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When Life Gets Strange

When Life Gets Strange

By Maria Strange
When life gets Strange, Life Coach Maria Strange can teach you how to get out of your own way and love your perfectly imperfect life military and everyday life. This podcast is for military spouses who have supported their spouse through the daily demands of military living and feel like they have lost themselves along the way. if you are ready to stop checking all the boxes and start thriving than this is the place for you.
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Taking Responsibility for how You Feel

When Life Gets Strange

Wherever you go, There you are.
Have you ever put your life on hold? Waiting for your husband to come home from deployment? Finish a training or field exercise? Move to the next duty station? Till you lose the weight? For your husband to appreciate you? Learn how to live NOW instead of waiting for things to change.  You can love your perfectly imperfect life. Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram @mariastrangecoaching sign up for a free 60min consult @
July 26, 2021
This episode comes in response to questions from military wives on making friends at new duty stations. It's human nature to want to be liked and noticed by others. In this episode, I share tips on how to make friends by showing up for yourself. When you learn to take care of yourself, you show up from a place of confidence instead of needing others to validate you.
July 20, 2021
Deployment Blues
In this episode, I share three tricks to help you overcome the deployment blues. These tips will not only help you during deployment but any time your soldier is away from home. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram
July 12, 2021
Handling Change
In this episode, I'm sharing 7 steps to help you navigate change in a way that brings peace. I discuss the changes you plan for and changes that just happen. Life is all about change and these steps will help.  Please share and review the podcast.  You can find me @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram. You can email me at
July 5, 2021
Your Goals and Why the "How" is None of Your Business
Most of us are searching for the "how" to achieve the things we want in life. In this episode, I share why I believe the "how" is none of our business.  
June 28, 2021
Growth Mindset
Growth is uncomfortable.  But so is staying where you are.  In this episode, I teach you what a growth mindset looks like versus a fixed mindset.  Ready to go all in on your life? Visit If you love this podcase leave me a review and subscribe. You can find me @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram.
June 24, 2021
Taking Responsibility for how You Feel
In this episode, I teach you how to take responsibility for how you feel and how to allow others to take responsibility for their feelings.  Why is it we believe that others and things control how we feel? My kids are driving me crazy. My husband is working late again. It’s too cold, I hate the cold. You can reach me at Facebook and Instagram @mariastrangecoaching Follow the podcast and leave me a review I would love to connect with you. 
June 14, 2021
Finding Your Purpose with Jessica Rydalch
What is our purpose? I feel like we all have a purpose, and we are actually living that purpose. However, sometimes it is unclear what exactly that is. In this episode, my friend Jessica Rydalch interviews me about identifying your purpose.  We talk about what a purpose is, why it can help to identify it, and what this can do to help us in our day-to-day. We talk about our own purposes and walk through the exercise I created to help others find their purpose. If you are interested in learning more send me a message at Please subscribe and leave me a review. I would love to connect. 
June 7, 2021
Clean Pain vs. Dirty Pain
In today's episode, I share the difference between clean and dirty pain. Clean pain allows the person to feel the emotion and move forward, however, dirty pain can cause the person to become stuck. I share examples from my own life where I have experienced both types of pains and what I did to work through them.   If you would like to work with me email me at   You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram @mariastrangecoaching Please like and subscribe to this podcast. You can also find me on YouTube at
May 27, 2021
What You Can Control
Today I am showing that although the military has control over some of the circumstances in your life that does not mean you are powerless. I show you how to take your power back by taking ownership of the things you can control. Please like and share this podcast. The more people who hear it the more people who will be helped. You can find me @mariastrangecoaching on FaceBook and Instagram.
May 19, 2021
Making Friends
in this episode, I share with you 3 steps to making friends. The best part is you learn that you can and should be your own best friend.  If you're interested in work with me you can sign up at Follow me on Facebook and Instagram Please subscribe and leave me a message. I would love to hear what you have to say.
May 12, 2021
An Unknown Future
In this episode, I share with you why it's okay to not always know the future.  The future can be unknown and you can still plan and live the best life possible. Don't allow the unknown to hold you back from living your dreams.  If you're interested in work with me you can sign up at Follow me on Facebook and Instagram Please subscribe and leave me a message. I would love to hear what you have to say. 
May 5, 2021
The Way to Solve Any Problem
In this episode, I'm teaching you the CTFAR model and how to use it to solve any problem in your life. As you apply it you will see your life change. Follow me @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram. Don't forget to subscribe and share this podcast. 
April 27, 2021
Dillon Strange and How He Views Growing up as Military Child
In this episode Maria interview's her son Dillon about his experiences growing up as military child. How that experience has helped to grow and shape the direction of his life.  You can reach me at Follow me @mariastrangecoaching on Facebook and Instagram Please subscribe and share this podcast
April 20, 2021
The Truth About Connection
In this episode I share how I believe we form connections. I share examples of my own life with my spouse and children. If you have any questions e-mail me at or on Facebook or Instagram @mariastrangecoaching Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe and share. 
April 13, 2021
Welcome to When Life Gets Strange
Hi, I'm so glad you're here. In this first episode I take the time to share some of my first experiences as a military spouse and my experiences with deployments both before and after learning the tools I am going to share with you on this podcast. You can find me at and on Facebook and Instagram @mariastrangecoaching Have a great day. Don't forget to subscribe!
April 6, 2021