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Strategic Adopters

Strategic Adopters

By BotsCrew Team
“Strategic Adopters” – a show for businesses on how to turn digital tools into solutions for their companies. Each episode features a conversation with a tech or CX expert about the best approaches to using digital tools to connect better with customers. We will explore how businesses can make the most of what is common today on the market: from social media, websites, and apps to email, automation, and AI.

Yes, so many options to connect with your customers. Let’s find the right one for you!

The podcast is powered by BotsCrew.
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Reach, connect, delight. Successful strategies with Google’s Business Messages.

Strategic Adopters

Reach, connect, delight. Successful strategies with Google’s Business Messages.
In June 2020 Google launched the new digital tool, called Google’s Business Messages that allows companies to communicate with their customers on the Google Search and Google Maps results pages. If you always wanted to know more about how to use Google’s Messages, what possible results could be, how to start, and most importantly is it the right solution for you, then take your seat and listen to our first episode of podcast show “Strategic Adopters.” Here we talk about how to turn digital tools available on the market into solutions for your company. Meet our guests from Google: Tina Prestino, Business Communications Andreas Nita, Partner Development Manager Olga Zubashko, Product Manager How to automate Google's Business Messages with a chatbot? Get our FREE playbook  Podcast is powered by BotsCrew.
June 20, 2022