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When Military Life Gets Strange

When Military Life Gets Strange

By Maria Strange
When military life gets Strange, Life Coach Maria Strange can teach you how to get out of your own way and love your perfectly imperfect military and everyday life. This podcast is for military wives who have supported their husbands through the daily demands of military living and feel like they have lost themselves along the way. if you are ready to stop checking all the boxes and start thriving then this is the place for you.
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An Unknown Future

When Military Life Gets Strange

Joy Rogers and Thriving during deployment with a new baby.
Listen in to my interview with Joy Rogers. She is a marine wife who had her first baby this past year. She shares how she is thriving during her husband's deployment and navigating life as a new mom. You won't want to miss out on this great interview. Joy fits her name perfectly as she spreads Joy not only within her local community but also on Instagram @rogerupbuttercup. Joy is also the owner of  Mississippi Coffee Lady. @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
September 19, 2022
How the Military Has Made me Better
After 19 years as a military wife, I have seen ways that the military makes me a better wife, mother, and friend. Listen in as I share what I have learned over the years and how being a part of the military community has given me a place to call home no matter where the Army sends us.  Please leave me a review and share this episode with a friend.
September 12, 2022
You Know What To Do
It’s easy to ask others what we should do. To believe that they might know better than us. In today’s episode I share why it is important to trust yourself. You know what to do for yourself, and your family. When we learn to trust ourselves everything is better.
June 28, 2022
How to Worry Less
As military wives it’s common to worry, what will this move be like, will my kids make friends, what will communication be like when my husband is deployed, TDY, or in the field? In this weeks episode I share 4 tips on how to worry less. @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
June 13, 2022
61 Trusting in your Military Marriage
Listen in as I share tips and questions to build trust in your military marriage. One of the best things I have done is to work on the belief that everything Spencer does is because he is choosing me and our marriage. @ mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
June 06, 2022
My Military Life
On today’s episode I answer questions to some commonly shared military wives complaints. I also share ways to handle deployment. Each deployment comes with its own challenges but when you have a few things in place, it makes it easier to handle the challenges that do arrive. You got this. You can thrive during deployments and everyday military life. @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
May 30, 2022
Your Potential
In this weeks episode I share tips on how to live into your potential instead of believing that you have to live up to your potential. Roy T. Bennet said “Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself” @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
May 23, 2022
The Difference Between Surviving and Thriving
We all spend time in survival mode, on today's episode I share tips on how to get out of survival mode and thrive. @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
May 16, 2022
Hunt the Good Stuff
When is the last time you hunted all the good things in your life? In today's episode, I share tips on doing just that. Get ready to celebrate you and everything you have accomplished. It will change your life. @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
May 09, 2022
Bossing Your Brain
We all have habits. Some of them are good, like brushing our teeth, reading scriptures, or going for a walk everyday. Some of them are not so good binging on social media, late night snacking, allowing ourselves to go into overwhelm more often then we'd like. On today's episode, I share how you can boss your brain to do more of the things you want to be doing and how to stop mindlessly doing things. 
May 02, 2022
How to help our Military Children
Our Military Children experience challenges and life situations that are unique to them in today's episode, I share ways to help your children thrive in military life.  What do they need most? Is for us to listen. As we learn to listen and understand what they are telling us we'll be able to help meet their individual needs. @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
April 25, 2022
The Stories We Tell Ourselves
Do you tell yourself what life should look like? In today's episode, I share why we should stop telling ourselves what life should look like and learn to enjoy it more. @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
April 18, 2022
When We Are Not The Mom We Want To Be
Do you ever feel like you fall short as a mom? Do you believe that you are doing it wrong? In today's episode, I share three tips to let go of mom guilt and move forward being the mom you want to be. @mariastrangecoaching Facebook and Instagram
April 11, 2022
Showing up When it Feels Like you are Running in Place
“ It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place” the red queen. Through the looking glass and what Alice found there. 1872 Today I share tips on how you are moving even when it feels like you are running like crazy and staying in the same place.
April 04, 2022
Want Match
We all have wants in our relationships. We at times expect other people to meet those wants for us. This can lead to us feeling resentful or annoyed because they are not doing what we think they should. In today's episode, I share how to recognize what those wants are and how to meet them with other people or on our own. @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
March 28, 2022
How to Navigate Everyday Relationships
In today's episode, I share four common problems and the solutions that most of us experience in our relationships with others. I believe that all of us want to have amazing relationships and by implementing the tips I share you'll be able to take your relationships to the next level. @mariastangecoaching Facebook and Instagram
March 22, 2022
7 tips to not pass your anxiety to your children
As military wives, we sometimes feel that we have to hide our emotions from our children. That we have to be strong all the time.  They shouldn't see us cry. In today's episode, I share why it's okay for our children to see our emotions, why it is healthy for them, and how to not pass our anxiety onto them.  I'm hosting a free 5-day resiliency training. You can sign up here If you have any questions message me at @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
March 14, 2022
Unexpected Deployment
It does not matter if you are a new spouse or longtime spouse an unexpected deployment can throw you for a loop. In today's episode, I share some tips to help you navigate life.  You are not alone. Others are here to help you. I can help you. @mariastrangecoaching on FaceBook and Instagram
March 07, 2022
What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do
" I don't know" seems so innocent and feels like a fact when in reality it is only a thought. Everything is figueroutable and there is no wrong answer. What if you made a decision and then had your own back looking for why it was the right decision. In today's episode, I'll give you some tips to tap into your own intuition.
