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Maria Unleashed

Maria Unleashed

By Maria Frey
Overwhelmed by the complicated job market? Ignored by recruiters? Ghosted after a great interview? Job seekers are getting the runaround as employers are changing the rules of the game. I hear ya and I want help. I’m Maria Frey and I've been at the helm of ECNY Corp for over 12 years providing career strategies and job search techniques that work. On my podcast, I unleash my thoughts and experience and give you the facts you need to navigate your career. Straight talk and honest answers–that's Maria Unleashed. Questions? Email AMA #mariaunleashed #careerstrategy #jobsearch
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#3 - Resume Dos and Don'ts
Description:  Your resume is perhaps the most important professional document you will create. Maria and her guest, JJ Ko, discuss key resume do's and don'ts on content and formatting and other tips. Straight talk and honest answers, and that's Maria Unleashed. Do you have questions about your career or job search? Email No questions are off-limits!. #mariaunleashed #careerstrategy #jobsearch
June 10, 2022
#2 - Working with Recruiters? Listen Up!
Career strategist Maria Frey talks about what you need to know when working with recruiters. She ought to know, she used to be one and you’ll get nothing but straight talk and honest answers on Maria Unleashed. Send in your career and job search related questions to No questions are off limits!. #mariaunleashed #careerstrategy #jobsearch
April 15, 2022
#1 - Activity Breeds Opportunity
Career strategist Maria Frey unleashes one of her Maria-isms, "activity breeds opportunity," as she answers questions from her audience with her guest Jessica McHugh, a marketing executive. If you would like Maria to answer your questions about career strategy, the job market, or best way to find your next job, email No questions are off limits! And THAT'S Maria Unleashed. 
April 01, 2022
Maria Unleashed Trailer
I'm Maria Frey and I am starting my podcast, Maria Unleashed, to help job seekers navigate today's job search abyss with strategies that work! My first episode will air on April 1, that's right on April Fool's Day because of all the Tom Foolery out there in the job market. Tune in for some straight talk and honest answers to your questions here on Maria Unleashed! 
March 24, 2022