyone that YOU care about👍🏽
December 23, 2021
Dr. Muriel Lee challenges YOU to, “Write, Read & Speak Your Goals” for Success According to Research
Muriel Lee, RN, PhD, who has lost over 100 pounds during her fitness journey; nearly 90 pounds of that occurred at 360 MBS Fitness Center without weight loss surgery. Muriel is a TBI (traumatic brain injury post-concussion syndrome complicated by migraines) survivor (had 3 concussions) and has healed her body via nutrition and fitness. At one time, she was taking 14 pills a day and now takes zero. She had 3 medical specialists and now has zero. Her cholesterol levels are normal (had high cholesterol since she was 14) and her asthma is managed without daily medication requirements. She has a burning desire to help others reach and maintain their fitness goals. Finally, she is the owner of Muriel’s Health and Wellness which help individuals improve their health and wellness, help families recover from fetal loss, and provide CPR and 1st aid training. Connect with Dr. Muriel and Marcy and join our Facebook group at:
December 02, 2021
What’s the source of your pain? Sis. Nayyirah Muhammad expounds…
Could Unforgiveness be the source of your pain? Listen to how Sister Nayyirah Muhammad has functioned and excelled with fibromyalgia pain for years. Forgiveness is a powerful elixir for the mind, body and soul.
November 19, 2021
Whatever you ignore will disappear! What you envision will manifest!
Have a 30 year plan and create a vision board to help you reach your goals. Drop that covid29 like it’s hot. Let GOD be your accountability partner for great success with your weight control goals.
November 12, 2021
Work on Your DREAMS Daily! With Dr. Kishma George, “The Purpose Pusher”
If your dreams have been placed on the back burner, it’s time to IGNITE them and start to walk in your purpose. When you trust GOD you Will have a tail wind, an invisible force pushing you in the right direction! Dr. Kishma tells her story and challenges us to work on our dreams daily. She even has a free business plan template on her website 👍🏽 to help you “work on your dreams every day!”? For links go to 👇🏽 ALSO my Amazon International Bestseller with Les Brown is in prelaunch and you can help us reach New York Times Best Seller too. Ebook on sale for $1.99 during prelaunch👍🏽. Thanks for your continued support and prayers 🙏🏽
October 21, 2021
“Better LATE than NEVER!” Joanne Latimer shares how she overcame…👍🏽
Listen to this if you are struggling with your weight after age 50! Joanne talks about her triumph over diabetes and how she was able to change her eating habits and drop 40 pounds, “better late than never!” Please LIKE, SHARE with 50 or 60 of your closest friends 😉 and give us a REVIEW🥰 Thanks in advance, Marcy Cody,RN, your Faith Based Wellness Speaker and Coach. Contact ALL of our guests and listen to ALL of our episodes at👇🏽
October 14, 2021
Take Control of Your Life: Featuring Moirar Leveille, Life Coach,LMHC, Author, Speaker,Energy Healer
Moirar M Leveille shares her journey through a life threatening illness by discovering the the power of TAKING CONTROL of her health. Doing her own research and embracing the holistic approach to health and wellness. Please comment, review, subscribe and share with 50 or 60 of your closest friends😉
October 07, 2021
Jo Dee Baer, PhD elaborates on pH, Meditation & Gratitude for Living your BEST Life NOW!
Holistic Nutritionist, Jo Dee Baer, PhD, tells her story from being completely paralyzed to being a triathlete and ranking number 18 in her age group nationally. This one you will want to listen to at least three times. She covers pH, Meditation and Gratitude. Remember to write a review, like, share with 50 or 60 of your closest friends and participate in our 24 hour challenge to test your pH and start a “gratitude jar.” Let us know if you participate in the challenge and connect with us at: 👉🏽
September 30, 2021
“Re-Align to Thrive” Diana Lockett and Nurse Marcy Get DEEP👥
“Imagine what you want your obituary to say and use that as your North Star” Learn how being to live authentically, by coming to terms with your past through guided meditation.
September 23, 2021
If you can SEE it You can BE it! Create a 30 yr Vision Board!