February 28, 2022
8 Steps to Help you Build Resiliency
Being a military wife comes with the good and the bad. In today's episode, I share 8 tips to help you become more resilient so you can handle the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here is my favorite definition of resiliency “ resilience is not insensitivity or indifference, it is learning to turn to others for support during difficult times, resilience helps people become flexible and bounce back from setbacks, it helps them to be grateful for life’s simple pleasures and have a faith strong enough to move forward with God’s help” Listen in and let me know what step you want to work on? @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
February 21, 2022
Three Relationships Hacks You Can do Today
Do you have a relationship you want to improve? Did you know, you change any relationship with the three tips I share in today's episode. Find me on social media @mariastrangecoaching and let me know which one you like the best.
February 14, 2022
When a Deployment is in your Future
Do you have a deployment coming up? In this episode, I share with you three steps to help you feel in control before and during the deployment. You can use these tips at any time in your life however, I find them extra helpful before and during deployment. What if this deployment were different from the other ones your spouse has gone on? This was the deployment where you felt in control. It is possible my friends.  @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
February 07, 2022
Everyone Is Doing Their Best
In this episode, I want to share with you how the belief everyone is doing their best can help you show up the way you want. Now just because we. are believing that everyone is doing their best doesn't mean that their best is very good. The truth is sometimes their best sucks, sometimes our best sucks. However, believing that everyone is doing their best will strengthen your relationships. @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
January 31, 2022
Helping Children Connect with their Dad.
In today's episode, I share tips that have worked for my family during and after deployments to help our children connect with their Dad. The most important thing I have learned is to let my husband and children take the lead. Listen in and see what you can do today to help your children and husband have a better connection. @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
January 24, 2022
What Would Love Do?
What would love do? This week I share why I came up with a sentence for the year instead of a word. I know the year has just begun but already I have seen how powerful that question is in helping me to show up as the person I want to be. As you listen, ask yourself where can you use love to show up as the military wife, mom, and friend you want to be. Love always feels amazing.
January 17, 2022
Finding Your Purpose with Jessica Rydalch
What is your purpose? I believe we all have a purpose, and we want to find and live that purpose. Sometimes it is unclear what your purpose is.  As military wives, we spend so much of our time serving and taking care of others that it is easy to lose sight of who we are.  In this episode, my friend Jessica Rydalch interviews me about identifying your individual purpose.  We talk about what a purpose is, why it can help you to identify it, and why knowing and living your purpose helps you to feel more in control of your life, and how it can be a guiding force in everything you do. Jesser and I talk about our own purposes and walk you through the exercise I created to help you find your purpose. If you are interested in learning more send me a message at Please subscribe and leave me a review. I would love to connect.
January 10, 2022
Ceiling and Floors
In this week's podcast, I build on the concept of achieving any goals by using a tool I heard by Brook Snow called Ceiling Floors. Ceilings are the ideal while floors are the bare minimum that if you do them your day is a success. Listen in as I share how this concept applies to military and everyday life. @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
January 03, 2022
How to Achieve any Goal
In this episode, I share how to achieve any goal by setting not only outcome-based goals but also behavior goals. As we implement the steps given we'll be amazed at all that can be accomplished. @mariastrangecoaching Facebook and Instagram
December 27, 2021
The Present
This week I talk about the present, why it is the only thing that is real, and how to experience it more fully. When we are able to be in the moment, we literally experience life more fully. It’s powerful work and if it sounds good to you but you’re not sure how to actually do it, this is the episode for you. @mariastrangecoaching Facebook and Instagram
December 20, 2021
Embracing Life as a Military Spouse
In this episode, I talk about how you are choosing to be a military spouse every day. I share tips that I have used over 18 years as a military spouse to help build connections with not only my spouse but other military spouses. You got this. Be proud to be a military spouse you are one of the chosen. If you are feeling overwhelmed with all that this life offers you reach out I am here to help. I see you, I hear you.  You can reach me @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
December 13, 2021
Finding Happiness and Joy
Are you looking for happiness? Are you trying to find joy? In this podcast, I share how to find them. Happiness and Joy can be yours.  If you have questions send me a message and let's chat. @mariastrangecoaching Facebook and Instagram
December 06, 2021
Guilt as a wife and mother is not helpful. It doesn't inspire you to grow and change. It keeps you feeling blocked, disconnected, and feeling frustrated. In today's episode, we break down guilt and come up with a new way to think instead. You can let go of guilt, connect more with others and show up as the wife and mother you want to be. Facebook and Instagram
November 29, 2021
Choosing Gratitude
When we choose to be grateful we can make the best of any circumstance.  Make a list of things you are grateful for. Facebook and Instagram @mariastrangecoaching
November 22, 2021
* Every human on earth is loveable * Having grace will allow you to love yourself and others * You can develop the skill of grace and you should for yourself * You can have grace for others and keep your opinions of them and your beliefs about right and wrong * Why it's easier to have grace for other people than it is for yourself * How to meet yourself where you with grace and understand @mariastrangecoaching on Instagram and Facebook 
November 15, 2021
Intimacy is More Than Sex
When we think of intimacy, we often think of sex. The two are widely considered synonymous. However, there are at least four types of intimacy that don't involve sex or touch at all—but are just as impactful in a romantic partnership. In today's episode, we talk about emotional, intellectual, experiential, and spiritual intimacy.  As we work on these we can feel the connection we want with our husbands no matter what is going on in our lives.
