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Marguerite Faure

Marguerite Faure

By Marguerite Faure
Every season, we discuss a new topic. We flesh out as many subcategories of a topic to develop a deeper understanding. The goal is to be curious and to share thoughts and opinions with the intention to make conversations robust and meaningful.
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Courage to Tell The Truth - Season 1 Episode 4
In this episode, we discuss how it takes courage to be a truth seeker. Perfection is an impossible expectation, but we can strive to be better versions of ourselves by reflecting on moments where may have gone wrong. This was a tough episode as the content felt pretty deep, but the reward of challenging ourselves to talk about the "tough stuff" was definitely worth it.  Telling the truth in marriage, friendships or even around the family, and at work requires courage. We are up for the challenge, even though it is impossible to ever truly perfect. 
December 04, 2020
Courage to Travel - Season 1 Episode 3
Whether you are dreaming about the travels you want to do, or if you have already planned a trip, here we discuss some of the things we have learned through solo travel, as well as travel as a couple. 
September 27, 2020
Courage to Start - Season 1 Episode 2
This episode launches the conversation about the courage needed to start something new.  We discuss: The "why" behind the difficulty of starting How failures impact our courage How the opinion of others can keep us small We then move onto what it takes to have the courage to start something new and where one may look for find courage to model. 
September 15, 2020
Courage to Love - Season 1 Episode 1
This episode discusses the courage it takes to love. The overarching theme of this season is to discuss courage. Today we explore the courage to love others as well as the courage it takes to make time for self-love practices. We also discuss love vs money. In addition to how not creating time for balance can make you miserable at work.  No amount of money can make you happy if you haven't first learned to be kind to yourself, and love yourself without the flashy things in life. 
September 08, 2020