Where will you be living, and with whom? What will you have? What will you be doing for your health, fun, R&R? Don’t have a 30 year plan? Well you know what Ben Franklin said, “if you fail to plan you are planning to fail!” Having a CLEAR vision of what that will look like will give you a BETTER chance of manifesting it in the future. Your future self is depending on you to create the plan to reach those goals. If you don’t know what those goals look like, then how can you create a plan to reach them? You will miss a target 🎯 that you cannot see 100% of the time. Come to for your “One and Done ✅” plan.
September 17, 2021
Derron Rowan and Nurse Marcy Discuss Mindset for Change 🧠
Mindset is one of the MOST critical aspects of your life, health and strength. Derron and Marcy shed a slightly different, and impactful light on the subject of mindset.
September 09, 2021
“Legs up the Wall” at bedtime for BETTER SLEEP and lots more health benefits!
Trajectory Changing Thursday with Nurse Marcy. Learn about one of her favorite bedtime habits! “Legs up the wall.” Aka ViparitaKarani yoga pose. This really quick episode will change your life permanently!
September 02, 2021
Mary Elizabeth Gonzalez tells Marcy Cody,RN:“Loving Myself” helped me LOSE 147lbs & FIND my PURPOSE🦋
Nurse Marcy discusses how mindset and permanent life style changes helped Mary Elizabeth lose 147lbs while releasing things that were holding her back. Opening an entire new chapter of her life full of joy, hope and confidence. She is now a successful entrepreneur and bestselling author of “Claiming My Soul” #WalkNOWorWalkerLATER
August 19, 2021
Shaunda Joy Howerton and Marcy Cody, RN S2E6 What’s in your pot?
Are chronic diseases hereditary due to what’s in your DNA 🧬 or is it what’s in your P-O-T!? Lead by example. Generations will copy you. Real talk with two healthy living preachers!
August 12, 2021
S2E5 Pastor Pat Martin, RN and Marcy Cody, RN: Let Food be Thy Medicine
Amazing conversation! Pastor Pat discusses how your mental health affects every area of your life. How food serves as our medicine. Trust GOD😇To listen to all 20 episodes abs contact Marcy and her guests. Come to:
July 29, 2021
“Don’t Wait to get SICK to get HEALTHY!” Risa Morimoto of Modern Aging with Host Marcy Cody, RN
Risa Morimoto, of Modern Aging, tells how her life changed when her mom, who is really active and slim, had a stroke right in front of her. Also check out her YouTube channel where she chronicles her daughter’s COVID-19 journey. Connect with Marcy and her guests, listen to previous episodes and claim your FREE GIFTS 🎁 👍🏽
July 22, 2021
Coach April: Kingdom Power Living and Marcy Cody,RN discuss 🙏🏽Faith Based Wellness tips 😇
If you were being chased, would you be able to run??? Things that you can do, proactively, for your health. Promoting wellness in the body of Christ😇. Comment on our Facebook page to get your FREE GIFTS when accepting Coach April’s challenge. Come to for Facebook, previous episodes and to contact Marcy and her guests.
July 15, 2021
Trajectory Changing Thursday with Dr. Gene James and Marcy Cody,RN
“Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast🗣 welcomes Dr. Gene James, who discusses how he turned a physical impairment into a career as a chiropractor after retiring from the Air Force. The epitome of making lemonade when life throws you lemons! Also SPECIAL OFFER: The first 50 “Habit Swappers” will receive a FREE One on one consultation with nurse Marcy to help identify self sabotaging habits that can be EASILY swapped!