November 08, 2021
The Stories We Tell Ourselves
We all have stories about how life is going. In this episode, I teach how to tell if the story you are telling yourself or not. I also show you how you can change your story if you want to. Sometimes we want to keep our story and that is okay just be on to your brain. @mariastangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
November 01, 2021
Ask for What you Want
Are you scared to ask for what you want? In this week's episode, I tell you how to do just that. Being to ask and see what happens. It may just help you live your best life.  You can message me at @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
October 25, 2021
Connection in Marriage
Are you feeling disconnected in marriage? Then this is the podcast for you, listen in as I talk about what true connection is and how to create it in your marriage. @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
October 18, 2021
Letting go of Judgment
Do you ever feel stuck in the cycle of judging yourself or others. In today’s episode I share how I get out of that cycle and into a place of curiosity.
October 11, 2021
Six Steps to Thriving as a Military Spouse with Ajalon Stapley
Listen in as AJ and I share the tips that we have learned over the years to help us not only survive military life but has allowed us to thrive as military wives. You don't want to miss this. AJ is absolutely amazing and if you listen carefully you can hear one of her sons in the background. Have a great day.  You can find me at @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram  You can find Ajalon at on Facebook and Instagram
October 04, 2021
Helping Someone who Suffers with Suicide Ideation
We live in a world where people feel suicidal. In the episode, I go over ways to help. Please don't ever feel like you are alone. There are people to help. We see you. We are praying for you. Ask for help. My inbox is always open. @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
September 27, 2021
When You Suffer with Suicide Ideation
There is help! Don't ever feel like you have to struggle alone.  I am willing to listen. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Lifeline) at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or text the Crisis Text Line (text HELLO to 741741). @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
September 20, 2021
When Someone you Love Suffers with Suicide Ideation
In this episode, my friend Jessica shares her experience as a wife and caregiver helping those who suffer from suicidal ideation. She shares how she is able to handle the demands of daily living. Listen in and if you need help finding resources please reach out my inbox is always open. @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
September 13, 2021
Suicide Awareness
In this episode, I share the information I have learned over 18 years as an army wife and as a life coach to recognize when someone is feeling suicidal.  Suicide is something I feel we should all be aware of and do our best to help others when they are feeling down. @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
September 06, 2021
Other People's Feelings
How to stop trying to control your spouse's feelings.  Allow him the space to feel and process. Facebook and Instagram @mariastrangecoaching
August 30, 2021
Learn the truth behind burnout. It's not having too much to do. And how to minimize it in your life. You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram @mariastrangecoaching
August 23, 2021
You are Chosen
As military wives, the day to day living can be hard. In this episode, I share why I believe you are chosen for this lifestyle. You are stronger than you know. Keep your head up and focus on the next thing.   @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
August 16, 2021
Turning Points
We all have events in our life that change the way we see things. In this episode, I share some of the turning points from my own life.  When you are listening think about some of the turning points in your life.  I would love to hear what they are.  You can find me @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram.  DM me and lets chat
August 09, 2021
Love Languages
Words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch, and gift-giving are all ways that we can show love and receive love from your spouse, right? They can be unless you are using them to create a wedge in your marriage.  Listen to this week's podcast to see if you are creating a disconnect in your marriage with the love languages. @mariastrangestrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram
August 02, 2021
Wherever you go, There you are.
