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By Anders Jorgensen
1:1s with the top buildors and leaders in DeFi, Crypto, and beyond
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#8 - Dylan from Evergreen Miner: All Things Mining
How does mining work?  How Exxon, BP, and the likes might become the biggest miners in the world overnight And what should you know if you want to get into mining.  We discuss this and much more on this episode of marginX with Dylan from Evergreen Miner. Dylan is a mining veteran who is now working on a mining device for Chia network. This episode is a great primer for those who understand mining at a high level but want to understand the businesses behind it. Dylan: Evergreen:
August 08, 2022
# 7 - Swen from Light Protocol - Evolution of Privacy in Crypto, ZK on Solana, Lisbon Crypto Scene
Swen is the founder of Light Protocol, a privacy solution built on Solana. We dove into how privacy has involved in crypto from use case specific L1s to application layer protocols like Tornado or Light. Follow Swen and Light here! Swen: Light Protocol:
July 18, 2022
#6 - Ayush Mennon (Co-founder of Katana): Raising money in web3 as a student founder, Should you drop out?, and DeFi structured product outlook
Ayush Mennon is a co-founder of Katana, a structured product protocol built on Solana. Ayush is currently a student at Harvard and founded Katana at a Solana hackathon which the project eventually won. We discussed what it is like being a student working in web3, how that affects things like fundraising and general studies, and the structured product space in DeFi. Ayush - Katana -
June 10, 2022
#5 - Kento (Founder at UXD Protocol): UXD vs the World
Kento is the founder of UXD Protocol, an algorithmic stablecoin built on Solana. UXD takes a long spot position and a short perpetual future position to create a delta neutral stablecoin. They argue this is the most capitally efficient way possible to construct a stablecoin.  In this episode he went through one by one and gave his thoughts on other algo stables and how their architectures compare.  Kento: UXD:
June 01, 2022
#4 - 0xPemulis (Head of Research at Sino Global Capital): How to get a job in web3
0xPemulis is the Head of Research at Sino Global Capital, a China based VC fund who made early bets in projects such as Serum, Solana, LayerZero, and more. In this episode we dove into how he got his job at Sino and how to think about getting a job in web3 in general. 0xPemulis Twitter:
May 19, 2022
#3 - IcedKnife: Life as a full time NFT trader, SOL ecosystem, and How to evaluate projects
IcedKnife is one of the largest NFT influencers on crypto twitter and frequently ranks number 1 in reach by sites like NFT inspect. We talked about his time playing COD as a member of Faze, dove deep into how he evaluates projects, and what he sees driving the success of leaders in the space today.
May 16, 2022
#2 - Tristan Frizza (Co-Founder of Zeta Markets): OpSec, Singapore, and Derivs
Tristan Frizza is the Founder and CEO of Zeta Markets, a decentralized options and futures market built on Solana. Tristan previously worked in ML but quickly pivoted to crypto seeing the rising opportunity to build derivatives on chain. We went deep on derivatives and structured products opportunities on chain, international hot spots for crypto, and how to manage workflow as a founder. Follow Tristan here:
May 12, 2022
#1 - Michelle Sun (Core at Project Serum): AMMs vs CLOBs, NASDAQ on chain, and leaving tradfi to build in DeFi
Michelle Sun is a core contributor at Project Serum, a decentralized asset agnostic order book build on Solana. She was previously head of growth at Perpetual Protocol, a two time founder, and a member of Forbes 30 under 30. 
May 09, 2022