July 08, 2021
Plants Fueled my Ultra Marathon! Marquese Martin-Hayes and Marcy Cody, RN Swapping Habits
Trajectory Changing Thursdays With your HOST Marcy Cody, RN. Back by popular demand! An Ultra Marathon is 50 miles and Marquese tells his fascinating story of running 🏃🏽 a Marathon AND Ultra Marathon eating a plant based diet! to connect with our guests and listen to other episodes. Marcy follows with information on swapping habits to live a vibrant sustainable life “until death fo us part.” PLEASE Like, SHARE, leave us a REVIEW and Subscribe! Thanks
June 18, 2021
“Age Vibrantly Tips” 🗣 Habit Swapping for Successful Aging With Marcy Cody, RN
🦋Slow Purposeful Metamorphosis✅. In James Clear’s Book, “Atomic Habits”, he shows us how easy it is to swap bad habits for good habits for self improvement. If you’d like to learn how to make your good habits obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying and then make your bad habits or your behaviors that don’t serve you, More invisible, unattractive, hard and unsatisfying then you will reach the better you that you’re looking for If you’d like to join a community of habit Swappers to support each other and to work on Swapping bad habits for good ones and how to make the swap stick. Text me at 773-923-3812. This is my number, and I will send you more information about our habit swappers community. Or come to It is possible to be alive and active and impactful and spry way beyond age 65! Stack your habits up for your continuous improvements. Put your longevity Plans on auto pilot👍🏽 to contact our guests.
June 03, 2021
“Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast🗣 Financial Health 💰 Frances Wright
“Forced” Saving Builds Wealth Frances Wright and Marcy Cody, RN Trajectory Changing Thursday ✅ “Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast🗣 Frances Wright, Allstate Agency Owner, challenges us to start “forced” savings as early as possible to establish a nest egg. Making sacrifices today helps build a more secure future. #WalkNOWorWalkerLATER #financialfreedom #forcedsavings #financialliteracy #healthylifestyle #healthyaging
May 27, 2021
“Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast🗣 Power of Forgiveness Mashima L. Coleman
Mashima shares how freeing forgiveness can be for living your best life. Spiritual wellness is a basic part of total wellness.She’s coming out of the pandemic even better through prayer, meditation and adopting healthier habits. We can do ALL THINGS through Christ! Who strengthens us.
May 20, 2021
“Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast🗣 Relax, Learn and Move! Adrianne J. Palmer
Health Coach and Best Selling Author Adrianne Palmer sheds light on food as fuel and how avoiding sugar and focusing on self care creates a more vibrant life! She’s challenging you to do 24 burpees in the next 24 hours!
May 13, 2021
Age Vibrantly Tips Episode 10 🗣Elana Anthony, Fitness Evangelist
Detox for your health, drink water and “set your mind on things above”! A mom of 6 girls shares how she keeps herself in shape. She started her Fitness career with step aerobics👍🏽Used the power of GOD to help her... you need to listen🗣
May 06, 2021
“Age Vibrantly Tips”🗣 Episode 9: Prayer for TRANSFORMATION & Mental Health with Dr. Rhonda Childress
Learn how she OVERCAME MORBID OBESITY by creating better habits. Incorporating the POWER of Prayer. “Put GOD First!” Prayer is our open line of communication with GOD. As we pray without ceasing, we stay connected to the vine of power, peace, love and a sound mind🙏🏽 As we are going through physical challenges with COVID related illness, please nurture your mental health with prayer 🙏🏽
April 29, 2021
“Age Vibrantly Tips” 🗣Episode 8: Dancing and Stretching For Longevity with Minister Yolanda Hill
You don’t have to be a marathon runner, like Yolanda, to be more active! Have fun with it. Dance, laugh, stretch and enjoy your life! #WalkNOWorWalkerLATER
April 22, 2021
“Age Vibrantly Tips” 🗣 Your HUMOR style matters⁉️The FUNNY thing about 💰 🤑June Cline, CSP
June Cline is a Super funny, Southern, Sassy, Savvy, Harley Riding TedX speaker and humor specialist. Laughter is medicine🤣 Knowing your humor style can nurture your relationships as well as your finances😉
April 15, 2021
Age Vibrantly Tips 🗣 Episode 6 with Dennis Kimbro, PhD “Be Spiritually Grounded”
You will LOVE this one ❤️ Dr Dennis Kimbro survived 3 Pandemics, multiple marathons and 2 knee replacements! One of his MANY golden nuggets in this incredible episode is “Be Spiritually Grounded and Change the Way You Look at things.”