Have you ever put your life on hold? Waiting for your husband to come home from deployment? Finish a training or field exercise? Move to the next duty station? Till you lose the weight? For your husband to appreciate you? Learn how to live NOW instead of waiting for things to change.  You can love your perfectly imperfect life. Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram @mariastrangecoaching sign up for a free 60min consult @
July 26, 2021
This episode comes in response to questions from military wives on making friends at new duty stations. It's human nature to want to be liked and noticed by others. In this episode, I share tips on how to make friends by showing up for yourself. When you learn to take care of yourself, you show up from a place of confidence instead of needing others to validate you.
July 20, 2021
Deployment Blues
In this episode, I share three tricks to help you overcome the deployment blues. These tips will not only help you during deployment but any time your soldier is away from home. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram
July 12, 2021
Handling Change
In this episode, I'm sharing 7 steps to help you navigate change in a way that brings peace. I discuss the changes you plan for and changes that just happen. Life is all about change and these steps will help.  Please share and review the podcast.  You can find me @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram. You can email me at
July 05, 2021
Your Goals and Why the "How" is None of Your Business
Most of us are searching for the "how" to achieve the things we want in life. In this episode, I share why I believe the "how" is none of our business.  
June 28, 2021
Growth Mindset
Growth is uncomfortable.  But so is staying where you are.  In this episode, I teach you what a growth mindset looks like versus a fixed mindset.  Ready to go all in on your life? Visit If you love this podcase leave me a review and subscribe. You can find me @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram.
June 24, 2021
Taking Responsibility for how You Feel
In this episode, I teach you how to take responsibility for how you feel and how to allow others to take responsibility for their feelings.  Why is it we believe that others and things control how we feel? My kids are driving me crazy. My husband is working late again. It’s too cold, I hate the cold. You can reach me at Facebook and Instagram @mariastrangecoaching Follow the podcast and leave me a review I would love to connect with you. 
June 14, 2021
Finding Your Purpose with Jessica Rydalch
What is our purpose? I feel like we all have a purpose, and we are actually living that purpose. However, sometimes it is unclear what exactly that is. In this episode, my friend Jessica Rydalch interviews me about identifying your purpose.  We talk about what a purpose is, why it can help to identify it, and what this can do to help us in our day-to-day. We talk about our own purposes and walk through the exercise I created to help others find their purpose. If you are interested in learning more send me a message at Please subscribe and leave me a review. I would love to connect. 
June 07, 2021
Clean Pain vs. Dirty Pain
In today's episode, I share the difference between clean and dirty pain. Clean pain allows the person to feel the emotion and move forward, however, dirty pain can cause the person to become stuck. I share examples from my own life where I have experienced both types of pains and what I did to work through them.   If you would like to work with me email me at   You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram @mariastrangecoaching Please like and subscribe to this podcast. You can also find me on YouTube at
May 27, 2021
What You Can Control
Today I am showing that although the military has control over some of the circumstances in your life that does not mean you are powerless. I show you how to take your power back by taking ownership of the things you can control. Please like and share this podcast. The more people who hear it the more people who will be helped. You can find me @mariastrangecoaching on FaceBook and Instagram.
May 19, 2021
Making Friends
in this episode, I share with you 3 steps to making friends. The best part is you learn that you can and should be your own best friend.  If you're interested in work with me you can sign up at Follow me on Facebook and Instagram Please subscribe and leave me a message. I would love to hear what you have to say.
May 12, 2021
An Unknown Future
In this episode, I share with you why it's okay to not always know the future.  The future can be unknown and you can still plan and live the best life possible. Don't allow the unknown to hold you back from living your dreams.  If you're interested in work with me you can sign up at Follow me on Facebook and Instagram Please subscribe and leave me a message. I would love to hear what you have to say. 
May 05, 2021
The Way to Solve Any Problem
In this episode, I'm teaching you the CTFAR model and how to use it to solve any problem in your life. As you apply it you will see your life change. Follow me @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram. Don't forget to subscribe and share this podcast. 
April 27, 2021
Dillon Strange and How He Views Growing up as Military Child
In this episode Maria interview's her son Dillon about his experiences growing up as military child. How that experience has helped to grow and shape the direction of his life.  You can reach me at Follow me @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram Please subscribe and share this podcast
April 20, 2021
The Truth About Connection
In this episode I share how I believe we form connections. I share examples of my own life with my spouse and children. If you have any questions e-mail me at or on Facebook or Instagram @mariastrangecoaching Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe and share. 
April 13, 2021
Welcome to When Life Gets Strange
Hi, I'm so glad you're here. In this first episode I take the time to share some of my first experiences as a military spouse and my experiences with deployments both before and after learning the tools I am going to share with you on this podcast. You can find me at and on Facebook and Instagram @mariastrangecoaching Have a great day. Don't forget to subscribe!
April 06, 2021