April 01, 2021
“Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast🗣 Avoiding a Medicare PENALTY 💸 With Benefits Consultant Sandra Triche
Medicare is the government subsidized health insurance plan for American 🇺🇸 citizens over the age of 65 and people with disabilities. It’s SUPER complicated and rules change every year🙄 Sandra helps you understand one of the PENALTIES and how to avoid it. Connect with Sandra at 🤩
March 25, 2021
“Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast🗣 Focus on Diversity of Plants Daily 🥗 Amy Tang and Marcy Cody, RN
According to Harvard Health, a diet rich in vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower risk of eye and digestive problems, and have a positive effect upon blood sugar, which can help keep appetite in check. For optimal health, we need a rainbow of nutrients and colors. In fact, the variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables have enormous healing powers. And many of them bring their own distinctive colors. Eating a diversity of colorful foods can be an easy way to get a complete range of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive. The advice to “eat the rainbow” is often used with kids. And while kids especially need a diversity of foods in their diets, so do adults. To connect with Amy Tang and join her current challenge come to:
March 18, 2021
Marcy’s Hip Replacement Surgery Journey✔️ Day 5
To live a VIBRANT life you must be mobile 👍🏽 My hip pain was really limiting me, so I’m sharing my experience as I recover from my hip replacement surgery. I get up and walk at least once an hour. 2 hours during the night ✅ The longer between walking 🚶🏽‍♂️ episodes the stiffer and more painful it is. Still the worst pain I had after surgery is better than what I was suffering with every day before the surgery 🤷🏽‍♀️ to connect with Marcy and her guests.
March 15, 2021
My Hip Replacement Journey: 2nd Day after Surgery “Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast🗣
I suffered with hip pain for years and tried to do everything to avoid surgery including physical therapy, until I was told that my joint gone and I was walking “bone to bone” 🤷🏽‍♀️ My only regret is that I wish I had done it sooner 😉 I’m recording this, so that if you are pondering hip replacement surgery, please just get it done. ✅ #WalkNOWorWalkerLATER ✅ I’m also trying Neonox Nitric Oxide Booster to speed recovery👍🏽 Hope to see you on the Webinar on Saturday morning at 10:00am CST ! Come hear about optimizing your health and the NEOGEN LIFE products. Passcode: neogen 🥰 👇🏽 #hipreplacementjourney #totalhip #hippain
March 13, 2021
“Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast🗣 Kegel Exercises vs Diapers with Kim Arnelle, RN & Marcy Cody,RN
Rev. Kimberdly Arnelle -Ruguaru, RN, FNP-C a Pelvic Floor Nurse Practitioner explains the significance of cravings and importance of Kegel exercises for both women and men as well as the power of P.R.A.Y.E.R.🙏🏽 P- Physical Activity, R-Rest, A-New Activity, Y- Know your why, E- Encourage a young person, R-Repeat, S-Sanctuary
March 11, 2021
“Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast🗣 Plant Fueled Ultra-Marathon with Marquese Martin-Hayes & Marcy Cody,RN
Learn from someone that has run 🏃🏽‍♂️ multiple marathons fueled by plants ‼️The real sour deal of sugar and chemicals on your system and which chemicals to TOTALLY AVOID 🤷🏽‍♀️
March 04, 2021
Boosting Nitric Oxide Levels to Help You Live Longer and Live Better!
Nitric Oxide is a vital molecule. It is one of the essential building blocks for optimal health, that your body looses the ability to manufacture sufficient amounts as we age. Find out what Doctors and research scientists are saying about it. Every Saturday at 10:00 An Central Time. Come to for a link to join in on this fascinating and educational zoom webinar. PASSCODE is: Neogen Your future self will THANK YOU!
February 27, 2021
“Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast🗣 Dr Mamina Turegano,MD & Marcy Cody,RN “Stress Kills, Gratitude Heals”
Mamina Turegano, MD discusses how stress affected her health to the point where she decided to change the trajectory of her life with GRATITUDE! Hear her story, and if anything resonates in your spirit, let us know how gratitude has changed your life. Connect with Dr. Mamina at and PLEASE Like, share, leave a review, comments and list 5 things that you are grateful for! Will you be alive and SPRY at 85? Join our mastermind group!
February 24, 2021
“Age Vibrantly Tips” Podcast🗣 Trailer.
Where will you be at age 85, if you continue down the path you are on? This podcast will help you change the trajectory to a brighter future🤩
February 23, 2021